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How Does a Scorpio Man Act When He Likes You? (6 Signs)

Last updated on June 8, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

Are you wondering whether a Scorpio man is attracted to you?

Perhaps you’re wondering whether this sign shows any unique behaviors around women that they like? 

If so, you’re in the right place.  

This guide reveals all the tells that give away a Scorpio’s feelings for you. 

However, before I reveal the behaviors to look out for, I want you to read the next few sentences very carefully.

I always used to be the woman who would sit wondering whether these great men were attracted to me, but they rarely were. 

Throughout my twenties, I was wondering what other women had that I didn’t. 

It felt like my dreams of starting a family with my dream man would never come to fruition. 

However, that all changed when I learned about a powerful aspect of male psychology, which impacts how they feel about the women in their life. 

It’s called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’ - and it’s a line of thinking that nearly all men appear to hold onto. 

Once I learned how to trigger this, I soon discovered that men would become a lot more  affectionate towards me. What’s more, it was so easy to learn.   

Now I’m happily married, it seems unfair to keep this information to myself. You can learn more about how I discovered the power of the ‘Hero’s Instinct’ by reading my personal story.       

Of course, there’s every chance that your dream guy is already lusting after you. If he’s a Scorpio, you can discover the signs that this is the case below. 

So, how Does a Scorpio Man Act When He Likes You?

 Here's what you need to know.

1. He will start to watch you intently

This sounds a little bit creepy, but really, it's his way of understanding the world and you. Even the chattiest Scorpio men are still the kind of characters who like to keep things inside of themselves, and there's a secretiveness there that you may not be used to especially with other men who like to be the loudest Alpha males in the pack!

If you think of other signs, you may picture all the kinds of bonds you will have with them if they liked you – all the open conversations and the confessions and the long late night chats. No so with the Scorpio! Naturally guarded Scorpio has a huge level of respect for things that are private and they tend to keep things to themselves and they're great keeping secrets of your own as well. This means opening them up can take some time. Instead, they show they like you by really watching you.  They can sometimes lead people to think they're being shady or doing things behind your back because they seem so internally led, so with a Scorpio, you might have no idea that they have a thing for you other than there might be the smoldering burning energy thing when you're around them, or they'll stare at you longer than normal. This is a positive sign and one you have to adjust yourself to look for.

If they are really into you will notice that they will focus on you, intensively, and the hard part is -  you may not even know that they're focused on you, unless they want you to know!

A Scorpio might be using social media to keep tabs on you, knows your schedule, or checks in on you online. This is all part of their way of exploring you. If you can check online views, take a look and see if he’s been on your profiles! He might even be leaving comments or likes – for him this is pretty ‘out there’ on the romance front!

2. He wants to know your secrets

Leading on from the last point, a Scorpio who likes you will do this by wanting to know all your secrets. He isn’t interested in polite small talk and is very keen on getting past all that and straight into the bare facts. So, they want to know like all your dark dreams, plans and even failures - and if a Scorpio man is talking to you about these things then they're really interested in learning more about you. Don’t think that he will be sharing with you though! He has the annoying habit of not giving back in this area and may dodge questions he deems too personal, charming!

His aloof nature might make you think he is just chatting away or even wanting you to expose yourself for no good reason, but if he is asking deep questions, it means he likes you. Even if you're just friends with them, let's say, and he wants to know like where you're going, when you're going to be there with, what your plans are - that is a sign of a Scorpio who is showing care and showing in turn that they are very interested in you and what you are like.

His sign isn't one that leads him to say 'well then we should go to the beach!’ He isn’t going to put himself out there straight away and is instead lining up all his intel before he makes a move. If you wait for a date with a Scorpio as soon as you meet him you may be in for quite some time!  

He is a fixed sign and will be looking for that stability and assurance that you are well worth investing in. He tends to be attracted to unusual earthy girls who have something different about them, which is great. You don't have to 'fit in' to attract the Scorpio man, quite the opposite in fact!

3. He will test you and how much you like him

Part of a Scorpio man's personality is driven by his desire to test you, especially at the beginning of the relationship. If he is starting to like you then his sign will dictate that he tests you so he can see where he stands and know that you are not going to let him down. It can seem quite childish and it’s not the best trait to have, and because i's hard to deal with this can be a real turn off for many women and rightly so! However,  as bizarre as it seems, a Scorpio is actually showing that he likes you  when you  are put through and win these tests - and even if you don't do 'what he wants' he's learning more about you.

It could be simple things - he might say outlandish statements. He might see if you will pick him up from work, or change his plans at the last minute.

Is it like pulling teeth getting him to spend time with you?
The key to solving is understanding men on a much deeper emotional level. The number #1 factor that causes men to behave this way is actually relatively easy to change with a few subtle things you can say to him.

Take this quick quiz to see if he actually likes you!

After a while this may be tiresome, especially when they know exactly which little buttons to push, push, push to see what you'll do!  Just stick with it, because it's just what he does if he likes you. If he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t bother at all. (Although sometimes I am sure you wish that he wouldn’t!)

And if he's not being responsive to you one day or seems to be picking fights or being a real Debbie Downer on everything- don't give up on hope that he likes you, because he probably still has that interest in you, he's just playing a bit of a game. You have to look past some of this stuff and look at his words and intentions in other ways. Also take comfort in the fact that he's a fixed sign so when he has it in his head that he likes you and he is ready to commit or take things to the next level, you are set up with a solid relationship where he knows all your flaws and positives in equal measure and that's how it's going to be. This is just part of his character, overall and Scorpio men are the best at manipulating people of all of the zodiac signs. With a  Scorpio they've got to have you figured out, top to bottom sadly!

4. It's obvious!

If they really like you It's sort of obvious. They will let you into their inner sanctum, they will have told you that they like you or they will be spending more time with them. Even the smallest things they say are so much more than just phrases and words and if a Scorpio man is saying positive things to you then you need to take that seriously, and if you don't really want the relationship with them, now is where you need to let them know because at this point, the Scorpio is already very invested in you.

The only downside is getting to a more obvious sign of affection from a Scorpio can take so long after all the mind games and tricks and tests! If he is starting to be physically affectionate, caring and good natured, there is a good chance you. Have passed his tests and have been deemed just right for him!

5. They become intense

A Scorpio who is interested in you  will give you that intense look. You may have seen it - sometimes it looks like love, sometimes like hate. If a  Scorpio likes you, it is probably because you are that girl that sits alone or you're that girl that will wear things nobody else will wear or you say things nobody else will say, basically, something that differentiates you from everybody else.

He is interested in what you have to offer and he will start to be very keen on understanding what you are all about. Simply, if you perplex the Scorpio though, he will be trying to figure you out. He will be interested and will often be found staring deep into your very soul even if you are chatting in a group or just talking over a coffee. The Scorpio is very perceptive and if he is feeling something  towards you he will be highly invested in watching what you do, what you like and what he needs to do to keep you. This can be very intense and different!

Remember that a lot of the times when you're in a relationship with someone else, a Scorpio will be around! Don't think that because you are taken that this is a turn off for him, it probably isn't!

