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Pranks For Boyfriend Over Text (81 Funny Pranks)

As much as you may want to be that loving girlfriend, it's always fun to sprinkle a few funny text pranks in your relationship. It could be annoying for your boyfriend and exciting to you while watching his reaction to a prank.

Not everyone loves pranks, but they seem to tolerate them and have fun when it comes. It doesn't matter if you're with your boyfriend in the same environment or not, you could always try pranks on him. This is where text pranks come into use.

Texting your boyfriend with the same questions every day without a few nice pranks could be tiring. So, you could play pranks on your boyfriend, but you should study his personality to know how to go about it. This is to avoid going overboard in the pranks you do.

You could be wondering how you can play a prank on your boyfriend over text. There are many ways and pranks to try. But, for a start, here are 81 pranks you could refer to, to know how to prank your boyfriend.

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81 Pranks For Boyfriend Over Text

1. Text him you’re pregnant for someone

You can write prank messages to your boyfriend telling him you're pregnant with another man and you won't get rid of it. This is one of the best pranks that would make him go crazy.

2. You discovered you have an STI

If you've been going intimate with your boyfriend without protection, you could use this as one of the most fun prank messages on him. Tell him you have a serious STI and see his reaction.

3. Message him with a random number

If you do this to your boyfriend with your friend’s phone, he'll spend time trying to figure out who it is. That way, you could ask him random questions and have fun with the prank.

4. You’re getting back together with your ex

No guy would fancy losing his girlfriend to another guy, not to mention her ex. For some guys, this naughty text prank could make them cry.

5. Bring up a settled old issue

Men don't like girls that nag. Piss him off by using this prank on your boyfriend over text. You'll have fun waiting and his expression will make you laugh.

6. You’re relocating to a different city

It could be devastating for your partner to see a sudden message from you about your relocation without previous heads up. It's one of the pranks to play.

7. Send him a blurred photo and pretend it's your nude

Use this as one of your pranks. It’s like giving him an appetizer without the main course meal. If he requests the clearer one, text him a funny picture. It's just a prank.

8. Send a breakup plan to him and pretend it was for your best friend to scare him a bit

Men are scared of breakups, especially when they're in love with their girlfriends. His reaction will be funny. It's a prank you should try.

9. Share a depressing post online and change your privacy settings to him alone

One way you can play a prank on your boyfriend to get attention is to post a suicidal writeup online but don't make it public for others to see.

10. Tell him you’ve been kidnapped and turn off your phone

This prank could make your boyfriend confused about what to do. You could turn off your phone for a while, but don't prolong it, so he doesn't panic.

11. You’re out with your friends at the same time you should have your date

Compose prank messages to him and say you're out with your friends shortly before your date. But, don't play it for too long, so you don't miss your date.

12. You’re tired of the relationship

Prank your boyfriend a bit by telling him you no longer want to date him. Do it when he least expects it and let it last for a day.

13. Send a picture of you and a random guy

Send pictures of you with another guy in a romantic mood. This is one of the pranks that will give him mixed feelings.

14. Message him like you’re messaging another guy and flirt in it

Do this and make him feel like it was your mistake sending it to him. But, with this prank, you should let him know it's one of your jokes.

15. Message him with a random number as your mum

message him with a random number as your mum

Compose prank messages to your boyfriend pretending to be your mother and ask him about his relationship with you. You can use your friend's phone for this.

16. Text him a link with the caption “a public link to your nudes”

Prank your boyfriend that you've uploaded his nude pictures online. Text him the link and wait for his reply when he visits the link to know it's not related.

17. His hidden girlfriend messaged you

You could accuse your partner of cheating as a prank. If possible you could plan with your friend and fake a screenshot for it.

18. Tell him you went on a random vacation with a male friend

This is another prank you can play on your boyfriend. He could fume when he sees your text telling him that you're going on a vacation with a different man.

19. His ex called you to tell you to stay off

No guy wants his ex interfering with his life, especially if they ended up in a bad way. So, saying this will make a good prank and affect him.

20. Tell him you got an email with a picture of his baby

Prank your partner by messaging him that you got a random email with the picture of his baby you never knew about. He'll freak out seeing this.

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21. You mistakenly left the cooker on

After you leave his house, text him that you mistakenly left the cooker on, and the house could catch fire. It's one of the best pranks.

22. Send him a random food picture and tell him to come over

If you want your boyfriend to come over to your house, prank him with a random food photo from the web, pretending to be the cook. Men love good food.

23. You want an open relationship with him

Nobody wants to share their lovely girlfriend with another man. So, using this prank on him would get him in little or no time.

24. You invited his whole family to visit

There's nothing as painful as a guy hearing his whole family is coming without proper preparation. This is one of the pranks to do.

25. Text him that your purse was snatched by hoodlums

When you text him this, he'll get worried and try to find a way to help you, not knowing it's one of your pranks.

26. Change your number to his bank name and send him a debit alert

Nothing gets people like an unexpected debit alert when you never made a transaction. It's one of all the pranks that would be confusing to him.

