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How to Flirt with Your Crush? 31 Interesting Tips

We all know what having a crush is like. The subtle heart pangs we feel. Our sudden interest in things they like, say, or do, the imaginary glances we notice coming from them anytime they are near, and the way our heartbeat quickens when they approach us.

Thankfully, crushes are a normal human phenomenon that reminds us of our feelings. This means that flirting with your crush should be and feel normal, too, right? 

They say flirting is an art that, when done right, can transform an ordinary crush into a date and possibly something more. It requires you to know the best ways to tease a love interest with your looks, body language, and even regular banter. By skillfully using these elements, you'll effortlessly command any room you find yourself in. 

While some people are born natural flirts, some girls struggle with flirting and making the first move. For many, finding flirty things to talk about with your crush is the job of the guy, not the girl. However, crushes don't always start as mutual; you might need to tease to pique delight and get another person to find you attractive. 

If you've been wondering about the subtle things to say to your crush to awaken their interest, this is the article for you. 

How to Flirt with Your Crush Face-to-Face?

There are many subtle or direct ways to flirt with a man you find attractive. One can flirt via text messages, social media, and face-to-face, if you're willing. Flirting with a guy has nothing to do with whether you're newly dating or courting. 

To flirt through any medium, all that's needed is a delight in a guy, great conversation ideas, countless compliments and jokes, and, if it's face-to-face, an eye-catching walk that turns heads. Find the best tips for flirting face-to-face below.

1. Get his name

The first and easiest thing you can do when flirting is to ensure you get his name. This tip sounds a bit too easy and simple, but there's a huge reason for this. In making sure you commit your crush's name to memory, you're able to refer to him by his name in a casual manner, which makes things a little more personal

Calling your crush by his name is a subtle invite to get his attention immediately. This beats all the jokes and compliments you will dish out by a long shot. Consider this the first smart flirting takeaway. 

2. Laugh at his jokes

laugh at his jokes

Is he funny? Is he trying to be funny? Chuckle. There isn’t a man who doesn't love watching his partner laughing, thoroughly enjoying a joke he just dished out. This is another great flirting tip that'll serve you well on your date or first meeting. 

Besides making him proud of his ability to make you smile, laughing is a great and natural way to break down guards and walls and reduce monotony during a conversation. 

Laughter, research has shown, plays a critical role in boosting the interest and feelings of affection between people. The more you laugh, the more your crush will likely value you and your ability to be forward, though subtle. 

3. Tease him

If you're still learning to flirt, there's one thing you should always remember: breaking the ice is very important to a successful flirty session. How do you break this ice easily? Teasing is great because it can ignite some sparks and even establish immense chemistry between you and your crush. 

Teasing brings on familiarity, which allows your crush to notice you faster without any awkwardness. Being a tease doesn't always have to be sexual or through actions. It could be in the way you walk, through the use of your hair, or even in the compliments you give. Get creative with it and watch the rest of your night unfold beautifully. 

4. Playful touches

Girl, we didn't mention sex! Take sex out of the picture; there are so many casual ways to touch a person to pique their attentiveness. In this context, touch refers to building a level of physical intimacy between you and your crush to further facilitate bonding.

A gentle touch like a kiss on the cheek, holding hands or linking your arms, hugs, or even a massage from someone you find attractive boosts satisfaction and awakens feelings by causing your body to release oxytocin. Just as girls love being touched, guys want to be touched by people they find attractive. 

Consider a simple brushing up against him as you walk past. Another way to incorporate a gentle touch if you're on a date is to give him a sneaky squeeze underneath the table. If you're shy, send a subtle invite by accidentally bumping into him and laughing it off casually.

5. Give him compliments

If you thought girls were the only ones who loved compliments, think again! Guys love being complimented, especially by girls they find attractive. When you pass a compliment, no matter how casual, what he's receiving is that you've noticed him and taken note of his existence. 

Compliments are foundational rules to flirting, enabling you to pass on your message without being too forward. The key to complimenting a guy is to be very specific with your words. Instead of telling him his shirt is nice, consider something like, 'you look really hot in that shirt.'

6. Use your lips

Or put in other words, make him more aware of your lips. By drawing attention to your lips, you can learn how to flirt with your crush, create the chemistry you desire, and have him respond how you please.

There are risky and subtle ways to use your mouth when flirting. If you're feeling bold on your date you could lick your lips or even blow them a kiss. For the shy ones, subtle use of your lips will look like applying lip balm or lipstick while talking to them. This eases the pressure of outrightly flirting but still manages to get your message across.

