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Pisces Rising Men: 17 Traits to Understand His Emotions Better

May 9, 2024

Your rising sign is determined based on the time you were born. Your rising sign, also known as your ascendant sign, typically determines the way others perceive you. It’s the “mask” you wear in public and the first impression you tend to make. You are a Pisces ascendant if this sign was rising in the Eastern horizon at the exact time you were born. 

Your ascendant sign is one of the most important signs in your birth chart, learning about it will give you a better understanding of yourself and of your loved ones. 

In general, Pisces ascendants appear to be soft, sensitive, and creative individuals.

17 Traits of a Pisces Rising Man

These traits will give you a better understanding of the Pisces ascendant personality.

1. Overwhelmed by too much social activity

Easily overwhelmed by too much socializing, this rising sign usually needs time alone with music, books, art, or their closest friends to re-energize themselves. The Pisces ascendant might even become withdrawn in social settings, retreating to their magical minds.

2. He’s a sensitive and compassionate soul 

These highly compassionate beings value all life. They are incredibly caring and concerned about the welfare of others, so much so that they can lose themselves in service to others, forgetting about their own needs. They’re able to forgive quickly and move on when others have hurt them

These men will probably want to care for every stray animal and lonely person out there. However, many will take advantage of their kindness so it’s of utmost importance that they set clear boundaries

Caring for others generally seems to be this sign’s higher calling/purpose in life. 

3. Highly intuitive 

The Pisces ascendant’s strong intuition will guide them through life if they turn inward and give heed to their internal understanding. If listened to, their intuition will also protect them from people wanting to take advantage of their kindness. 

4. Creative

This rising sign often displays creativity through cooking, crafts, interior decor, drama, music, and art. A Pisces ascendant will benefit by finding a creative outlet for their overactive imaginations. 

5. Well-respected at work and in their careers

Pisces risings take it upon themselves to make work fun and creative for all. They will also selflessly give their all to a cause they believe in. Following their passion when it comes to their career is essential if they’re going to perform at their peak. 

6. Emotional beings

Members of the Pisces rising sign might display a wide range of emotions, from calm and pleasant to uncontrollable, turbulent, and destructive. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the ruler of the oceans in Greek Mythology, and just as the sea can change in an instant from calm and serene to wild and unpredictable, so too can a Pisces ascendant. 

Learning to control their emotional outbursts will be of great benefit to this rising sign. 

7. Chameleon-like 

The open hearts and minds of this ascendant sign can give them a chameleon-like persona. They go with the flow, they’re receptive, adaptable, hugely impressionable, and ever-changing. These traits may often confuse others because they never know who they’ll meet this time around. 

This ascendant sign detests the idea of being pinned down to a certain personality type. They simply cannot fathom the idea of a single way of living or being. 

8. Shy 

Pisces men generally give the first impression of being shy and reserved. They’re often so caught up in their own internal worlds that they become withdrawn. You’ll often notice their softly spoken mannerisms. Regardless of their being withdrawn, they are incredibly switched on and intelligent.

9. They’re jealous lovers

they're jealous lovers

Jealous lovers with erratic emotions can sometimes be a disastrous combination. If you’re in love with a Pisces ascendant man, make sure you keep your flirtatious behavior in check, unless you’re prepared for an emotional outburst of note. However, as long as you aren’t flirting with others, you’re in good hands. 

10. Highly intelligent 

Jupiter has blessed this zodiac sign with alove for learning. And learning they do well. Generally speaking, a Pisces man is highly intelligent and able to contribute to almost any discussion at hand. 

11. Optimistic

These dreamers usually see the world from a unique perspective and can give others hope, optimism, and insight, even in the darkest of times. They tend to see the world, and other people, in a positive light, always expecting the best. 

12. Dreamers

Pisces rising people are dreamers who shy away from organization, structure, and rules that confine them. Most of the time, these men live with their heads in the clouds, dreaming of all their possibilities. Go after your dreams! After all, fortune favors the bold. 

13. Philosophical

These philosophical individuals enjoy deep and meaningful conversations about philosophy, the meaning of our existence, spirituality, and religion – these are some of their favorite topics to talk about. These deep thinkers realize there is more than what lies on the surface.

14. Lack decision-making skills 

These men aren’t great decision-makers and rarely plan far into the future. They prefer to live in the moment. They might set goals but are sure to change the goalpost every so often. Oftentimes the goals these individuals do set are seen as unrealistic or ‘dreamy’. 

15. Low on confidence

Some members of this zodiac sign lack confidence, making them highly impressionable and overwhelmed by stronger personality types. This sign will benefit by picking supportive friends who will help them make sense of their internal worlds.

16. Low tolerance towards hardship

When times get tough, the Pisces ascendant gets uncomfortable! This sign has a low tolerance for hardship, wanting out as soon as things become difficult. Unfortunately, Pisces ascendant natives will often turn to drugs, alcohol, and other addictive behavior as a way to escape their realities.

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17. Walk to the beat of their own drum

These men rarely pay heed to the advice of others, following their intuition instead. Objectivity is not a strong point of the Pisces ascendant man, instead, they choose to live in their own worlds. 

A Pisces Rising Man in Love, and in the Bed

a pisces rising man in love, and in the bed

A Pisces rising yearns for stability in their partners. They want a loyal, practical, realistic, and organized partner. They also want to be kept on their toes. All of these traits balance out their own dreamy disposition, making the perfect union. 

A Pisces rising man in love is romantic, selfless, charming, charismatic, and giving. They seek commitment and longevity and don’t believe in casual flings. They enter relationships hoping to contribute meaningfully. They’re observant, reflective, and generally have good intentions. They care deeply for their loved ones, literally giving their all.

