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Baby Talk in Relationships (5 Reasons Why Baby Talk is Good)

We are all guilty of calling our partners pet names like "cupcake", "baby", "boo", "bae", etc. I bet you may have heard a number of the above-mentioned. From an observer’s point of view, it can be quite annoying hearing grown adults calling each other pet names in public. It’s a situation one would roll their eyes at. 

However, such endearing nicknames are proof of the affection you and your partner have for each other. And I guess the only time you remember your partner’s real name is when you are angry at them.

Research shows that baby talk was originally used by mothers to show affection to their child and grow an emotional bond. However, the use of baby talk, pet names, and affectionate verbal exchanges between adults also help to create healthy romantic relationships. 

On that note, below are several reasons why baby talk is good in unions. Read on!

5 Reasons Why Baby Talk Is Good In Relationships

1. It speaks of vulnerability in the relationship

Let’s face it. Today, we live in a world where everyone shows their hard side. Nobody wants to show that they are vulnerable. We fear being taken advantage of. However, one factor of a very good relationship is the ability to be open. No doubt, in this openness lies a vulnerability. 

Which other way to show vulnerability than to talk complete gibberish with each other? And everyone knows how carefree the state of childhood is. There are no fears, just an adventurous spirit who is willing to have fun no matter what. And that is what is involved in the relationship when you communicate with your other half using baby talk.

You get to be yourself freely with your partner without judgment. Thus, as a result of baby talking, vulnerability leaves the room. All in all, baby talk signals closeness in the union. 

2. It promotes intimacy

it promotes intimacy

Baby talking with your partner helps to improve the intimacy level. Intimacy is a result of trust. The more trust, the deeper the level of intimacy. Baby talking also fosters secure attachment, which is also a result of trust. 

No doubt, it would be hard for you to call a stranger you just met "baby" or call him by a pet name. This is because that recognition is not there, and you have no affection for the person. Even if you did use it, you won’t mean it. However, with your boyfriend, you know him and are free enough to have your pet names for him. Or it could also be your special language you both use in your private world.

3. It brings out our inner child

We all have an inner child in us. But sometimes, that child has been blocked by bills, responsibilities, adult problems, etc. And sometimes, the only way for that child to make an appearance is when we have someone we can easily relate to. Our significant other usually matches that—since this is someone we share everything with, including calling each other self-styled pet names. 

Because you can baby talk with him, that child in you is exposed. Baby talk signals how close you are. What’s more, using baby talk when talking about problems in the union, can help you both resolve the issue amicably. This is usually the case when compared to situations where there is a lot of tension and serious exchanging of words. 

4. It is a reminder of parental love

it is a reminder of parental love

The thing about intimacy in adult relationships is it makes the idea of you being an independent adult an illusion. This is because when you depend on someone and become vulnerable with them, it becomes a bit difficult to not tell them everything. 

Somehow, you want to be honest about everything happening to you and lay it all in front of your partner. This is because you trust their discretion. And even though you are an adult, there is that childish tendency to always run to them. You can’t help but become dependent on them whenever you encounter an issue. 

This is quite similar to the bond we developed with our parents. As children, our parents were those who fitted this role, and we had the chance to be pampered all we wanted. And if you grew up in a home where you didn’t get much love and attention from your folks, that nature shows itself later on in your life. Couples' baby talk can help this situation. 

I say this because the vulnerability afforded by this act will help a partner who has an issue to freely talk about it. And when that problem is out in the open, couples can care for each other the way they both want. The result is relationship satisfaction. 

5. It makes the union a fun one

One important factor of a healthy relationship is the ability for couples to have fun with each other. What better way to have fun with your other half than through baby talk plays? This will create laughs and a lot of happiness in your relationship. You can also use baby talk instead of arguing.

For example, if you want to point out your guy's flaws, you could use baby talk, which would make the situation lighthearted. This is because, in the spur of the moment, your boyfriend cannot be defensive. He would probably laugh about it, and will try to work on the issue you raised. Also, you both could have your own words for sex. And when in a freaky mood, you could still talk about it publicly, without anyone understanding you when outdoors. I bet you agree that this is fun.


Is baby talk bad in relationships?

Not at all. Rather, it is a sign of a healthy relationship.

Is baby talk healthy in a relationship?

Baby talk offers adults the opportunity to let down their guard and relate with each other on a child level. It, therefore, signals a secure bond.

Why do I like being babied by my boyfriend?

You like being babied by your boyfriend because it speaks a lot about how much you are valued in the relationship. It means you are appreciated, you are loved and cared for.

Why do couples call each other baby?

When you care for someone, you want to protect the person from anything. That is the same way with babies. This makes the union a very vulnerable thing, in a good way. Thus, to reflect this delicateness, couples call each other baby. Besides, in a healthy relationship, it may seem improper to call your partner by his real name.

How do you treat a lover?

A lover is someone you have intimate relations with. This involves flirting with each other, talking about your feelings with each other, teaching each other in patience, listening to each other, going on dates, etc. Other ways to treat a lover include being faithful, building something together, eg. a business. 

In Conclusion

Before I sign out, given the above points on baby talk in relationships, I think you should try to incorporate that in your unions. This will take your romantic union to a different and deeper level of intimacy. It will also include playfulness in your personal relationships that will be the envy of many.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. And kindly share this piece with your family and friends.

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