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Will He Regret Losing Me? (13 Signs He Might Regret It)

It’s hardly ever the intention that a relationship would end abruptly, but when it does, it hurts. It hurts even more when it wasn't your fault that things didn't work out as you both planned. Every woman wants to know if an ex-boyfriend would regret losing her. 

Over time, the desire has turned into a defense mechanism. You take solace in the fact that he would regret losing you, so you want to ensure that he does. 

Being dumped is quite humiliating, mostly if you were the best version of yourself during the relationship. Part of you would want to get back together after the breakup (if you're honest.) 

Believe me; I understand how much it would suck to lose a best friend, your mind begins to wander a lot of things like, ”where did it go wrong?”, ” will he regret losing me?” And so on. 

The truth is, he may or may not regret it in the measure you desire. That he regrets breaking up with you doesn't mean that for the rest of his life he'll be locked up in a dark closet sulking about it. I bet you're a wonderful lady, and as long as you both shared something, he would miss that. So yes, he will regret it, and below are thirteen reasons to tell. 

13 Signs He Might Regret Losing You

1. He calls you often 

One of the apparent signs that he will miss being with you after the breakup is if he keeps calling you. If your ex is still looking for an opportunity to have a conversation with you, then he's already regretting the breakup. 

He probably wants to keep an eye on how you feel hoping it's the same as the way he does so he can wriggle back into your life. However, don't you dare make it easy for him, or else, he'll do it again. 

2. He asks to be friends 

he asks to be friends

I don't understand the need to stay friends with an ex if one of you or either of you is not over the relationship. For me, it's a cry to have the best of both worlds. He doesn't want to have a relationship, yet knowing how you feel about him, he'll like to be friends, that's a lot. Don't allow anyone to do that to you. Unless you can handle being friends with your ex, don't torture yourself to keep up a good face. Say ”no!” and let him miss having you at all. 

3. He was the reacher 

In almost every relationship, there's a reacher and a settler. A settler is a person who could've gotten a better partner but chooses to settle, and the reacher is the one who got a partner way out of his league. 

If your ex was the ”reacher” in the relationship, he's going to regret losing you. What are the chances that he's ever going to reach that high again? He knows it may never happen and it'll bum him out to have lost his shot with someone perfect for him. 

4. He's asking about you 

As soon as your friends report to you that he has been asking around directly or indirectly about your well-being, you know your ex is running the regret race. However, don't be too quick to run to that conclusion. Sometimes, he may genuinely want to see how you're doing. After all, he did care about you once. Still, asking about you is a way to see if there's always a chance he can slip back into your life and I don't know about you, but that smells like regret to me. 

5. He's stalking you a bit 

For the guys that can no longer talk to you, mostly if he was the reacher in your relationship, they get a little stalky. He happens to be at every party you're at, still hangs out with your friends, still likes your photos on social media and whatnot. That's a sign of a person who regrets letting you go but doesn't have the guts to come forward about it. 

6. He changes for you 

Some guys regret it so badly they go the extra mile to change, just to get back with you again. I mean, this is another way to tell if your ex is genuinely sorry. He will make an effort to be a better person, so you take him back. It may take a while for this to happen, and if I am honest, it rarely does. Maybe you shouldn't be too harsh on him if he's trying hard to be a better person for you. 

7. He is still in love with you 

This is sad for him. Some guys don't even realize that they still have strong feelings for you until after the breakup when you are gone. It may take a while, but as soon as it hits them, they regret letting you go and want you back. It's up to you to decide if you're going to try that again. Perhaps, the breakup was about you, not him; then, of course, he will miss you a lot. 

 8. Still talks to your family 

still talks to your family

The chances that he will regret the breakup if he is still in touch with your family and friends are high. Something or someone will remind him that you're not with him anymore and those types of reminders sting. There are no more accessible ways to keep in touch with your ex’s family; they're like a subtle reminder of the best parts of your relationship. 

9. He rushes into something else 

After a break-up, time alone to rethink the relationship is primarily essential, or else you move into that new relationship with hurt and unrealistic expectations. If the next minute he's dating someone else, there's still a chance he will regret losing you because he hasn't healed completely. Perhaps, he has but what are the chances he is not looking for parts of you in his new girlfriend? 

10. He's on a drinking spree 

It's terrible for him when he slips into a drinking spree. However, that's how some guys get over a failed relationship; they drink it away. So, if you think he's having a good time with the partying and drinking, have a rethink. 

11. He's too active on social media 

You know he's trying to hide something when he's too happy on social media. Uploading every single one of his escapades to prove he's having a good time without you. Most of it is a lie, just to make you feel jealous enough to make the first move towards him. Don't fall for it, hun.

12. He accepts he screwed up 

He doesn't have to play hide and seek for you to find out he regrets losing you. If he apologizes for his mistakes and asks to have you back, that's also a sign that he feels terrible about losing you. 

13. He becomes a loner after the breakup

he becomes a loner after the breakup

Men are very egotistical, even though he regrets it on the spot, he may never admit it until later, usually when you don't care anymore. However, one sure-fire sign he regrets losing you is if he turns into a loner after you’re gone. If he no longer sees his friends and acts solemn and depressed, he’s definitely missing you. 


How long does it take a man to regret losing you?

It could be right after the breakup when he's back in his apartment alone. Other times, it could be after a couple of weeks, months, perhaps a year. Yes, it could take that long for a guy to finally realize how much you meant to him or your worth in general. I don't advise that you wait around for your ex-boyfriend to regret losing you. If it doesn't look like it in the first few weeks, move on! 

Do guys ever realize what they lost?

Of course, they do, he's human. After a loving relationship with someone, especially when he ruined things, he's bound to realize what he lost (except he lies to himself.) It begins with missing the little things you used to do while you were dating that seemed irrelevant but turn out to be a sweet sacrifice. 

Most guys realize what they lost after trying out a couple of relationships hoping to find someone like you or better. If you had a favorite dress and you lost it, you'll realize it's missing, won't you? 

Will he regret dumping me? 

I hate to break it to you, but this doesn't happen all the time. He may miss hanging out with you and all of the fun stuff you guys did together but not regret dumping you. Sometimes, the regret is more about the way he left you than that he dumped you in the first place. However, guys regret dumping their ex-girlfriends all the time; it just depends on what they had with each other. 

Do guys miss you after a breakup? 

Yes, they do. It's even worse if he's still single because he's going to break the contact rules to get back together with you again. They miss having a friend and whatnot. It's essential to know why he misses you before accepting him back (if you're going to.) As I said earlier, it may just be loneliness, and you don't want that baggage, trust me. 

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How do you know if a guy is really sorry? 

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To Conclude

I hope you enjoyed this article. The points above are all the signs you need to tell if your ex would regret losing you. I would like to read your opinion in the comments section below; please write it down and share this article with your friends.

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