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Virgo Man - Cancer Woman Compatibility: Match Made In Heaven? (5 Delicate Qualities)

Of all the star signs in the Zodiac, the Virgin and the Crab make the oddest couple. Just picture the lithe and beautiful Virgin walking on the beach alongside his shorter crabby Cancer friend.

Virgo exudes exquisite perfection and precision in everything he does. Even the way he places his feet has poise and purpose. Then there’s the Crab. Scuttling across the sand in a sideways fashion. Compared to our magnificent Virgin she looks skittish and clumsy.

So we already have signals that these Earth and Water signs are not a particularly good match.

But doesn’t the earth need water otherwise it becomes dry and barren? And water would simply evaporate if there was no earth to capture it and make use of it?

Perhaps there’s more to this odd couple than we realize. Let’s not write them off just yet. They might share common interests? Maybe their weaknesses are attractive to one another?

So Are Virgo Man And Cancer Woman Compatible? 

Before I talk about Virgo and Cancer compatibility let’s look at their different signs.  


  • Earth sign
  • Ruled by Mercury
  • Symbol – The Virgin
  • Mutable sign


  • Water sign
  • Ruled by the Moon
  • Symbol – The Crab
  • Cardinal sign

Virgo characteristics

Virgo characteristics

Positives: Practical, charming, organized, methodical, precise, loyal, hardworking, polite, perfectionist, pragmatic.

Negatives: Picky, critical, anxious, worrier, shy, nervous, cold, stand-offish, fussy.

Virgos are the ultimate organizers of the Zodiac. They are precise, practical, and systematic. Virgo notices the small details but not necessarily the bigger picture.

Virgo is an Earth sign and as such is well-grounded and prefers tradition over anything new and untested. They have a methodical approach to life and do not appreciate spontaneity.

This sign is the planner of the Zodiac. If you are going on a trip the Virgo amongst you will know the flight times and booking times. He’ll have all your travel documents in a neat binder ready for customs. 

He’ll probably have packed your cases too because he doesn’t trust you not to forget something important.

The problem with this level of precision is that Virgos can be overly obsessed with perfection. They can suffer from varying degrees of OCD because they need things to be just right.

Virgos abhor chaos. They need structure in their lives to feel secure. They have built a natural barrier around their emotions because underneath it all they are fragile creatures. Only when they feel loved and safe will they begin to open up.

Now let’s look at Cancer

Cancer characteristics

Positives: Family-orientated, loyal, intuitive, empathic, determined, creative, emotional.

Negatives: Irritable, moody, insecure, jealous, self-pity, manipulative, and devious.  

Cancerians are the homemakers. They value security, family ties, and comfort. To Cancer, the family is everything. They like to take care of those they love. But these are very emotional creatures. After all, they are ruled by the Moon. Their moods can be as changeable and frequent as the tides.

However, this constant having to deal with emotional changes gives them incredible insight into the pain of others. This is one of the most gentle and caring signs of the Zodiac, particularly if the Cancer is a woman. If you are ever in need of a friend your best bet is Cancer.

Cancers give a lot of themselves to the right person when they fall in love. Sometimes to the detriment of their own health. For this reason, Cancers prefer authentic people they can trust. And thanks to their intuition they can spot a fake a mile away.

Those born under the sign of Cancer always fare better in life with a partner beside them. Once they have this security they can leave their crabby shell and go out into the world with confidence.

Cancers are also traditional and can be shy. They’ll often wait for others to voice their opinions before speaking out themselves.

Are Cancer And Virgo A Good Match?

So that’s a little insight into the star signs of Cancer and Virgo, but what about their compatibility as a couple? Are their individual characteristics a good match? Or, are they complete opposites?

Let’s examine the Virgo man and Cancer woman together.

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1. Common interests

Both Cancer woman and Virgo man have a deep and innate need for security. However, they are also very private people who can manage perfectly well on their own.

For Virgo man and Cancer woman to form a relationship with anyone, they have to be 100% sure it will work. Obviously, this is a Catch 22 situation. How can you know a relationship will work unless you give it a chance?

