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Adventurous Sex (11 Ways To Be Sexually Adventurous)

Do you want to spice up your sex life and ignite a new fire in your relationship? 

If you and your partner are trying to break out of your routine, adventurous sex is the best call. There are multiple ways to have your partner craving you more and addicted to having sex with you. 

Even though you’re shy or timid, these steps work wonders to make anyone venturesome in the bedroom and ultimately, build an intimate relationship with their partner. 

We’ve narrowed down this article into eleven parts, explaining the simple ways you can have really good adventurous sex that will make your partner want you more.

11 Ways to Be Sexually Adventurous

1. Have a positive mindset

Every significant step begins in the mind. If you’re not fully on board to have new adventures in the bedroom, you might call it quits and return to your ordinary routines along the way. Before you can genuinely have adventurous sex and spice up your sex life, you have to be willing to try new things. This step is otherwise known as having a positive mindset. 

Embarking on this journey means you have to be comfortable doing new things and making it a part of your everyday routine. Even if you’re shy or reserved, this step guarantees that you will have the most out of the time in the bedroom if you take a few risks and do new things.

2. Incorporate a little heat

The temperature of an environment can affect a person’s behavior towards trying new things. If the weather is too cold, you might be reluctant to let loose and be comfortable. Turning up the heat is an easy way to get out of your comfort zone and be venturesome. If you want to wear a pair of lingerie for your spouse, indeed, you wouldn’t want to be cold in it. 

You can put a space heater in your bedroom instead of heating the entire house. This way, you can still have a convenient temperature around the house after your bedroom activities. Simply put, building up to that special moment with a little heat works wonders.

3. Don’t be afraid to do a little research

If you desire to be venturesome in the bedroom, you must learn something crucial about being adventurous, which is, being willing to do some research. It’s impossible to know what exactly will work for you and your partner without trying. Learn new sex positions, try out sex toys, and maybe even research new things about oral sex

You never know what you’ll be good at, what your partner will enjoy the most, and what may become part of your routine. There are loads of sex tips online, but that doesn’t mean you have to try out everything. Find out what resonates with you, and don’t be afraid to implement them.

4. Dim the lights

Lights tend to have a significant effect on a person’s confidence level in the bedroom. If you desire to be free and venturesome with your partner, but are afraid of doing things the wrong way or looking stupid, your best call might be to dim the lights. If you desire to be a little more romantic, you can resort to lighting some candles, which will still keep the room dim.

You can fully implement that sexy dance you’ve never dared to do in a low-light setting. Your partner will enjoy the moment before because none of you are afraid of looking bad in front of the other. As time goes on, you will have the courage to do more crazy things, even with the lights on.

5. Build your confidence

build your confidence

Apart from dimming the lights, it’s essential to build your confidence as well. Don’t get too comfortable with the low lights because you still need to break out of your shell and be comfortable in your skin. Love your body the way it is, and focus on what works best for you. 

If you start comparing yourself to others and what they might be doing in the bedroom, you will find it hard to live up to healthy expectations and genuinely enjoy sex. This process will build unrealistic goals that will jeopardize the entire adventure and fun of the moment. 

It’s better to develop your confidence by concentrating on the intimacy between you and your partner, and let that take control of your mind when you’re in bed with him.

6. Start by pampering each other

One thing that prevents most couples from being venturesome is the fear that their partner will think they want sex, and nothing more. On the contrary, being venturesome means wanting intimacy as a couple. For your partner to understand this, it would be best to kick things off by pampering each other. 

You can decide to take a hot bath or shower together, have shower sex, give each other soothing massages, or do anything that will allow both of you to feel more comfortable. This initial process will let you and your partner open up to the idea of adventurous sex. Your partner will also not be intimidated by you wanting to take things to the next level.

7. Be in the moment

It’s easy to talk yourself out of venturesome thoughts when you have them. You might feel it’s not the right time, or that you’ll remember to implement them at night. The truth is, anything can happen when that time comes, so it’s essential to always be in the moment. If you have an idea for nighttime, drop everything else you’re doing and instantly make arrangements for it. 