It's unfortunate but they want you when you can't be had!

6. He will text you back...eventually

A lot of people worry that their Scorpio man isn't invested in them or doesn't like them because they don't hear back. That's just a Scorpio. If you are texting him and not getting a response, this is just typical! Don't worry. If you are another earthy sign or have that appeal to him, he will already be very interested in you and you just need to accept that he is moving at his own pace, doing his own thing.

When a  Scorpio gets close to you. Even for a day out or a date or something, then you may start to notice that for a few days after that they're going to need to retreat because they need to rejuvenate themselves. Just like an introvert, a Scorpio will find it hard to be constantly around someone they really like and that intensity and all that brain power in understanding someone takes a lot of effort!

They need to feel like they have some control. Sometimes, not caring gives them control so you might find your texts slow down. It's highly likely that he will pop back up and will be unfazed by the distance he put between you.

A Scorpio really does hate rejection so he will be keen to see that despite his little quirks, that you are still interested in him and interested in wanting more. It's again, all part of those tests of character he is running you through!

Does he like you?

It's hard to connect with a Scorpio man because of how confusing they can be and the challenges that they set up for any woman in their lives! This focused and powerful sign can have a sting in the tail but if they decide you are for them, you can be in a great position later on as they love you for you flaws and all.


How Do Scorpios Act When They Like Someone?

Scorpios are very intense, even physically. They often give people they're interested in a very fierce look. It's tough to read sometimes, and can often be misinterpreted as hate. Scorpios watch people they're interested in intently because they're always highly invested in what you do, what they need to do to keep you, and the things you like.

Do Scorpios Fall In Love Easily?

Scorpio guys are not known to fall in love easily, unless the girl is very different from all the rest, some form of mystery. Once a girl has some mystery around her, a Scorpio guy will be hooked and start to become possessive, slowly weaving a net around her.

How Do You Make A Scorpio Man Feel Special?

Make a Scorpio man feel special in simple ways. Trust him completely, make him aware of your trust. Allow him to be boss since they're mighty big on control. While allowing him to be boss, you should also be strong and confident in yourself, as they're highly attracted to that. Be supportive and, of course, be sexy at all times!

How Do You Know If A Scorpio Man Likes You Through Text?

A Scorpio man who's into you will always love to check up on you, whether it is via text or call. He will use texting a lot, though, asking about your day and what you're up too, and might even ask if you want to hang out from time to time. Messages from Scorpios are never a major surprise since they'll be texting you throughout the day.

How Do Scorpios Flirt?

Scorpios are powerful guys, and also very sexual. They love to flirt, hard (all pun intended). A Scorpio guy will be flirty, powerful, and sexual with his flirting style, showing cunning tactics during the chase to make the romance battlefield more pleasurable for both parties.

What could be better?

If you are interested in getting a Scorpio man to like you, just hold on in there. Tell us more about the man in your lives and we can try to help and troubleshoot any issues that you have been having, from ghosting you to those tricky trials of love!

Also, why not share this article with someone who is having the same issues with a Scorpio, show them that it's not him - it's just his sign!

Do you feel like all you think about is him, but he only thinks about himself?
This doesn't mean he doesn't like you. You have to understand how he is wired. Once you do, you'll find there is a subtle thing you can say that to him that will drastically change how he shows his emotions towards you.

Take this quick quiz that looks at whether he actually likes you or not!

Sonya Schwartz
A hopeless romantic that struggled for many years to find her Mr "Right" and made all the mistakes you could think of while dating. Known for always choosing the wrong guys or messing up relationships, Sonya was finally able to change her approach and mindset when it came to dating which helped her eventually find the man of her dreams and become happily married. You can read more about me here...

53 comments on “How Does a Scorpio Man Act When He Likes You? (6 Signs)”

  1. He says he wants me, but barely calls or answers my texts or calls. I mention how it makes me feel, but there is no change. When we are together, things are great, but lately I’ve been the only one trying to spend time together. Is he serious about me or seeing someone else?

    1. Hi Bonnie,
      Im going through the same exact thing with my Scorpio man. This article seems to describe some of his personality traits quite well. Either we both have men that are the epitome of a Scorpio..or we're seeing the same man. Hopefully not the latter??

      1. Omg! Same! We actually had a pretty deep convo yesterday and I told him to text me in the morning so we can plan on when we will see each other and boom no response. We’ve talked everyday for almost a month today is the first day he hasn’t sent a good morning text ? but our convo was really good last night so I’m going to just relax and let him come to me.

        1. He probably didn't like you telling him what to do 🙂 Scorpios need to be in control, ALL the time! Hope he came back in the meantime :-)))

    2. Okay so... I’m a Scorpio woman myself and I wouldn’t know if it’s a game or not but, he must be doing things or he’s honestly just nervous? I’m confused myself because as a Scorpio I reply fast so might be one of the things I stated.

  2. I am a scorpio woman going after a scorpio man. WATCH OUT NOW! The bedroom will be fantastic, but all of the rest is one big mind game. Ladies, keep reading up on how to pursue a scorpio man like you did here & then re-read everything. It takes a VERY strong woman than doesn't mind letting go of control (which to me is total control & why I as a scorpio woman can deal with this either amazing S&S match or will be a.nightmare). Everything we scorpios do is INTENSE. So dang intense. We are a lot to handle, but once we crack it is oh so rewarding. The apple of my eye is annoying AF to say the least. I just want to strangle him at times ? BUT we can't. We have to deal with them going cold, almost seeming to be mean, all of the mind tests/games, his need for control, their immense outward confidence & allure all while they scream on the inside of insecurities. One of my best keys of advice: DO NOT try to psychoanalyze your scorp man in front of him. Do this with your girlfriends. He hates being psychoanalyzed. He wants clingy ONLY when committed. In the meantime EVERYTHING needs to be in his control (or we let them believe they are in control). This means, text less, but don't go MIA when he texts. He needs to be the one to set things up. Hang in there! If he commits it will be worth it but be prepared for a lifetime of cold & hot.

    1. I went to Vegas last year and met a scorpio guy online. He asked me out two times and ghosted me, his first reason he said that he was feeling depressed and the 2nd one he said he was sick (so basically we haven't met in person) i went back home to my country and we still message each other up to now. He keeps saying that i should go back to Vegas and live with him and wants a serious relationship but he hasn't even said that he likes me. One time i was curious about his Ex coz he never mentioned it "in details" so i asked, he didn't answer me and diverted my question to another topic. Then after that day he just opened up about his ex out of the blue lol (the message was long) i was happy that he told me then the day after he told me about his ex he messaged me not to talk about past coz past is past. I was like ???? okay . I'm really confused with him. I'm a Leo btw.

      1. Some people (regardless of sign) start long-distance online relationships to feel emotional intimacy, but they have no intention of ever meeting them in person (low self-esteem, they’re already attached to someone, or they misrepresented their career/body/wealth/age). People can fall deeply, deeply in love with each other just over the phone and through text. It sounds strange but I’ve seen it happen with one of my friends. And look at cat-fishing exposé shows. People stay in these relationships for YEARS thinking they’re going to meet up with that person they’ve fallen hopelessly in love with, but something always happens (lost their passport, work cancelled their vacation, got sick, etc).

