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How To Make A Leo Man Jealous  (6 Things That Drive Him Crazy)

May 29, 2024

Are you hoping to make a Leo man jealous? 

Maybe this is your strategy to win over a love interest? 

Or perhaps it’s your plan to make your boyfriend more attentive to you? 

Either way, read on because our guide reveals the best ways to make a Leo jealous. 

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Your guide to making a Leo jealous begins below...

Leo Man Personality Traits

Using their star sign as a way to learn their personality traits is a great way to understand how to make them jealous to get what you want from a relationship. Bearing that in mind, realise that while a Leo man has so many fantastic qualities, some of the more negative ones lend themselves very well to make him jealous - and easily too.

A Big Ego

A Big Ego

For starters, he has a massive ego that needs massaging a lot of the time. While he doesn't want a push over of a girlfriend to just fawn of him, he does like to feel like he is adored by the woman he is either in love with, or at the very least dating. While most Leos will have far more good characteristics to outweigh this large ego, it does make sense to give his ego a massage once in a while. At other times, you can use it to your benefit to help make him feel jealous.


A Leo man is nothing if not confident - as is befitting of the Lion star sign. Confidence can be a virtue at times and a Leo man will more often than not use it to his benefit. They are very charming individuals and do not often use their confidence in a brash way.

However, because of this trait, if you follow some of our steps below to stir him into a jealous fever, his confidence can be knocked a little. The result is that he will question himself and that is when little nuggets of jealousy can start to grow inside their heads - if harnessed properly.


While some Leo men manage to keep their confidence in check and remain exceedingly alluring, some Leo men become incredibly arrogant too. If this sounds like your Leo guy, you are actually in luck if you are trying to make him jealous. Arrogance can be used against them as if you display behaviour that makes them question themselves - their arrogance forces them to become automatically jealous as a result.

While it can be annoying at times to have a partner who thinks they are best at everything, when you make them question this, they can really start to stop taking you for granted and show you some attention.


A Leo man in love is often quite possessive at times. This can be quite a tiring personality trait as so often, a woman who is in love with a Leo will never actually be looking elsewhere - such is the magnetic pull of a Leo male. If you find that your Leo man is of the possessive disposition, you can use it to your advantage to make him jealous, very easily. It naturally follows that if a Leo guy wants to know what his girlfriend is up to most of the time, that you can easily slip into the conversation if you are with another guy or not - however innocent that may be.

However, this is a line to tread very carefully if you have a possessive male on your side. It can be hard with this sign to know what is the best tack to take if they are even the remotest bit controlling. This is because they are also very loyal and honest characters who can be hurt enormously by the woman they love - especially if they think that woman is giving attention to another man.

Ways to Make A Leo Man Jealous

Ways to Make A Leo Man Jealous

Always have fun

If there is one way to make a Leo man jealous, it is to look like you are having the fun of your life either without him or, even better, in his eye line. Leo men are very arrogant, confident people that like to be the centre of attention and if you are having fun without him, he will wonder why and be annoyed that it isn't him making you so happy.

This does not actually have to be forced at all. You probably do have a wonderful life already that is full of fun and friends. All you need to do is promote that fact in front of him and let him know what he is missing if you aren't dating already. If you are in fact already dating, it will only make him want you even more through his jealousy of your ability to be happy even when he's not around.

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Look after your appearance

Leo men tend to be quite vain and like their women to be attractive as a consequence. While every Leo man will be different in what they look for, looks wise, in a woman, they will definitely want to be with a woman who looks after her appearance. This can also mean simply taking care of their bodies and being as physically healthy as possible too.

So, if you have been thinking about going on a health kick recently and have been spending too much time slobbing away in front of the TV, now is the time to get up and do something about it. You will naturally start looking better because of it and as such your Leo guy will start to feel jealous of all other men that could be with you, if he is not your boyfriend already.

