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Stressed Out Guy (11 Ways To Help Him)

One question many women ask is, would I ever leave the days of stress behind? When will I stop experiencing this amount of stress just because I’m trying to live the life of my dreams? However, the truth is, you will always experience an amount of stress no matter what phase of life you find yourself in.

For example, in relationships, you may find yourself with a man who gives stress level a new meaning because he does so much that weighs him down at the end of almost every day. Being in love with men who take on so many responsibilities is a stress in itself but because you love him, you want the best for him.

People experiencing chronic stress tend to lack the energy or interest in doing fun things because they are usually trying to get adequate sleep, not fun times.   

How then can you help a stressed-out man manage stress without breaking down? How do you help him create a work-life balance without experiencing job dissatisfaction, bad health, or losing interest in the simple things of life?

Since stress will never go away completely, you need to adopt stress management instead. What are the stress management activities you can encourage your man to do? Read on to get 11 tips for helping your man manage stress effectively. 

11 Ways To Help Him When He Is Stressed

1. Be acquainted with his daily schedule

To help your guy keep stress to the barest minimum, you need to know what his daily schedule looks like. What activities pose the highest risk of increasing his stress levels? Which actions make him experience sleep deprivation, thus affecting his energy boost for starting the next day?

What can he do or avoid doing to make sure he gets the right amount of sleep or rest in a day? When you know what he does daily, you will be able to offer him helpful suggestions that will help him create a more balanced schedule for his daily activities.

2. Understand his personality and how he deals with situations

Understand his personality and how he deals with situations

People have different personalities which affect the way they act or react in given situations. For example, an outgoing man will probably be more open to engaging in more activities than a reserved person will be. 

An outgoing choleric will want to put himself out there more than a sanguine would because of their personality difference. If your partner is the outgoing type, you might want to encourage him to reduce the number of responsibilities he already has and create time for his care. 

If your man is a reserved person who hates saying no to people, encourage him to say no to engagements he can’t handle. Whatever personality your guy possesses; his health is at stake if he doesn’t manage his stress levels.

3. Be an active listener

Sometimes, people going through stress just need someone to hear them out. They just want to pour out their emotions and thoughts, not for you to give them your opinion. If you already understand your man’s personality and how he deals with different situations, you will know when he just wants you to hear him out and when he wants to hear you talk to him.

By being an active listener he can unburden his mind to, you are offering him a way out of feeling overwhelmed by stress. Also, this might be one of the ways he gets a solution to his stress problems. 

4. Be available not just present

One of the ways to help your guy overcome work stress is to make yourself available to him at home. It is not enough to be present when he is in the mood to talk with you. Your quality time with him at home should involve intentional availability. 

Men in a relationship also crave attention, especially when they are going through an undue stress level. Therefore, let him feel your full attention even if he’s the one doing the talking; make eye contact, touch him casually, and respond adequately when necessary. 

5. Be familiar with the peculiarity of each stress-induced situation

One of the ways you can increase your man's stress level by assuming it is the same thing that is causing him stress. There are several stress channels and you need to understand which one is predominant at which point.

For example, it is not only work that stresses men out. Family or home-related problems can cause tension for your man and so, you need to address each situation based on the source of the stress. Without the right knowledge of the problem at hand, you will only proffer unhelpful solutions.

6. Watch out for stress signs

Some men manage stress better than others, while some men hide their stress from their partners behind the guise of being busy. If you know your partner well enough you will observe stress signs in him no matter how much he hides them.

For example, if exercise is like a religion to him and he stops doing it, it will affect his daily productivity and quality of life. Even if he tells you that he isn’t feeling the effects too much because of the past workouts he did, there will be a difference in the ways he performs.

Noticing these stress signs will help you act fast in correcting the lapse you notice.

7. Encourage and help him to eat healthily

One of the channels of helping your partner reduce stress is through his diet. What does he eat? How well does he eat? Does he skip eating a lot or he depends on junk because he doesn’t have the time to cook healthy meals? His health depends on these questions.

If he is your husband or you live together, you can easily resolve this particular issue because you’ll get to see him every day. All you need to do is make sure he eats the foods you prepare. Also, put extra effort into preparing dishes he loves and creates a relaxing setting for eating the foods. If you don’t live together, create a meal plan for him and help him get the groceries if necessary. 

8. Make him attend fun hangout with friends

Make him attend fun hangout with friends

A stressed-out man would only have time to rest or sleep after having a full day at work. It is usually hard for such a man to dedicate many hours on the weekend to hang out with friends because he wants to sleep properly; at more than he can do during the week.

To help him, suggest that your happiness is dependent on him. He will make time to go out with you or might hang out with few friends for a few hours on the weekends. He cares for you and so, he will want to make you happy. 

9. Create a relaxing atmosphere for lovemaking

Sex doesn’t just affect productivity and fulfillment, it also affects a man’s sex drive. A tired man won’t be thinking of sex because all he wants to do at that moment is to collapse and sleep.

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Before creating a relaxing atmosphere for lovemaking, you need to do other things to help your partner lead a balanced life. This includes regular exercise, eating healthy meals, and generally reducing stress symptoms. It will then be easier for him to respond to the sexual atmosphere you set. 

The regular sexual release will help him de-stress more often than if he isn’t getting any sexual actions. 

10. Be his special masseuse once in a while

Acting as his masseuse doesn’t have to involve a full run down. A foot rub, shoulder kneading, and back slaps can go a long way in helping him release some of the kinks caused by tension.

He will appreciate and return the gesture no matter how busy he is. Also, encourage him to visit a spa once a month to prevent excess build-up of tension in his muscles.

11. Assist him with his to-do lists

One of the most effective ways to help your guy reduce stress is by taking some items off his to-do lists. As such, help him do some of his activities. 

If your guy has many responsibilities he cannot discard, offer to help him with decision making and he will delegate the ones he’s sure you can’t mess up for him.


How do you tell if a man is stressed?

You will observe signs such as quick fatigue, loss of sexual interest and confidence, and inadequate communication with you because he is tired.

How do you help him when he is stressed?

Avoid discussing issues that aren’t urgent and would stress him more. You can also offer to do some of his chores and activities so he can rest.

Why do guys pull away when stressed?

Even though they can deal with stress normally, men generally don’t like unnecessary stress that doesn’t convert to useful assets.  Therefore, they avoid problem channels when they are stressed out.

What does it mean to stress someone out?

When you stress someone out, it means you’re causing a lot of problems and making them uncomfortable. 

How can I stop stressing?

You can stop stressing by accepting that there are some things you cannot easily change and, by doing your best and leave the rest to chance.

The Bottom Line

Stress is a constant part of life but, you can reduce the way it affects your overall productivity, health, and feeling of fulfillment about your life in general. Helping your man manage stress will also give you peace of mind and so, consider using the tips in this article.

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