        Not all online relationships are fake. Not saying that.

        But if you two are from different countries and you happened to be in the same city as him fortunately... but he ghosted you twice... yeah... he doesn't want you to see him, he misrepresented something. And when you go back to your country, he asks asks you to come back and live with him? But he hasn’t even met you yet? What if you’re a serial killer, lol?

        Yeah, dude is living out a fantasy for emotional satisfaction. He is looking for love and affection.

        I would ask him to go on webcam/FaceTime. I’m sure he has sent you pics. But only a video chat will show if he’s real.

        And even if he is real, value your time. Find someone more reliable and more accessible to you.

    2. I would honestly agree with what u wrote. It's true scorpio man do like control. I make him think he in control so many times it's so funny. My bf is a scorpio and I'm a libra. We fight all the time because I like to be in control as well but recently he's been too bossy when I drive giving me directions like he my gps so I pulled over got out the car and tell him drive because "he knows best mr.know at all gotta be right all the time" I shouted at him after pulling the car. I told him to drive and I kept directing him how to drive to let him see what he do to me. Honestly I do that alot I flip every mind game and situations we went through to let him feel how I feel. We just laugh about it later on in the day after arguments and disagreements. I hold every thing he does wrong to me and confront him about it and he feels bad then I get his affection and he becomes more affectionate physically lol or I tell him bluntly if he doesn't care why should I then I list the biggest thing he ever did to hurt me! Lol currently he wants another kid and I'm pregnant with the 2nd child. I'm curious does aries and scorpio get along because my first son is an aries. My bf complains and always fighting with my son. My bf gets so annoyed like he can't stand his own son and runs away to the kitchen or watch tv just so he doesn't have to be around his son. They always fighting over silly things like eat food or get dress. But overall my bf buys his anything he wants and so do I. But omg they fight alot over silly things I love my aries son but they can never agree on anything! I don't know the gender for my second child yet or the due falls near cancer month

  3. My scorpio man treats me in all the ways that we're mentioned. He says I'm a liar because I don't answer his questions I explain my answer to him and he says I'm a liar he don't trust me. He's got somethings going on. He's been by his self for ever he's 31 and I'm 61 and a pisces

    1. Wow!! I never thought i would find someone with that age difference. Im 57 a picies and he is 27..i really care about him alot butbut i dont thing the feeling is mutual..sometimes he says things that make me believe otherwise but not getting my hopes up because of the age difference. He does date other girls so alot of people say hes just a player.

      1. I think he really cares for me thats what i feel deep in my heart. 3 weeks ago he says we cant do this anymore and then he text me to come over and hang as friends or otherwise,i told him i couldnt do it this situation has gone on for almost 3 years my heart cant take anymore. I think hes afraid to commit because of age difference i cant blame him ,but if he wanted to i definitely would!!

  4. Hi mine is from Egypt and i am in the Us...we have only emailed one night...i got so frustrated because he kept going...I dont understand...when i knew he did...i didnt know that might be his way of testing me till i read more on them...i need to know what will drive him crazy...as in how to make him want me more...a word or a phrase would help///got any?

  5. Wow they are confusing. Communication has never been an issue. He calls and texts me everyday. He's starting to act a little jealous when he hears about me being around my other guy friends. Him and I are just friends at the moment but I'm noticing a difference in him communication becoming more and more calling than texting. On the phone no less than an hour. We are just friends but I'm so ready for those words to flow out his mouth to be so much more than that. We even have nicknames for each other.

  6. Hey guys,
    Can u help. I'm gemini n met a Scorpio man by online dating. He asked me about serious relationship. And when i said ya that i wanted to ve relationship with him, he is so super schoked. My feeling is that he is doesnt acting or lie. True feeling..
    But he never text me everyday like say good morning or asking me about my day. He text me just about sex when we want to meet. When we re Meeting I asking and he explain that he is so busy with his work. Have many things to do. I try to believe. Btw...
    Is that normal that he doesnt text me one week or more that one week?
    He said with me that before he has playing with so many girls and now is no girls.
    and he said thats he feel disgusting playing one night stnd and when he already have one he not play and just one and he said *hones*

    Should i believe him?

    1. If a Scorpio man is just meeting you for sex every 1 or 2 weeks, that sounds like he’s using you for sex.

      When a Scorpio man is in a serious relationship, he becomes obsessive and possessive of his girl. He will text many times throughout the day, he will want to know where you are, who you’re with, when you‘ll be home. There may be a few days here and there of low communication because sometimes they withdraw to charge their emotional batteries.

      But seeing you every 1 or 2 weeks only, for sex.... that doesn’t sound like Scorpio love, at all.

      I’m sorry, Las.

      You wrote this in May, has anything improved? Is he seeing you more often? Are you still with him?

  7. I’m an Aries women as you can already tell by my name. I’m actually friends with a Scorpio man, and I’m interested in him, but I’m not sure if he is aswell which is why I’m worried, we’ve been for over a month now and we actually met through social media. We already have nicknames for eachother, and we talk a lot, but sometimes he just confuses. Like I don’t know whether he’s interested or not, and I was hoping if I could get answers here.

  8. To Las - I'm a virgo woman dating a scorpio man. It would see perhaps he's not interested in anything except sex. I wouldn't tolerate that behaviour though unless you only want a sexual relationship. They do flirt a lot and will test you but if they are interested he will make an effort to contact you everyday, say good morning, good night, check on you throughout the day by text, phone, FaceTime and catch up in person. They need a lot of down time by themselves to process all of their emotions so if he pulls back, you need to pull back too and be patient.
    They also need the chase and the challenge so although you need to show interest, you also need to present a challenge. Don't be too available. Live your life and don't change your plans for him.
    He's testing you by saying he wants something serious, but then also seeing if you'll give in sexually without commitment. If you do, then he'll think you'll do that with other guys and maybe you can't be trusted. They fear betrayal more than anything else.
    Ridiculous, yes but they take a lot of patience to be with and you have to let him lead and be in charge. You need to be the type of woman who can walk the fine line of being a strong and independent woman (very appealing to Scorpios) but knowing when to be submissive with him (let him be in control - within boundaries) then you will be richly rewarded with an awesome individual and amazing lover. But it does require a ton of patience. Read up on Scorpio men written by Scorpio men and you'll be well informed. I hope this helps in some way.

