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7 Ways To Get A Pisces Man To Chase You

June 28, 2024

Are you wondering how to make a Pisces man OBSESS over you? 

Perhaps you’ve met a great guy - who isn’t showing enough interest in you at the moment - and you want that to change?  

Or maybe you’re in a long-term relationship with a Pisces who isn’t too good at showing his affection?  

Either way, I invite you to read on. In this guide, you’ll learn seven effective strategies for making a Pisces chase you. 

But first, it’s very important that you read the following sentences carefully. 

In my teens and early twenties, I wasted a lot of my time chasing men who just weren’t that into me. 

The spark in my relationships would always peter out after a few weeks or months. 

It felt like I’d never find a meaningful connection with a man. They were never interested in that! 

Thankfully, I managed to turn this sad situation around - and I want to share how I did it. 

It all started when I began to read about a powerful aspect of male psychology called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

This psychological trigger has a huge impact on how men perceive the women in their lives. It can be the difference between men seeing you as a casual ‘bit of fun’ or an OBSESSION. 

Once I began to activate this way of thinking within a man, my relationships quickly became more loving and passionate (you can read my personal story to learn more).   

This is a consistent psychological shortcut and it’s simple enough to learn. Yet, so few people seem to know about it! 

So, if you’re looking to make a serious impact on a special guy, I invite you to learn more about how I discovered the ‘Hero’s Instinct’

My Pisces-specific tips below could also prove useful.

What Attracts A Pisces Man

There are a number of ways to attract a Pisces man and lure him into your net so you can have a strong, emotional relationship in the future. There are a number of things that he likes to look for in a love partner that we can rely on due to his star sign. 

Pisces men, in general, tend to be quite emotional people and, as they are a water sign, tend to feel things very deeply. A Pisces guy is, therefore, someone who is sensitive to many things which is why it is necessary for a potential partner to have some of the following things and characteristics.


If you want to be with a Pisces man, it is important that you are a kind person. It is possible to show kindness in a number of ways, but it is a good idea to show that you are kind towards him too. 

To do so, make sure that you remember to ask him how he is, especially after he has been going through any ups and downs in his life - perhaps to do with his job or family. Kindness can be a subtle act sometimes so it is also important to be consistent in your approach towards displaying kind acts - both towards him and other people.


Pisces men are artistic people. As such for a relationship to even start, a Pisces man needs to see that his potential partner has a creative streak and likes to do something cultural with their time too. Creativity is something that often cannot be forced, but it is possible to try to learn to be artistic in your hobbies. Start going to art galleries, take up cooking or perhaps enroll in a photography course at a nearby art college. 

Pisces men are drawn to artistic and creative people not only because they are artistic too, but they find it a good way to convey their emotions when they cannot find the words. They are deep thinking and often regress into themselves and so having a creative outlet is helpful for their moods. 

As a result, they like to see their partner as a creative person, too. It attracts them as they feel safe being around other creative energies as it allows them to feel secure enough to be themselves. 


A Pisces man likes to be in a relationship with someone who is as idealistic as they are. While this can sometimes be hard to deal with if you are not naturally idealistic, and far more practical, your Pisces man will be attracted to you far more if you have optimistic and almost romantic sensibilities about the future. 

One of the main reasons that Pisces men like to see idealism in their loved ones is because it allows them to be themselves again. Idealism often goes with dream-like qualities and a Pisces man likes to be with a dreamer so that their utopian ideals don’t get laughed at. 

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Being idealistic is a good way of attracting a Pisces man and a good way of getting a Pisces man to chase you, but it’s important as well that you don’t lose your own way of doing things in an effort to catch his eye. It is possible to be idealistic at the same time as being practical - you will just have to find a balance if you are not normally as idealistic as your Pisces. 


A Pisces man is a very dedicated person and as such admires a loyal streak in a person. For a Pisces man to be attracted to you therefore, he needs to know that you exhibit loyalty towards your friends and family. 

Additionally, any behavior that goes against this will be a massive turn off for a Pisces man. Bearing that in mind, you need to go above and beyond for both him, but also your other loved ones if you want your relationship to stand the test of time. 

