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I Want My Husband To Wear A Dress (17 Steps To Getting It Done)

Last updated on June 4, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

Most men don’t care much about fashion; the responsibility that comes with being a husband appears to cover their mind and puts them off other interesting areas of life. This kind of lifestyle might not be a problem to the man, but to his wife and children, it can really be a hell of a boredom. Your husband being romantic with something as little as wearing the certain dress of your choice can change him from being that austere individual to a super fun-to-be-with husband.

And now you want your husband to wear a dress of your choice, but you are not sure of how to achieve this; this article will suggest several tested methods you can employ:

Betting trick:

​This method is based on cleverly tricking your husband. You will need to inform him about your intention of having him join you in a simple but interesting game. He may or not be curious, but that is less of an issue here. You set the rule of the game and read it to him. Ensure the rule is such that when he losses the game, you say he would have to wear certain cloth which you choose for him. That would be nothing to him as your husband understands it’s nothing but a game. Bet on what you know he won’t be able to come up as the winner, and once he losses, boom! You have your way. Next is you will see him wear that cloth you had always wanted him to put on. It’s not really much of a hard thing to achieve even when you want him to put on a full female cloth.With this trick, you are always going to get it done effortlessly.

Direct approach:

Just tell him what you will like him to do. Your husband is just like every other human being. You should understand that sometimes some people don’t like being played at all; whether you mean well or not. So, on this note try to study your husband to know if he won’t take this idea as you being disrespectful.

Use the power of sex:

​You can get to employ this tactic so long you’re not going to make it feel your request of him wearing certain cloth you will be recommending to him is a do or die adventure. Just do this in a lighter mood.  You know an average man would not want to joke with sex.  Let the foreplay begins and ensure he’s all deep in the mood; then jokingly tell him he would have to promise you he would wear the certain dress after making love to you; that if he wouldn’t agree he should consider the sex he’s about having with you ending. Explain to him you are doing that because you want him to improve on his romantic style. Remember, you are more like teasing him so he will understand. Considering the fact that he’s already in the mood to have sex at that moment, he wouldn’t have a choice than to accept your romantic request.

Compliment him:

​Positive remarks here and there for a job done well can go a long way to work wonders. Never underestimate this; and when you do this at the appropriate time, you will realize that when you ask him to wear certain cloth, he wouldn’t want to hesitate.


​There is time for everything; you don’t get to talk to someone when they are at their highest level of anger. Just like the way it works with other things, your husband needs to be approached about wearing certain cloth not when he’s unhappy, but when he’s at his and most importantly when he appears to be in his most attentive mood.

Be compassionate:

Be compassionate

One of the keys to a man’s heart is to be warm-hearted with them when they are down. When you don’t fail in exercising this simple task when appropriate, you will never find it had to ask your husband to wear certain cloth and he will decline. For the most parts of the reason why he’s likely to listen to you is he wouldn’t want to break the love circle you guys have been building for so long. And this means he would consider doing it not for the fact that he likes the idea but for the fact that he doesn’t want anything that will make him hurt your feelings.

Don’t be selfish:

​Quite a lot of times, we women will want to totally close our eyes to the fact that our husbands sometimes are passing through some challenges. You are only getting to allow the love in between you two to wane when you are of this habit. Try to not come off as being selfish with your demands, be human and make your needs of him to be realistic, at least consider the condition and his mood before asking him to wear certain cloth. It wouldn’t be proper and reasonable when he’s a lawyer for instance and he’s scheduled to appear in the court on a Monday morning, and you have come asking him to put on a dress other than a lawyer’s uniform. Doing that will amount to being selfish.

Don’t act like a needy wife:

​As much as we may like an individual, for whatever reason, we would start reconsidering that love when we discover they are more of a needy person. We will begin to feel they are not the right one for us. You won’t find it anywhere different with your husband as well when you demand way too many things from him. You only get to earn the whole respect of him when you cut down on the way you demand from him. Our husband will know that when you ask him to carry out a task, it must be something of value to you.  In this light, you will realize you will make your husband wear a certain dress effortlessly when you keep to this rule.

Avoid taking things too serious:

​If you want your husband to go extra miles just to satisfy your needs, you would want to get your demands of him to do things for you in a light mood; don’t feel bad when he rejects your request. Let your demands slide sometimes. By so doing you will earn more respect from him.

Don’t act domineering:

​One of the easiest ways of making a man feel disrespected, as far as most culture and custom demands, is to impose your ideas on him all the time. Doing this will make you have him reject even the easiest and smallest of tasks. So, if you’re looking to make him wear certain cloth you had better stop being domineering.

