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Pisces Man in Bed (7 Things to Expect)

March 30, 2024

Are you wondering what a Pisces man enjoys in bed? 

Are you looking for ideas to turn him on and make him lust after you even more? 

If so, read on, because this article explains 7 things you can expect when having sex with a Pisces man. 

However, before we dive into this guide, it’s really important for you to carefully read the following sentences. 

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What Is A Pisces Man Like In Bed? 

So what exactly is a Pisces man like in bed? Well, a Pisces man in bed will often display the following characteristics. Knowing about them in advance can really help you adjust your body language to get what you want as well as deepening your emotional connection so that your love for one another can go the distance. 


While a Pisces man is prone to mood swings and is deeply emotional, they are also known to be experimental in bed too. This is down to a number of traits from his personality that culminate in a willingness to try new things with a sexual partner. 

A Pisces man will never judge you for any fetishes or fantasies you have and will do his best to act them out for the woman he is with too. He is assured enough to say no to anything he truly does not feel comfortable with. But in the main, he is the type of man who will want to please his girlfriend in any way he can, and so to a Pisces man, that means being the person to fulfill her dreams. 

It can be a good idea to take advantage of this personality trait therefore and make the most of the physical chemistry that you both have together. It will mean that you are able to push boundaries on the sexual side of things to seek the ultimate pleasure possible. 

Finally, do not get scared by the fact that your Pisces man may have had a far more colorful sex life because of his experimental nature. It can be quite intimidating at first if you find out about his sexual experiences and compare them to yours which you believe to be far more ordinary. He won’t see it that way - all he sees is that people have sexual preferences and he is happy to find ways to meet them. 

If your sexual preferences are to have sex in the missionary position each and every time you have sex, he will be ok with that as long as it brings you pleasure in the process. Just don’t forget that your Pisces man is a good way to try out new techniques in the bedroom! He won’t judge you at all. 



While a Pisces man is experimental and happy to be led by what his partner wants, that does not mean he wants or needs sex to be kinky. Instead, a Pisces man is naturally very romantic in the bedroom and loves to shower his girlfriend, wife or partner with affection both in public and between the sheets. 

This can mean he will go to great lengths to set a romantic ambiance with dozens of candles, but it can also mean that he simply runs you both a bath after a long hard day. If that leads to sex, then that’s great to him, but the reason he is romantic in bed is not because he believes he will be able to get sex more. Instead, he is romantic in bed simply because he likes to be. 

As ever with a man who is romantic, try to relax into his grand gestures and enjoy them for what they are. There is never an ulterior motive with a Pisces man who is in love. He simply wants to give pleasure to the woman that he loves more than anything in the world. 


So often a woman will complain that sex with her boyfriend is not as enjoyable as it could be as her needs aren’t met. This can be because some men can be totally unaware of what their partner would like in the bedroom. Women often believe that all women want the same things in the bedroom, but this is not the case. 

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With a Pisces man, you can be assured that your needs will be met. This is down to the fact that he is a very attentive lover and will stop at nothing until you have achieved the pleasure you require during a sex session with him. 

What’s great about this is that he will take the time to work out the nuances to your body and learn what you like right from the very beginning. There will be no awkward first time with a Pisces man as there can be with other men. 

A Pisces man knows that each woman he is with will have different tastes and he seeks to find out what they are as soon as possible. From that point, he will be able to please his partner easily and therefore strengthen the physical bond and attraction between the two of them. 


As with any water sign, a Pisces man in bed is sensitive to how he likes to make love - much like he is in real life. A Pisces man will think ahead of you in what you like depending on your personality, but also your current mood. 

This is great news as it means he is very switched on to your feelings. If he senses that you are stressed out for any reason because of your daily grind, he will likely suggest a slow sensual massage to help you relax. If he senses that you are a bit restless, he will most likely suggest a fantasy or a bit of kink to keep things interesting. 

Some women may find this overwhelming at first, as they may not know what to do with this level of sensitivity. But once they get used to this type of emotion, they will realize that the experience of sleeping with a Pisces man can be fantastic thanks to his sensitive nature. 

One downside to it can be that his feelings can be hurt quite easily. So if he does something that you don’t quite like or you’re not into - he may take it very personally. If you are serious about being in a couple with him though and you love him, try to find a way to suggest other directions for you both when you make love that you do like.  


Due to their sensitive nature, Pisces men can be incredibly tender in both their love life and also their sex life. They love to please the woman that they are with and as a lover that means that they take that woman’s emotions into consideration at all times and are subsequently very tender in their approach in the bedroom. 

This is heightened with a Pisces man in love. A Pisces guy who is in love with a woman will have an insatiable want to please his partner through tenderness and passion in bed. This is great news for those that enjoy a lot of foreplay as sex with a Pisces who is making love to his soul mate will include a lot of run-up to actual intercourse.

While this may suit some more than others, it’s important to realize that Pisces men do all this to deepen the connection with the one that they love. Deepening that connection is imperative to a water sign like Pisces and he will do anything and everything in his power to ensure that the woman he is with knows how much he loves her. He understands that the physical side of things is a big part of any relationship and a good way to strengthen a bond between a man and a woman. 


While Pisces men have a sensitive nature that can be hurt easily, this does not mean that he is nervous in the bedroom. In fact, on the flip side, a Pisces man in bed is incredibly confident and his actions between the sheets will often be assured.

This can be intimidating for any woman who is not self-confident in the bedroom and constantly questions whether she is doing the right thing. If that is the case, make sure that you learn from the Pisces man you are with, by taking on board his confidence. 

His confidence stops him from second-guessing himself all the time and undoubtedly makes him a better lover because of things. He doesn’t overthink things and as a result, just goes with the flow with the person he is with. 

This confidence means that he is also willing to try new things. So if the woman he is with has a foot fetish, for example, he is willing to give it a go as he doesn’t get scared by the possibility that the outcome could be a failure. He doesn’t overcomplicate lovemaking - he simply views sex as a way to improve his love life. 


A Pisces man will usually be a very constant lover. While this can mean that he will have a high sex drive and need to make love to the woman he is in love with a lot, it also means that he is constant in his attentions towards her too. 

This, again, can be quite overwhelming to those that are not used to being in a loved one’s thoughts so much. But after a while, it is a great way of giving yourself the confidence in both the bedroom and other aspects of your relationship.

If your Pisces man cannot seem to get enough of you in the bedroom then you know you can take this as a huge sign of his love for you. Their sensitive nature means that they want to be with you physically as much as possible to make sure that your bond is as close as it can be. 

He will want to please you as much as possible and to do that he will want to practice as much as possible too. 

The Bottom Line

A Pisces man in bed is a very sensual sign who looks at his sexual relationships with a woman as very important. In fact, he will see it as an intrinsic part of being in a couple and sees it as a way of maintaining the attraction between two people over time - a thought echoed by many relationship counselors

In doing so, he will often suggest fantasies and desires that he would like to see happen between the sheets, but he will also be doing so in an effort to strengthen other parts of the relationship. By physically being with one another, he believes that he will deepen the understanding and friendship you both have. This is down to knowing each other's needs which can help inform other aspects of your lives. 

Plus, while a Pisces man is very sensitive and tender between the sheets, he is also fun. His confidence means he is happy to try out new things and let the imagination of his partner fuel romance and desire. 

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