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Why Is My Ex Hiding His New Relationship from Me? (13 Possible Reasons)

Does your ex-boyfriend have a new girl?

Are you thinking, “Why is my ex hiding his new relationship from me?”

There could be a number of reasons for this. He might just not want to hurt his ex-girlfriend (you) or could just not want anyone to meet his new girlfriend yet. If you have mutual friends, you could always ask about his personal life to learn more!

However, it’s not advised that you worry about it. A failed relationship happens from time to time, and the two of you did break up for a reason. If he is happy in his current relationship, you might just worry about your post-breakup life - right now. Work on yourself, not to, and don’t worry so much about why he is hiding his new relationship.

Often, self-aware guys will hide their dating life from their ex because they feel guilty, don’t want to think about the nasty breakup of their last relationship, just want to focus on the next relationship, and don’t want you to react emotionally to his new partner, or just think, “I’m moving too fast in this new relationship!”

If you still feel attracted to your ex-boyfriend, continue reading!

13 Possible Reasons Why Your Ex Is Hiding His New Relationship

1. He still feels attached to you

Often, an ex will want to have a girl on the side because of any number of reasons. He might remember what close friends the two of you were and not want to spoil it by talking about his new relationship. It really depends on your ex’s personality. If he is a player, he might be hiding her to keep you on the side!

If he is an emotional guy, he likely doesn’t want to hurt you by talking about his new girlfriend. They might not have the best relationship, and he sees no reason to upset you over the whole thing. If you are unsure but know about his new relationship, you could always talk to him about it. 

There are some positive ways to handle this. Explain that you know and are happy for him - even if that’s the furthest thing from the truth. I would strongly recommend pursuing your own relationships rather than focusing too much on his. Often, we can’t do anything about our exes’ lives, so we must just focus on our own! Think positively!

2. He never stopped loving you

he never stopped loving you

If your ex is holding on to your relationship because he still loves you, he might not want to share the details of his new relationship because he doesn’t want you to know! After all, he still has feelings for you and wants there to always be the possibility of a future with you! If he’s having trouble letting go, he may be hiding her for that reason!

3. He is in love with her

This is often the last thing you want to hear, but it is always possible that he is in love with this new girl. Maybe they have already talked about marriage and children, and he thinks that the two of them have a lasting relationship. If this is the case, I would recommend being happy for him. You will also find love when the right time comes.

4. He doesn’t want to hurt your feelings

Usually, when a guy is hiding his new relationship on purpose, it is because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. He is trying to be tactful about what is going on with this girl. It may not make you feel any better, especially if you found out despite his efforts to conceal her, but it happened nonetheless. 

At least he is trying to not hurt you. You’ve got to give him points for that. He could be flaunting this new girlfriend around, making sure everyone sees how happy they are with one another, even if that is completely untrue. Some men aren’t all that sweet and will do anything to hurt their exes because they are just jerks like that.

At least your ex-boyfriend is thinking about what he’s doing and not being mean about it. If you are still interested in your ex, you could find out the details of this relationship by talking to his friends. Find out if they are serious, have a long-distance relationship, how they met, or what he loves the most about her (and what he hates)!

5. He feels guilty about your breakup

Feeling guilty about the way your relationship ended is a common cause for men to not talk about their new relationships. They really don’t want to hurt you in any additional way. They think that the two of you had something great, and they don’t want to burn bridges if they don’t need to for any reason. 

What was your breakup like? Was it cordial? Did you decide to stay friends? Are you still friends? If so, why is he keeping this from you? If not, you might just want to let it go. He isn’t a big part of your life anymore, so you don’t need to dig into his affairs. Think about what you want for the rest of your life rather than thinking about what he has going on!

6. It’s a purely sexual relationship

it's a purely sexual relationship

Many men are driven by their sexual organs! They pretty much think about sex at all hours of the day. You might have broken up for reasons other than the great sex the two of you had, but if you know your ex is a sexual creature, he might just be with this woman because of the sex. It’s not pleasant to think about, but it’s a possible reason!

7. The relationship means nothing to him

If your ex has decided to not share the information about his new relationship, it could be because it doesn’t mean anything to him. It might just be a fling - someone he doesn’t truly care about. If that’s the case and you want him back with you, you might want to stay in touch! Maybe you two can work things out after all!!

8. You know his new girlfriend

Yikes! Did you ever think that he is keeping this information from you because you know her? Maybe the two of you are friends! If she is on your radar, you might want to steer clear of her because she clearly doesn’t care about you if she is seeing your ex! Wouldn’t you agree? She’s not much of a friend!

9. He still wants you

You could very well be his backup chick. He might still want a relationship with you sometime down the line, but for now, he is trying something new. If you also want to be with him, you will need to decide if you will be able to forgive and forget about this new individual or if this type of behavior is unacceptable. What do you think?

10. He doesn’t want to make you jealous

Do you have a jealous streak in you? Do you get upset easily? It’s very likely that your ex knows this about you and doesn’t want to make you mad. 

11. He’s not that serious about her

he's not that serious about her

As mentioned, this is likely not an important relationship to your ex if he is keeping her hidden. It could just be a fling. A fling, as defined by the Urban Dictionary, is more than just “friends with benefits” but it’s still not an actual relationship. In other words, it’s nothing that you should worry about!

12. He doesn’t want anyone to know about her

While you may have found out and you think he’s just hiding her from you, he might not want ANYONE to know about her! Maybe she is not that pretty, smart, or admirable. He could very likely just be with her for a superficial reason and not really think that highly of her at all! If that’s the case, you have nothing to worry about. It’s not a real competition!

13. He’s about to dump her

If he’s about to end the relationship, he could likely not want anyone to know about her because the whole thing was so “short-term.” Often, short-term relationships don’t mean a thing, so you shouldn’t even concern yourself with what is going on between the two of them. Instead, focus on what’s ahead of you!

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Why does he hide his relationship?

There could be many reasons why he is hiding his relationship with a new person. He might not want anyone to know about his new lover because they aren’t serious, or he doesn’t care that much about her. He may just want to keep you as a backup option! Yikes!

Why is my ex's new relationship moving fast?

He might have finally found the girlfriend of his dreams, or maybe she is pregnant, and he feels he has no choice but to accelerate things. It may be wrong, and he may feel bad about how things turned out, but sometimes, that’s just how the dating world is - unfortunately!

How do you tell if your ex's new relationship is a rebound?

Did you recently break up with your ex? Were the two of you together for a long period of time? The truth is if the two of you were in a serious relationship and you still have feelings for him, he is probably feeling the same way and is on the rebound.

How do you know if your ex isn't over you?

Guys who hide the truth about who they are dating are likely to be missing their exes. If you want to get your ex back, see if he still has real feelings for you, as well. Most guys who are not over their exes will find the exact opposite of her to not be reminded of their lost love.

How do you tell if your boyfriend is embarrassed of you?

If you think your ex-lover is embarrassed of you, you might have self-esteem issues, or you could just be a private person and not want this new woman to know your secrets. If your ex is in a rebound relationship, he will likely be dating the complete opposite of you.

To Summarize

If the new girl is upsetting you because you miss your ex-boyfriend, think about moving forward and stop thinking about your broken heart. I’m sure that having hope for a better future is easier said than done, but try not to think about the other girl and why she is being hidden!

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