Avoid mud raking:

​Complaints about someone about their mistakes is not in itself a terrible thing; in fact, it can serve as a way of developing such individual n the long run. However, when we overdo this, particularly to someone we claim we love, then we will be creating a vacuum between us. Knowing how to correct your husband as not to come off as being harsh or insensitive is another way of building trust and respect in a relationship. If you, therefore, want your husband to carry out a task as simple as wearing a cloth you want him to put on, then you have got not to cut out for pointless corrections and of his mistakes all the time.


​Be a good listener. A great communication starts from learning how to listen. Sometimes, we prefer to assume contorted facts in the wrong frame of our mind, because we have already blocked our ears to what our partner is saying. If you want your husband to wear certain cloth, show to him you are a good listener and act it out as well.

Learn his love language:

​There is always a marked disparity with the way men communicate when compared with the way women do. Women’s style of communication appears more flexible as opposed to that of men. Therefore, keep this in mind when asking your husband to wear a cloth. Your manner of approach matters. Keep it simple but romantic, and you will see him in those glamorous clothes you have always wanted him to wear.

Finds out what he considers to give him the most respect:

​To get an individual to do things in accordance with our wish, it demands we position ourselves like someone who respects such individual because an average human being loves being valued. When you are looking to get your husband to wear a dress, ensure you have shown “him adequate respect in the way that is fulfilling to him”

​Your method of approach:

​You already have a history of saying heart rendering, painful, hurtful and distressing things; why not stop so you can make your husband feel secured whenever you are around him, if you are going to be considering asking him to yield to your bid of asking him to wear that dress.

Being over smart:

Being over smart

​You need to understand this one fact that most men detest being manipulated. You can play games and trick him to do things he wouldn’t have done on a normal day, but your intention about the game should be as clear as day. You mustn’t position yourself in a manner that will be suggestive of you trying to outsmart him in some other ways. So, when next you are about asking him to wear a dress or do something for you, be clear with your intentions behind your request. Once he knows you’re plain with him, it will be easy to adjust his plan to suit your needs.

Don’t be boring:

​Apart from looking to have your husband wear a dress, this you must also keep in mind- avoid repeating over flogged issues, particularly during the time you are making your request. When you are of the habit of doing this, the effect is that your husband may become frustrated. And if this is the case, the chances are that he wouldn’t be in his right sense of mind which will greatly have a negative impact in his response to your request.

Reasons Your Husband Might Not Still Accept To Wear A Dress You Demanded He Put On Despite Following All The Suggestions Above:

You need to understand the fact that our wills cannot always come into reality. There are times we just have to kill that zeal in us, not because it’s convenient for us, but because of the growth of our relationship. Let’s delve into some of these reasons:

  • ​Your husband is not in the mood in speaking with anyone. Sometimes, we may feel like being alone for no just reason. And when your husband feels this way- men being in the habit of hiding their feelings, don't want to disclose to you he’s not in the mood. And whatever it is you request from him at that time will not fall into the soft spot of his mind. No matter how pedantic you get with your presentation, with this mood, he won’t corporate.
  • ​He may simply not be interested in the idea of you asking him to wear a dress. Respect his decision and move on. You can ask him for reasons behind his decision. If his reasons are based on “respect,” or something that portrays he doesn’t understand the essence of what you are getting at, explain to him your real intention and he might end up changing his mind.
  • ​He might be the judgmental type. He already determines his mind through his hasty assumption and generalization. Winning him over to make him wear a dress might not be possible; just move on if that’s the case.
  • He might be listening to you with half of his brain. According to research carried out by the BBC "Researchers in the United States have found that men only listen with half their brain, while women use both sides ... he [Dr. Joseph T. Lurito] suggested women were not necessarily better listeners. He said women may need to use more of their brain to listen to conversations, but said it could show women could listen to two conversations at once."
  • ​The short attention span of an average adult is 7 seconds according to Carla Rieger. Therefore, you will need to learn to listen. Allow him to ask you questions so he can clarify things.
  • ​He might be in the distraction of some sort. If this is the case, he’s most likely to discountenance all your requests.


How Do I Dress Up For My Husband?

If you want to dress up for your husband then perhaps you could buy a new dress in the colour that he loves. Make an extra effort with your hair and makeup. However, remember that you should dress up for yourself too and not just for your husband. You deserve to feel good about yourself for you too.

What Should I Wear To My Husbands Office Party?

If you are invited to your husband’s office party then you will probably want to wear a smart, plain dress. If there is a dress code then find out what that is and see if you have something that fits that brief. If not check online to see if something catches your eye.

Why Does My Wife Wear My Clothes?

Your wife probably wears your clothes because they are nice and comfy and they smell like you. If she wears your clothes then take this as a compliment because they likely comfort her when she wears them. She may like to wear your clothes when you are apart and she misses you.

How Do I Dress Like A Lady?

