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How To Deal With A Stubborn Man (13 Stress-Free Ways)

Like we all know, handling stubborn people can be very difficult. This is because, most of the time, they have created a defense impulse around themselves. They refuse to listen to whatever you have to say and stay firm with whatever decision they make, no matter how serious the issue may be. 

Trying to convince someone with a brick wall attitude is not easy. At times when you try too hard, it may create room for serious arguments, which could lead to a fight. Another reason dealing with stubborn people is often very tiring and frustrating is because they always let their ego and stubbornness get in the way.

But you don't have to get too worked up; even though your man might be difficult to deal with, you can still crack him up. Your stubborn boyfriend is often just afraid and doesn't want his ego bruised. Or, it could be he doesn’t have any form of impulse control. 

This is why you must understand your man and his body language first before taking any action. It would be best if you learned how to make him feel very comfortable around you, practice compassion whenever you are with him. This will give room for you to make him listen to your side of whatever you have to discuss.

No doubt, dealing with stubborn men is not as easy as it may seem because you may not know when you are crossing your lines. On that note, here are 9 ways you can actually handle such a situation.

13 Ways To Deal With Your Man If He Is Stubborn

1. Get him to listen to you

Sit him down in a properly conducive environment and look into his eyes and speak to him directly. Let the conversation and tone of your voice sound like you mean serious business. Let the discussion be face-to-face.

Speak to him from your heart and let your voice tone express the word that you mean strongly. You must make your man feel some form of acceptance so he can listen and pay attention to you. Men never want to feel they are not accepted.

2. Begin a new attitude

Make dealing with that stubborn man become an opportunity for you to be a better version of yourself. You cannot really change a person, but you can change yourself. You can also indulge in better habits, grow your strength in different characters, and groom attitudes to deal with the challenging person. 

Make yourself strong enough, so this guy succumbs to your desires and rules. Your behavior must be in check first. Once you put yourself in order, you can deal with him.

3. Calm down

There is no rushing in this zone. If you want a person to change in a hurry, you may get frustrated. Thesethings take time and a person can barely change. A stubborn person is usually smart and great in whatever business they indulge in, so they never really see the wrong in what they do. 

Stubborn people skills are so good that you can never get to do things by being harsh or acting rudely. But persistence is a virtue. So, if he is stubborn, you need to be persistent. Persistence and stubbornness are neighbors.

4. Take a break

Do not engage in an argument about this. It's okay; you may get into an argument but resist the urge to argue with your partner, control your emotions and words. If you really need to vent, go out and just shake off whatever anger you have bottled up. 

Women tend to handle such situations better than a male can ever do, so be this big one in that situation and let things slide. Take a break before you go back to deal with the challenge.

5. Let your timing be right

let your timing be right

There is a right time and right moment for everything. What’s more, there is a perfect opportunity to speak to your partner. However, most people get it wrong. Never talk to your partner about things when he had a bad day at work or is in a bad mood; you need to know when it is appropriate to deal with his stubbornness. 

So be cautious of this point and know when exactly to approach him. Make sure he is well relaxed, happy, have eaten well, and isn't stressed out

6. Word chess

The right timing will be perfect if backed up by the right words. So, you need to strategically plan your words to not result in an argument or fight. Choose your words correctly and avoid sounding like you are accusing your significant other. Let your words come with respect and loyalty and a little bit of pride. 

You don't want to deal with your man and not be prepared, and you must show some level of confidence when talking to him. Make sure you get your facts and make your points very clear and straightforward.

7. Think Of things from his point of view

Well, you are not the only one in the relationship. So, in as much as it may be hard to remain patient with your boyfriend when you are upset, try to understand him and look at the situation from his point of view. Put yourself in his shoes and try to understand things from the way he sees them. 

Maybe you will realize his stubbornness isn't much of a problem. After all, that attitude has caused more good than harm. But never feel guilty if you're right. Instead, find a way to deal with the situation as soon as you can.

8. Go slow

Remember that an ocean can be formed from continuous tiny droplets of water. Even if it takes time, the goal is achieved. Wanting a person to change takes time; it is a process so learn to be patient with your significant other. 

