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11 Steps To Take When A Guy Cancels A Date By Text

Has it ever happened to you that you were excitedly getting ready for a date and suddenly the guy texting you that he would not be able to make it as something urgent has come up? What was your reaction? It is normal to feel bad in such a situation but it is also important to not take this personally.

When it comes to dating you need to proceed cautiously, a small mistake from your side can mean that you have to say goodbye to the man of your dreams. When a guy cancels, instead of getting frustrated, you should be empathetic and try to find out the reason behind the cancellation.

In today’s article, we will see how to respond when a guy cancels a date by text. You will also find what next step you should take so that you neither appear too soft, nor too aggressive. These steps will ensure that you give the suitable chance to the guy without being taken for granted.

Plus, we will also see some common reasons why the guy might have cancelled the plan.

What To Do When A Guy Cancels A Date By Text?

1. Stop blaming yourself for the cancelled date

Of course, anybody will feel bad when a guy they liked cancels the plan to meet. But, before blaming yourself for the cancelled date, clear your mind and think logically. 

Think about how he had the manners to cancel your first date by communicating with you rather than keeping you waiting at the restaurant. They deserve a benefit of the doubt for the communication as there are chances that the guy might actually have some genuine reason to cancel the plan. Analyze the whole situation before forgetting about this man.

2. Frame the right message to respond

Now that you are ready to give a second chance to this guy, you must send the right message to them. 

If you make a huge deal or you seem too upset, they will think that you are too possessive or not interested in them. On the other hand, if you are too soft and super understanding, it might make him feel that you are too innocent, and he might start taking you for granted in the future.

Therefore, you need to text something, which makes them feel that you totally understand their position and are cool about it. A message like, ‘Okay. Thanks for letting me know.’, will be perfect when a guy cancels a date by text.

3. Another message if you want to reschedule

If you are fully convinced that the reason why the guy cancelled the plan was genuine then you can respond with something that makes him feel that you are still interested in going out with him. The best response, in this case, would be, ‘Let me know when you are available to reschedule.’

Here, you must not keep any expectations. You have already communicated that you are available to reschedule dates, now it is up to him how he makes up for the cancelled date.

4. Let him wait

Yay! You got a text from him asking to reschedule the meeting. Stop! Don't get too excited and refrain from replying immediately. After a guy cancels your meeting due to whatever reason he should know that you will not be waiting for his text or call. 

Take your time to read the message, it can even be a couple of hours. Let him think that you are busy. However, once you read his text, don't take more than 15 minutes to reply, or it will make him feel that you are not interested in dating him.

5. Don’t say ‘yes’ right away

dont say yes right away

No matter whether the guy himself has rescheduled the date or it was you who initiated the reschedule, you must not make new plans right away. When it comes to guys, it is important to not give them the impression that you are free and available 24/7. It is important to show them that you also have a life, and you are not just waiting for them. 

Even if you are totally free, do not directly agree to meet this guy. Tell him that you are super busy on that particular day and suggest he reschedule the plan for some other day. You can also suggest a day of your choice, which can probably be the next weekend.

6. Get ready for the rescheduled date

After the guy cancels the date, it is normal to feel apprehensive about the rescheduled date. It is important here that you don't keep high expectations and don't plan too far ahead. You can even make an alternative plan with your friend in case the guy cancels again. But, also, it is important to not be too negative about the whole situation and stop expecting the worst.

7. Enjoy your time

Once you are with the guy, stop thinking about the cancelled date and focus on the present. Try to have a good time. If the guy had given you a reason for cancelling the first date then you can ask him in passing about how things are now but don't make it feel like you are still hung up on the cancellation of plans.

8. Show your frustration if the guy cancels plans twice

When a guy cancels a date by text once again, it is something that gives you all the right to be angry at him. Here, you must seriously think about whether you want to give it another chance or not. No matter how much you like this person; if a guy ditches you the second time it is a red flag and can mean that he does not want a relationship with you.

However, if it seems like the guy is genuinely sorry and wants to badly reschedule the date then you can think about giving them another chance. However, it is important to let him know how rude his behaviour is and this is not something that you accept in a relationship.

9. Forget him if the guy cancels a date twice without rescheduling

Did the guy cancel the date the second time without rescheduling it? If yes, then it shows only one thing and that is that this guy is not interested in dating you. Yes, it will hurt but at least it is better that you came to know about it before you started a relationship with the guy.

Remember, by now, you have given him enough chances and if he would have genuinely been interested in dating you, he would have taken a little bit more effort.

10. Make other plans

make other plans

Just because your plan with a guy did not work out, it does not mean that you have to sit and sulk about it! Stand up, get dressed and be ready to spend some time with the people who love you. Maybe get on a dating site where you will find plenty of guys for you. No matter what you do, just make sure to have a good time!

11. Try to forget about him

While you are going out there and having fun with other people, try not to think about the guy who ditched you. Remember, it is his loss if even after so many chances he did not bother to at least reschedule the plan.

What can be the reason behind the guy cancelling the date?

There can be various reasons behind a guy cancelling the date and they might have nothing to do with you. There is a possibility that the guy you are planning to meet is shy or is just intimidated by you to such an extent that he got cold feet at the prospect of meeting you for the first time. Or, maybe the guy is not ready for a relationship and just could not handle everything.

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There is also a possibility that the guy actually got sick but is avoiding telling you, because, well, cancelling because one fell sick actually sounds like lying. In this case, if the person does not reschedule then there are huge chances that he was lying.

If the man is continuously talking to you on phone but is cancelling all the plans to meet up then it might mean that he is hiding something from you. Maybe he is using a fake identity to talk with you or maybe he is already married!

No matter what the reason for the cancellation of plans, sometimes getting ditched by a man can actually be good for you as there are chances that he was not really good for you!


What does it mean when a man cancels a date?

If a guy cancels a date and does not even reschedule it then it means that he does not want to get in a relationship with you. However, if a man cancels the plan but gives a valid reason and reschedules the meeting then it means that he likes you and is willing to make an effort for you.

What to do when someone cancels a date last minute?

It can be frustrating when someone cancels at the last minute but you should understand that there could have been an emergency. In such a scenario, text the guy letting him know that you understand their situation. If they want to reschedule the plan then make them wait a little for you.

How do you respond to a flake text?

Try not to judge the guy and give them the benefit of doubt if you feel that their reason could be genuine. Thank him for informing you and showing him that you understand his position. Also, if you still want to go out with them, let them know and see if they reschedule the meeting.

How do you respond to a postponed date?

It depends on how many times the date has been postponed till now. If it has been postponed just once then you can be understanding and let the other person know that it is completely fine. However, if the plans have been cancelled a couple of times before as well then maybe you should say goodbye to this person as clearly, he has many other priorities.

What to say if he cancels a date?

If he cancels a date, then leave him a text letting him know that you understand his position. Also, you can either ask him whether he wants to reschedule the date or wait for him to ask you when you are free again. 


Have you ever been ditched by a guy at the last minute? What was your reaction? Do you know what should be the response of a girl in such a situation? We would love to hear a word from you to help our readers. Please comment below!

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