If you want to dress like a lady a dress or a skirt may be a good option. However, if you don’t feel comfortable dressing in this way then make sure that you don’t feel forced by anybody to dress in a certain way.

How Do I Seduce My Husband When He's Angry?

If your husband is angry then you are not likely going to be able to seduce your husband. Make sure that you give him time to calm down and figure out what he is feeling before you try and seduce him.


​Regardless of whether you are looking to make your husband wear a dress or carry out just any task for you, you always need to understand him; know what he cares about and fills in the vacuum where he needs to be helped. By showing him unconditional love, you will realize that to control him will be as easy as putting off a candlelight.

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Sonya Schwartz
A hopeless romantic that struggled for many years to find her Mr "Right" and made all the mistakes you could think of while dating. Known for always choosing the wrong guys or messing up relationships, Sonya was finally able to change her approach and mindset when it came to dating which helped her eventually find the man of her dreams and become happily married. You can read more about me here...

35 comments on “I Want My Husband To Wear A Dress (17 Steps To Getting It Done)”

  1. First thing is to get him in panties pink lace panties once you get him in panties he will feel the beauty of panties then get him in night gown tell him he looks beautiful in them.he will feel the power of femineinty witch will over come him and can not escape it for the power is to beautyful now you have him .now you can put him in anything you want.wig make up dresses skirts.rember there is no truning back for him he will always wear womens clothes. If you want your man to be a woman go for it girl

    1. My wife had little problem getting me to wear her clothes, she didn't know that I wanted to be a girl for as far back as I can remember. She asked me one day if she could dress me up & do my makeup & I never looked back. She realized that I loved being dressed as a woman when I asked her if she was going to polish my finger & toe nails, pierce my ears, pluck my eyebrows super thin & cut & style my hair into a feminine look, since then I have been her little sissy bitch, she really loves it when I get her boyfriend hard for her with my mouth.

      1. That sounds quite exciting! In fact as a fireman, no one would believe I'd like that to happen to me too! I'd love to be as womanly as possible and even have body modifications. If only she knew!

      2. That sounds quite exciting! In fact as a fireman, no one would believe I'd like that to happen to me too! I'd love to be as womanly as possible and even have body modifications. If only she knew!

      3. That sounds incredibly hot! I would love it if this would take place in my marriage! However, being firefighter I'm sure she would not be compelled to want to dress me up and do makeup etc. as much as it makes me hard thinking about it! Then having her cuckold me too would be beyond my dreams!

  2. I wish I lived somewhere that I could throw on a dress , or skirt and top , sandals and run up to the store and not worry about it. My wife likes me in dresses and it would please us both .

    1. All you need is confidence and desire.
      Halloween is best time for the first.
      My wife of 17 years died ten years ago. Last fourteen years she enjoyed it.
      My new of five years. Really wasn't interested in that.
      Two weeks before Halloween 2019. She went to her underwear drawer. Took out six pair of her panties and threw them next to me. She said,(I'm ready now. If you're still want to. Come into the bathroom.)
      I was up and right
      behind her.
      She told me, she was going to dress me up for Halloween. But it starts today with your andcommitment.
      She said she found websites female led relationships. She didn't want to be dominant. She thought the husband dressing and going out shopping with the wife very interesting.
      She told those panties were mine. She knew that I had in a box in the closet I brought with me but hasn't opened.
      Tomorrow I'm to get them added to what she gave. Then go to the store and buy enough to have at least twenty pairs,then she wants to see all of them.
      Halloween was on a Sunday. The mall was celebrating Friday night.
      The city was having the recreation centers, to have a dance and finger foods and snacks.
      She had me strip down, which I did. She had me sit on toilet. Lift my legs and she put shaving cream on them. She shaved my legs, then my underarms. She then had me stand up and she did my pubic area.
      She said, (From now it was my job to keep it that way. One time it's not done, game over. You will only wear panties. When you have Doctor's appointment you can wear men's underwear, Change when you get home.
      She told me that she wasn't going to call me Nathan. I was to be Nancy
      Threr of her girlfriends are doing this to their husbands. After Halloween we'll talk about particulars.
      The following week she started polishing my toes.
      Finally that Friday came. Most businesses closed at noon. They needed to get the kids ready for the mall.
      The day before my wife took me to get my ears pierced. I had two in each ear.
      Many guys at work had them, so I wasn't going to stick out.
      Three o'clock, I had a red dress, two inches above my knees. Bra with C inserts, hose, makeup, shoulder length wig. Final touch shoes with two inch wedge heel.
      Off we went,first stop Wal Mart. We got some snacks for our apartment. Then wife took me so the women's department and picked me out a little pink nightgown.
      We headed for the register I thought. She took the changing room.
      We've been to talk a little bit feminine.
      I IIs I said, ("We can't do this.")
      I saw one her friends and her husband dressed up.
      She said,(" This is Kelly.")
      My wife said,("This is Nancy.")
      Now I knew Ken is Kelly and he knows, I'm Nancy.
      She handed me a number 1, one garment. She opened the door to room two.
      My wife went in with me. She the dress off carefully. Put nightgown vkluu
      I look on mirror and I couldn't believe my eyes.
      This was for a confidence boost. Got redressed and headed out.
      The two women talk quickly.
      We got to the car. She told me she wanted to wait to have this later but it needs to happen now
      The four couples are meeting outside Italian restaurant in the mall at eight. Dan is Dana, and Paul is Paula.
      Dan and Paul cheated on their wives. It was divorce or changing. They are doing the same as you and Kelly. Except this is something you and Kelly always wanted to do.
      We got home after the
      mall, and we walked around the apartment complex. We did the entire weekend. Sunday I dressed and passed out candy.
      We four brand name grocery stores. One I only shop dressed as Nancy and no other time
      . I never shopped there before. It was next to the furthest. Wal Mart the furthest.
      It's now eight months later. I'm still totally shaved, in panties. I have been shopping with my wife and as Nancy alone many times
      If you and your wife really want to do this. You'll find a way.

