How Does a Scorpio Man Act When He Likes You? 6 Different Ways

How Does a Scorpio Man Act When He Likes You? (6 Signs)

When it comes answering the eternal question: How Does a Scorpio Man Act When He Likes You – it's a struggle to answer! Knowing how they really feel in romance is one of the hardest things to tell really, because you only know they want you to know!  

This cagey character wants to control their relationships and you will have a tough time on your hands knowing if he really does like you or not. Intense and interesting, there’s plenty of positives to this man but you need to know if he is worth your time.

Depending upon their Venus sign, which affects them more than anybody else in the Zodiac, he'll try to make you laugh a lot, they'll be very open to talking to you and they'll smile a lot and engage you in interesting conversations. But then, they can turn things around with tests and trials that no other sign does!

So, how Does a Scorpio Man Act When He Likes You?

 Here's what you need to know.

1. He will start to watch you intently

This sounds a little bit creepy, but really, it's his way of understanding the world and you. Even the chattiest Scorpio men are still the kind of characters who like to keep things inside of themselves, and there's a secretiveness there that you may not be used to especially with other men who like to be the loudest Alpha males in the pack!

If you think of other signs, you may picture all the kinds of bonds you will have with them if they liked you – all the open conversations and the confessions and the long late night chats. No so with the Scorpio! Naturally guarded Scorpio has a huge level of respect for things that are private and they tend to keep things to themselves and they're great keeping secrets of your own as well. This means opening them up can take some time. Instead, they show they like you by really watching you.  They can sometimes lead people to think they're being shady or doing things behind your back because they seem so internally led, so with a Scorpio, you might have no idea that they have a thing for you other than there might be the smoldering burning energy thing when you're around them, or they'll stare at you longer than normal. This is a positive sign and one you have to adjust yourself to look for.

If they are really into you will notice that they will focus on you, intensively, and the hard part is –  you may not even know that they're focused on you, unless they want you to know!

A Scorpio might be using social media to keep tabs on you, knows your schedule, or checks in on you online. This is all part of their way of exploring you. If you can check online views, take a look and see if he’s been on your profiles! He might even be leaving comments or likes – for him this is pretty ‘out there’ on the romance front!

2. He wants to know your secrets

Leading on from the last point, a Scorpio who likes you will do this by wanting to know all your secrets. He isn’t interested in polite small talk and is very keen on getting past all that and straight into the bare facts. So, they want to know like all your dark dreams, plans and even failures – and if a Scorpio man is talking to you about these things then they're really interested in learning more about you. Don’t think that he will be sharing with you though! He has the annoying habit of not giving back in this area and may dodge questions he deems too personal, charming!

His aloof nature might make you think he is just chatting away or even wanting you to expose yourself for no good reason, but if he is asking deep questions, it means he likes you. Even if you're just friends with them, let's say, and he wants to know like where you're going, when you're going to be there with, what your plans are – that is a sign of a Scorpio who is showing care and showing in turn that they are very interested in you and what you are like.

His sign isn't one that leads him to say ‘well then we should go to the beach!’ He isn’t going to put himself out there straight away and is instead lining up all his intel before he makes a move. If you wait for a date with a Scorpio as soon as you meet him you may be in for quite some time!  

He is a fixed sign and will be looking for that stability and assurance that you are well worth investing in. He tends to be attracted to unusual earthy girls who have something different about them, which is great. You don't have to ‘fit in' to attract the Scorpio man, quite the opposite in fact!

3. He will test you and how much you like him

Part of a Scorpio man's personality is driven by his desire to test you, especially at the beginning of the relationship. If he is starting to like you then his sign will dictate that he tests you so he can see where he stands and know that you are not going to let him down. It can seem quite childish and it’s not the best trait to have, and because i's hard to deal with this can be a real turn off for many women and rightly so! However,  as bizarre as it seems, a Scorpio is actually showing that he likes you  when you  are put through and win these tests – and even if you don't do ‘what he wants' he's learning more about you.