  9. I met a Scorpio male on a dating app. We finally met after talking everyday for a couple months. During the date, time flew by so fast, we were talking for hours and he shared a ton of personal things. He also mentioned cute comments during the date, hinting for future meet-ups. He even mentioned that he didn't feel lonely because of me (which caught me off guard and I didn't acknowledge), and he mentioned that time flew by so fast with us being together, he didn't think dates lasted this long. And it seemed like he didn't want the date to end. We ended up kissing and he would not stop kissing me, throughout the entire night. Even when we hugged to say goodbye, he kept kissing me and suggesting a dinner date. He texted me 30-minutes after the date ended to let me know he made it home (didn't ask if I made it home, just said he did), and then followed up the next day with answers he had mentioned he would follow-up with during the date (didn't ask how I was doing, just stated the answers). We're texting back and forth - I used to not respond to some of his texts and he would double text, but found now that he'll respond even if I just text anything. I haven't responded to his last text, in hopes that he'll reach out and initiate. It's only been a couple days, but is this just a friendly gesture of his or his way of being shy after meeting? In other words, I can't tell if he likes me or is even interested and what I should do. I was a bit standoffish during the date (not acknowledging some of his cute comments). But do guys normally would text immediately after the first date or follow-up with responses they said they would IF they weren't interested, or is this his way of being nice to not hurt me?

    1. I THINK I’m in a relationship with a Scorpio male. I’m a Libra woman. I’ve read all the comments and that definitely is the guy I’m Dating. He Lives a distance and finally came to my home recently. We had a great time, and told each other we care very much about each other, and Suddenly, he seems to be MIA, at least emotionally. If I text, he generally will reply, but he went from texting and calling every day to nothing. I have no idea where I stand. Do I ask or do I let him alone? Do I text at all? I feel like I’m doing all the communicating.

      1. If he is a Scorpio, then ultimately he is in control. He will decide whether this will turn into a relationship or not.

        When Scorpio men feel, they feel very deeply. So they can get overwhelmed and retreat into their own world. Some people see this as them playing games, being hot and cold. And sometimes, yes that can be the case.

        But it can also be that he’s just had an intense experience with you and he needs time to alone to bring himself back to equilibrium. Imagine their intense feelings are like weights. He’s been carrying around a bunch dumbbells for his whole journey to meet you.
        -He was super excited to see you as he travelled to your home.
        -I’m assuming you were intimate which is a very spiritual and heavy experience for a Scorpio.
        -You both expressed strong feelings for each other.
        -And then he had to leave you to go home, which must have been difficult for both of you.

        All of that is heavy for us normies. But it’s SUPER heavy for a Scorpio because they “feel the feels, all the feels” with such intensity... that we will never understand. And that makes them tired. You carry iron weights around, you get tired. You need time to rest, rejuvenate, gain your strength back. So Scorpio men are known to be very loving one day and withdraw/become distant the next day.

        If this is the case... that he just needs to recover from seeing you... then give him space. Let him text you first. But don’t ask him what’s going on, what changed, how come he’s not the same? That’s sooooort of confrontational (although your questions are justified) and confrontational questions will only make him FEEL more feelings, which he’s already drained of. So he’ll withdraw further since your scary texts are preventing his emotional battery from charging. Then you could lose him.

        But you’re a Libra, so barring any Moon/Merc in Aries in your chart, your diplomatic nature will allow you to be patient and kind (as you go through this Scorp experience for the first time). You WILL be compelled to communicate your confused feelings, since communication is such an essential and obvious part of love Libras, but that is not HIS style.

        The Scorpio is in control. Hang back. Keep texting. Initiate in the morning, afternoon as usual, and if he doesn’t reply, don’t double-text. Let him initiate. Leave the ball in his court. If he likes you and is just recharging, he will reestablish communication when he’s ready.

        Don’t totally ice him out because Scorpio men are also terrified of abandonment so he’ll get mad that you were able to let him go so easily and “I guess I meant nothing to you.” Blah blah blah

        So let him initiate some texts, and sometimes you initiate texts. Don’t call. If it’s his turn to initiate and 4-5 days go by with nothing, then reach out with a simple, “Are you okay? I haven’t heard from you. I miss you.” Maybe send one last text 1 week after that, “Miss you. Not quiet sure what happened. Hope you’re healthy and safe. Let me know if you’d like to talk.” If he doesn’t respond again after that, or you get short answers without him reaching out properly, that means he lost interest. Don’t text him any final msg. Just move on.

        Luckily, you’re not there yet. But I’m showing you a roadmap of how it usually looks, whether he’s into or not into you.

        Scorpios can be difficult for Libras because we talk freely about our feelings, and Scorps just shut themselves away and wallow in their feelings alone. If this turns into a relationship, just know, he’ll be a loving partner, but he will always be a little feral.

        1. This is just stupid. No matter the sign, a man should never be this weak. Forget the signs, this is a weak man. If he can t deal with infatuation because you say he has too many feelings, how are you going to make it through your first real fight? You are the woman, not him. Btw, fuck men, there are a lot of other things to do, and when you do them you will see you start to find ...men! Be optimistic, think of yourself as precious and it will happen. Not this shit. The real deal!

    2. Lily, I’m super confused by your comment and question... and your overall way of thinking. Like, even taking astrology/Scorpios out of it. Let’s just look at this behaviour as a MAN:

      1. he talked to you everyday for a couple of months before you met in person.
      2. during the 1st date he: Shared personal things with you
      3. Hinted at seeing you again
      4. Told you something extremely vulnerable, that you made him feel less lonely
      5. He said he didn’t want the date to end
      6. Kissed you throughout the night
      7. He suggested a dinner date next time, so he could see you again
      8. He texted you 30 min after the date, to show you he was still thinking about you
      9. He texted you the next morning, SO ready to continue talking to you
      10. He would double-text you if you didn’t respond

      And you’re asking, “Does this guy like me? I can’t tell...” uhhhh... what?

      Yes, Lily. Yes. DUH. Of course, obviously this man likes you. Do you normally go for dumb alpha bros who ignore you and make you sad? Why are you so confused? This man is doing literally everything right and you’re confused if he likes you? Who broke you?

      He is communicating freely and openly with you, he assures you that he wants to continue seeing you. He tells you personal things about himself that he probably doesn’t share with anyone. He is open about his vulnerabilities with you (loneliness is a sensitive subject). He tells you that he values your companionship. He is physically affectionate with you. He tries to secure a date to establish when he will see you again because he loves being around you. And he continues communicating with you despite the fact that you purposely ignore his texts sometimes. He REALLY likes you. WHY ARE YOU CONFUSED??? Aren’t these all universal signals that someone likes you? What are YOUR signals/way to tell if someone likes you? Like... what else does he have to do to show you that he likes you? Is something missing from his list?

      On the other hand, he probably likes you LESS now because you seem pretty fricken cold.

      -You ignored his sweet comments during the date. (Okay, maybe you’re shy)
      -you said, “he told me he got home safe but didn’t ask me” okay well you didn’t ask him either. He just wanted to tell you he’s still thinking about you.
      -you said, “the next day he texted me about his answers, didn’t ask how I was doing...” okay well you didn’t ask him how he was going either. At least he initiated a convo with you the next day, to CONTINUE showing you he was thinking about you.
      -you purposely don’t respond to some of his texts
      -you’re confused why he ALWAYS texts back
      -you haven’t responded to his latest text and not haven’t heard back from him for a couple of days....
      -AND YOU’RE WAITING FOR HIM TO TEXT FIRST??? Even though he has been initiating ALL the contact this entire time?

      Why don’t YOU initiate? Why don’t YOU show interest in him?