27. Tell him you ruined his favorite shirt

This is one of the pranks you could send over text when he's not home. Text it to him and switch off your phone. Let him wonder what's happening.

28. You’re moving out because you’re tired of him

Use this as one of the pranks in your relationship. Tell him you're tired of him, especially when there's no quarrel. It'll keep him confused.

29. Text him to say you gave out his favorite dress of yours

If you have any dress your partner loves seeing, you could prank him by saying you've given it out to someone or you've burned it. But, it should be one he's obsessed with.

30. You’re going for a transgender operation

youre going for a transgender operation

Try telling your boyfriend you're changing your gender. Look serious about it and start making moves to achieve it. It's one of the best pranks.

31. You used the money for the bills and now you don’t have light

If you say this to your partner when he's on a budget, he could lose his mind trying to recalculate how to pay the bills. But, it's one of the funny pranks you can use.

32. You knocked down someone

This will be a funny prank to play on your boyfriend. It will leave him scared, to hurry down and you tell him it was a prank.

33. Text him saying you have a rare disease and you can’t be together

Of all the fun pranks, this will bring out a different expression of your boyfriend you may not have seen before. It has to be well planned.

34. You’ll be away for six months or more

If you’re not used to staying apart for long and you both work and live in the same city. This is a fun prank to use.

35. You’ve been arrested for fraud

Pranks like this make your boyfriend worried and confused. He may feel bad if he knows it's one of your jokes.

36. Send him one-word replies

Many people dislike one-word replies. Playing this prank on your boyfriend will leave him questioning if he has done anything wrong. It's fun.

37. You have something to say, then send a typing sticker

Men don't like hearing "We need to talk". Playing such pranks on him joggles his mind of anything he might have done wrong.

38. You traveled with his favorite belongings

Write some prank messages saying you took something he loves and pretend to travel with it. You'll get on his nerves and it's a fun prank.

39. You’re in love with his best friend

This prank will send shock waves running through your boyfriend's body. While sounding convincing, remember it's a prank and do well to tell him quickly.

40. Pretend you can’t remember any memory and treat him like a stranger

If you forget little things like his name and his relationship with you, this prank will make him nervous and begin to ask himself questions.

41. You can’t make it for his birthday

Type him messages about how you can't be with him on his birthday. He'll be devastated, but that's before he knows it's one of your pranks or jokes.

42. You dented his car by mistake

Knowing the stress of repairing a car dent. This can be one of the pranks. Message him that you dent his car. Let him spend little time looking for the dent.

43. His credit card is with you and you’re out shopping with it

If you want to make your boyfriend nervous, this is one of the pranks to use. Tell him you're out shopping with his credit card at a designer’s shop.

44. You’ve turned the house into a crèche

You could do this as one of the pranks for your boyfriend. Tell him you turned the house into a crèche and he'll manage it.

45. You don’t want him hanging out with his close friends

you dont want him hanging out with his close friends

One of the best pranks is to tell him you don't want him hanging out with his close friends. His reaction would be funny.

46. You quit your job to be a whore

This would be one of those funny pranks for him. He may not believe you at first, but if you keep things serious, you'll get him.

47. Accuse him of something he never did

One of the pranks you can play on your boyfriend is to accuse him of placing another person above you as his priority or cheating on you when he didn't.

48. Send an early morning distress text about your health

You can tell him you can't breathe as one of your pranks. But, don't say anything that would push him to call an ambulance.

49. You spilled milk on his laptop

Any man who gets a text message like this would freak out wherever he is. The cost of fixing it or buying a new one. It's one of the best pranks.

50. Call off an important date for a flimsy reason

Tell him your date will not be possible with some flimsy excuses. But, you should end the prank on time, so you don't miss your date.

51. Send a false fun fact about a particular habit

One of the pranks you can do is to say, that research says, anyone who takes coffee would have brown teeth with no remedy, if he loves coffee.

52. Send him a picture of a plastered hand in a hospital environment

This is one of those funny pranks. It doesn't necessarily have to be a professional medical setup, just something to make him believe your prank.

53. Tell him you cooked his worst meal as dinner

If you're staying together, wait until he’s near home and famished, then you play the fun prank. But, you should have an alternative meal to end the text prank.

54. You’ve given out his favorite shirt to someone

Funny text pranks like this could make a guy lose concentration in any important thing he's doing, so hurry up and confirm your words.

55. You dare him to insult his boss at work

This is one of the funny text pranks you can do to your boyfriend. Make it serious by saying if he doesn't do it, you’ll break up with him.

56. Your engagement band is missing

If he has proposed to you, you could send him a text prank that you've lost your engagement band. Make it fun by saying you don’t care about it.

57. Tell him you saw the ghost of a lost person

Use a ghost story that sounds as real as possible, as a fun text prank. Talk until you make him believe every word you say.

58. Text him to say you’ve sent him money when you haven’t

Most men love getting alerts from their girlfriends. This is one of the fun prank messages that would make your partner jump for joy.

59. Tell him you’re at his door when you’re not

Write a funny text prank saying you're at his door. Do this especially when you know he's missing you so much and you're not near him, physically.