7. Dance together

Find ways to dance with your crush whenever you are out at a get-together or a date. Dancing together is a great icebreaker, which puts both of you at ease. While the pressure is reduced, dancing also builds positive tension and chemistry between you. 

When on a date, we all look forward to moments where we can raise the temperature of the convo while bringing down the walls of formality to thoroughly enjoy the night. 

It doesn't matter if you're a pro dancer or have two left feet. Be the girl who takes charge and dances with her crush; you never know where the night will take you.

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8. Make your body noticeable 

make your body noticeable

Just like touch, this has nothing to do with sex. The main idea in drawing attention to your body is to enable things to move carefully in a steamy direction. Girls have been gifted with wonderful bodies of all shapes and sizes. Every angle has something worth looking at; thus, be creative in finding ways to make your crush notice your body. 

Chances are when he notices your body, he'll be attracted to you. Draw attention to your body through conversation, mentioning workouts or clothes, and even wild ideas like getting piercings or tattoos. 

9. Don't get too sexual 

In making your body noticeable, you should also be sure not to send the wrong message to a guy by being too bold and highlighting your body. Flirting with your body can be miscommunicated easily, with the motivation behind the flirtation being assumed differently.

10. Listen attentively

To ease the pressure on your body or yourself, give your crush a chance to talk and, in return, listen to him. 

Listening and hearing differ greatly, and this is why. In listening to your crush, you're sending him a message that you're validating his feelings and motives. Everyone loves to listen to us because it makes us aware that we have their attention. It's no different when we are on a date with a crush. 

One of the best things to do when learning to flirt with a guy is to make him feel confident and validate him. How? Through careful listening whenever you're chatting.

11. Look your best

You need to get his attention from your hair to your toes by any means necessary. Visual desirability is essential when you don't know each other very well, which is why looking your best on a date is vital. Girls generally love to look good, but you need to outdo yourself if you're looking to make him notice. 

If you have physical traits, invest in clothes that enhance them, and also maintain your hairstyle to allow him to appreciate you over any other girl. Looking good isn't only for your crush, but also for yourself. In looking good, you feel comfortable in your skin, making you more optimistic during the conversation. 

12. Walk away

Imagine a chocolate bar you've been craving for the longest time. You finally get a chance to taste a sample, and the sample is gone in seconds. You realize that it tasted heavenly, and now you want more. 

What do you do? You figure out a way to get more. The same principle works when flirting. It would be best if you made your crush want more. The best way? Making yourself scarce after a while. 

13. End the conversation on a cliffhanger

It is best not to stay there too long when standing before your crush. While it's not bad to flirt with your crush for a long time, something is awakened when you leave a conversation hanging by walking away. When you walk away, you become more desirous and they look forward to spending more time with you. 

14. Smile

It's great to play ‘the miss that's hard to get’, but ease down on that character just a little bit, girl! It doesn't hurt to smile now and then. There's nothing that oozes more convincing than a woman with a confident and charming smile that dazzles. Most guys look for girls who can put them at ease in one way or another through conversation, actions, and even looks. 

They want to know you're easily approachable, and that any attempted conversation might not become awkward. You don't have to show all your teeth for most guys to know you're interested. Sometimes all you need is a simple smirk or a sultry chuckle at his jokes. These are enough to keep him interested while making him feel warm and fuzzy inside.

15. Let him catch you looking

let him catch you looking

Sometimes we accidentally bump into our crushes and then cringe in embarrassment when they stare at us. It might even be worse when they catch us staring at them, but the good news is, you can make this work in your favor. 

With this flirting tip, you want your crush to catch you staring at him. In making your stare obvious, you're giving him a hint that you're interested, and this can lead to a great conversation. 

The moment he catches you staring, you can smile in response or immediately look away and wait for him to come over. Bonus points if you're confident enough to make the first move toward him.

16. Be confident 

Confidence is undoubtedly the sexiest thing any girl can have. When you're confident, people are always drawn to you and love your energy. Your beauty is made more obvious simply by being confident, especially with the guy you like. 

Experts advise that instead of focusing on making guys laugh or think about your body, try building up your confidence while doing all these other things. With confidence, your flirting is taken to a higher level, with your crush wanting to spend more time with you, his mind filled with genuine interest. 

17. Ask him out

You've tried physical contact and exuded confidence like no other, and talking has never improved. Now is the time to put in action the next best tip in flirting: asking them out. 

Asking him out might seem rather bold, but it is normal in the dating scene, provided you are both interested in each other. Take the reins and ask him out on a date. He might develop genuine delight because of your level of directness, making it even more fun. 

