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How To Crush A Man Ego (13 Intentional Ways)

Are you dating a man needing his ego crushed? Perhaps it’s an ex-partner who needs to be brought down a few pegs? 

If you want to know the best ways to crush a man’s ego, you’re in the right place. 

As a woman who has studied male psychology for many years, I have written down 13 tried-and-tested ways to give men’s ego a good battering.

The best thing about this list is that most of these actions can be performed subtly. They don’t look like blatant acts of malice, more like expressions of ‘tough love’ that will bruise his ego all the same 😉 

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But let’s now look at some things you can do to deflate even the biggest of male egos.

How Do You Hurt A Man's Ego?

Here are 13 ways to take down a man’s ego a few notches. It can be a good idea to try one or two at a time while you work on your own self-worth. Often, when a person has dated men with huge egos, their own self-esteem has taken a few knocks and it is necessary to build it back up before you get on with your life and start seeing other guys. 

1. Tell him he is wrong

It can be very easy to feel like you are scared of a man’s ego. If that is you, you need to remember that it is ok for human beings to tell others that they are in the wrong. Point out how and why, but try to be as tactful, calm, and diplomatic as possible. In doing so, you will be able to stop the debate from getting into a full-blown fight. 

2. Be consistent

Men often have a big ego because other people’s behavior in the past has allowed it to grow. As a result, it is important to be consistent in your dealing with men with big egos in your life. That consistent behavior has to outline and emphasize why his actions and reactions to situations are not ok. 

3. Take a break

It can be hard for some men to really see why their behavior, on account of their big ego, is not acceptable. For that reason, if you are the woman in his life, it can be beneficial to walk away from the relationship for a while. 

It can give both of you some much-needed perspective which can be something that is very helpful when trying to work through issues you are both experiencing together. 

4. See other people

If you are dating a guy with a big ego, and it’s not serious yet, it can be a good idea to see other guys. If he is the type of man who does not like to feel intimidated by other guys, it can have a serious impact on his ego and as a result, he may feel like he is out of control. That lack of control will often take his confidence down a little. 

5. Play hard to get

Play hard to get

In the same vein, men with big egos won’t like it when the women they are dating are playing hard to get. They won’t really understand it as their confidence is so high that they will think something is very wrong. As a result, he’ll likely do some chasing. 

6. Say how he is hurting others

Men with big egos often don’t have the foresight to see how their actions, or something that they have done, will hurt people around them. If you are the woman to point it out, you may succeed in being the person who manages to reduce those egos somewhat. Many men with big egos will be so unaware that you pointing it how he has hurt someone may really shock them. 

7. Remind him of his mistakes

Similarly to telling guys with big egos how they have hurt someone in the past, it can be a good idea to remind an egotistical man of his mistakes. Egos grow because of an unhealthy amount of self-belief so it can be good to remind a man sometimes that he has made mistakes in the past. 

8. Don’t compliment his wins

In conjunction with reminding guys of their mistakes, if you are dating an egotistical man who’s self-confidence is too high, remember not to be complimentary of his wins. They will only make things worse. If his confidence is high enough, he will probably not need the woman in his life to be his cheerleader anyway. 

9. Make your disappointment known

Men with huge egos often get that way as they don’t listen to other women or guys in their lives. However, to ensure that something that has hurt you doesn’t happen again, it can be helpful to let your disappointment to a scenario known to the guy you are seeing. 

Make it clear and blatant that things cannot continue or repeat themselves as they have done in the past so the man you are dating knows where you stand. 

10. Point out his weaknesses

Point out his weaknesses

As well as pointing out the mistakes of a man with one of the biggest egos around, it can also be good to point out his weaknesses too. All men and women have flaws, yet it is men with big egos that forget that something like a weakness would affect them too. Guys like this won’t like to hear it, but it is often something that will make the most difference. 

11. Talk about past lovers

Men hate to hear about the past lovers of the woman they are seeing. However, men with big egos will often benefit from hearing about them as it reminds them that they are not the only man that the woman they are seeing has dated in the past. It reminds them, as well, that there are other guys out there capable of making her happy - and as a result, his confidence is knocked a little. 

12. Highlight his issues

Women who are dating men with big egos would do well to highlight the issues that that guy has. In doing so, it makes those guys question themselves and therefore knocks that usually sky-high confidence again. Not all women will like to follow this route, but if you are finding your man intolerable, it can be highly effective. 

13. Stop him in his stride

Men with large egos often get into a rhythm where they start believing their own hype. The women in their lives would do well to interrupt that rhythm. 

If the man you are dating is starting to be difficult to cope with due to ridiculous confidence, try doing something different that will stop him in his stride and make him think twice about believing all the compliments he is hearing at that moment in time. 


What happens when you hurt a man's ego?

Many things can happen when you hurt a man’s ego. Some men will be open about how you have hurt them, while others will not want to talk to you for a while. Either way, be sure that your feelings are taken into account during the conflict. Hurting a man’s ego is not to be mistaken for hurting his feelings. 

How do you ruin a man's ego?

Ruining a man’s ego can be difficult to do. Their ego will have got to that stage as they have huge self-confidence that they cannot have called into question. However, what can be effective is if you stand up for yourself and don’t always let him get his way in every situation where you disagree. 

How do you destroy your ego?

Destroying your ego is tough to do and you should question why you want to. If you think your ego is causing difficulties in your life, try to slow down and see things from other people’s points of view. Listening to others can be a good way to manage your ego, as opposed to destroying it entirely. 

How can I make him miss me badly?

Making a guy miss you is difficult to do as it will depend on both you and him, as well as the type of relationship you have with one another. Some women find that playing hard to get help, while others find that breaking up for a while is also effective. 

How do you tell if a guy is hurt by you?

A guy will show his hurt by you in a number of different ways which will entirely depend on what type of person he is. Some will go quiet and regress into themselves. Others will be much more overt in their hurt and may even call you out in it by shouting. Either way, you need to listen.

Ways To Crush A Man’s Ego - Key Takeaways

A man with unhealthily high confidence can be difficult to cope with. Women are often attracted to confidence at first, but after dating a confident guy for a while, they may find that that man is insensitive as well as incapable of accepting any fault. To maintain a balanced relationship, dealing with someone with such issues can be particularly hard. 

To stop it from causing your relationship with enough issues that you think you may break up for good, it can be beneficial to tackle the problem head-on. Remember you are part of the relationship too and if you are having to deal with your boyfriend as well as your guy’s mammoth ego, you are likely not to have your needs met. 


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