Make sure that you put him and family first therefore and ensure that if you need to sacrifice something for yourself to put your loved ones before you, then that is what you need to do if you are serious about this Pisces guy. 

Loyalty is a characteristic that many people proclaim they have, but not everyone is truly loyal when it comes to the crunch. A Pisces man is painfully aware of this thanks to his sensitive and emotional nature. He is attuned to people’s true ways, so make doubly sure that you are as loyal and dedicated as he is when the opportunity arises.



Thanks to that very sensitive and emotional nature that values loyalty, a Pisces man is also attracted to a woman that shows compassion towards people. This is also an extension of a Pisces man’s need to be with a kind partner, who puts others before her own interests.

This can be an almost paralyzing thought at first - being compassionate, loyal and kind at all times makes a Pisces man’s ideal woman sound like she is too good to be true due to the need for these angel-like qualities. Don’t be overwhelmed, however. Compassion is not a hard emotion to exhibit and have - all you need to do is slow down and think about others and how they will react to certain situations. 

In doing so you will be able to answer their needs quickly and with little trouble. You’ll soon find that you naturally are a compassionate person as acting in an empathetic manner is habitual and you will soon get used to it.  


A Pisces man likes to shower his girlfriend or wife with affection. When he’s in a relationship with a person, he is generous in both material terms but also in emotional support. So while he will give his girlfriend as many presents as possible, he will also be generous in terms of the help he gives her. This can take the form of support that gives her confidence to tackle her demons - either at work or in any other realm she needs more assurances in. 

For that reason, a Pisces man also needs the woman he is with to be generous towards him. While he is not materialistic and does not need presents or to be spoilt at any given occasion, he does like to see his girlfriend give her time where she can - either to him or to those friends and family she needs to be loyal to. 

Additionally, he also likes his affections reciprocated, so that means for a Pisces man to be attracted to you, you will need to be as tactile with him as he is with you. He sees it as an assurance for him and the validity of your love for him - much like you would of him. 

How To Get A Pisces Man To Chase You

There are a few ways to get this complicated star sign to chase you. A Pisces man has many different facets to his character and so there are a few tactics that you undertake. You’ll know which one is best depending on exactly what your Pisces guy is like and what his strongest Pisces characteristics are. 

Here are our recommendations for how to get a Pisces man to chase you:

1. Be Fun.

A Pisces man, thanks to his artistic and creative streak is always looking for new ways to entertain himself in his spare time. As a result, anyone that wants to attract a Pisces man and have him chase her will need to be fun-loving and willing to give anything a try. 

He also, despite his emotional and moody ways, likes to see the object of his affection be carefree and not take life too seriously. While he, as mentioned before, admires loyalty towards friends and family, he also loves to see women who are happy to do frivolous things.

Bearing all this in mind, it can be a good idea to invite him along to things that are that little bit different. As opposed to being the one that always suggests a drink or dinner for a date idea, why don’t you suggest something out of the ordinary? Given a Pisces man’s creative streak this could mean an art class, a historical walk around your nearest town or city or perhaps going to see the latest IT show at the theatre. 

Whatever it is, make sure that you keep your personality as fun and happy as much as possible. He’ll find it incredibly attractive and should hopefully be chasing after you in no time. 

2. Be Enigmatic.

Thanks again to their moody and sensitive natures, a Pisces man finds it incredibly alluring for the object of his affection to be enigmatic and a little bit cryptic at times. He sees it as a challenge and this is what will make him chase you. 

Bearing this in mind don’t lay everything out on a plate for him about you and your ways. He likes to try to figure you out as it appeals to his emotional and attentive sensibilities. Sometimes, it can feel a little strange trying not to be as open as you can with someone about what you are really like. But it works well with a Pisces man to leave some things unsaid and hold back a little. 

This can be tough given how wonderful a boyfriend a Pisces man can be. To a Pisces man, secrets are what keep him interested and it is what will make him chase you. It also keeps things fresh in a relationship so it can help you further down the line too. 

3. Play Hard To Get.

If you do not think the above two tactics will work for you and your Pisces man, one other option you have to get him to chase you is to play hard to get. If you have started dating, or you get the impression that he is at least flirty with you, try to be less available to him. Much like being enigmatic, this will pique his interest even more and have him chasing after you in no time. 