Don't rush anything. Even while trying to deal with the situation, you must constantly support him and treat him like a king. Don't make him feel all alone because this might make things get worse rather than get better.

9. Break it into small portions

Don't just bombard him with the whole thing since your opinion is opposing; deliver it in small segments. When you give him small portions consistently, it becomes easier to digest. Then he can work on it little by little. 

If a man is stubborn, the only thing he hears is his opinion; he is bent on doing whatever he wants, and this can be really annoying if you are married. 

So, as a wife, you should learn how to break your opinions and complaints into small, consistent segments to your stubborn husband. Passing the information bit by bit might be the perfect way for him to understand the message you are trying to pass.

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10. Reign girl

reign girl

Smartly take the reign by seeing through his attitude. Acknowledge his opinion and respectfully show that his ideas are important. Then, gently sneak in your own opposing opinion. Never be that girlfriend that suffers in silence. Tell him why it is better and ask him to respect your opinion. 

Don't give that anti-whatever you say attitude; don't play out his card. Show him some levels of love and respect. Make him feel like the boss, and he is winning. Then, you hit the nail on the head.

11. Just breathe

As petty and unhelpful as you may think this point is, it's very important because dealing with a stubborn person can be very exhausting. It can really way down a person; it seems like you are on an impossible mission. It's even mentally draining when whatever you say is not the right thing and is just tucked away in the trash. 

So, if you are dealing with a stubborn man, take this moment right now, close your eyes for some seconds, take a deep breath in, and now breathe out. There's little relief, right? At least for some seconds. Now take another deep breath and be easy on yourself.

12. Live a new life

There's more you can do than worry about a person's attitude and choice of living. Focus on your job. If you have kids, focus your energy on them. Better still, you can learn a new skill, create new hobbies and pursue them daily. Just let other things occupy your time than focusing on those bad character traits that you can ignore. Stubbornness isn't as bad anyways. 

A lot of people got to where they are in life because they were stubborn in their choice. It's not a negative trait, and you can live better with a stubborn person if you understand that it's more positive than negative. Also, don't mistake a person's persistent character in getting what they want for being stubborn.

13. Enjoy life

When you read through these points and memorize them, you become smart, calmer, and even wiser. You are more reserved yet more pushy and consistent. You may think these ways are hard, but they can really help you build your life and preserve your relationship. 

When you know how to handle a stubborn person, you are the real game girl and a top gun. In the near future, you will thank that stubborn man for bringing out the lioness in you. So have fun, find new hobbies. Go out, do fun things. You deserve all the happiness in the world; don't let a stubborn partner take that away from you.


How do you deal with a stubborn man in a relationship?

Trying to handle a stubborn can be one of the most challenging but not impossible things to do. As a woman, you must know your man's mood stats before taking any step. I already gave 13 ways you can handle just a situation.

What causes a man to be stubborn? 

This is mainly because of his family, values, and beliefs; he probably was taught different values when growing up, and he isn't willing to learn new things. So, he tends to be so rigid with his values, ideas, and belief system.

What are the characteristics of a stubborn person?

They never want to accept new things. They are always afraid of a new situation and they stand with their belief pattern and never agree with others. What’s more, they are always very defensive of what they think is right and never want to be corrected.

Can stubbornness ruin a relationship? 

Yes, it can. Stubbornness has ruined a lot of relationships when your partner has created a brick wall between the both of you; communication could be tough because he always wants to be correct, and this could change a lot between you and your pattern.

How do you win a stubborn man's heart? 

Be free and open with him. Allow yourself to look vulnerable and make him know he can be vulnerable around you. Also, make him happy and bring up fun activities. Do things he loves, and surprise him once in a while. Lastly, don't be persistent about anything he doesn't want to talk about.

To Sum Up

I hope you found this article helpful. When dealing with your man, especially when his stubbornness always gets the best part of him. The best thing is to let minor issues slide. Let me know what you think, and please don't forget to share this article with others. 

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