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35 Fun Pranks To Do On Your Boyfriend

Last updated on July 7, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

It's beautiful to be all mushy in your relationship. But, sometimes, you need to spice things up a bit by having fun. It doesn't mean you should hang out or cuddle together to whisper sweet nothings. You could watch your boyfriend misbehave while doing things he never expected you to do.

These are called pranks and are some ways many couples use to survive together. Pranks could be fun, but you should try your best not to let them get out of hand. It could be lovely to do something silly and watch your boyfriend react to it. So, it may or may not be a big deal to him. 

Not everyone appreciates pranks, especially if it's the saddest time for them to experience them. Some others dislike it because their partners can't control it enough to keep it from getting out of hand. But, depending on your partner, you could both laugh about it, or take it as something very casual and minor. 

If you've been thinking of a prank to try on your boyfriend, there are numerous ones out there you could try out. I'll mention 35 good pranks in this article. You could pick one or many of them to try.


35 Pranks To Do On Your Boyfriend

1. Reset the time on his phone

The good thing about resetting time is that you could set it backward or forward, depending on what you want to achieve. But, to avoid making your prank so serious, you could reset his time to a future one.

That way, his alarm would ring before time. You know how exciting it would be watching your boyfriend misbehave or dress up for an appointment in the early hours of the day. 

2. Tell him you have an STD

If you've both been trying out intimate things including sex, with any protection, you could prank him with an STD. Tell him you have a serious sexual disease and you didn’t discover it on time.

No guy wants to hear this. That’s because it’s not easy to treat one when you’re infected. Using this to prank your boyfriend would go as far as bringing mixed feelings to him. But, don’t make it last for long.

3. Change your best friend’s number to a man’s name

Guys hate it when their girlfriend is talking to another man. It doesn’t matter if there’s anything suspicious going on between them or not, they don’t want to see you give another man attention. 

So, you could change your best friend’s name or a close family member’s name on your contact list to a man’s name. Chat with them and laugh out until you get his attention. This is one of the funny pranks you can play on him.

4. Prank him with an urgent trip

There’s nothing as bad as coming up with an urgent trip you never informed your boyfriend about. Guys are not as flexible to adapt to sudden change as women.

Give him a silly reason to travel and tell him you can’t miss it for anything. You could pick the night you both have big plans for and so this prank. He may not tell you, but he’ll be hurt about it for some time. 

5. You’re pregnant for another man and you won’t abort it

It’s a shocking thing for most men to hear their girlfriends tell them that they're pregnant. That means it would be even more shocking for your boyfriend to hear you're pregnant for another man.

The funniest thing would be watching his expression while telling him that you won’t abort the pregnancy for any reason. You won’t only play with his feelings, but his pride as a man and lover.

6. Tell him his ex called

One way you can prank your boyfriend is to tell him his ex called. Men hate it when the past comes calling. Say his ex called and threatened to start a fight about something that happened between them in the past.

But, make sure you stay connected with him, physically or on the phone to avoid him contacting her to clarify things. That’s because it could be bad if things turn around against you. 

7. Prank him with a fake pregnancy

One crazy thing you should try as a prank on your boyfriend is telling him you’re pregnant for him. But, this would only work if you have sex without protection. Imagine telling your boyfriend that you’re pregnant when he’s trying to manage his life.

It won’t be funny to him because it’s the last thing he expects to happen to him at that time. No guy wants to hear his girlfriend say she’s pregnant when he’s least ready to expect a baby.

8. Pretend you missed an appointment he should have reminded you of

pretend you missed an appointment he should have reminded you of

You could start this prank by telling him you have an appointment you want him to remind you of. Do it about two to three hours before the proposed appointment time, or at a time you know he’ll forget to remind you of it.

Come back afterward and blame him for not contacting you. Even when he claims to have called, wake you from sleep, or send a message, pretend he didn’t do it well. 

9. You’re on your period when it’s sex time

One of the most hilarious pranks is telling your boyfriend you’re on your period when you’re both at the peak of getting intimate with sex. That’s because it’s one of the things that give them blue balls. 

Wait until he gets to the point where he can’t hold it anymore, then prank him. Men hate this, and could cry if you play such a prank at the time of sex. Do this and watch his funny reaction. 

10. Openly spoil a fake of one of his valuable belongings

Different men have different possessions they love. It could be their wristband, wristwatch, games console, shoes, or a particular shirt. At first, he may be confused about why you’re acting that way.

You could also use the real thing. But, you should make sure there’s a replacement for it if your prank damages something he treasures so much. And don’t waste time replacing it, especially if it’s getting out of hand.

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11. Dress up as a ghost and wake him from sleep

If you want to have a good laugh, you could prank your boyfriend by pretending to be a ghost. Wake him up and either make funny gestures or sounds to scare him. You could use toilet paper for this.

One bad thing about this is that you should keep every attack weapon away from him, so he doesn’t wake up and try to attack you. If your boyfriend has tendencies of having attacks when reacting to shocks, don’t try this prank.

