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Why Do Guys Like Legs? (17 Possible Reasons)

Not too long ago, in the 1890’s, the typical man would lose his mind if he could even catch a glimpse of some ankles. Who knows? Maybe that is how feminine sensuality was first linked to the leg area. Let’s fast-forward to the 21st century, slit dresses and short skirts are now the order of the day. 

You cannot say that you wear them because they are comfortable. It is common knowledge that guys like legs. Their shape, length, and the absence or presence of leg hair is a topic they ponder on more than you can imagine. Men have many preferences and everything from bare legs, to muscular legs is on the table. 

If you are wondering why men go gaga for legs, here are a few reasons.

17 Reasons Why Guys Like Legs

1. Sex!

I thought I’d start with what is on everyone’s mind. Now, I am not saying that men walk around thinking about women’s legs and sex all day long. But, a pair of sexy legs can make their mind wander a bit. Have you ever seen a nice pair of high heels and visualized yourself wearing them?

Some might say that in the same vein, a man sees a woman’s legs and imagines they’re wrapped around him. Whether you are giving him a full-on hug with your long legs wrapped around him, or you’re doing something under the sheets, your legs are sexy

Even more, depending on how shapely and athletic your legs are, they begin to imagine all the ‘skills’ a woman has.

This may not be the most ‘PG’ reason, but it is true. Sometimes a man looks at the way a woman walks and imagines her long legs wrapped around him.

2. Groomed legs look good

groomed legs look good

Some women may find this offensive, so remember that I am simply the messenger. As much as men like shapely legs, they like well-groomed legs. Obviously, not all men are under this umbrella, but many of them are. There is something about smooth and hairless legs that really drives it home for some men.

For some, it is not about the hairlessness of the legs per se. There is just something alluring about a woman taking such time to care for her body. Men love a woman who is not afraid to take care of herself. Obviously, leg grooming does not represent the totality of self-care, but some men find it attractive anyway.

3. Legs are natural

As much as it is totally acceptable to alter your body and add a few tweaks here and there, most men prefer women that keep it natural. You’ll hear them say things like, ‘ I prefer you with no makeup on’ or ‘ You look beautiful when you just get out of bed.’ That’s why it pleases them that there is not much a woman can alter from the knees down. 

Maybe you could wear some stockings once in a while, but that pretty much covers it. For the most part, legs remain natural, and that is downright attractive to them. They do not have to be smooth to be sexy. In fact, the length may not matter, just the simplicity of them being natural gives them a leg up.

4. High heels

If you are not a fan of high heels, you may be rolling your eyes to the back of your head. But the truth is, those uncomfortable shoes make legs look sexy. Who knows, it may be a result of some patriarchal social construct or psychology, but high heels seduce men. It helps that they give the illusion of longer legs. So even our vertically challenged sisters can tap into some of that action.

Men admit that women’s legs do look great on their own, but a woman wearing high heels would turn more heads. Besides the fact that they add to leg length, high heels accentuate the legs.

5. A woman’s gait

There is no clear-cut science that links strong legs to stronger women, but there is something empowering about the way a woman walks. The way her body moves to accentuate the shape and length of her legs can be quite a power display. Especially when you throw some high heels into the equation, it is downright sexy for some men.

Something about the way a woman’s legs move when she is walking that just appeals to the opposite sex. It may be something in her stride or simply the way she swings those sexy legs that really gets them going. Altogether, the humble leg is sometimes seen as a symbol of strength and confidence.

6. They lead to the ‘promise land’

The road to the promise land may be smooth or hairy. Even more, they may be long legs or athletic legs, the key here is that they lead to the promise land. By now, it should be clear that I am back to talking about sex. This may sound simplistic, but let’s get down and really think about this.

Visualize one of your favorite places in the world. Now, imagine the anticipation you experience when you are on your way there. That has got to be the way men feel when they look at women’s legs. In that case, they are not simply a pair of athletic legs or even sexy legs. They are a path to the region they want to get familiar with.

7. They look great in just about anything

Women’s legs really do take the cup when it comes to looking good. Stick them in a pair of jeans, some shorts or a skirt and they emerge the star. Who would not be attracted to a body part that sexy? Try a little visualization exercise. Think about how many men can pull off a pair of shorts, compared to their female counterparts. 

Some men can’t even pull off all kinds of trousers, talkless of a pair of shorts. With that in mind, it is clear that women’s legs take the cup when it comes to fashion. It must have something to do with the shape and the curves of women’s legs.

8. They are the most accepted exposed erogenous zones

Sure some ladies walk around with heaving cleavage and low riding jeans. Nevertheless, they have to leave a little something concealed. For instance, you may catch a glimpse of the lower back, but the ass crack will be hidden. The same thing goes for the nipples, they remain hidden no matter how exposed the mounds are.

With sexy legs, they can be exposed to the absolute maximum. Think about boudoir photoshoots or swimming suits. They allow a woman to expose her sexy legs to the maximum. Men can see the entirety of a lady’s legs and it is socially acceptable to do so. With that in mind, who would not love legs.

9. The length of legs

the length of legs

For as long as people can remember, sexy legs have been equated with length. There is something about a pair of shapely, long legs that makes them more mysterious. Apparently, long legs are equated with health and fitness. In fact, they further make women look more feminine. Taking it up a notch, long legs are also associated with fertility and virility. 

This goes a long way to appeal to men on a more primal level. So, do not blame them, for the most part, they really cannot help it. In short, men never stood a chance against long and shapely legs, biology made it so.