It could be simple things – he might say outlandish statements. He might see if you will pick him up from work, or change his plans at the last minute.

After a while this may be tiresome, especially when they know exactly which little buttons to push, push, push to see what you'll do!  Just stick with it, because it's just what he does if he likes you. If he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t bother at all. (Although sometimes I am sure you wish that he wouldn’t!)

And if he's not being responsive to you one day or seems to be picking fights or being a real Debbie Downer on everything- don't give up on hope that he likes you, because he probably still has that interest in you, he's just playing a bit of a game. You have to look past some of this stuff and look at his words and intentions in other ways. Also take comfort in the fact that he's a fixed sign so when he has it in his head that he likes you and he is ready to commit or take things to the next level, you are set up with a solid relationship where he knows all your flaws and positives in equal measure and that's how it's going to be. This is just part of his character, overall and Scorpio men are the best at manipulating people of all of the zodiac signs. With a  Scorpio they've got to have you figured out, top to bottom sadly!

4. It's obvious!

If they really like you It's sort of obvious. They will let you into their inner sanctum, they will have told you that they like you or they will be spending more time with them. Even the smallest things they say are so much more than just phrases and words and if a Scorpio man is saying positive things to you then you need to take that seriously, and if you don't really want the relationship with them, now is where you need to let them know because at this point, the Scorpio is already very invested in you.

The only downside is getting to a more obvious sign of affection from a Scorpio can take so long after all the mind games and tricks and tests! If he is starting to be physically affectionate, caring and good natured, there is a good chance you. Have passed his tests and have been deemed just right for him!

5. They become intense

A Scorpio who is interested in you  will give you that intense look. You may have seen it – sometimes it looks like love, sometimes like hate. If a  Scorpio likes you, it is probably because you are that girl that sits alone or you're that girl that will wear things nobody else will wear or you say things nobody else will say, basically, something that differentiates you from everybody else.

He is interested in what you have to offer and he will start to be very keen on understanding what you are all about. Simply, if you perplex the Scorpio though, he will be trying to figure you out. He will be interested and will often be found staring deep into your very soul even if you are chatting in a group or just talking over a coffee. The Scorpio is very perceptive and if he is feeling something  towards you he will be highly invested in watching what you do, what you like and what he needs to do to keep you. This can be very intense and different!

Remember that a lot of the times when you're in a relationship with someone else, a Scorpio will be around! Don't think that because you are taken that this is a turn off for him, it probably isn't!

It's unfortunate but they want you when you can't be had!

6. He will text you back…eventually

A lot of people worry that their Scorpio man isn't invested in them or doesn't like them because they don't hear back. That's just a Scorpio. If you are texting him and not getting a response, this is just typical! Don't worry. If you are another earthy sign or have that appeal to him, he will already be very interested in you and you just need to accept that he is moving at his own pace, doing his own thing.

When a  Scorpio gets close to you. Even for a day out or a date or something, then you may start to notice that for a few days after that they're going to need to retreat because they need to rejuvenate themselves. Just like an introvert, a Scorpio will find it hard to be constantly around someone they really like and that intensity and all that brain power in understanding someone takes a lot of effort!

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They need to feel like they have some control. Sometimes, not caring gives them control so you might find your texts slow down. It's highly likely that he will pop back up and will be unfazed by the distance he put between you.

A Scorpio really does hate rejection so he will be keen to see that despite his little quirks, that you are still interested in him and interested in wanting more. It's again, all part of those tests of character he is running you through!

Does he like you?

It's hard to connect with a Scorpio man because of how confusing they can be and the challenges that they set up for any woman in their lives! This focused and powerful sign can have a sting in the tail but if they decide you are for them, you can be in a great position later on as they love you for you flaws and all.

What could be better?

If you are interested in getting a Scorpio man to like you, just hold on in there. Tell us more about the man in your lives and we can try to help and troubleshoot any issues that you have been having, from ghosting you to those tricky trials of love!

Also, why not share this article with someone who is having the same issues with a Scorpio, show them that it's not him – it's just his sign!

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