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Laugh Your Way to an Orgasm: 17 Funny Sex Positions

April 9, 2024

Sex is fun, and we should treat it as such! 

I completely understand that it can be off-putting to have your partner laugh during sex, really, I get it. 

But laughter can make the whole experience 10x better if you would just allow it to.

Most people laugh when ‘embarrassing’ things happen, such as queefing, farting, body parts slapping together and coming on your period during sex. None of which are embarrassing, might I add, as they’re all completely normal. 

If youtrustyour sexual partner enough to let him put his penis inside of your vagina then I’m pretty sure that a fart isn’t going to be the end of the world. 

However, it can take time for you to feel completely comfortable around your sexual partner, and laughing might actually help this. 

Laughing during sex can bring you and your sexual partner closer together as it’s intimate, and it shows the real you. So, why not encourage laughter and mix it up with some funny sex positions

The Importance of Having Fun with Sex Positions 

Think about all the times you might laugh during sex that aren’t down to feeling embarrassed… 

You might laugh when you orgasm, or squirt, or when things are getting really intense; it’s a natural reaction when you feel overwhelmed; and when having good sex, that can happen, a lot.

I think it’s safe to say that sex can sometimes feel repetitive, especially when in a long-term relationship. I mean, so can masturbating and that’s completely on us, so imagine when you’ve got your partner to consider too. When your sex life starts to feel a little dull, that’s when you know it’s time to spice things up a bit. 

It’s not a bad thing to feel bored of your sex life. We all go through stages at some point in our life and that’s okay. Sometimes, we even need a little break from sex, and that’s okay too. 

If you’re wondering how to make your sex life more interesting I would suggest two major things that will change it up entirely; sex toys and sex positions. Even better, why not change up both?

Experimentation is key, and you’d be surprised by how much you might learn about your body sexually from changing up your sex positions. 

There are many different sex positions to try, each one will offer something different. Each one will vary in:

  • Penetration, 
  • Intimacy, 
  • G-spot stimulation, 
  • Clitoral stimulation, 
  • Access to other body parts, 
  • Closeness, 
  • Even the level of pain you might feel (if that’s what you’re into). 

Many of your desires can be answered with a simple mix up of sex positions. 

You can also consider funny sexual positions; those that will get you and your partner giggling whilst inflicting the most possible pleasure.

Purchasing a Kama Sutra is a great way of spicing up your sex life, and provides lots of inspiration for new sex positions. Urban Dictionary is another great place to explore new sex positions although some are a little bit, well, insane. 

I won’t delve into the meanings, but sex positions like the angry pirate, mexican pancake, kentucky klondike bar, the tony danza (I’m pretty sure this involves a donkey punch), and believe me there are many more out there, are all insane sexual positions that should absolutely be avoided.

With that being said, you and your partner might have a laugh when reading them, I’m just pretty certain you won’t want to partake. 

A great option is the ‘Position of the Day’ book; a book that has a different sex position for each day of the year. Some of them are easy, some of them are wild sexual positions. The beauty of it is that you’re adding excitement to your sex life by letting the book choose for you.

You can also get inspiration for new sex positions by watching porn or researching online. I just think it’s a little exciting when you leave it up to chance and turn it into a game. Another way of doing this is by purchasing a sex position dice where rolling the dice will choose your position.

17 Funny Sex Positions to Make Your Sex Life More Interesting

17 funny sex positions to make your sex life interesting

I’m sure we’ve all come across some pretty wild sex positions in our time, but those that cause us to giggle are arguably the best. It might be because of their name, or even the strenuous position it puts you in. 

What’s important is that when you and your sexual partner are intimate, you are able to have a good time and take away any element of pressure; laughter will most certainly help this as long as you’re both on the same page; consent is always the most important factor in sex.

1. Butter churner 

The butter churner sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is. It’s where the woman will essentially do a shoulder stand, with her bum raised in the air. 

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The man will then squat over her and dip his penis in and out of her vagina

I’m not sure it’s one for those longer sex sessions, but for a quick laugh and a bit of foreplay, why not give it a go?

2. Pretzel dip 

The pretzel dip allows for a deeper penetration, a similar feeling you would achieve by doggy style. 

You would lie on your side with one leg in the air while your penetrating partner will intertwine their legs with yours. To put it basically, it’s exactly like doing doggy style only your entire body is twisted so you can enjoy the romance of face-to-face intimacy. 

3. Lion king 

Simple, funny and a surprise at the end of having sex. Your partner will quickly pull out, ejaculating into his hand. He will then take his thumb, dip it into his semen and smear it on your forehead. 

Now you see where the name comes from? All he needs to do is say the name Simba and you may as well star in the live-action movie. 

I mean, ejaculation can be very messy and get everywhere anyway, so why not have a bit of fun with it. 

4. The wheelbarrow 

This one is exactly as it sounds, and it’s both a fun and sexy sex position. 

Your partner will pick you up by your legs whilst in a standing position, putting you in the wheelbarrow position, where your arms are rested on the floor. You then wrap your legs around his waist and allow him to thrust against your vagina. 

This has the potential to give you a lot of pleasure as it allows for a deep penetration but should also target your g-spot.

5. The seated wheelbarrow

Exactly the same as the wheelbarrow, only your partner is sat down rather than standing. This is a great alternative as it puts less strain on the both of you, and actually gives the woman more control when thrusting. 

6. Spread eagle

Your partner will stretch your legs open as wide as possible while penetrating you, making you a spread eagle.

7. The Eiffel tower 

If you’re into threesomes, this one might be for you. 

You will be on your knees performing oral sex on one man, whilst being penetrated by the other. They join hands, giving the sex position its classic name, the Eiffel tower. 

