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10 Sure-Fire Signs A First Date Went Well (Truth)

Did you recently go on a lovely first date with a man? 

Perhaps you’re excited about seeing him again, but you’re not sure if he feels the same way?

This unknown period between initial dates can be frustrating, because you might be scared to push a man too hard. 

At the same time, he might be trying not to show his feelings too blatantly either. It’s a big game of cat and mouse.

I’m here to help provide some clarity for you. Below, I have written 10 of the most surefire signs that a first date went well.

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With that said, the hints listed below will make it reasonably clear whether your first date was a good one or not.

Here Are The Signs A First Date Went Well

Consider the following signs if you want to confirm your date with a person was superb or not: 

1. The date was longer than expected

The date was longer than expected

This is one of the best ways to confirm if your first date did go fine. There is no one that would like to remain in a meeting where there is no fun or interest. The greater the fun or interest at the date center, the longer the time spent

Nobody will like to remain in a place, or meeting, where there is boredom; instead, they just discuss for a while and move out. Most times when things are going on just the way you planned, and the conversation between you and your date is flowing smoothly, to end the meeting is always a problem. If this is what you just experienced in your first meeting with that guy or girl, then I’m happy to say it was awesome. 

2. Continuous eye contact

When there is continuous eye contact between two people who are on their first date, it's a signal that things are going on perfectly. 

But most people believe making eye contact with someone is not polite especially when it's the first date hmm… Well, I know it’s just the first time you people are meeting each other but when the eye needs to move and they are always making contact it means there is chemistry going on, and will you like to stop a reaction with great entropy? I’m pretty sure it's NO. Unless the reaction is completed, nothing can be done. 

So continuous eye contact is not an impolite thing in a date; instead, it's part of the signs things are going on smoothly

3. No distraction

A good sign that things are going on as planned on a date is when there is no form of distraction from both parties. Both of you are paying attention to what is going on within your realm. As we all know, it’s normal to have phone distraction during a date. This often happens most times because the connection between you and your partner is not as strong or one of you feels shy. 

To be sincere with you, it’s normal since it's the first date but the sign isn’t a good one. You will know whether the date was awesome when you don’t see any form of distractions; instead, both of you are paying attention to each other. 

4. Lack of anxiety during the date

Anxiety on your first meeting with a guy or a girl certainly ruins everything. You don’t have the courage to ask anything or do as you like (no freedom). If your first dates are filled with nervousness or anxiety then there is nothing good about it

When you are on a date and there is a natural connection between you and your partner, comfortability is present, and the flow in conversation brings laughter to the air, there is no doubt everything is going well.  And at the end of everything, you will be certain it was indeed a superb outing together. It’s a cool sign.

5. Exchange of social media contact

Exchange of social media contact

This is another perfect way to determine if your date was nice or not. Imagine a first date filled with fun and laughter and no exchange of social media to continue what was happening at the meeting location, then everything is gone. 

Continuation really matters after the first meeting in a relationship. It indicates things were fine and the relationship could be an intimate one. In fact, a second date can be scheduled during the conversation via Whatsapp, Facebook, or any other instant chat app. A lot will be discussed.

6. Continuous meditation on what was discussed

Just because you want to keep the gist for your friends on how everything happened at the date, you may continue meditating on every single moment and event at the center where you and your partner met. 

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But in a situation where you don’t want to talk about the things that happened with anyone or even think about them, then nothing seems good about the date. 

7. A discussion about future plans

When you and your partner are already discussing what you want to do together in the nearest future, then it's a good sign everything is fine. For me, if our conversation isn’t getting so deep to the extent that we discuss our future plans, it means nothing seems right at all. 

We don’t need to talk about crappy things when we know it’s just the first time we are meeting each other. This is surely going to turn me away. 

8. There were lots of questions asked

During the conversation, there were a lot of questions asked, which made you really interested in giving answers. When I hear someone talk about horrible dates, the first thing that comes to my mind is that he or she has gone on an outing with one of these conceited guys or girls. These sets of individuals are only interested in talking about how cool they are, nothing more

When a guy or girl talks less and listens more to what you have to say, it gives room for him to think deeply and give a good response during the conversation. This shows you are really interesting and they want to know more about you.  

9. You were walked to your destination

You were walked to your destination

This happens mostly when you are a girl. Guys who are really interested in a relationship with you don’t care about the distance you will travel when you are leaving the place where you had your date. 

They want to keep the conversation going until you get to your destination then they move towards theirs. Sometimes they would even like to linger for a while after you've reached your destination. This is a strong sign you had a great time together. 

10. You got a text immediately

In the end, he texted you immediately after leaving the venue where you both met. If you receive a text message or a phone call from your date after leaving each other, it’s a good sign everything was awesome. It’s even a must you receive a message like “are you home now?”. This will show you both enjoyed the meeting together and might even want to plan on fixing another one during the conversation. 

This is the last sign because it’s what happens at the end of a great date. 

If you go on a date with a person and you don’t get or see any of the signs listed above, it's a sign that your first date didn’t go well. Something needs to be patched up maybe if the both of you schedule another date though. 


How do you know if a 2nd date went well? 

The signs that a 2nd date went well include: 
- There is an amendment to everything that was right on the first date. 
- At the end of the date, you know everything about your partner. 
- There was a kiss when you both wanted to leave each other.

How do you tell if a date went well with a girl?

This is very easy to tell. The girl tends to be interested in everything that's going on at that moment. She tends to become loquacious and you might think it’s bad of her, but she actually wants to be involved in everything. 

What should I expect after a first date? 

What you should expect after a first date solely depends on how the date went. If it was superb you should be expecting a second and if not just forget it. Nothing should be expected. You really need to go through the signs I’ve listed above about the first date. 

How do you know if a date went bad? 

If you don’t want to share the experience with anyone or your date looks moody at the end of the date, then it's one of those signs that the date was bad. 

How many dates until you are in a relationship? 

You never can tell the amount of dates required to be in a relationship. It varies from person to person so there is no specific amount of dates. For some people, it can just be a date and that’s all while others might get to the fifth and there is still no relationship.  

In Conclusion

There are still a lot of other signs out there to confirm how your first date went, but the 10 signs listed above are the most fundamental ones. I hope the information about the signs for the first dates are detailed enough and helpful? 

If it's a yes, you can drop your comments below and if it’s a no I’m always happy to know more.

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