Being the dreamers and hopeless romantics they are, Pisces rising men long for a fairy-tale romance. This can also make these men overly clingy. Unfortunately, however, they generally attract heartbreak when it comes to romantic relationships. They refuse to see things as they are, ignoring any red flags before it’s too late. 

Interestingly, these men will rarely make the first move when it comes to romantic relationships.

A Pisces rising man in bed is a tender, gentle lover who will take time to ensure his partner is completely satisfied. 

Pisces Rising Man Physical Appearance and Health 

Physically, these men are generally average in height and on the plumper side. They have soft, dreamy eyes and endearing smiles. They move gracefully and have charming mannerisms. 

Unfortunately, these men aren’t usually as healthy as their zodiac counterparts, suffering regularly from coughs and colds. There is also a potential risk to the feet of the Pisces ascendant. Later on in life, they may also run into frail health with issues like arthritis and circulatory problems being evident. 

Because of the highly empathetic nature of this rising sign they also often suffer from mental health issues like depression and anxiety

Wearing or carrying a yellow sapphire at all times will help bring these ascendants luck, health, and wealth. 

Other Facts Worth Knowing About the Pisces Rising Male

  • The most beneficial planet: the Moon 
  • The next benefic planet: Mars
  • Malefic Planet: Venus 
  • Neutral planets: Mercury and Jupiter
  • Lucky stones/gems/crystals: Yellow sapphire, pearl, and coral

10 Famous Pisces Rising Men

  1. Alexander Graham Bell 
  2. George Clooney
  3. Robert Redford
  4. Michael Jackson 
  5. Johnny Cash
  6. Ryan Gosling
  7. The Notorious B.I.G
  8. Andrew Garfield
  9. Jimmy Fallon
  10. Deepak Chopra 

Pisces Rising Man Compatibility with Other Signs

pisces rising man compatibility with other signs

1. Cancer

When a Cancer and a Pisces rising sign come together in a romantic relationship it’s a sensitive, psychic, emotional match that works beautifully. Both of these water signs are also spontaneous, ensuring dating and love never become monotonous. 

The Cancer individual is likely to be very protective over their loved ones and enjoys taking the lead. The Pisces rising sign, on the other hand, enjoys being led. So, naturally, these two individuals work well together. 

Cancer signs enjoy opulence and grandeur and might struggle to understand why their Pisces ascendant partner prefers simplicity and minimalism. 

The Pisces rising will open up the Cancer’s world when it comes to creativity and spirituality while the Cancer’s more practical ways will help give the Pisces the guidance and direction they need for the fulfillment of their dreams. 

However, beware that when emotions run high between these signs, chances are there’ll be an emotional war at hand. 

Cancer and Pisces rising have an intense sex life. For the Pisces rising sign, sex is a highly spiritual act and for the Cancer individual, it’s the ultimate form of intimacy. The Pisces rising sign is more spontaneous when it comes to lovemaking than the Cancer. 

However, this pair is sure to have an exciting, sensual sex life of equal amounts of give 

and take. 

2. Taurus

The thoughtful, sensual, passionate, and well-grounded Taurus makes the perfect partner for a Pisces rising. While Taurus is slightly more conventional and set in their ways than a Pisces rising sign, the Pisces might encourage them to try out new things. 

Furthermore, the Taurus individual will encourage the Pisces to keep dreaming and establish more social contacts while the Pisces will use their intuition to protect the Taurus in dealing with others. 

The water sign and earth sign are naturally complementary and their deep love and adoration for each other will fuel the relationship for many years to come. Both caretakers, they will nurture their bond with complete devotion. 

Sexually, this pair is all about pleasure. The bull’s romantic gestures will win the Pisces over while the Pisces' depth of emotions will have the bull hypnotized. However, the Pisces rising sign will need to make a conscious effort to be creative in the bedroom so the bull doesn’t become bored.

3. Scorpio 

Both of these water signs bring together an emotional bond like no other. Sentimental, intimate, and understanding are some of the ways to describe a relationship between these zodiac counterparts.

The Pisces rising will benefit from the strength and power the Scorpio displays. While the Scorpio’s hardness will be softened by the Pisces. They understand each other and interact with ease. Their relationship will be based on trust, acceptance, and shared goals. 

Both of these signs will want a long-term romantic partnership. When it comes to physical attraction, these two signs will hardly be able to keep their hands off of each other and their sex life is sure to be steamy. 

This pair is sure to explore and experiment with different sexual fantasies. However, the Pisces shouldn’t be pushed too far for their mental well-being and the Scorpio should ensure sex doesn’t become purely physical, without any emotional connection, or the Pisces might be put off. 


Are Pisces rising men usually attractive?

Yes, these men are usually very attractive. They are sensuous beings that move gracefully, have tranquil expressions, and will draw you in with their big, dreamy eyes.

What are Pisces risings attracted to?

The Pisces rising man usually finds the following traits attractive: humor, sass, femininity, confidence, a big smile, muted makeup, kindness, and modest clothing.

How are Pisces rising men in bed?

They are gentle lovers who take their time when it comes to lovemaking. You can rest assured you’ll never leave the bed feeling unsatisfied with one of these men as your lover.


If you have a Pisces ascendant in your life, you are lucky! These men will go to the ends of the Earth for you if they care about you. They’re also sure to spread hope and positivity wherever they go, leaving things better than they found them. 

Generally speaking, these men are sensitive dreamers who can be easily influenced by others. They need to keep their mental and physical health in check so they don’t fall victim to addictive behaviors. 

If you have a crush on one of these ascendant people, don’t be afraid to make the first move as he’s unlikely to. 

If you enjoyed reading this article and have a Pisces rising man in your life that you care about, give it a like and share it!

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