12. Place an air horn under his favorite study seat

Sneak into his study room and attach an air horn to the bottom of his chair. Tape or glue it to the seat in a way that would make it alarming when he sits on the chair.

This would startle him so much and if possible, could make him disorganized, physically and otherwise. It could even spoil his whole day as the situation may be. It's a good prank you should try.

13. Use soy sauce to make him coffee

If your boyfriend is a coffee lover, you could prank him with a fake morning coffee. If you have enough soy sauce, that could help you make the coffee. Pour a reasonable amount into a mug and take it to him.

He'll watch you with googly eyes as you approach him with it. Drop it and wait for him to drink it. The bad thing is, serving your boyfriend soy sauce as morning coffee may reduce his trust in you. So, you should do it when he's in his best mood.

14. Shake up a soda and ask him to help you open it

One of the most hilarious pranks is shaking up a fizzy drink and asking your boyfriend for help opening it. Make it real by occupying yourself while asking for his help.

But, make sure you shift away while he's trying to pop open it to avoid being affected by the prank. That's because the drink will spill and splash everywhere when he opens it. Keep some toilet paper around to clean up.

15. Pretend you don’t understand what he’s saying

Men love it when you understand them to the fullest. They want you to relate with their jokes, rants, and any other thing they need your attention for. So, you could pick an hour or two to pretend to misunderstand him.

Ask him to explain a particular joke he says or a simple thing he knows you'd understand. You could also tell jokes. When he laughs, you ask him his reason for laughing. This is a prank you can play on your boyfriend.

16. Drop a text faking a car dent on your boyfriend’s car

drop a text faking a car dent on your boyfriends car

One of the funniest pranks you can use on your boyfriend is to ask to borrow his car, then send a message that it has a dent. You don't necessarily have to drive the car out.

But if you do, try to return it safely, first before sending the heartbreaking message to him. This is to avoid denting it after trying to play a prank on him for something that has turned out to be real.

17. Fake an engagement scenario with another guy and take photos

No guy wants to see his girlfriend with another guy, not to talk of being engaged to him. So, you could organize with any of your male friends to propose to you while someone else takes the photos.

It doesn't have to be expensive, it could be something simple in a nice restaurant. You could also make it somewhere open and nice, like a park or even in your house.

18. Add melted butter to his body wash

If you melt butter it will be easier to mix it with anything, whether it's oily or not. So, you could melt some butter and add it to his body wash to prank him a bit. 

It would coagulate, which will make it more difficult for him to use and make him feel greasy. This would give you a good laugh, but you should make sure you have a replacement to avoid issues.

19. Cover his toiletries with plastic wrap

You could sneak into your boyfriend’s bathroom and cover his toiletries with plastic wrap. It could be his toothpaste, toilet paper, shower gel, and shampoo containers.

Seal them in a way that the covers would completely cover the wrapped part. That way it gets harder for him to use while having his bath. This is one of the pranks you should try.

20. Tell him you invited his family over when you didn't

If your boyfriend is not a fan of being around his family members, you could trick him by saying you invited them over for the weekend. You could use his mother or someone he avoids the most.

When he gets pissed, make it worse by saying you wanted it to be a family surprise for him. As minor as it may seem, it's one of the nice pranks you should try.

21. Keep him in suspense for something very minor

Walk up to your boyfriend and tell him you need to talk. Make sure he drops everything and gives you his maximum attention. When he does, come up with something very silly

It could be a question like, “do you think I need to grow taller?” It's one of the funniest pranks you can use on your boyfriend, especially if he's a serious person. It's something you can both laugh about.

22. Fake a sickness to make him get you something nice

Men have a very soft spot for their girlfriends when they are sick. They would do anything they can to make her feel better, including agreeing to get her a gift of her heart desires.

But, you have to be smart about it, so he doesn't figure it out before he gets the gifts. This is one of the pranks that will work for your best interests, especially if it is something you know won't give you on a normal day.

23. Pretend to be uninterested in his affairs

One of the pranks you can use on your boyfriend is to pretend to be absent-minded in his affairs. Act like he doesn't exist for a while. You could even go as far as pretending to forget his past worries.

No matter how tough he is, he'll feel when you do it continuously. He could ignore it for a while, but it will get to him with time. It's a slow and good prank and you should try it with your boyfriend.

24. Upload a picture of you with another guy as your boyfriend

upload a picture of you with another guy as your boyfriend

When playing a prank on your boyfriend, upload a picture of you and your male friend. You don’t need to write any caption, you could just play with love emojis to get his attention.

You could upload many photos on the same day, but at different times to get him to talk. He’s your boyfriend and you know his personality, so do it in a way that will push him to speak up. 

25. Call him to say you're outside his apartment when you're not

You could play on your boyfriend’s emotions a bit when he least expects it. You could do it when he’s missing you so much and you can’t be there with him. Tell him to go outside or look out his window.

The nice thing is that you get to hear the excitement in his tone when you say it. This is one of the easiest and most harmless pranks you can try on your boyfriend. Don't make it too serious so you don't hurt him.