      Girl. Your behaviour is pretty spoiled and bratty. You’re showing him that you’re not that interested. So that’s why his communication is slowing down. “He’s like.. well she doesn’t respond to me... I guess she doesn’t like me that much.” This is not an astrology/Scorpio man issue. This is a Lily issue.

      I’m genuinely curious to know how old you are. Because you sound 16... or like some girl who has only dated a-holes before. Because you have a good guy here, he’s doing everything right, and not only are you being cold to him... now you’re playing games with him. Purposely not responding to his text JUST to make him double-text AGAIN is game-playing and it’s rude as fuck.

      You need to grow up. I’m kinda mad for him. He’s wasting his time with you. Not that you’re a bad person. But you’re not developed enough to have a proper adult relationship. Or maybe your personality is just cold. Are you an Aquarius or something? Or do you have a lot of Aquarius in your chart?

  10. Hi,I’m a cancer and I like a Scorpio guy, I don’t know though, he gives me mixed signs, he’s hot and cold, one day he observed my absence and never stopped asking about when I will show up, then the next day when I show up he’s just like he doesn’t care and ignores me, my friends doubted it and told me that he likes me but I’m still confused about it..

    1. He likes you. He hated not knowing where you were. Scorpio men, when they like someone, they’re kind of obsessive and protective of them. AND they’re the detectives of the zodiac. So when you weren’t in front of his eyes, these thoughts were running through his head:

      Is she okay?
      Is she safe?
      Does she have a doctors appt?
      Is she sick?
      Was this a planned day off or was it unexpected?
      Was there an emergency?
      (Again) Is she alright?
      Is she with someone?
      Is she with a guy?
      Does she like someone else?
      Has she been sweet with me at work while she’s actually crushing on someone else? Like I’m a fool???
      (And then his thoughts began to spiral that you’re hanging out with another man right that second and smiling at them and giving them your loving attention... lol. Jealous thoughts = panic = repeatedly asking when you’ll be back).

      He was frustrated that day because if you were his, he would have had the answers to all of those questions above. If you were his gfC he would always know where you are, who you’re with, if you’re safe, when you’ll be with him again. He’s frustrated that he doesn’t “have” you yet and he has to be in the dark. Scorpio’s hate being in the dark; they NEED to know everything. They hate unsolved mysteries/unanswered questions about anything, but especially their crush/gf/wife.

      When you got back to the office, he acted indifferent because he’s covering up the mistake of exposing that he likes you. He exposed that by accident when he was obsessing over when you’ll be back.

      Scorpios are extremely private and don’t feel comfortable sharing their vulnerabilities unless they’re in a committed relationship. He slipped up and showed you his vulnerability (you, the girl he likes). This was a mistake because he hasn’t finished assessing you yet. He’s still watching you, learning about you, trying to figure out if he can trust you with his heart and soul, or if you’ll hurt him. And that’s also why he hasn’t “claimed” you yet. He’s being cautious to protect his heart. So for now, he is acting like you’re a basic coworker... keeping things at a cordial distance, even though internally, he’s thinking about you all the time. The fact that he accidentally exposed that he likes you scares him because you could end up hurting him with this info, using it against him/making him look like a fool. Of course normal people wouldn’t do that to him but Scorpios are suspicious of everything and everyone. That’s why he’s acting cool as a cucumber now because he’s trying to project the “I don’t care, whatever” to protect himself, and erase any notion you have that he likes you/you are his weakness. He doesn’t want you to know that yet. Not until he is ready. When he is ready, he will claim you as his gf. And you will learn that there is a volcano of feelings he has been harbouring under that cool exterior this whole time.

      Sometimes it will feel like he’s downright rude, dismissive to you. That’s normal with Scorp men. You just have to be patient. And there’s nothing you can do or say that will speed up his “assessment” of you (that he can trust you with his heart). The Scorpio is in control here. He will decide when he is ready to initiate. All you can do is continue being the girl you normally are, the same girl he started liking in the first place. Eventually he will see that he is safe with you, and the romance will be begin.

      Sorry, bonus FYI, don’t display nasty, dishonest qualities in the work place:
      -Don’t gossip
      -Don’t backstab anyone
      -Don’t talk shit behind the boss’ back and then be super friendly to their face (even if the Scorp initiates the shit-talking. He could be testing you to see if you’re two-faced. Don’t fall for it.)
      -Don’t spread another coworker’s secrets, even to him
      -Don’t lie to cover up a mistake you made
      -If you get in trouble for something at work, own up to it, don’t deflect blame.
      -Don’t engage in time-theft or take advantage of the company (like taking a 2 hour lunch break because your boss is not around)
      -Don’t steal office supplies, I’m talking even little things like sticky pads, pens.

      Like I said, he’s assessing you. And he REALLY values honesty and integrity. He could meet the most beautiful woman in the world and have an amazing connection with her... but then see her be two-faced with her friend, or gossip nastily, and poof. The spell is broken. He loses interest. The “assessment” of you is not only to see if you’ll break his heart but also to see if you’re a good person (worth his long-term investment of love/admiration/sexual energy).

      Be honest, straight, solid, and consistent. And kind 🙂

  11. Hi, I had a friend's with benefits with a Scorpio male. We had a strong connection, but he would be hot and cold with me. He would get close then pull away. I ended up moving because of my job. When I saw him before I left he told me in a drunken state that he really liked me alot and told me to stay and take care of him. The next day he was distant from me. I wanted to see him one more time but he said it was just sex and I should focus on moving. This hurt me because I feel he wasn't being true to how he really feels about me. We ended up leaving on bad terms. Me being a Cancer I was wanting closure but he denied me of that at the time. A month later he texts me saying he accepts my apology. I'm appreciative of the closure but am left wondering if he still likes me or he just texted that because he really is over me.

    1. If he texted you over a month later (assuming there was no contact during that month), it was to show you that he is thinking about you. He misses you. When Scorp men are done with someone, they are done. They never look back. This shows that his “heart” is not done with you. This text is a “feeler”. He wants to suss out whether you are thinking about him, too, or if you are over him.

      Obviously he likes you because literally verbalized that to you. His defences were down when he was drunk. Or maybe he got drunk on purpose because he wanted you to know he likes you but knew he couldn’t say it out loud without alcohol.

      Scorpio men don’t expose their vulnerabilities unless they are in a safe committed relationship. He exposed his vulnerability/weakness (his weakness is you, the girl he likes) OUTSIDE of a committed relationship. This frightens him because he is always suspicious that people will hurt him/are out to get him. That’s why Scorpios are so private. They’re suspicious of everyone.

      So we’ve established that he likes you (because he straight up told you), but then why did he act so cold the next day? Here are 4 possibilities:

      1). He’s trying to erase his mistake from the night before when he exposed himself. He is attempting to erase any notion in your brain that he likes you. “It’s just sex...” Okay buddy.

      2). He is protecting himself from acknowledging his feelings because you’re moving away, so what’s the point of delving deeper? Discussing his feelings for you will only make them more real, and then it will hurt even more when you move. So he’s just repressing his feelings, even to himself.