If you suddenly remember some sexy lingerie you’ve never worn, wear it immediately in preparation for the nighttime. If you have body art designs for your partner to find on your body, draw them once the inspiration comes. From props to decorations, do everything in the moment.

8. Take turns

You and your partner have preferences, just like any regular couple. The things you’d like the most may not expressly correlate with that of your partner. When either one of you leads, the person leading does the choosing. Though this is good, you can keep things interesting by deliberately taking turns to do what you love. 

This process will keep the fire burning and allow both of you to be anxious about the night’s events. Perhaps you like something that your partner does, but you’re afraid to voice it out to prevent it from becoming a norm. You can write these requests and put them into a jar, and if it’s randomly picked, it becomes the event for the night.

9. Your partner has to be still

It’s normal for your partner to interfere when you’re trying out some fantasies. They might get overwhelmed by the sensation and decide to express their sexual desires as well. Though this is great, it can disrupt what you’ve planned and spoil the fun. 

To ensure you have adventurous sex as you intended, you should implement the tactic of making your partner stay still until you’re done trying out what you’ve planned. 

You can pick a short yet reasonable duration because it will be hard for your partner to resist joining in on the action. Doing this allows you to explore your partner’s body and experience a more profound sense of intimacy than only having intercourse. It also allows you to observe your partner’s pleasure spots for better sex next time.

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10. Allow your partner to teach you

allow your partner to teach you

A typical fear most people have about being venturesome is not knowing what to do. You feel like your partner is more knowledgeable and that you won’t be able to measure up. To avoid feeling constrained to try out sexual activities, you can ask your partner to teach you what you don’t know or are not good at doing. 

This process comes with its advantages. Your partner will be glad to show you how things should be done. On the other hand, you would feel less embarrassed because you’re taking instructions from your partner and perfecting your skills in the process. This process is much better than receiving instructions during regular intercourse, which might come off as rude.

11. Talk to your partner about sex

If you really want to be more venturesome with sex, you have to be willing to talk to your partner about sensual subjects. Communication is the bedrock of intimacy, and if you’re finding it hard to be vocal about your desires, it will also be hard to execute what you desire in the bedroom. 

Whenever you’re feeling aroused, don’t keep those feelings till nighttime. You can express them through writing, texts, or verbally. The most important thing is that you’re communicating how you feel and what you desire. Channel this process into having more adventures in the bedroom.



How do I get my boyfriend to be more adventurous in bed?

To get your boyfriend to be more venturesome, you have to start appreciating what he’s already doing. You can then incorporate new things like sex toys or new sex positions and see how he responds to it. After this, make sure you have a private conversation with him about spicing things up in the bedroom.

What should I explore sexually?

Exploring new sexual activities with your partner is a healthy way to break out of routines that may be killing your sex life. You have to research new sex tips like crazy places to have sex, sex toy tips, naughty sex games, and a sexual bucket list to try.

How can I be more fun in bed?

Research shows that more than 50 percent of couples look for ways to make their relationships sex more fun and exciting. To do this, think outside the box and try to be spontaneous once in a while. Create a bucket list and also be vocal about your desires and fantasies.

How do I make my husband go crazy in bed?

To make your husband go crazy in bed, you need to implement new techniques for more sensations. One body part that can quickly deliver immense feeling to a man’s body is the mouth. Use it on his pleasure spots and everywhere else you desire.

How do I make my husband more comfortable during sex?

To get comfortable about sexual activities in the bedroom, you have to be pleased about it outside the bedroom. Talk more about your desires, fantasies, wants, dislikes, etc. When both of you are comfortable with these subjects, things will be easier during sex.

To Conclude

Did you enjoy this article? Remember that you need to be confident to be adventurous. Don’t be afraid to take new steps and try new things because it will only build your relationship’s intimacy. Kindly leave a comment if you like this article, and share it with friends.


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