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What Does A Pisces Man Want In A Woman? (These 10 Things)

March 30, 2024

Are you wondering how to impress a Pisces man?

Maybe you’ve met a seriously cool new guy and you’re looking to make a lasting impact on him?

Perhaps your existing partner has gone cold and you’re trying to find out why? 

Either way, this guide is what you need. It reveals the top 10 attributes that Pisces men look for in a partner. 

However, before we dive into this guide, I want to share an important story with you. 

In my teens and early twenties, I was always left chasing guys who just weren’t that into me. 

I was only ever seen as a casual hook-up, not a woman worth investing in. 

The worst thing was: I had no idea why!

Thankfully, I managed to turn this around - and I want to share how I did it!

It all started when I learned about a little-known aspect of male psychology called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’. 

This psychological tick has a huge impact on how men perceive the women in their life. 

When it’s activated, men often develop intense feelings of purpose, pride and self-worth. These are the emotions they crave more than anything, and they are naturally drawn closer to women who can make them this way. 

Once I learned how to activate the ‘Hero’s Instinct’, it was common for men to OBSESS over me really quickly. My relationships became deeper, more meaningful and more affectionate (read my personal story to learn how it works). 

This is a remarkably consistent psychological shortcut, yet so few people seem to know about it. It’s crazy! 

If you’re struggling to keep great men in your life, I’d highly recommend you learn more about how I discovered the power of the ‘Hero’s Instinct.’

Then, by all means, scroll down to see my Pisces-specific advice.

What Does A Pisces Man Want In A Woman? 

Winning the heart of a Pisces man requires learning or knowing his interest. Listed below are some of the features a woman must possess to attract him.

1. Creativity 

Pisces is ranked first when it comes to creativity. Since the sign for Pisces is feminine in nature, it’s expected that men born in this zodiac month show interest in activities that involve women. Creativity drives these men crazy.

When you are creative and a Pisces man is comfortable being around you, be certain you’ve charmed his heart towards you. He will pour his emotions out for you to know he is truly in love with you. 

2. Emotional Intimacy 

One thing about this guy is he is very sensitive in nature, and he wants to see this in his partner. When you’ve got feelings for this kind of person,  you must be able to connect with him emotionally. You need to be there for a Pisces man when he is going through difficulties. 

If you’ve got this attribute in you and you are ready to showcase it to him, then you may be the owner of his heart ahead of other girls who lack this but have feelings for him. 

3. Generosity 

Like Cancers, the life of a fish sign zodiac male is filled with generosity. He wants someone with this same attitude. You must be ready to give and help if you really want to attract someone like this guy. 

When he gives, he expects his partner to do the same thing. Don’t take time to start contemplating on why you should give or when you need to give if you are around a Pisces guy. You will likely win him with little help you render. 

4. Beauty And Confidence 

Beauty is what attracts every guy to a woman but for Pisces, this is one thing that makes them go haywire. When they see a beautiful woman, they are easily charmed and attracted to her. He is ready to call for a woman at first sight once she is beautiful. 

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He also loves women who are confident of themselves. If you are the type that takes pride in what you do and how you look, then you are his choice. I don’t mean to say he likes women who are egocentric. He detests anyone with pride. 

A combination of these two features in a woman is a perfect means of winning the heart of a Pisces male. 

5. Understanding 

Pisces man wants that partner who understands him in his life, though, he doesn't show this in his character but he really likes it. They are so compassionate about other people’s feelings that they may be moody when they see someone around them is sad. Your feelings affect his own feelings.

Sometimes, when he seems tired after a hectic day, and he needs someone to cheer him off, you have to understand and be there for him. If you are the type that doesn't understand the way he feels every time, then you are not a perfect match for him. Understanding him will make him happy.

6. Despise Jealousness 

These men are very friendly people who get close to everyone around them. If you’ve ever spent your time with a Pisces guy then you will understand what I’m trying to say here. Pisces men seem like there is nothing like hatred in their lives. 

If you are the type who gets jealous of seeing your partner with another person, especially the opposite sex, your aim to attract a guy of this zodiac can’t be achieved. You do not have to care about his relationship with other people since he is a guy who understands the effect of breaking someone’s heart. Pisces man wants freedom.

7. No mind games

Unlike Scorpios who like mind games, Pisces is not a fan of it. They believe people who play mind games in their relationships are nothing but cowards. A Pisces man in love needs a woman who is as straightforward as possible. 

As we all know, fishes swim in relation to the current of the ocean, and so does Pisces.

If you are in love with him and he asks you out don’t waste time before giving him an answer. Playing hard to get with him will only make things complicated and this will push him away. Therefore, you need to be as real as possible. 

8. Honesty 

There is nothing as attractive as honesty when you are in a relationship with a Pisces guy. You must be honest in everything you do with him. This is the only way for him to confirm you truly love him. Add this feature to your attributes and boom! You guys are good to go into a relationship with each other. 

9. Calmness 

These men are soft-hearted people who often want to receive gentle treatment from others. If a woman wants to be in a relationship with a man of this zodiac, one way she can achieve this is through calmness. Once this attribute is seen by a Pisces, he won’t waste time to start a relationship with you. 

10. Be Affectionate 

Try to shower him with affection to prove you really love him. Don’t give him a reason to doubt your feelings for him. 


What Type Of Person Is A Pisces Known For? 

Just like other zodiac signs, this person has a lot of personality. Some of the personalities include; generosity, creativity, compassion, sensitivity, closeness to everyone, and emotion. When this person is over emotional, it usually affects him.

How Can I Impress A Pisces Man?

To impress this type of zodiac sign man, you need to be as real as possible, a little bit flirty and mysterious but this must not get out of hands. Also, you need to be someone who is principled. 

What Does A Pisces Man Want In A Relationship? 

All this man wants in a relationship is for you to understand his personality. You may try to make him change but no, he won’t. He can’t change it because of anyone. He is kind of adamant. 

What Do You Say To A Pisces Man To Turn Him On? 

This is one question that deals with the sexual life of a person. As romantic as this guy is, he prefers it when a woman takes the lead to make horny. But one thing is sure about him, when he is in the mood he will be the first to make a move. So he doesn’t really need you to say anything.

In A Nutshell

I hope this helps you answer the question “What does a Pisces man want in a woman?” one way or the other. 

If you want to attract a Pisces man, you must be ready to possess some if not all the features I have listed above from the first sign to the last one. If you can’t, then you need some other zodiac sign man in your life.

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