      3). This might hurt but another reason could be that he likes you but he doesn’t see you as his wife. Scorpios don’t normally have FWB (not the ones I know). They can be players, sure, but a regular f-buddy will result in feelings over time since sex is such a spiritual experience for them. Especially between 2 water signs. It’s possible he likes you a lot (without meaning to) but he doesn’t see a long-term relationship with you. Were you both dating other people while you were FWB? Was he jealous of the men you dated?

      If a Scorp man sees someone as their wife, he will watch her from afar, study her, decide to pursue her, and then become possessive and jealous of her, showering her with unmistakable love and devotion, devouring her with his lust and claiming her soul.

      If he just has casual sex with a woman, that means he already assessed you from afar before and decided that you were not his future wife, but you would be a good FWB while he continues looking for his wife.

      He has def developed feelings for you (Cancers and Pisces are the best matches for Scorp because they connect mentally in almost a psychic way. They get each other.) and he may be frustrated because he likes you without meaning to, and now misses your company, but doesn’t want a committed relationship because he’s still gotta find his wife.

      4). ANOTHER (less hurtful) possibility could be that he loves you with all his heart but is afraid to initiate a full committed relationship with you because he is afraid you will hurt him. If this is why he’s being distant and denying his feelings, the only solution is to go to him in-person somewhere private, hold his face, look him deep in the eyes and say, “John. I love you and I want to be yours. We have a connection, we both know we have feelings for each other. You admitted them to me that night. As the Romans said, Vino Veritas... in wine lies truth. I love you and I want to be with you. But I need to know now which way this is going to go. I feel tortured, not knowing our future. So I am only going to ask this once, tonight. One last time. And I will take your answer as the final word. Will you be in a committed relationship with me? I want to be yours and I want you to be mine but I need to know where you stand, once and for all. If you say, No, I promise there will be no hard feelings. I just need to know because... if there’s no future with us, then I need to know so I can move on. That’s only fair, right? Please tell me if you see a future with us. I will never ask you again, I promise.”

      This sounds super deep but I’m Sun Libra, Moon Cancer, Merc Libra, Venus Scorp, Mars Libra lol. So I experience emotion, love, and sexuality like a water sign drowning in the depths of Mariana’s Trench and my Libra planets help me communicate diplomatically and effectively to these tricky, brooding, water signs (who can be awful communicators) since I know how/what they feel and how DEEPLY they feel.

      So yeah, to reiterate... you should try to figure out whether he feels #3 or #4. For sure we know he likes you (again, bc he told you and he also reached out after a month when Scorps normally never look back).

      BUT THE QUESTION HERE LIES, is he worth your time?

      Does you like you a little but can’t see a future with you? (That is not worth your time. He’s looking for his wife, and you’re looking for your husband. Your butt is not a seat-warmer for the throne he’s reserving for his future queen).

      Or does he see you as long-term relationship partner with the possibility of eventually getting married and having a family? If he DOES see you as this, then tell him that you both need to establish that the FWB needs to evolve into an exclusive, committed relationship now because you’re tired of waiting and there’s nothing really holding you guys back. Establish this THAT NIGHT when you have this convo. He’s open and walls-down in that moment. If he says, “I need to think about it...” then he’s playing. Tmrw he’ll close up and you’ll be going in circles again. He’s liked you for months, he’s had plenty of time to think about whether he sees a future with you. You need answer in that same convo. If he’s wishy washy when you say this, then forget it. You don’t have time to waste dilly dallying around him for the next 5 years. You gave him this one last opportunity to speak his truth. If he didn’t take it, that’s on him. You need to move on.

      You said you have a connection with this man. But you have will a connection with many men in your life. He is just one. Maybe he’ll be one of the more passionate ones, but there are other Scorps out there and another signs. You need more than passion. You need unabashed love, forthright communication, stability, loyalty, respect, honesty, and devotion. Because that’s what you offer as a gf and that’s what you expect back. If he cannot offer it to you, move on, make new friends in your new city, start over. It may take time to get over him. But when you find your soulmate, this man will just be a distant memory.

  12. I could use advice. I'm a virgo woman and interested in a very intense, unpredictable scorpio guy. Tbh I'm frightened of the intensity sometimes but I'm normally very calm and confident around him - at a certain distance. I suspect he likes me because he is attentive, stares a lot, is kind and considerate but I know he sees that I'm frightened sometimes when he sometimes gets too close physically - I mean just if he stands too close to me in a room. Any tips?

    1. Frightened how? Can you elaborate how close he stands to you? Like toe to toe lol? Or kind of towering and hunched over you in a protective stance?

      And how close? Here are 2 diagrams of “personal space zones”:

      1) https://images.app.goo.gl/hYU2tUqtsSfM8Tb36

      2) https://westsidetoastmasters.com/resources/book_of_body_language/images/195-personal_zone_distances.jpg

      It sounds silly, but clarifying how close he stands to you will help ascertain if this is a Scorp issue (too close/intense) or a Virgo issue (likes more space, larger boundaries, not used to Water intensity).

      Also, what tips are you looking for? How to not be afraid of him? How to ask him to stand farther away from you? Are you fascinated by his infatuation with you despite your fear, and want to know how to start a relationship?

      Also, can you clarify how you know this person? Do you work together? Is he a friend of a friend?

  13. Scorp man and I met thru friends and had instant conversation connection. We talked for over 8 hours and he won a couple of bets to get a kiss from me. He got a kiss on the cheek but made sure to announce it to mutual friends before it happened. I quickly found out that his ideal future outlook was very different from mine so I told him friends only. This was a week after meeting and strictly talking. Since I declared friends only, he backed away for a month or so but then came back chasing hard after seeing a social media picture of me. We remain friends a year later but he'll flirt with me sometimes and 99% of it through texts. I believe there's genuine fascination he has of me and he has told me he admires me but I keep my distance while he continues to want more. He does go days without texting me but will return and text me at least once a day or send me a funny meme. I actually think because I don't want a relationship with him is the reason why he keeps pursuing. And my God yes this scorp tests a lot. It didn't bother me because I wasn't trying to be in a relationship with him but that made him like me more. Funny how things work. My advice for all the ladies wanting to be with a scorp man is stated in the article and above comments, such as have your OWN hobbies, don't be so available, let him text you. I never text him first anymore but he continues texting me to hang out. It's true that they want what they can't have because they are competitive but only if they really are attracted to you. Makes me wonder what they do once they got you.

  14. Im a cancer woman and I love a scorpio man. Sometimes Hes cold, sometimes hes sweet. Sometimes hes distance. Sometimes he talk a lot, and sometimes he never send a message. HAHAHA! But i can read him, I try everyday. I dont know for some reason, when I'm trying to ignore him or end the relationship, there he is sweet and everything. He got my heart, and I'm going with the flow. Relax and chill. Goodluck ladies with your scorpio man, Keep fighting if you trully love him.