But Virgo men and Cancer women do not take chances and for different reasons. Virgo fears the chaos and intrusion that accompanies the introduction of someone new into his life. Whereas Cancer has a habit of scuttling back to the safety of her shell at the first sign of betrayal or hurt.

2. Communication

Both can be shy and reserved. So it might take some time for them to actually enter into a relationship. However, once they are committed to one another they can form a solid foundation from which to build a lasting bond.

The problem is that Virgo man can be overly critical of his Cancer woman. He forgets that once a Crab has committed to another person they leave their shell behind. This makes them soft and vulnerable. Virgo always believes that any kind of critique is helpful.

Maybe to some star signs his advice is helpful but not to the emotional Cancer. It’s true that Crabs are easy-going by nature. So long as their family and loved ones are safe and the bank balance is healthy. Virgo would do well to take some time out if he feels a critique coming on.

3. Emotions

Cancer is one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac

Apart from Pisces, Cancer is probably one of the most emotional signs of the Zodiac. This doesn’t pair well with the calculating and precise nature of Virgo. Imagine Virgo is the straight line drawn with a ruler in thick permanent marker. Cancer is the wishy-washy watercolor causing the line to bleed.

Virgo controls his emotions with military precision. Cancer can no more control hers than it is possible to stop waves from crashing against the shore. It’s that pesky ruling Moon of hers remember?

Virgo doesn’t understand the unpredictable moods of Cancer. If Cancer wants a relationship with Virgo she’s going to have to either rein in her emotions or be patient with her Virgo man.

4. Intimacy

When a Cancer and a Virgo do manage to connect their intimacy can be as deep and serene as the ocean and as sensual as the smell of the earth after a thunderstorm.  

This is a natural expression of physical love for Virgo and Cancer. Imagine Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. This pair don’t need sexual fantasies or toys to spice up their love life. Their lovemaking is a way of expressing their mutual love and desire for each other.

As natural as this is, a Cancer woman may feel unhappy if her Virgo man behaves in a cool and offhand way towards her. Virgo man might feel overwhelmed by her clingy neediness to take care of him and feel like fleeing the scene.

5. Long term prospects

A Cancer Virgo partnership could be a marriage made in heaven, but compromises will have to be made. Virgo can learn a lot from Cancer. He can loosen up for a start. He can stop looking at tiny insignificant details and wake up to the wider world at large. 

Cancer can show him everything he’s missing. The way the color red turns black in the moonlight. That the distant orange star in the southern night sky is actually Jupiter.

Likewise, Virgo can teach Cancer that it’s perfectly normal to want some time alone. He’ll show by example that confidence grows not by depending on others but by proving you can survive without them.


Do Cancer and Virgo make a good couple?

On the whole Cancer Virgo is a good match as their strengths and weaknesses complement one another. Virgo is logical and tends to the analytical side of things. Whereas Cancer is much more emotional and places a higher value on feelings.

What do Virgos like about Cancers?

Virgos like the sense of security offered by those born under Cancer. Virgos like routine and detest change. Cancer is a homebody that is the very definition of a predictable nature. This soothes the practical and organized side of Virgo.

Who is Virgo sexually compatible with?

The most sexually compatible signs for Virgo are other Earth signs such as Capricorn and Taurus. These star sign pairings make for an earthy sensual relationship that stands the test of time.

What is Virgo attracted to?

Virgos love the finer things in life. They are attracted to quality and elegance. They also have extremely inquisitive minds and love anything to do with communication. That’s all due to their ruling planet of Mercury.

Who will Cancer marry?

Cancers crave security so they are most likely to want to marry. They are drawn to fellow Water signs such as Pisces and Scorpio. Their ideal marriage partner is Pisces. Pisces are deeply emotional and share Cancer’s sensitivity. 

Although Scorpios have the same hard outer shells as Cancer they use theirs as armor to attack. Cancer uses her shell as a refuge.


Are you in a Virgo man Cancer woman relationship? Does your relationship work? I’d love to hear your comments. If you liked my article please feel free to share it.

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