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Emojis Guys Use When They Love You (21 Emojis)

Are you wondering whether your partner is falling in love with you? 

Perhaps he’s not the type of guy who wears his heart on his sleeve? Maybe he’s been hurt in the past? 

Guys like this tend to be more subtle when showing affection, but it is possible to read in between the lines to discover how he feels about you. 

A simple way to do this is by analysing the texts he sends you. There are certain emojis a man will send when he’s feeling truly smitten, and I’ve revealed what these are below. 

However, before I reveal the emojis you want to be looking for, I need you to read the next few sentences carefully. 

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Of course, this guy may already love you. So, let’s now reveal the emojis he’ll be sending if that is the case.

21 Emojis Guys Use When They Love You

The rise of emojis made it easy to express emotions virtually. However, it might seem unclear trying to interpret someone’s feelings through their emojis.

If you’re having a hard time, then we can help you out. We’ve narrowed down twenty-one emojis any guy would use to express his love or affection for you, with a brief explanation of their meanings.

If you desperately need to know whether a guy likes you or not through his emojis, make sure you read this. 

1. The Heart Eyes 😍

Whether you like it or not, most guys are selective about the emojis they use. They know ladies can read meaning into them, so they’re intentional when they try to express their emotions. If a guy uses the heart eyes emoji, he certainly thought about it first. You could take it as nothing, but he is indirectly letting you know that he really likes you and that you’re unique to him.

2. The Blushing Face Emoji 😊

The blushing emoji might seem typical, but it has more meaning. When a guy responds with a blushing emoji to something you said, he’s indirectly telling you that he adores your comment. It also means your words are channeling some positive emotions, which can eventually build into feelings. If he uses this emoji often, it means he enjoys your company, which is a good sign.

3. Kiss Mark 💋

Kiss Mark

Using the kiss mark emoji is the most transparent way a guy can tell you he’s really interested in you. He can do this mildly by sending it as a response to your messages. For example, after a goodnight wish, he may subtly use 💋 it as a virtual goodnight kiss

This act clearly shows that he has deep feelings for you, especially if he uses this all the time. You can choose to respond with the same one if the feelings are mutual.

4. The Kissy Face Emoji😘

The kissy face emoji is one guy who used to take relationships to the next level. It subtly bridges the gap of friendship and tells you that he wants something more with you. 

Emojis like this show that a guy has deep feelings for you, which is more than expected from a normal friendship. Even though a casual friend uses this on you, there’s a likelihood he has feelings for you.

5. Hugging Face Emoji 🤗

The hugging face emoji is cute in almost any context but has a deeper meaning when used by guys. If a guy likes you, he will show his care and affection for you with this one. It is particularly synonymous with physically hugging someone. So, it may be a way of showing how comfortable he is with you.

Since love and attachment are conveniently communicated through body contact like hugging, sending this means he cares about you deeply. He can randomly send this to you but know that it tends to hold more emotion than you can see.

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6. The Relieved face 😌

Communicating emotions can be challenging for a guy, but you can know how he feels about you through emojis like this. For example, if you tell him you accomplished something important that day, and he replies saying, “I knew you would! 😌” it shows he connects deeply with you and is proud of you.

It also shows a sense of closeness, which can be associated with developing feelings of love.

7. Upside-Down Face 🙃

The upside-down emoji can be used as a witty response to any message, but it can also reveal the emotional side of a person. It shows that a person can be themselves around you. They’re exposing a charming side they wouldn’t naturally show every day, and he’s probably being goofy too. 

8. The Smirk face 😏

The Smirk face

This one is used by guys who are flirting with you. If he’s your partner, it shows he really likes you.  It’s witty, fun, playful, and still seductive, plus, it can really be a game-changer when he’s trying to compliment you. It’s also something guys use when they are being sarcastic or messing with.

9. The Angel Face 😇

The angel emoji can suggest multiple meanings. On the one hand, it indicates an innocent response to a message, while on the other hand, it can innocently brag about something witty in a conversation. 

A guy can also use this to cover up for his growing attraction towards a girl. This could mean a secret blush to a nice compliment you gave to him, or perhaps, that he finds your statements lovely and endearing.

10. The Tongue Out 😋

This one is somewhat different from the emoji with the tongue sticking out ‘crazily’. The significant difference is that this one has a playful theme attached to it. If a guy sends you this emoji, it means he’s making an effort to be humorous or charming, and he expects you to notice the effort.

If he’s making an effort to impress you, there’s a high chance he’s really attracted to you. Using this while trying to make you laugh is his own way of expressing how much he wants to make you happy.

11. The Couple Emoji 👩‍❤️‍👨

The couple’s emoji isn’t regularly used because it quickly communicates the message of love. If a guy sends you this, you can rest assured that he really likes you and wants to take things further. He can disguise it in typical messages like, “Hey! 👩‍❤️‍👨. How’s your day going?”

If he sends this several times, you can ask for its interpretation to get him to express how he feels. If he chooses not to, make sure you observe some more to know how he truly feels.

12. Sweaty laugh Emoji 😅

Tension can arise when there’s an attraction between two people. Most guys like to play it safe with the help of an emoji to escape from uncomfortable situations. When a guy feels he has expressed too much, he uses this as a convenient way to brush off his emotions.