If you are already dating your Leo guy that you want to make jealous, starting to look after your appearance will also stir jealousy and intrigue in him. He will want to know what it was that caused this sudden get up and go and worry that the reason wasn't because of him.

Don't always be available

A surefire way to make a Leo man jealous is to simply stop being so available to him. Cut off his source of you and start saying no to his every request. It will drive him absolutely wild and get his attention in no time. You will find that he will get jealous as a consequence of not being able to see you as and when he pleases.

The reason this works so well with a Leo man is down to that huge ego of his. He simply won't understand why you are not dropping everything to be with him, which has the knock on effect that he will get jealous of even the thought of you doing fun activities without him - even if you are simply staying at home and watching Netflix!

Flirt with other men

This is such an easy way to make any man jealous, but a Leo man in love with find that seeing the woman of his dreams flirting with other men very hard to handle. His jealousy will start to get the better of him and you may see that any attention that has waned in recent weeks from him, will be right back to the levels of when you first starting dating this sign.

Obviously there are a few problems that can arise from flirting with other guys - especially if your Leo man believes that you are ever unfaithful to him given that they give such a huge weight on loyalty in a relationship. However, flirting is also just harmless fun when all it is, is just banter between two people. If you make him jealous in the process, then all the better for it.

Relationships often do well when a little jealousy abounds from time to time. It keeps couples on their toes and doesn't allow for complacency.

Make plans without him

Make plans without him

Along the same lines as not always being available to give him attention, if you make plans without your Leo man, he will start to get jealous try very quickly. This is because not only does he have a huge ego, he also has a huge want to go out and have fun. If you are making fun, action packed plans without him, he'll not only be jealous of someone else spending time with you, he'll also be jealous of the fun you're having without him.

Plus making plans without your Leo male, does keep him on his toes every now and then. Leo man traits often make them choose relationships where they are the leader or the driver. By taking that power away from him, and making him jealous in the process, you will be readdressing the balance of power between the both of you which may help you feel like you are more in control.

Don't bestow him with attention

That Leo ego needs attention to stay as big as it so often is. If you don't give him all the attention that he so often is used to getting from you, it can make a Leo man get insanely jealous and very quickly too. In fact, it will drive him crazy and almost into a rage that the woman that he once thought he could rely on to get him to feel great about himself, is not there massaging his big head.

It goes back to their need to want to be the centre of attention and by not giving him the time of day, you are making him wonder what is wrong with him. He will therefore crave your time and attention all the more again and as such the direct result will be that you have made your Leo man jealous of anyone that you do actually give your time to.

So get a little brutal with how you show him your affection and how much you like him - hold back a little bit and you will find that he is putty in your hands. For example, if you know that you are going to see him at work or a social function, don't race to him to say hi. Just try to play it cool and know that he will find this difficult to cope with and soon be jealous of all the people you are warmly talking to.

How to make a Leo Man jealous - The bottom line

How to make a Leo Man jealous - The bottom line

Getting to know how to make a Leo man jealous can be a really good way of getting this sign to like, or love you. If you know that he is a Leo and he, as a consequence, suffers from a big ego or a healthy dose of arrogance, it may really help you choose a good course of action to attaining or maintaining their affection.

If you are trying to make your guy jealous, it may be a good idea to weigh up all of his personality traits first however. In the main, a Leo man will rise to the bait that you set him and become jealous which may help address any problems in your relationship. But, it may not if they are actually far more loyal and honest than they are arrogant.

Honesty and loyalty can be common traits in a Leo and if that is the case then they may not take kindly to their girlfriend playing games that include trying to incense envy in him. It is certainly something to think about before diving head first into invoking jealousy in him.

Have you managed to get a Leo man be jealous in the past? Have you found this article helpful in getting a man to like you as you know that he is a Leo? If that is the case, we would love to hear from you in the comments below. You may also know someone who can get some help from this article too. If you do, you can share it so that they too can get the man of their dreams.

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