8. Pearly gates

So, if you’ve not heard of reverse cowgirl, it’s where you will straddle your man, only you will face the opposite direction. Pearly gates is kind of similar, only you then lay down so you are both laid in the same direction. 

This allows for g-spot penetration and also puts you in a perfect position for your partner to play with your clitoris and nipples. 

9. The standing O

The best of the standing positions, as it’s for all things oral.

You are standing with your partner knelt in front of you. Raising one leg over his shoulder to allow him access, he can do whatever he likes to your vulva with his mouth while you simply stand back and enjoy. 

10. Table top 

table top

Your partner will place you on the table, lay you down while he stands against the edge and penetrates your vagina. 

There’s something kind of funny about fucking where you eat your dinner, and sexy, don’t you think? That’s certainly one to put a smirk on your face when you have guests over. 

11. Scissoring

Scissoring is the position that typically comes to mind when you think of lesbian sex. And although a lot of women find this position pleasurable, a lot of women actually don’t.

However, it has been known to be effective when having heterosexual sex. 

You will each lay on the bed while spreading your legs, crossing over so that your genitals meet in the middle. He will then penetrate while you both thrust against each other; literally scissoring. Hot, right? 

12. Stand and deliver

An all time favorite of mine out of the standing sex positions. 

You partner will be fully stood whilst bending you over completely and essentially fucking you mid-air. To give him full control, he can restrain your hands by his waist so that he has all the power.

This allows for a really deep penetration and is a great transitional sexual position as it can easily lead or be led from other positions to intensify your sexual experience and pleasure. 

13. Big Ben 

I suppose this one is only funny if you’re into fisting. Remember, consent is key and fisting is certainly one of those things that requires confirmation before attempting.

Fisting can take a lot of time to build up to and requires a lot of set up, time, and patience in order to make it work without causing any damage. 

If fisting is something that you’re into, the Big Ben is where you are fisted by someone who is wearing a wrist watch. 

Urban dictionary uses it in an example, “Steve lost his Rolex inside of Diane while performing a Big Ben on her.”

14. Corkscrew 

Whilst lying completely horizontal at the edge of the bed, squeeze your legs together as tight as possible. Your partner will enter you from standing by your side, thrusting into you.

15. The 69 bridge 

We all know and love the 69 position. We both get what we want, while performing on our partner, it makes perfect sense. 

Spice up this position and have fun trying the 69 bridge. Instead of laying on top of your partner, turn over and lie the opposite way, causing your back to arch.

You are essentially in the crab position, with him lying underneath you while you perform oral sex on him with him performing oral sex on you. 

It sounds way more complicated than it is, trust me.

16. The hot seat

the hot seat

This sex position gives it all. 

It’s easy enough, as while your partner sits himself on the edge of the bed you simply sit on top of him, facing the same direction. 

You will feel a deep penetration, the same as you would if you were riding him, only it’s a lot easier to achieve as you’re both in the same position and sitting upright. 

This position also allows your partner to go wild with his hands as he has full access to your clitoris, breasts, nipples and neck. 

17. Restroom attendant 

Public sex can be wild and exciting, that is, if you don’t get caught. 

The restroom attendant is the sex position performed in a public toilet. You will hold yourself up on the sink, facing the restroom mirror whilst your partner penetrates you from behind. 

You get the benefits of face-to-face, and you get to watch yourself get plowed by your man; mirror sex really is the best. It also adds an element of naughtiness as you know you’re having sex where you shouldn’t. 


Why does my partner get turned off when I laugh during sex?

Laughing during sex can sometimes cause problems, especially if it goes uncommunicated.

For some, if their partner starts randomly laughing during sex it can be really off-putting, and they might even feel insecure, worrying that you’re laughing at them. Laughing together during sex can be romantic and even sexy sometimes, but it’s not so funny if you’re not laughing and your partner is.

These doubts or concerns may then even cause your partner to not feel turned on anymore, ruining the whole vibe completely.

If you feel as though your partner is too serious during sex then it’s worth opening up an honest conversation about how you can both change to avoid this problem in the future. It’s all about reassurance and communication.

Should sex be funny?

Yes and no.

Sex itself isn’t funny, but it’s completely normal for your natural reaction to laugh at sex. Even great sex can sometimes feel slightly awkward at times, and it’s these moments that tend to trigger involuntary laughter. The best way to overcome this is to be honest with your partner about what’s causing you to laugh and hopefully next time you’ll both share the same reaction.

When is it not okay to laugh in the bedroom?

Harmlessly laughing in the bedroom is completely normal and even encouraged, but there are certainly moments when it’s absolutely not okay to laugh in the bedroom.

Anything aimed directly at a person, or anything that will cause offense is a no-go. If you’re having sex with somebody, you should treat them with the same respect that you’d want them to treat you. Laughing at them for their sex face or the way they orgasm is hurtful, so is laughing at their body parts.

You never want to upset somebody, especially when they’re at their most vulnerable.


There are so many sex positions out there; it doesn’t have to specifically have a funny name for you and your partner to laugh during sex.

Sex is what you make it, and there are many ways to take away the pressure and allow for you to both have a good time without being too serious. 

Being open to trying new things is super important, and experimentation is the best thing to keep that spark alive. It’s important to remember to not take yourself too seriously during sex, and to always show the real you. This is where it’s crucial to not focus too heavily on porn. 

We often think we have to act serious and sexy in order to feel the most pleasure, as this is what we see when we watch actors having sex on porn, and it’s just not the case. Everybody is different, and you’re most likely having sex with somebody because you like their personality, so don’t be afraid to show yours during sexy time. 

Laughter makes us feel good, and so do orgasms; a match made in heaven, if you ask me.

If you have any sex position recommendations or any funny sex stories, please feel free to comment. As always, share with a friend in need of spicing up their sex life.

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