10. Variety

Just as every woman is unique, they equally have different types of legs. While some are long and slender, some are blessed with thick thighs and sturdy ankles to hold them. Of course, you cannot forget the athletic legs. If you really think about it, there is something that appeals to everyone. 

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So, whether a man likes long legs or shorter ones, they are all out there and on display. It's like a buffet. Yes, this is definitely a function of objectifying women, but what can we say? These things happen. Men love legs, and they also love the fact that there are so many kinds to look at.

11. Stockings and lingerie

Sometimes, there is nothing as sexy as knowing those legs are under there. Think of lingerie and pant hose as wrapping paper and your legs are the present. As much as getting presents is fun and amazing, the act of unwrapping them is just as appealing. When women don those sheer, lacy leg encasements and strut their stuff, it's enough to drive men over the edge.

Having the opportunity to pull off a woman’s pantyhose can be equated to popping bubble wrap. It is simply so satisfying. Yes, even without the intent of getting to your nether regions, the contentment that comes from yanking pantyhose is amazing.

12. Feet, feet, and more feet

Not everyone is a foot guy, but you have to admit that there is something about those fixtures. In other words, you do not have to be a foot person to appreciate feet. You would be surprised at how many feet men are out there. The fact that legs have feet at the end of them makes them more appealing.

Anyone with a foot fetish will testify to the above statement. Sure, not everyone can relate, but there is undoubtedly something thrilling about feet and the legs they are attached to.

13. Legs are quite flexible

Not all ladies out there can do a split or hang their feet behind their ears, but legs are quite flexible nonetheless. Even more, whether you can do acrobatics in the boudoir or not, men can probably imagine your legs doing their bidding. If you ever take a moment to watch another woman walk and swing her legs, you will understand the whole allure. 

The way the legs move on their own leaves very little to the imagination. So, it is understandable that men think about these things as women go about their business. Altogether, the next time you see his eyes fixated on your legs, he may be imagining their flexibility. 

14. The softness

Especially if a man is into thick thighs, there is a certain softness to them that makes them nice to hold on to. This point feeds into the femininity of a woman and how that appeals to most men. No matter how empowered your lady is, having that soft aspect of her (physically or character-wise) is nice. 

So, if the only soft aspect of you your man can hang onto is your things, then best believe he is going to be quite taken with your legs. Note that there is nothing wrong with being a goal-getter. It’s just that when it comes to biology, something soft to hold onto will always win when it comes to men.

15. Legs are an erogenous zone

I may have mentioned this more than a handful of times throughout this article. That is because it is such a big deal when it comes to legs. There is something undeniably sexy about this body part and the fact that they are out there for men to see makes them even more alluring. Think about it. This object so closely linked to your sexuality is being paraded day in day out.

Men can see the shape of your legs in jeans, leggings, shorts, long shirts, skirts, skorts and so much more. This alone makes them so appealing. Whether they have a thing for legs or not, most men have to admit that they have gaped at them once or twice.

16. They are major players when sex is involved

they are major players when sex is involved

Yes, we are once again breaching the topic of sex. Have you ever noticed how legs are major players when it comes to sex? If they are not wrapped around your man, they are flanking him. You use them when you straddle him and even to gain momentum. 

Altogether, this means that your legs are always playing a huge part no matter the position or sexual act. That alone is enough to have him fantasizing about your legs all day long. 

In other words, if that does not give men something to think about, then what will?

17. It's simply biology

Thanks to civilization and socialization humans have been able to mask some of their basal desires. The keyword here is basal. So, men do not simply bonk women on the head and drag them home. Nevertheless, they still respond to certain traits that their primal ancestors found attractive. 

Legs have always been attractive to men. Their length, shape, and movement have equally always been sensual. It is right there at the top with breasts and bottoms when it comes to symbols of femininity. So, this alone explains why men cannot resist a great pair of legs.


What does it mean when a man looks at my legs?

There are one of two options on the table. You have something on your legs or you have a case of sexy legs. In most cases, the former is highly unlikely. As such, if a man looks at your legs, he probably considers it an erogenous zone.

Do guys find thighs attractive?

These days, thick thighs are all the rage. If you have a nice backside to go with it then that makes it even better. Thighs are one part of the female body that is simply appealing. Whether she has thick thighs or slender ones, there is a man out there it works for.

What makes a woman's legs attractive?

Women’s legs are mostly considered attractive because of their shape. Like I mentioned earlier, there is no monopoly on what men prefer when it comes to legs. Some like slender legs with soft curves. On the other hand, others believe that physical perfection comes in the form of muscular legs.

How do you know if a guy finds you beautiful?

In most cases, a man will let you know verbally that he has the hots for you. But if he doesn’t, it is all in his eyes. For one, he will not be able to keep them off you. His gaze will linger and wander in ways that could only mean that he finds you attractive.

Do guys care if you have a belly?

For the most part, men do not care about your FUPA or a few outward curves in your belly area. Some even find it increasingly attractive or sexy. What you categorize among minor blemishes, some men find arousing and authentic. Some men love to see something other than Hollywood’s notion of what a woman’s body should look like.

To Conclude

There are so many parts of a woman’s body that are appealing. You must notice the hooded stares and glances once in a while. When it comes to the humble leg, there are so many reasons men find them attractive. Hopefully, I have been able to let you in on why your man likes yours in particular. 

As much as I have presented here, I am pretty sure there are more reasons. Do feel free to share your opinions in the comment box below. Even more, share this article, let’s get this ‘leg-olution’ started.

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