    1. Am a Scorpio too and I like a Scorpio man. Exactly like mine sometimes we don’t text but he will comment on a post then we text like we never ignored each other. The jealousy level is something else hahahaha that I have to apologize for a week with his friend saying some on my behalf just because I met a male friend without him knowing 😂😂😂. They are possessive, manipulative and obsessive but very loving and good in bed😶. Adapt their life and don’t get too attached when you feel it’s the right time then you let in. That part you won’t get hurt and won’t be affected by their personality. We are friends tho but the connection is really intense cox we both Scorpios. Hoping for us to be in a relationship one day ,if they love you they will tell you everything about what they want to do and their past with comfort sometimes add you to their plans. Like he wants us to have a baby 😂😂😂try and enjoy a Scorpio moment Cox it’s worth it for sometime.

  15. Libra woman here. I'm married but husband and I are discussing separation for reasons not related to what I'm posting below. Long time coming in we do. And I won't move unless we do I'm just honestly confused about my Scorpio friend.

    He is friends with both of us, but closer to me. I'm more accepting of his emotional extremes. We used to talk daily last year, especially while he was perusing a woman he was head over heels for. That didn't work out. But I got a good insight to how he acts in love. Even though he made me swear not to say that word lol. Text book. Very focused, do anything for her, very attached and needed to be where she was, talk to her all the time, possessive and jealous. And lashed out when she pushed him away. He's none of those with me. He certainly made some very blunt sexual remarks towards me in my husband's presence but never once in a private conversation. I feel like those were a test. He usually did it after a few drinks. I didn't give in and brushed him off. His sister walloped him good once though. He gives me the stare. If you know Scorpios you probably know what I mean. I know he's there before I see him if he sees me first because I feel it. It's quite breathtaking TBH. He likes to tease me about doing things that aren't safe, like when he kept putting off a car repair he knew needed to be done. I'd give him a glare he'd get sheepish and say he'd do it. Then when he didn't he'd point it out so I'd yell at him for it. Last year I was one of the only people he'd listen to when he was going off the deep end. Me and his sister were allowed to yell at him, no one else. He took my suggestion for a name for his puppy. He told me he trusted me, which he did with at least some things which is huge for a scorp. He's withdrawn since though. We still talk just not as much and I always have to message him first. We have a connection I can't explain, I can tell what he's thinking and usually feeling if we're in the same place. I care deeply for him but I'm not sure its more than friends. Ironically the one that made me wonder about him was my husband. He said there was something between scorp and I. I'm stuck between thinking scorp thinks I'm attractive enough to sleep with and a challenge to get to cheat on my husband (meaning he has no respect for me) or he actually did have strong feelings but as a loyal person himself he respects my marriage and withdrew to protect himself. I did catch him looking at me with the classic puppy dog look once, early last year. I've seen it on his face with one other person, the woman he was in love with. No other dates, including two he lived with. Ugh. Opinions please. Again I'm not the cheating kind. But hubby has a girl he's kinda interested in himself and its possible I'm going to be single. I just want to try to get a feel for what might be on Mr Scorpios mind.

    1. Ugh so update. Hubs and I are still working in things. I went back in my foggy memory banks and went over some things scorp said and realized I wasn't a challenge, I was taken and he was dealing with catching feelings. I'm not trying to be full of myself I just realized I hadn't paid attention to some things. Little comments that weren't sexual at all. He seems like he's dealing with it for now and actually messaged me about a few things he was excited about in his life recently, instead of me messaging him. We did the thinking the same thing, literally typing the same idea at once, thing again. I know I always want him in my life, he makes me laugh like no one else but I don't know that I'd want a relationship with him. I understand him at a different level than most people but I'd be afraid if things didn't work I would lose an amazing friend. Ladies that are working in relationships with Scorps, you're blessed with an amazing deep person that will drive you insane. You'll need patience and understanding and complete honesty but if you can establish a trusting open relationship with him you have a once in a lifetime love.

  16. Ok, Cancer woman here. Met a Scorp gut online a little over 2 months ago. I an really shy and cautious of the online stuff, but he seemed nice and interesting. He gave me his number early on and I told him I wasn t ready for that yet. He said it was cool, it was there for whenever. After a few weeks of exchanging messages everyday on the site, I was ready to move to text. Once we started texting it was like non-stop 24/7 unless one of us was sleeping. We work opposing schedule, he works overnights and I work a basic 9-5, but I tend to be a night owl so It's nothing for me to be up until 2am.

    Anyway, after about a month of chatting he told me he was going to be practicing in my city for a bowling tournament he had coming up invited me to come hang out. It went ok, but I was super shy. Barely even looked at him or talked. A couple days after I told him I didn't know what to feel but wanted to keep trying. So we went on as normal.

    We met up 2 more time after that and everything seemed fine. He would spout all this sweet romantic stuff over text, but in person he is very composed and aloof. Ok I get that sure.

    So it is almost 3 weeks since the last time we met up. We went to a movie and his hand was resting on my knee the entire time because I was kind of curled up in my seat. We haven't had sex. We haven't even kissed. Just hugged at the end of dates 2 & 3.

    Thing is, I've noticed since the last date he seemed distant or to be losing interest. Now when I text he will always answer. Sometimes not right was because he may be sleeping, but when he is available I usually get a response within minutes. But I noticed HE had been initiating conversation less and less.

    One day last week I didn't here from him for a day, but when I texted, we picked up as normal.

    He says all the stuff you would want to hear. "I miss you. I want to be near you." Blah, blah blah. But the thing is I don't feel like the actions are matching the words. His bowling season had started a week or 2 ago so he does that 3 nights a week Tues-Thurs. Bowling is his thing. It's his passion and that's great, but I'm over here feeling like chopped liver because we can't met up because of our "busy schedules".

    I do have a son in 1st grade -whom he's known about since the beginning- and yes I have been busy what with school starting up, but I would shift things around for him. I mean, I feel like you make time for what you want. We do live and hour and a half apart and while it makes it a tad more difficult, it's not impossible. He can find the time to go that distant to bowl with his team, but not to come see me. Makes no sense!

    Then the big thing that's killing me: last Saturday I asked to chat on the phone. We never really have its always been text. Well we did and I end up staying on the for for over 2 hours like a idiot! He was working so with was more just small talk, no deep stuff.

    Anyway, I wanted him to initiate conversation so I decided not to text him the next day. My sister, (a Scorpio woman) told me do NOT text him, until he texts you again. Well yesterday nearly 4 days later, he sends me a pic of a sun rise. That is something he did everyday he worked at one point because he worked right across from the beach and he could see it when he got off. Those always meant so much to me, but it had been weeks since he sent one.

    Well, after 4 days if waiting around for him, this crab was naturally hurt. So I waited a few hours and just replied with "That's pretty" where usually it's "omg that's so lovely. Thank you! 😍" Then he told me he figured I'd like it and I just say "yes I do." Then he said it had been a while since he sent one so he thought he'd brighten my day. So I just replied "that is true" to the part about it being a long time.

    Now it's been another day and he's M.I.A. again. Like what the heck? My sister who is speaking more of male and female and not, so much of signs is telling me not put an more energy into it than he his, because right now he is showing me what he thinks and where I stand.

    It's so frustrating. I ready to give up because I don't feel that whole possessive, relentless pursuit that Scorpios are known for.