It’s also used when someone says something funny, he responds with this because he wants you to know you made him laugh. However, when you’re laughing at something, and don’t want to be rude or insensitive, using this emoji is better.

13. The Bride Emoji 👰

Apart from the standard emojis guys use when they love you, rare emojis like the bride emoji can also be used. If your partner sends you this, there’s a certainty that he really loves you and sees you in his future. 

He may not send this alone but can disguise it in lovely messages such as, “Hey, beautiful! 👰” This, without a doubt, shows that he’s interested in building a long-term relationship with you.

14. Emoji with Sunglasses On 😎 

This emoji has been characterized by someone having a chill persona, but can also indicate various other things. 

The smiley face with sunglasses shows the humorous and playful side of the person, and when he sends it to a girl, he’s indicating that he enjoys having conversations with her. If a guy wants a lady’s company, it means he likes her personality, which ultimately shows that he likes her.

15. The Hand-On-Eyes Monkey 🙈

The Hand-On-Eyes Monkey

This particular emoji is known for depicting shyness. When a guy starts to get embarrassed with things concerning you, it means he indeed has feelings for you. If he sends you this emoji while expecting some feedback from you, it means that your opinions are important to him, which is a sign of love.

If you notice that he sends this emoji often when expecting feedback, he likes you a lot and tries his best to impress you.  

16. The Star-Eyed Emoji 🤩

The star-eyed emoji is synonymous with the heart-eyed emoji, and it shows immense joy towards a specific subject. 

If a guy sends this to a girl, it indicates that he’s stunned by her words. If he sends this in reaction to her picture, it shows that he’s stunned by her beauty. Any way this emoji is used shows a significant amount of astonishment that can be characterized with affection. 

17. The Eggplant 🍆

The eggplant emoji signifies physical attraction at its best. If a guy sends this to you, it means he wants to have something intimate with you. This emoji won’t be disguised because it vividly expresses the person’s intentions. If someone is physically interested in you, it means they find you attractive and would possibly like to ‘get down’ with you.

18. The Winking Face 😉 

Guys naturally use the winking emoji to flirt, but it can suggest more than that sometimes. He might be indirectly telling you that he’s attracted to you, which he’s hiding under the guise of a witty response. 

If he’s always using this in messages, try not to respond with the same one because it might be misunderstood. If you want to know how he feels, keep on monitoring his reactions. With time, his true feelings will show.

19. The Cheesy Grin Emoji 😬

This emoji is mostly used to hide mischief. When someone has been caught red-handed, they would prefer to use this emoji rather than admit what they’ve done. Guys generally like to use this emoji to tease girls or bring out their fun and naughty side. Irrespective of his playful jokes, using this emoji indicates that he’s comfortable with you.

At the beginning of every relationship, there’s always a way both parties act cautiously before making a decision. As time goes on, there’s an increased sense of comfortability. This process means he’s beginning to like you and is more comfortable with you.

20. The Heart Emoji ❤️

Using this emoji is one of the easiest ways to know that a guy is falling for you. He will not directly tell you that he loves you; neither will he use these kinds of emojis to spell it out. Instead, he will randomly drop the love heart in his messages. For example, “Sweet dreams! ❤️”

Since guys are intentional when using emojis, he indirectly told you that he loves you, or in subtler terms, that you are important to him.

21. Two Hearts Emoji 💕

This emoji is milder than the heart emoji and is one of the emojis guys use when they love you. It can easily be neglected when it is sent; however, it reveals more about a person’s feelings than they know. If a guy sends a two-hearts emoji or any other heart emoji representing affection, he’s indirectly telling you that he likes you.

He may not vividly want to express this, but if he keeps sending love emojis to you, it’s sure he’s falling for you.


What emoji do guys use to flirt?

Guys use a variety of emojis to flirt. This can range from the winking emoji to the kissy face emoji, to even the heart-eyed emoji. He’s indirectly telling you that he’s interested in you by sending flirty emojis and possibly wants to take things further.

What does 😘 mean from a guy?

When a guy sends you the kissy face emoji, it means he’s endeared to you. Emojis like this can also be used to flirt or express a particular form of attraction towards you. It is not advised to respond to this emoji with another kissy emoji if you’re unsure why he sent it because your response might be misinterpreted.

What does it mean when guys use Emojis?

Many guys prefer to give clues to their emotions rather than merely spelling them out. The best way a guy can subtly tell you he’s interested in you is by sending you texts with emojis. There’s more meaning to the emojis guys send, which is why it’s best to observe them.

What does 😘😘 mean in texting?

Sending more than one kissy emoji while texting can be interpreted as deep affection towards you. They’re letting you know that they’re interested in you, without even hiding it. They’re also expressing their physical attraction towards you in the form of a kiss.

What does 😍 mean from a girl?

If a girl sends you a heart eyes emoji, it shows that she loves you, and she wants you to know that. If she sends this emoji concerning a subject, it means that she’s astonished by that thing, and cannot express her admiration in mere words.

To Summarize

Did you enjoy this article on emojis guys use when they love you? Irrespective of the interpretations of the emojis a guy can use, it would be best to delay the assumptions and take your time to observe things before taking action. Kindly leave a comment below and share this article if you liked it.

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