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Dating A Journalist (13 Things to Expect When Dating a Journalist)

June 6, 2024

Perhaps you’re ready to start a serious relationship and you’ve decided to put yourself out there. So, you’re going out on dates to meet the right person. You discover that one of the guys you really like is a journalist and you’re conficted. You are not alone. Very few people think about journalists and the media in a positive way since the truth is usually tweaked or hidden by the media.

However, dating a journalist has its upsides and you may be lucky to have the best experiences if you gave him a chance. Journalists are some of the most interesting people in the world; because of the nature of their job, they are able to travel the world and meet all kinds of people. 

So, before you dismiss your potential journalist boyfriend, perhaps take a look at some great reasons to date a journalist.

13 Things to Expect When Dating a Journalist

1. You won't have problems with communication

You know what they say about relationships- "communication is key''. Every relationship, including romantic ones, is hinged on good communication, so dating a good communicator is the best thing you can do. 

Journalists are great communicators; they have to be since conveying news accurately is their literal profession. So, if you're looking to date someone who doesn’t hide their feelings and makes you wonder, dating a journalist will be a breeze for you.

Journalists know how to ask just the right questions, and they know how to get vital information. So, even if you're having problems communicating, they will probably know what questions to ask and when to stop and listen. You can also expect them to ask the best questions to keep the conversation going. 

2. They're almost never late

Journalists are generally punctual and prepared. So, if you value punctuality and you don't appreciate latecomers, dating a journalist will be a great experience for you. 

Since the average journalist works with deadlines, most are habitually punctual. Aside from the tasky job of reviewing articles that will be released at a certain time, they also have to lead a carefully scheduled life since most of their tasks are time-sensitive. So, to be successful in their journalism careers, they would need to be out the door early so they can get to their destination in time. 

The great thing about pressmen is that they don't only value their time, they also value yours. So, you can be sure that he won’t cancel plans on short notice.

3. They are great at storytelling

This should not come as a surprise since a journalist's job is to recount events, most times in the form of a story. Fortunately, even after their workday, their journalism abilities don't just disappear. 

They can turn what could have been a boring topic into an immersive conversation on a date. The best part about this is that you'll probably be required to talk less since his stories can keep you engaged for a long stretch. They could be recounting an event that took place in their childhood or a bad date and it would seem like a whole movie. 

The bottom line is that you won't have to worry about getting bored when you both talk. Your journalist partner is more than able to engage you at any time. 

4. They're great at handling situations

Lots of journalists, especially those involved with investigative journalism, easily adapt to living in crazy situations. So you can be sure he’ll stick around even through hard situations when you’re dating him. 

While you're over here thinking your life or relationship is in shambles, your journalist partner is probably thinking it's just another Tuesday. He will be there going through it with you and probably giving you tips on how to make things easier for yourself. 

If they're going through a hard time in their personal lives, they are able to stay calm and handle things without projecting any negative feelings on you. 

5. They're quite energetic

By now we can pretty much agree that pressmen are not boring people. They can keep you mentally engaged on a date and you can be sure that they will engage you physically too.

Lots of pressmen are also quite energetic, they're adventurous and love to explore. Aside from their wanderlust, they're required to use lots of energy at work so you can bet they have lots of energy to invest in other life activities. So, you don't have to worry about dating someone who won't be willing to go out and have a great time with you. You won’t have to miss them. 

6. They're dependable

they're dependable

You can say the typical journalist is quite dependable. Their job requires a specific amount of reliability so it becomes a habit after a while. The only time they may need to put you second is if their job demands it. 

Also, since they have been exposed to so many different circumstances and information, there's so much they can offer in terms of problem-solving. They spend hours reading through resources, listening to podcasts, and gathering information that they are quite knowledgeable about lots of topics from different facets of life. You won't have to explain too much when you want to get something done, they'll easily understand what needs to be done and how to go about it. 

They also know how to navigate difficult situations and usually have a plan B in their back pocket. They hardly miss their target.

7. They don't hide their feelings

Journalists are generally very open people. They appreciate honesty since they would require complete honesty and transparency from their sources. 

A journalist sees no point in hiding the truth unless it's in life-or-death situations. They believe in collecting and reporting accurate information so people can remain informed, even when it seems wrong. If you're okay dating someone who isn't afraid to be open about their feelings, dating a journalist would be a good idea. They won't hide their feelings for you and don't have problems communicating how they feel. 

However it's a two-way thing; if you expect them to be open about their feelings, you've got to be open with yours. 

8. They have principles

A great journalist has principles. Most journalists are activists for a cause and pursue information to support that cause. For example, if a journalist fully supports a movement like 'black lives matter' , they will do everything in their power to gather the right information to support that movement. They will also ensure they convey this information to the public. 