    1. Ah Scorpios. Love em and hate em at once. Confusing, frustrating creatures. This is from personal experience with a close male scorp friend. Since you're in a different position, I'll tell you your best bet is to be completely honest with him. Scorpios adore honesty. Ask him tell him what you're thinking. Don't try to play mind games, he will probably win but walk away in the process. They want to be the ones playing the games if anyone is going to. Not every scorp is going to be overly possessive. He may also be working out feelings in his head. They withdraw into themselves like no one else but will keep up appearances on other fronts so it's confusing as heck. You will need to be OK with that, but if you can establish a good solid relationship you can tell him you know he's doing it and he can admit it and will appreciate you letting him breathe. Don't push him or he will sting. Never corner a scorp. Tell him his absence was hurtful and you reacted to it with short answers. A scorp that trusts you will answer honestly but be ready for guarded answers for a while. They feel everything so much stronger it takes them a lot because they fear getting hurt. The fact that he sent the pic means he's thinking of you. They don't apologize the way most people do either.

      1. It's been over a week now. I fear I messed everything up. My sister keeps telling me to just let him go and if he contacts me go from there. I'm not sure what to do.

        1. At this point, you have nothing to lose. Contact him and be honest. Tell him you were hurt and confused by his withdrawl, and ask him directly if he still wants to pursue the relationship.

          People are molded by more than just a sun or lunar sign. Childhood and adult experiences alike effect how we act. My scorp friend had a really horrible childhood and it seems to have amplified every negative aspect of his sign, especially his temper and need for control (and while he seems self centered, he's got terrible self esteem at the same time and always feels unappreciated). BUT. While he's not always honest about stupid little things, or when cornered, he appreciates honesty from others. Even if it's not what he wants to hear (unless he's in a temper moment lol). If your scorp is at all like him, having someone just be direct and not try to figure him out will be a refreshing surprise. And while you might not get a heartfelt answer (again based of my experience with this one scorp in particular, they are VERY afraid of being hurt and have a hard time with trusting), there's a very good chance he will be honest with it, whatever it is. Good luck!!

          1. He texted me another pic on the 25th. I told him have a good week and he said it wouldn't be without talking to me. When I asked him why he hasn't he told me he has been very busy making sure everything was in order for him to go on vacation from work. To which I said oh. Then he dropped off again.

          2. Oh! Sounds like he's into you. Scorpios are so weird! They get so focused on things that they literally withdraw from everything else. He's probably being completely honest with you about it. They just think so differently than most people. Literally in their minds, it's completely ok for them to withdraw but it's a totally different story for others to do the same to them. Your "oh" probably sounded indifferent to him so he backed off again. They get so scared of being hurt and overthink EVERYTHING. I'm a champion overthinker but nowhere near my scorp friend. I think that's where the jealousy comes in-they overthink things into something they aren't and get all crazy. Just check in with him, see how he's doing. He may or may not reply. Seriously, be ready for the weirdest relationship for a bit. A friend of mine just got into a relationship with a scorp and it was rocky at first now they are on fire together and he's completely dedicated to her.

  17. I had a date with a very handsome Scorpio man last night. It went wonderful! He was funny, charming, a little of everything. As the night progressed, things got a bit intense. He kissed me and things just escalated from there. I wasn’t ready to do the dirty so, no that didn’t happen LOL he ended the night with a hug and kiss and left. He texted me after and said he had a nice time. He texted a little today but the texting has been slow. I now I’m overthinking it and don’t want to believe he’s becoming uninterested. Can you help enlighten me so I’m not losing my mind?

  18. so there's a scorpio man i know we were togather in highschool he used to gaze at me alot i was confused. he used to sit behind me but no words. I wasn't into guys much.i had female friends only at the time. now it's been 7 years.I found out that after i left the institute we studied in he also left . I had depression a year ago he started a campaign and helped me, i'm still confused about him. now I love to go on road trips my fb profile shows this and he started a campaign again about tourism. I'm really confused to join in with him. Also we are having a reunion in next month and i don't know if I should go. Please help me. everything is so confusing

  19. Hi,I meet my scorpio in my early 20's,I had no feelings for him.threw the years,he found me on facebook,Facebook, he was married,so I chat like friends, because was.then first time ever I get on chat line,we hook up and he says he going threw divorce.He says..he want me,he need me,he got me & he not letting go.but I am a libra and it feels like a connection,but I'm feeling its something strange.we are very sexually attracted to each other.Ion what to do,because im starting to like him and he says,he think im already in love.This is spooky & going to fast!how do I know if its real?

  20. So there is this Scorpio boy that I have liked for the past four years. We are in the same class and he knows I like him. We haven't interacted much so far apart from the occasional greeting and he has been his usual self for the most part. Except for this year when his behavior around me slightly changed. In lines outside class he either stood behind me or opposite me. Whenever someone commented something about me he would would show a slight facial reaction (but it seemed like a lot from him because he's like a brick). We have walked together twice and both times he moved closer and stood what felt like above me (he's 1.9 m). He even made his steps smaller to keep up to my pace. We started writing exams 4 months ago and my friend says he would look at me every day. Recently even I noticed that he looks at me alot of the time but when I look back he just casually looks towards his friends. For the last two exams I stood with a group of people who happen to be our mutual friends and he came and greeted everyone except for me. For our most recent exam left walking with his friends halfway to walk out the same direction as me and my friend and walked extremely close behind me (he's done that a few times). And today my friend stopped and asked him general exam questions (as he was right behind us) and he answered and asked for my response. He slowed down again to keep up with my slow pace and when my friend left he carried on talking to me. He generally is quite and even though he didn't speak in paragraph lengths I noticed that he spoke more than usual (he doesn't even speak to his friends that much). I know the signs say he likes me but I'm not sure if he's interested or he's just being polite. Please help me understand.

  21. I’ve been seeing my Scorpio guy for 4 months and counting now, and everything is so accurate, but I just don’t know what to do anymore. We both openly expressed to each other that we have feelings for each other but he does not want a relationship with me, is it possible that Scorpio men lie about their feelings? There are circumstances that stop us from getting in a relationship (I am leaving for work in a years time), and he does not want to risk getting hurt which I agree is a plausible reason, however myself as a cancer woman, I can only see to pursue love when it’s right in front of you, and would rather go into it and deal with the possible heartbreak//whatever comes after. My Scorpio guy always thinks so pessimisticly, and would tell me that “I will never be in a relationship with you” and then contradict himself and say “it would be amazing and I could easily fall in love with you but I won’t”. He is so Blunt that it hurts me, I really want to give the relationship a try but I don’t want to convince a man to love me. Should I just let it go on and see if anything changes? ;( advice anyone? We spend alooooot of time together, some weeks literally living with each other and sleeping with each other to the point where we get so used to each other’s presence that if one of us is away, we would miss each other. The only thing that bothers me in this “open” situation-ship is that because Scorpio men love their freedom, that he would go see other women and then just leave LOL. He likes to be in control a lot of the time and hates being told what to do. He also loves the freedom of being able to do whatever he wants..

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