How to Flirt with Your Crush Online?

Besides face-to-face interaction, text messages and social media platforms make flirting possible. The truth is in recent times, texting has far outweighed physical interactions, thanks to the rapid advancement of technology. 

With the rise of online dating, you're also most likely to spend much time talking to men via text messages. You will find great tips in the points below if you're wondering how to flirt over text with your crush.

1. Ask lots of questions

One way to reach out to your romantic interests via text is to ask questions. By asking him questions as you start talking, you're expressing delight while gaining additional insight into his life.

Another great thing about asking questions is that it ensures you don't run out of things to talk about on the phone. Communication is essential when flirting with guys because, without it, any act of flirting will fizzle out in no time. Keep him talking by asking endless questions about anything and everything. 

2. Don’t use one-word answers

The easiest way to kill any text conversation is by providing one-word answers. As mentioned earlier, communication is extremely important in all kinds of relationships, whether they are platonic or romantic. 

When you dish out one-word answers, guys will take it as a sign of disinterest and, in return, will withdraw from the conversation. Get creative with your answers, dishing out a compliment and a joke with your responses. Use words that fuel your confidence as well as his. 

3. Say goodnight and good morning

Have you ever woken up from sleep to a good morning message from your crush? The feeling is surreal. Such a simple act has the ability to change the course of your day for the better, increasing your endorphins and elevating your confidence. 

Guys also feel good when they receive such text messages from girls, which is why this is an amazing flirting technique. 

When you send good morning or good night text messages, it sends a message that you're interested and that you're still thinking about your crush. Sending these messages sets a tone and ensures that he thinks about you all day, or at least until your next conversation.

4. Don't send too many texts

Be subtle with your texts: no guy wants a thousand texts from one person in two minutes. The first thing that comes into the mind of guys when you send lots of messages is that you're coming off too strong: you're too eager and too interested, and that's not what we want.

On the other hand, not texting enough sends a message that you're not interested anymore and that the guy might be off-putting. In return, guys will find a way to avoid you, making any future conversation awkward.

5. Memes can save you

memes can save you

Don't know what to say to ease texting tension? Send him a couple of funny memes. Using memes, gifs, or hilarious viral videos, you can have fun flirting via text. These are a great way to avoid appearing too strong but still have the chance to flirt or talk. 

Memes and gifs are also a great way to spice up your conversations, and if you've had a dry spell, they make for fun icebreakers. You receive bonus flirt points if you find a meme about his interests or favorite things. 

6. Make plans with him 

You might have never met in real life. Via text, you can easily make plans for an actual physical date. Be sure to suggest only when you're ready to show serious intentions—making plans doesn't necessarily mean dating. It could mean hanging out in a casual place in person, where you get to have fun and see where your companionship goes. 

Another reason for asking him out is to ascertain whether or not you both share the same chemistry you have over the phone in person. Outside of playful banter, interests can be tough to establish genuinely over text, thus the need for physical relations. 

7. Text by mistake

The only kicker here is it's no mistake at all! This tactic is best suited for girls who are a little shy about the idea of flirting. If you're wondering how to flirt with a guy over text, especially how best to start a conversation, this is the tip for you. Send out a random message under the pretense that it was meant for someone different. 

When he replies, you inform them of your 'honest' mistake and have more fun from there. Remember to be smart about getting the conversation going, as it's very easy to end everything after your apology. 

8. Use social media

You might not have access to their body language, but you have access to their social media pages. Get your chat going by referring to something he posted on his social media. It could be a compliment or even a little flirtatious message like 'that shirt makes you look sexy.' 

By mentioning their social media, you let guys know that you pay attention to them outside your conversations. It shows you're interested enough to find out about their activities online, and this conveys a sign of validation and approval for them to do the same. 

9. Be mysterious

While it's good to ask and answer questions, texting can get you to say or write more than you would if you had met in person. As such, you must know when to stop and what not to say to have some mystery around you

The attention of a close friend you're attracted to can be highly addictive, but with a little mystery, you can always turn the tables and generate genuine interest from your crush. 

10. Be the one to end conversations

If you can help it, always be the first to end the conversation. This is a primary skill in the art of seduction, and it adds more mystery to who you are, leaving him wanting to talk to you more. 

Before ending a conversation, you don't have to wait for guys to start feeling bored or uncomfortable. Keep him interested, make it obvious there's more to you and the talk you're having, and then bring the chat to an end. 

While this might be hard, it is a cute and sure way to get him to count the minutes until he can talk to you again, which is the reaction every flirting tactic wants to achieve.