Sometimes playing hard to get is not always a tactic that works with every man as sometimes they just think you are not interested at all. The result can be that they simply stop trying to win you over. But with a Pisces man, he likes a challenge and also tends to be attuned to a woman’s feelings enough to realize that you may be interested, but just a little hesitant - for whatever reason. 

The result can be, if that sounds like your Pisces man, that he will stop at nothing until you are both dating and in a relationship with one another. This is another way on how to get a Pisces man to chase you.

Signs A Pisces Man Is In Love With You

Signs A Pisces Man Is In Love With You

Once you have got your Pisces man to chase you, you may be wondering what he does when he is in love with you. It is good to know what a Pisces man is like when he is falling for a person because then you will know whether your tactics are working or not. 

1. He Calls You To Ask You How You Are.

If you successfully get a Pisces man to chase you, you will know he is falling in love with you if he calls you up to see how you are. A Pisces man likes to know how his partner is feeling - both in general and in the relationship as a whole too. 

It is something that you will need to get used to if you are serious about one another. Luckily, a Pisces is so sensitive to a partner’s needs and moods that he will understand quickly when you are in the mood to talk to him in-depth about how you are, and when you simply just need cheering up. 

2. He Makes Plans With You.

A big gripe that so many women have in their relationships is that they are always the one that is making the plans. Luckily, if you are dating a Pisces man that is in love with you, he will often arrange things for you both. 

Thanks to his generous ways, you can expect to be spoilt rotten on any occasion - a Pisces man does not feel the need to wait until anniversaries and birthdays to make big plans with you. Instead, you can look forward to being taken to the best places for no reason at all. 

Making plans with you is a Pisces man’s method to ensure that he sees you as much as possible. He likes to see the woman he loves as often as he can as he sees it as a key thing to ensuring the success of the relationship and making sure it will last. 

3. He Is Romantic.

Thanks to that sensitive nature of his, you can expect your Pisces guy to be incredibly romantic towards you if he has fallen in love with you. Romance to him is a natural thing to exhibit for his soulmate and he will make any situation as romantic as possible as he loves to spoil the woman he is with. 

This means that he not only will take you on many candlelit dinners or romantic picnics in the park, he will also think of activities that are interesting to you. In fact, he will do his utmost to ensure that he only suggests plans that you consider a true hobby or fun activity. 

4. He Needs Reassurance.

When a Pisces falls in love, he falls hard. It is therefore important to him that he knows the strength of his relationship and the bond with the woman he is with. One of the ways that he knows the strength of the love between him and his girlfriend is by asking. 

This asking will mean he is seeking constant reassurance from you that you are not going anywhere and are not going to break up with him at a moment’s notice. He likes to be assured of the longevity of your relationship and connection. Being with the woman he loves is central to his life and his happiness, and so he cannot stand the thought of that relationship breaking down. 

His usual confidence, therefore, can dissipate to nothing when he has fallen in love. This can sometimes be a tiring task on the part of his partner who constantly needs to reassure him that she is not going anywhere and that her feelings are as strong for him as his are for her. 

Try to have patience with this if you find it hard. It can be difficult at times to constantly reassure him of your feelings for him, especially when you know that you are crazy about him. However, hopefully, soon enough your actions and behavior will be all the reassurance he needs. 

The Bottom Line

Getting a Pisces man to chase you by using his zodiac sign to figure out the best manner to attract him is an efficient method to start dating. While you always need to balance out what his strongest characteristics are within his horoscope, you can get him to chase you by using a tactic that is most suitable for him.

However, while you get a Pisces man to chase you, remember that you also have needs and requirements for a relationship too. Sometimes we focus on one guy too much, and if he needs a lot of cajoling to see how fantastic you are, you need to concentrate on whether he is the right person for you. 

If he takes too much persuasion through your alluring methods, then you may doubt yourself in your relationship in the future. This can be destabilizing for you and so can affect your happiness. Bearing that in mind, ensure that when you get a Pisces man to chase you - he really is worth the effort. 

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