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Crying During Sex (11 Possible Reasons)

How far can you go to get the ultimate sex experience? Many women struggle with finding that one man who will rock their world in and out of the bed. While love is great, having earth-shattering sex is a greater accomplishment because not many people get to experience it. If you want to tell a modern-day love story, it isn’t complete without good sex. 

Now, sex in a real-life love story doesn’t necessarily have to be an imitation of unrealistic scenes in movies or novels but both parties should be willing to satisfy each other in every way possible. 

Do you know any woman who has never had an orgasm during sex, even after trying several partners? If you have, you’d hear them talk about their disappointment on the issue. What about lukewarm sex experiences that are neither here nor there? Those can be equally disappointing too.

However, whether it’s no-orgasm, lukewarm orgasm or, an earth-shifting one, you probably know someone who admitted that they cry during sex. Or maybe you’ve done so more than once, and wonder if crying after sex or even during all the action is a thing, and most importantly, why it happens.

If you follow this article through to the end, you’ll get some answers to the reasons you’ve been crying during sex. 

11 Reasons Ladies Cry During Sex

1. Your Hormones Could Be The Culprit

If it’s that time of the month, PMS can cause your hormones to skyrocket, drop, or generally be a bit crazy. If you’re also on any fertility treatment, or you’re pregnant, one of the after-effects could be to cry during sex. Oxytocin, also known as the ‘cuddle hormone’ could also be responsible for this spontaneous action. 

If these reactions are triggered by these hormones mentioned, there is nothing significantly wrong with you. All you need to do is explain to your partner that you’re doing fine so he doesn’t worry.

2. They Are Tears Of Joy

Crying doesn’t have to always be a bad thing. People use crying as an avenue to release pent-up frustration, pain, shame, and anger but it can also be an expression of joy, happiness, and sheer pleasure.

If you find yourself crying during or right after reaching orgasm, check your feelings first. Do you feel sad, relieved, or joyous? Also, who you’re having sex with matters a lot. How important is he? How connected to him are you? 

If he is someone who reciprocates the massive care you have for him, crying after sex wouldn’t be a bad thing, those are happy tears!

3. It’s Painful

it's painful

It will be very wrong to assume that all forms of crying during sex are a result of intense pleasure but, it will also be wrong to think the exact opposite. Sex itself is made possible by pain cells in the body but there’s a threshold of pain that you can’t cross if you want to enjoy the experience. The moment you cross that point, there will only be immense pain.

If you’re crying while having sex, ask your partner to slow down so you can communicate your feelings with him. If you’re not practicing BDSM, there shouldn’t be any form of unpleasant pain during sex. If the pain continues, consider checking with your gynecologist as soon as possible.

4. You’re Crying Out Of Guilt

Guilt is a strong emotion that can take over you in the least expected moments. If you have been carrying about some emotional weight, sex can be a trigger for pushing the guilt to the fore. 

Perhaps, your partner whom you’re having sex with is the one you have wronged without his knowledge, the consequence of what you’ve done can eat at you and cause stray tears to flow. Sometimes, engaging in sexual activities that you’re pressured into could make you cry. 

People manipulate their partners when it comes to love-making and intimacy. The only way you’ll stop the guilt is by pulling that plug and standing your ground if you don’t want to keep engaging in sexual relations with the said person. 

5. It’s Makeup Sex

After a time apart from your lover, makeup sex usually ends with a great orgasm. You both would have missed each other so much that you’d be willing to give each other an amazing time.

Apart from the fact that you’re both happy to see each other again, emotions will be flowing. You’d either feel grateful for the reunion or angry about how things went down. While great makeup sex is not going to always serve as a bonding factor in a relationship, it still has it’s placed in fostering intimacy. As such, crying during makeup sex isn’t bad at all.

6. You’re Roleplaying For Good Effect

When you continue with monotonous ways of having intercourse, your sex life might suffer a blow along the way. Many couples go to great lengths to spice things up in the bedroom, but you can improve intimacy without going beyond your comfort zone.

Roleplaying is one of the ways to enhance intimacy and enjoy great sex. You could also try sex toys, intimate or naughty games, and any other thing that tickles your fancy.

7. You Have No Idea What You’re Doing

you have no idea what you're doing

Having sex with the wrong person can leave you with regrets, especially if you’re the kind of person who cannot separate your emotions from casual sex. Was it a one-night stand or, sex you had in a drunken state? 

These situations can make you feel regretful immediately after you have an orgasm and you feel like you just regained your senses. So you cry because you really had no idea of what you were doing at the time. You can either feel awkward after such an experience or forgive yourself and move on from it.

8. You’re Simply Overwhelmed

Stress and emotions can also be reasons for crying during sex. When you’re trying to de-stress through sex, the feeling of “I’m releasing the knots in my body or I’m becoming relaxed and languid” can trigger your feel-good hormones. 

Another reason for crying during sex is because you’re overwhelmed by your emotions for the person you’re having sex with. If he is someone you’re not only physically in tune with but, also emotionally attached to, you can become overwhelmed by the intensity of your connection to him.

If he feels the same way about you, you might catch stray tears on his cheeks too. That kind of exchange cannot be one-sided if both parties are invested.

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9. You Just Realized You’re In Love

In an ideal relationship, the word ‘love’ isn’t thrown around lightly and so, when it is time to say “I love you" it’s usually a big deal for the couple. Sometimes, the heightened sensation that occurs during sex can trigger a spontaneous declaration of love from either or both partners.

If you say the magic words in the middle of sex, tears can follow the revelation that you love the man you’re so intimately joined with. Crying in this situation is definitely a good thing and absolutely no cause for alarm.

10. He Is Tormenting You Real Good

he is tormenting you real good

Many people don’t consider foreplay a huge part of sex but, it actually is. Foreplay in between sex is even more intense because your partner is holding back on allowing you to reach the orgasm you want so bad. 

When the sexual teasing becomes too much it can lead to you crying out of sexual frustration. This isn’t bad as long as the experience ends with you having a huge climax. 

11. You Can Cry After A Comfort-Sex

One of the ways some people deal with grief is to have sex. While sex cannot help you overcome your grief, it can somewhat distract you from negative feelings. However, a flashback of your unpleasant circumstance during sex can make you start crying. 

There’s no need to panic, especially if your partner is understanding. Talk to your partner about your feelings and, hopefully still enjoy the sex. 


Why do I cry after the climax?

Reasons for crying during sex vary. You can cry because you’re extremely satisfied with the orgasm you just had, because you’re in physical pain or because you regret having sex in the first place. 

Why does sex cause emotional attachment?

More often than not, people have sex with partners they trust and care for and so, it is easy to form an emotional attachment with such people. As a matter of fact, emotional attachment can be a reason why people have sex instead of being a result of having sex.

Why do we cry when sad?

Sadness is an indication of unhappiness and so it is normal to cry if you’re sad. Also, our brains work with our senses in a way that there’s an exchange of appropriate information at the right time. If you’re sad, your brain will inform the right sense organ to be sad, so you cry.

Why do some people not cry?

Some people have their emotions in check, so they find it quite hard to get emotional in front of others. Others are just less emotional than people who express their feelings by crying, which is okay as long as they are in an emotional state of mind. 

In Summary

I hope you enjoyed reading this article? Remember, crying during sex is only weird if it’s nonconsensual, painful, or brings a bad feeling of regret, guilt, fear, and anxiety. 

Please leave a comment below, and love to read your thoughts on the subject. Also, don’t forget to share this article with others. 

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