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My Husband Thinks He Does Nothing Wrong (7 Ways To Deal With Him)

April 4, 2024

It’s a pain being in a relationship with someone who sees nothing wrong with their toxic behavior. It can make you feel as though you can't communicate how you feel. And you might even feel like you are not important. 

Let's face it, ladies. Husbands have a multitude of annoying traits. Starting from insignificant issues such as struggling to follow simple instructions, to serious issues like being disrespectful and dismissive. But being left with the realization that ‘My husband thinks he does nothing wrong’. It's one of the most frustrating things you may have to handle in marriage.

Do you think this is not a big deal? Ask a woman who has to go through the rough patch of a man’s huge ego. You would realize that the woman is in an emotionally abusive relationship. But in most cases, she has decided to accept the fact that her husband can't make a mistake. 

If you're in a situation where you think "My husband thinks he does nothing wrong". You don't have to be worried. I will give you ways of dealing with such husbands. Here are 7 ways to deal with a husband who thinks he does nothing wrong.

7 Ways To Deal With A Husband Who Thinks He Does Nothing Wrong

1. Create boundaries in the relationship

create boundaries in the relationship

Maybe you have allowed your husband to dominate you by letting everything slide. If he does something wrong that demands an apology, do you make sure he apologizes? Or you go on with your normal routine and let him continue that bad behavior? You should be ready to take some deliberate steps to maintain unity and balance in your home.

Sure, your husband might be the head of the house and he may have gotten so used to being superior to the point his ego no longer lets him apologize when he is wrong. So, define the things that you are okay with and those that you aren’t. Instead of having unnecessary mood swings, create boundaries and it will be easier for you to find a balance in the home.

2. Don’t expect him to be fair

Being in this kind of situation can be very frustrating. But it will be worse when you depend on him for approval or tie your self-worth and self-love to his opinion. Because he will always downplay you. His need for validation is what feeds his ego. So I suggest that you just focus on yourself, your health, your hobbies, do routines and facials. 

Indulge in anything that makes you better and be conscious of your worth. Don't stop loving yourself every day. Just because your husband thinks he's always right, this doesn't mean you should be stressed. And never depend on his opinion for validation. Because from the point you start depending on him for validation, it can lead to emotional abuse.

3. Speak to him

Talk to him about it. But don’t get drawn into his madness when he’s shouting or over angrily. Just calmly listen to him. Enhance his ego and when he is done ask “Anything else?” Give him the chance to speak as much as he wants to then use his own words against him by the time he’s done talking. 

Take experts from his point, make sure you pick out those things that make no sense and are selfish. Then counter it with facts, reasonable facts, and let him take it or leave it. He will most likely not accept it at first because he still wants to claim it right. But he may think through it later and realize he’s wrong even if he doesn’t tell you.

4. The problem is not you, so don’t take it personally

The problem is him and not you. A husband who will never agree that something he did is wrong. He’ll likely behave like this towards his children, colleagues, siblings, boss, and everyone else. 

So, the case is not that he sees you as inferior but he carries himself as superior to every other person. Such behavior either stems from the fear of not being respected. Or being treated as unimportant, undervalued, or underrated.

So you are not even the problem, such spouses like to act like their God over everyone and so they cannot be wrong. Even when their mistakes are clear and obvious, they’ll still act all strong-headed and give the ‘I don’t care’ attitude. So, just work on controlling yourself, since he can't control himself to prevent a fight from breaking out.

5. Be in charge of your heart

Is it always about himself? If so, your significant other is likely a narcissist. He always wants to dominate in any conversation or argument. So, focus on your feelings after these moments, and don’t let his words or behavior hurt you. 

If you are an egoistic person. You may get into an argument, which can lead to something unexpected. Remember, two wrongs cannot make a right. So, if he never admits that he is wrong, allow him. Just be in control of your heart so things don’t hurt you too much.

6. Dialogue


Take a special time out together. On a normal day when everything is fine and cool, speak to him about his behavior. But first, understand why he's acting all crabby and misunderstanding you. He’s likely trying to prove his self-worth and he thinks being stubborn is a way to shove his worth down people’s throat.

So, relate this behavior to him in the nicest way you can. Tell him how it’s affecting you and everybody around him. Listen to him when he speaks back because he’s sure going to speak back defensively. Regardless, it’s still nice to let him realize his wrongdoings and the effects.

7. Don’t be at his ‘Beck and Call’

Do not always be available to do everything for him if he doesn’t reciprocate. If he’s not going to acknowledge that you are a great helper, limit the help so he feels the burden of doing everything alone since he’s Mr. Perfect.

Create a checklist of all the work you do and those he does. If the imbalance is much then stop doing some of those things. Maybe then he will notice that you were of good help and try to be understanding.


What are the signs of a bad husband?

The most obvious sign is if he insults you, then thinks he did nothing wrong. Other signs include; his temper problem begins only when you are trying to have a reasonable conversation if he doesn't respect you, never supports you, and takes you for granted. Lastly, if he always finds ways to blame you for his misfortune and mistakes to make you feel bad.

How do you deal with a spouse who thinks they are always right?

This is not an easy nut to crack. You must first recognize that your partner has an issue before you can handle it. But I gave 7 ways you can handle a partner that thinks he is always right.

How do you make your husband realize that he is wrong?

Be calm, give him the silent treatment. Talk to him about it, but at times, leave your husband thinking about what he did wrong. Don't go on dates with him and make sure you divert your attention to something else.

Why does my husband not care about my feelings?

There are probably some underlying issues that he has refused to talk about. And this could be affecting how he relates to you. He could also be letting his ego have the better side of him. He probably doesn't want to show his weakness, so he rather not pay attention to your feelings.

What are the signs of a failing marriage?

When you and your partner no longer have anything in common, you constantly blame each other over irrelevant issues. You no longer know what's going on in each other's lives. There is no longer any form of intimacy in the marriage and you never want to be around your partner anymore. 

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In Conclusion

If you’ve been telling yourself ’My husband thinks he does nothing wrong,’ I hope you found this article helpful? Don't give up on your man. Make sure you talk to him and be patient with him. You can also get professional advice if you can’t handle it alone. Let me know what you think, and please don't forget to share this article with others.

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