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Journalists carry this same determination and principle into their personal lives. They have dreams of a better future and they aren't afraid to fight to achieve that. They aren't easily discouraged when things don't go their way instead they will stick around and try to work things out. 

9. They cherish every moment

After constant exposure to very real happenings in the world, a journalist learns to appreciate every moment. Their everyday activities are filled with different and continuous 'breaking news' segments, they usually have very raw, unfiltered information on past and recent happenings and most of this information isn't positive. So, you can bet they aren’t internet/ social media addicts that will be on their phone the whole time.

When they're with you they will cherish every minute. Even though they have crazy working hours, they will make the best of every moment. 

A journalist's work is hardly ever done, things are constantly happening. So most of their time is spent working under tight deadlines or taking lunch on their desks at the office so they have to live an on-the-go life. However, this does not stop them from being spontaneous and giving time to things that they love. They will definitely appreciate an unplanned weekend getaway and will know how to create the best memories with you. 

10. They will accept you just the way you are

If there's anyone who knows and understands that humanity is imperfect, it's a journalist. They are reminded about this fact everyday. So, because of this, they will not have unrealistic expectations of you and your imperfections won't shock or irritate them. 

They understand that people have different opinions yet that isn't grounds for conflict. They will respect the fact that you have independent opinions even though it clashes with theirs sometimes and they will be willing to hear you out.

11. They love freedom

Journalists love freedom! They hate the idea of people being oppressed or silenced. This is a very good quality to have in a partner. You can be sure that you will always be free to express yourself without being silenced or judged. 

A journalist understands that everyone needs a healthy amount of space and rest. Since they hate silly laws and restrictions they won't try to put you in a box or smother you. If you’re dating a journalist, they will give you some space when you need it and they will understand when you just want to have a night out with just friends. Your friendships will stay very much alive when you're dating a journalist. 

They also understand that people need to recharge after a while, so they won't make you feel guilty for wanting some space. They will be fully committed to you just as much as they are to their readers yet they will still give you the space and time to be yourself. 

12. You'll hardly get bored

you'll hardly get bored

Dating a journalist is hardly ever boring; they know the coolest places to visit and they know the best ways to have fun. Whether it's a themed restaurant with interesting food or a classy hotel, you can bet it won’t be boring.

Lots of journalists have traveled the world gathering story ideas and documenting unusual happenings so they know their way around the most bizarre places. So if you'd like a partner who can also double as a travel buddy, a journalist will be perfect for you. He will be a great travel buddy and an even better travel guide. 

Also, journalists get invited to interesting and sometimes exclusive functions to cover the event as part of their job. Imagine being their plus one to such events. 

13. They know people

It's never a good idea to use your partner just to get ahead in your life, especially money-wise. However, if his career is an additional advantage, you're in luck. Journalists usually know celebrities, government officials, and world leaders since they have either interviewed them or covered an event for them. They meet new people and have new experiences everyday. 

Their contact base is pretty large so you may get to meet some iconic people from time to time. So if you think meeting famous people is pretty cool, you'll love dating a journalist.


Why should you date a journalist?

Journalists are some of the most adventurous people you'll meet. Dating them is great because they’re realistic in their approach to life and human interaction and they are quite dependable. In light of this, they won't be surprised by your shortcomings. If you decide to date a journalist, chances are, you will feel comfortable being yourself around them and they'll have your back even in difficult situations. 

What are the personality traits of a journalist?

Journalists are very principled people, they fight for good causes and try to get accurate information to the public. They're also quite curious, skillful, and detail-oriented. They're easily adaptable and persistent so even in unfavorable situations they will find a way to get things done. 

What should I not tell a journalist?

Never ask a journalist if you can pay them to write your story; it goes against their principles. They believe that the truth should not be bought. Also, don't say things like, "this is off the record". If you don't want the information out there, then just don't say it at all. 

How do you respond to a journalist?

It's best to be strategic when you're responding to a journalist in an interview; anything said out of carelessness can be used in a story against you. Also, respect their time and their deadlines, delaying them may cost them a good story. Most importantly, remain calm, confident, and concise. 

What makes a great journalist?

A good journalist has a solid, ethical core, they believe in getting the truth out. A good journalist is also fair and thinks objectively. They are also honest; talking about sensitive issues will require this. They need to have integrity and they need to be willing to adapt to unfavorable conditions. 

In Conclusion

I hope you found this article helpful. Remember, dating a journalist isn’t a bad idea. Even though his daily work may take most of his time, there is so much to enjoy. Please let me know what you think about this topic in the comment section below and share the article with friends.

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