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17 Signs That You Are A High-Maintenance Woman

Are you tired of being called a high-maintenance woman in a relationship? Are you confused about whether you really are high maintenance or not? Don't worry, there is nothing new in guys calling a strong and determined girl high maintenance as a means to insult her or demean her. However, there is nothing wrong with being a high-maintenance girlfriend.

There are certain signs that can help you determine whether you are high maintenance or not. Just like any other personality trait, this characteristic also has some flaws but it does not mean that everything is bad in being a high maintenance girl. All you need to do is try to work on your issues and try to be the best version of yourself.

In today’s article, we are going to look at signs that can help you determine whether you are a high-maintenance girl or not. If you find that the majority of these points go with your personality then there are chances that you are high maintenance. We will also try to find why men like high-maintenance girls.

Signs You Are A High Maintenance

1. You care a lot about your appearance

You always want to look perfect and that is why you put a lot of thought into your appearance. Wherever you go, you want all the eyes on you. To always look perfect, you never step out of your house without your make-up on. For you, looks are very important and to look your best, you not only spend money on your looks but also on getting a perfect outfit.

2. High standards in dating

When it comes to dating, these women have high standards. They usually date men who have a lot of money. If you are one such person then you might have constant thoughts that you are better than your man even when you might have tried to push that thought away. You might also feel that your partner is lucky to be dating you and serving you.

3. You don’t like low-key dates

A date in a garden or a picnic is not something for you. You like your man to take you to the finest of places because you know you deserve the best. Even when your guy takes you to some of the wonderful hotels, clubs, etc., it is never you who offer to cover or even split the bill. For you, paying for these things is the least a man has to do in return for being seen with you.

4. You never say, ‘I am sorry’

Being a perfectionist, you never think that you could have flaws. You see yourself above your man and all others and as a result, you never try to see what you did wrong. Even if you were being a brat, you would never admit that you were wrong. This is because either you don't realize your mistake or you are just not humble enough to apologize.

If you don't work on seeing your mistake and apologizing for the same then it can negatively affect your relationships. This is because everyone needs an equal partner in the relationship.

5. You are controlling

you are controlling

This woman is always controlling. She will keep telling the man in her life about what to do and how to carry themselves. As a high-maintenance girl, you would want everything in your relationship to be perfect and for this, you would not mind bossing men around. You would want your man to hang out only at the top places and get upset when they don't listen.

6. You demand a lot of attention

You are sure that you are one of the most beautiful women around and men would be lucky to have. Because of this, you get upset when your boyfriend spends time with others as you want all his attention. You are unable to understand why he needs other people in his life when he has you. 

This concept is flawed. While you definitely should be a priority for your husband, he also needs other people in his life. You demanding all his attention and time can suffocate him and cause problems in your relationship.

7. Too much stress on status

If you are a high-maintenance girl, you would pay a lot of stress on the status of people. You will make friends as per the financial status of people. When it comes to dating, you only date people with lots of money and good status and you don't mind ditching them when someone better comes along. As a high-maintenance girl, only men who will boost your status attract you.

8. You hate sentimental gifts

High-maintenance women don’t appreciate small gifts of affection. If you are one such woman, you would hate if your partner gifts you hand-written love notes as being an overly materialistic person, you are always interested in expensive gifts. 

However, when you are dating and your partner gifts you something then it is important that you appreciate the effort behind it and be happy with his gesture.

9. High expectations

As you think highly of yourself, you have huge expectations in your relationship. You want men in your life to treat you like a queen. If you are the kind of woman who would want the life of your boyfriend to revolve around you then you are definitely a high-maintenance woman. 

Initially, in the relationship, your partner would not mind pampering you a lot and doing everything to make you happy, but after some time he will also get irritated and you will become unhappy in the relationship.

10. You get embarrassed easily

you get embarrassed easily

These girls care a lot about what people think about them and get embarrassed easily. As a high maintenance girl, you think that the world revolves around you and people notice everything about you. Therefore, you get embarrassed even when you think that your boyfriend is not dressed properly. 

In such a situation, you don't even mind ignoring and avoiding him in front of others. This is because in your mind you are a gorgeous girl who can't be seen with someone who is not on par with her.

11. You are confident

You have high self-esteem and you believe that you are the best! You know that men want women like you as a girlfriend and any man would be happy to have you. This gives you confidence and you do not like being below other girls. You are the kind of woman who has all eyes on her no matter where you go.

12. You have many admirers

This woman has many admirers, who are men. These men pay you a lot of attention and maybe even want you to be their girlfriend. It appears like they are smitten by you and do not mind going out on a limb for you. On the other hand, girls do not like high-maintenance women as they are jealous of them. But you do not care!