11. Show interest 

If you were to meet in person, the best way to show interest would be to maintain eye contact. Are you wondering how to flirt with your crush in chat? Show him you're engaged in your chat by asking open-ended questions that keep the text chain going without becoming boring. 

Part of being a flirt is letting the other person know you're engaged and love the time you spend talking.

12. Tease him a little

tease him a little

What's the best trait of a flirt? Someone who comes up with great teasing comments that can act as accolades. Play it safe by teasing your crush just a bit and by making sure he's aware you're being ironic, sarcastic, or humorous. 

Via text, it can be hard to tell when a person is being serious – this is where LOL and emojis come to save you!

The best way to ensure your teasing goes the right way is to direct it to something your crush is good at. It could be sports, academics, or even work.

13. Compliment him

Drop a compliment or two while you chat. A flirt could always have a use of a compliment or two. Directing a compliment at your crush lets him know you value the things he does. With accolades, work at being as casual as possible: you don't want to come off as the overly corny girl. 

Flirty Games to Play with Your Crush

Flirty games are the best way to get over chatting dry spells, especially via text and when wondering how to flirt with your crush on WhatsApp, for example. Try a couple of these flirty games. 

1. Never have I ever

Never have I ever is a game that can easily transform into a flirty occurrence. The level of flirtiness is up to you both, and can move anywhere from 'never ever have I drank chocolate milk' to 'never have I ever made out in the back of a car.' 

2. Would you rather 

Would you rather is another great game to play via text and social media platforms. Try to make your questions as wild, funny, and exciting as possible. 

Would you rather have a huge hickey that fades after a month? Or would you want a tattoo on your arm with my name on it? Switch things up, going as flirty or funny as you want. 

3. Name that tune 

If you've been chatting for a while, chances are you have become comfortable with each other. ‘Name that tune’ will involve you sending voice memos of you singing certain tunes. The other person is meant to guess the song. If your vocal prowess doesn't excite both of you, your choice of songs sure will. 

4. 20 questions 

Getting to know your crush better is much simpler with a game like 20 questions. You can ask all kinds of questions in a bid to grow a stronger connection with your potential dating partner. 

Depending on their answers, you can get more things to compliment them on, which in turn validates them and makes your job as a flirt easier. 

5. Truth or dare

truth or dare

A good flirt knows that Truth or dare is one amazing, flirty game that can be enjoyed anytime. 

For the best effect, play this game before or during a date. Keep it on your screens, but with both of you face-to-face, you get to see their reactions when you send flirty 'dare' texts to them from your side of the table. 

6. Two truths and 1 lie

Another great game to help learn more about one another is 2 truths and a lie. This game is playful enough to allow both of you to test out how well you know each other. 

To use this game as a way to flirt your way into a date, you can curate your lies, with the truth being, 'I think (your crush) and I should go on a date soon. 

7. Strip trivia

If you and your crush are ready to take things a degree higher, you can compliment your way into a strip trivia game. Stript trivia is simple. You are asked a question, and you must take off a piece of clothing of your choosing when you answer wrongly. 

This is an easy way to compliment your crush about their different body parts, making them feel valued and appreciated. Every flirt knows that strip trivia beats any nudes Snapchat will ever send you. 


How to accidentally touch your crush?

Body language can only take you so far. One way to accidentally bump into your crush is by pretending to get up from your seat right the moment they walk past you. It should be a gentle touch that catches their attention but doesn't hurt them.

After apologizing, you can find something unique to compliment them on, like their scent, and start a conversation from there. You can also try a gentle brush of their arm when walking past his table to yours.

How to ask your crush to hang out?

Asking your crush to hang out doesn't have to be as scary as it's been made to be. The key is to establish communication and comfort. He should be comfortable talking or spending time with you and must be curious enough about you to find out more.

When he's comfortable, be direct in your request, with something like 'Would you like to come with me to get lunch?’ Don't act desperate or needy as this could be a turn-off.

What to do when you hang out with your crush?

The best thing to do when hanging with your crush is to stay true to yourself. Don't go in under the pretense of being someone else. Another great tip is to know how to flirt with your crush on Instagram, via text messages, and social media in general. It enables you to alternate how you interact, which adds to your mystery and makes you seem more interesting to your crush.


Being a flirt can be enjoyable once you know what to do and what not to try. When done right, being a flirt comes with many benefits like going on interesting dates and meeting possible lifetime partners. 

Did you love reading this? Trust that we loved writing it too! Be sure to share this piece with friends and family looking for tips on how to flirt with ease. Also, if you have any comments, don't keep them to yourself; let's start a conversation. 

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