26. Cook him a meal without spices to make him believe he's sick

Cooking meals without spices for your boyfriend is a crazy joke that could make him think he's sick. To make it more real, you could add slight spices in some, so it would feel like he's gradually losing his taste buds.

So, you could serve him the slightly spiced meal first before the one with no spice. That way you get to watch him display his emotions in the funniest way. But, try to speak up before he goes to the hospital.

27. Make a fake tattoo on his face, while he's asleep

This particular prank would be exciting for both you and your boyfriend. You could use a black permanent marker or ink you know he can't wash off quickly, to draw something on his face while he's asleep.

The aim is to make him stress and panic at the same time while trying to take off the fake tattoo. The good thing about this prank is that nobody would get hurt during the process and you get to have your big laugh.

28. Change your name on his phone to his boss’s and send him a firing message

This prank would work fine if you have your boyfriend’s phone password. Alternatively, you could ask to borrow his phone for an urgent call or message. Use that opportunity to change your name temporarily.

When you do, send the text to him during the weekend when you know he won't prepare for work the next day or have any close contact with his boss. But, make sure you don't make it last for too long.

29. Post your nudes online and change your privacy settings for him to see

You could have fun playing a prank on your boyfriend by uploading your nude photo online. The good thing is that you have privacy settings. So, you could upload them, and change your settings for only him to view.

Let him wonder for a minute. You could delay picking up his calls or responding to his messages. That would spice it up more. It's something you can manipulate to be real as much as you can.

30. Play a death prank on him

A death prank will require you to get props for it. So, depending on the one you plan for, you could walk into the cheapest shop and get good props for any kind of death you want to fake.

It could be suicide with a knife, convulsion, or a serious attack that will make you look cold and truly dead. You could prepare and lay down in an awkward position shortly before he gets into the house.

31. Set multiple alarms on his phone

One annoying thing is having alarms wake you up when you’re trying to get some good sleep. But, this would only be possible if you have the password to his phone. You could space the alarms in a way that will confuse him.

The funny thing is that he may not discover it on time, or could switch off his phone in annoyance. This could work if he has a phone that doesn't come on at the alarm time. If he does, your laugh continues.

32. Make him apologize for something he didn't do

make him apologize for something he didnt do

Most men are used to apologizing to their girlfriends whether there’s an issue or not. But, when you try to push them to apologize when they’re sure they did nothing wrong, it becomes a problem.

This prank is something you should try. Use this as one of the pranks on your boyfriend and make him apologize for something you did wrong. You’ll enjoy watching him fight the urge to apologize but try to make things right. 

33. Start a petty conversation

One of the pranks you could try on your boyfriend is starting a petty conversation with him. You could pick out a word in his statement and misinterpret it, intentionally.

If possible, start a conflict or quarrel, unexpectedly. He would be completely clueless on what to do or how to respond to you. This is a prank you should try, especially when you observe he’s not in the right mood to argue.

34. Fake a kidnapping situation

One funny prank you can try is faking your kidnap. It's as easy as hiding your number and putting a sock over your phone speaker to talk, or you could tell any of your friends to help you.

But, the bad thing about this one is that if you don't clear it almost immediately, it could become a major issue. That means if you're not careful with the way you present it, it could be a bad bet.

35. Tell him a fake past story and watch his expression

A good way to get that lovely surprise look from your boyfriend is to tell him about a past story that doesn't exist. Fake the story of a major scandal.

It would even sound better if it's a sex scandal or something you know would affect him if your relationship is long-term. Make it real enough to push him to ask questions and be fully involved in it.


How do you annoy your boyfriend over text?

Men don't like to be taken for granted. You could start by responding casually or making fun of things he's serious about on text. You could also delay responding to his messages or not respond at all. Additionally, you could tell him about men flirting with you, without seeing anything wrong with it.

What are fun things to talk about with your boyfriend?

If you're both thinking of spending your life together, you could talk about your kids' names or the places you'd like to visit as a couple. You could also talk about your favorite things and how you'd react to funny situations. Remember the good times you've spent together and tease each other about it.

What are some serious questions to ask your boyfriend?

It's always good to confirm from time to time if you're on the same page in your relationship. If something is disturbing you or you have mixed feelings about an issue, you should ask him questions about it. These and many more are serious questions to ask your boyfriend.

How can you make your bf happy?

Men love it when you compliment them. So, you could do that, appreciate his strengths, and manage or correct his weaknesses. Surprise him with little gifts, and tease him as often as you can. Men love it when you're mushy and sweet most times. Respecting his boundaries would also do the trick.

How do you kiss your boyfriend romantically?

Romantic kisses are not rushed. You should do it when you've decided to spend a moment with your boyfriend. Take your time to taste his lips gently after some time. Alternatively, you can do his favorite kiss on the forehead, cheeks, or any part of his body.

In Conclusion

Once again, pranks are exciting to try out. Observe your partner's personality and try any prank to get the best reaction from him. Feel free to use the 35 pranks I've mentioned to try your next prank. If you felt good reading this article, please drop a comment and share it with others in the best possible way.

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