13. You don’t like being refused

You want the best of everything and do not like to be refused for anything. You feel like you deserve everything that you set your eyes on. This quality makes your man nervous as it means he will have to get you any materialistic thing that you demand. However, it is not always material things that you want, this holds true for relationships as well.

14. Money makes you happy

There is nothing wrong with it, everyone has things in life, which make them happy. And, for a high-maintenance woman, happiness comes from money. Being a high-maintenance woman means that you are materialistic and things like expensive jewelry, high-end clothes, and exotic holidays make you happy. 

This is one of the reasons why you want a man who has achieved success in life. You believe that any problem can be solved with money.

15. You make heads turn

you make heads turn

It is not only your outfit and expensive makeup that make you a high-maintenance woman. You have a certain grace and charm about yourself that makes heads turn wherever you go. You are not like any other normal woman, and you know it. Therefore, you enjoy it when people admire you and girls get jealous of you.

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The admiration that you receive can many times put your man in the background but you don't mind. After all, your man also loves being with you and they like the respect that you command.

16. You complain a lot

As you think highly of yourself, it goes without saying that you believe that you deserve to get the best in everything. And, if you don't get it then you complain! No matter whether it is your relationship or hotel service, you will never compromise and feel that you deserve more than what others are getting. 

You want perfection in everything and if you feel that there are some flaws then in many cases you want your boyfriend to make things better for you.

17. You want everyone to listen to you

If you keep constantly talking only about yourself then it is one of the signs that you are a high-maintenance woman. There is nothing wrong with being a chatterbox, but if it is always about you and your problems to an extent that you refuse to listen to your partner then you are a high-maintenance woman.

Also, when it comes to your relationship if you want only you to take all the decisions then you are a high maintenance girl. A high-maintenance girl is hell-bent to take all the decisions in the relationship to an extent that she conveniently forgets about her boyfriend and makes everything all about herself. This is because she considers herself superior.

High maintenance - Do guys like this kind of girl?

Men like high-maintenance women because not only do these women carry themselves pretty well but they have an interesting personality. Yes, these women can be talkative, but that is much better than boring girls who do not know what to talk about and are not opinionated. 

These women make heads turn wherever they go, which also gives a thrill to the guy who is with them. With these girls, there is always a chase, and almost all guys like chasing girls, which means the relationship never gets boring. 

Some men like their women to look good and always well maintained. These guys like polished girls who are a treat to the eyes and high maintenance girls are exactly what they are looking for. Even in modern times, some guys like their girls to depend on them and the high maintenance girls are perfect for these men. 

These girls depend on men for many materialistic things, which boosts the ego of the males and makes them feel important. It is this nature of the high maintenance girls that make the men in their lives work hard and achieve their goals so that they can make their lady happy. 

Also, as far as the clingy trait of the girls goes, it is a fact that there are men who like clingy women. It makes them feel that the girl is putting effort into the relationship and makes them feel loved.


What is a high-maintenance woman?

A high-maintenance woman is someone who has high standards in almost everything. This woman is not only materialistic but she wants the best in everything. Be it her relationship or other fancy items, she has high expectations and in most cases, she can get what she sets her eyes on.

What does it mean when a man says a woman is high-maintenance?

When a man says that a woman is high-maintenance then it means that it is very difficult to keep this woman satisfied as she is very controlling and demanding. When it comes to dating, this woman needs a lot of pampering and importance. Also, often high-maintenance women demand expensive gifts from their boyfriends.

Is the word high-maintenance an insult?

Many times people use the word high-maintenance as an insult, however, in reality, it is not a bad thing. Guys usually call strong women because they are not able to keep up with them. Yes, a high-maintenance girl is usually materialistic and has high desires in different spheres but that is not a bad thing.

What is a high-maintenance and a low-maintenance woman?

A high-maintenance woman is described as someone who is controlling, materialistic, and is concerned about her clothes and make-up. A low-maintenance girl, on the other hand, is described as someone laidback and easygoing. This girl is considered to be someone happy in small things.

What is emotionally high maintenance?

An emotionally high-maintenance person is someone who is highly emotional and too dependent on their partner. This person can at times be clingy and needs constant assurance of love. They need a lot of care and time. Sometimes, they can be a little too much nagging and may constantly want to talk to you.


Could you relate yourself to the content? Do you consider yourself as someone with high standards? If yes, do you find men getting intimidated by you? We would love to hear from you to help our readers. Please comment below!

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