60. You got a pet snake

you got a pet snake

This is one of the funny text pranks that would get to your boyfriend. That's because he'll freak out imagining living in the same house with a snake.

61. You saw him buy a nice accessory and you want the same

It should be a new accessory. Pressure him until he gets to the point of buying, then you spill your text prank and watch his reaction.

62. If you travel, ask him to pick you up from the airport a day earlier

Tell your boyfriend you came back earlier than expected and would love him to come to the airport. It’s one of the best text pranks you can do.

63. You want to have sex with a random person for money

This naughty text prank will make your partner wonder if he doesn’t take good care of you. Depending on how deep you make it, he could feel bad.

64. You saw him take another girl shopping

One of the funny text prank messages you can send to your boyfriend is telling him you saw him take another girl shopping. He would be confused with mixed feelings.

65. There’s someone to replace him

You don’t even have to say you’re dating another guy. It’s enough to say you’ve found someone to replace him. It’s one of the best text pranks that work.

66. You tampered with an important document

If he’s on an ongoing project, this is a funny text prank you can try on him. If possible, text him a picture of a squeezed document as proof.

67. Turn off your phone, then blame him later for not checking up on you

Turn off your phone for some time and blame your partner for not calling. Use this as one of your text pranks. It'll be fun.

68. Ask him to check his phone gallery to see the lovely photo you took with it

One of the best pranks for a boyfriend over text is telling him to check his photo gallery for the new photo you took with his phone. Make him spend some time looking for it.

69. Tell him to wait outside for a package you got him

Write him saying he should step out and get his beautiful package. It will take some time before he knows it's one of your jokes. But, it's one of the most fun pranks to do.

70. You went to the club and kissed a random person

One of the fun text pranks you should do is to text your boyfriend saying you kissed a random guy at the club and you liked it.

71. Tell him you want to have an orgy with his male friends

While sending him fun messages, text him that you had a good orgy time with his friends. Try not to laugh and ruin it. It's one of the text pranks to use.

72. Your car has been hijacked

Telling your boyfriend your car has been hijacked is one of the prank messages you can use to get his attention.

73. Tell him you called to cancel his important appointment

One of the funny text pranks for the boyfriend over text is telling him you made an effort to cancel his appointment so he can spend time with you.

74. You got him his worst snack in bulk

Write him a funny text saying you got him a carton of his worst snack because you think it tastes better now. It's one of the funniest pranks

 that will make you laugh.

75. Tell him you repainted and rearranged his room space

tell him you repainted and rearranged his room space

One of the best pranks for a boyfriend is to tell him you've changed his beautiful room completely. If he's particular about his room, he'll fall for this prank.

76. You're going to post his throwback pictures online

This is one of all the pranks there is to use. Tell him you have his throwback photos to upload. And do this with prank messages.

77. You called his mum to say you're pregnant

Another funny text prank you can play on your boyfriend is saying you told his mum you're pregnant for him. His reaction will make you laugh.

78. Tell him you mistakenly drank a poisonous thing and you don't know the remedy

Text him saying you may soon die because you drank a poisonous substance. This is one of the fun text pranks that will make you laugh when he discovers it's one of your jokes.

79. You came in to see a mad man in your house

One of the prank messages to send to your boyfriend is that you met a madman in your house. He could rush down for your safety.

80. Text him an hour before your date and say you left since he didn't make it on time

If you don't try all the pranks, you could try this prank. It will leave him unsettled for some time. It's one of the best pranks to do.

81. Tell him you used his pet as protein in his meal

If he has a pet he loves so much. Tell him you'll use it for barbecue. It's one of the funny text pranks for a boyfriend over text.


How do you annoy your boyfriend over text?

Texts are easy ways to annoy people whether you try them or not. You don’t even need to try sending him an annoying text, you could text a straightforward message without an emoji. Or you could respond to his messages with one-word replies. Additionally, you could delay in responding to his messages without a reason.

What should I ask my boyfriend when texting?

It depends on how you both are in your relationship. You could ask him to tell you how his day went. You could also use that opportunity to ask about his likes and dislikes, hobbies, or his favorite things to do. Ask him anything, as long as you’re both comfortable with it.

What is the hardest question to ask your boyfriend?

There are numerous hard questions to ask your boyfriend. Some include, “am I better than your ex?” “Do you think I’m good enough for you?” “How would you feel if I left you for another man?” “What would you do if I got pregnant for you?” “Do I give you a hard time?”

How do you annoy a boy?

Ask him questions when he's concentrating on something serious. Interrupt his game time for invalid or no reasons. Respond to him casually like he doesn't exist. Do something very loud and irritating to disturb his sleep. You could also wear his best shirts or accessories and not return them.

What is a good flirty question?

You could start with “what’s your body count?” “How well do you need to know a girl before you date her?” “How would you feel if I asked you out on a date?” “Do you think it's fun saying you?” “What's the sweetest thing you've said to a girl?” Or, you could come up with yours.

In Summary

Funny text pranks are best done minimally. So, you could try it with your boyfriend, but don't do it frequently to keep it fun and crazy. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you did, please feel free to drop a comment and share it with your friends, family, and other loved ones.

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