  3. You have to move to pahrump nv and you can just do that put on dress shoes wig go to the store. I wear a dress or skirt not to just wear one I wear one because I love wearing a dress or skirt it feels wonderful to get Into a skirt or dress it makes me feel up lifted very specail mode on hi very intament make you want to melt.i just plain love it love love it love it

  4. You didn't explain why you would want your husband to wear a dress, which is a female cloth. I understand if he dresses dull and you want to help him choose fashionable clothes, but a dress?
    can you elaborate on this?

  5. If he likes to wear a dress let him because the dress make him feel pretty and inporten to his self the dress feels good and comfy to him. I allways look forward to wearing a dress cant wate to get in one all the good stuff that go with the dress makes it worthwhile and overwheming.wear a dress as much you can.

  6. Wow,

    Don't forget the holidays and Halloween is coming up that be a great time for you girls to dress up and not worry. I do agree if you can get him in a nightgown or sexy nightie a dress wont be a problem.

    As to the why of it all i'll simply say there can be beneficial reasons to have an effeminate and passive male around and shop with.

    The hard part: Having a few office girls and lady friends over for a small Halloween party. I could have him attend in a cocktail dress or evening gown. Or even nice skirt and heels? good idea or no? I think even a new years eve party be great would that be pushing it?

    I'm all for it.

    1. I already posted one Halloween story. This one happened long before the other.
      My just died of kidney failure. I went into deep depression. HOSPICE gave me grief counseling.
      The three couples we meet often, we're worried about me
      Three months mid August, the ladies came up an idea.
      They knew my wife would occasionally dress me
      up. They wanted to do their husbands, No way from the guys.
      They convinced their husbands to dress up for Halloween, and scavenger hunt in mall. I would be involved also it would help me.
      The single member of our group, who moved back, was going to be partner.
      Her name was Sue. She was living about, six plus drive away. Her and her lesbian girlfriend had very bad argument.
      We were going to meet every Sunday to have lessons for success.
      Third Sunday we meet. The plan was, they guys would be dressed up for Halloween and go for scavenger hunt in the mall.
      The guys told I owed them big time.
      The girls almost in unison, said they would take care of the debt plus interest.
      The next Sunday the girls would totally shave the guys.
      Thursday, Sue came over to do me.
      I stripped down, laid on the bed. I only had three month growth. It didn't take long for Sue to finish.
      The next ten weeks. Lessons in walking in heels. Putting on holiday so, makeup, movements and speaking more feminine.
      Six weeks before Halloween we went and had our ears pierced.
      Sue and I went out shopping together once a week. I was dressed as a woman. I used the name my wife gave me Katie.
      All the guys were given feminine names by their wives.
      I even spent I whole weekend. She taught me how to act as a lesbian.
      The week before Halloween. The girls told us there was a contest at a club Saturday. The day after the mall visit.
      The guy best dressed as a woman. Prize money, 100, 75, 50, and 25. The club was twenty to thirty minutes away.
      We also had a walk through the mall that Sunday. No crowds, most were watching football.
      We needed to see if there was anything we needed extra practice on.
      They were so comfortable in women's clothes. We watched for and spent whole rest of
      the day.
      The girls made up four different list for scavenger hunt. We all had to stop at photo booth and have picture taken. We each had a task which caused us to interact with. Mine to go the place we had our ears pierced, buy a pair of dangling earrings. Then have the clerk change them with what was in.
      Total success in the mall. The girls walked around and took pictures.
      The next day in the way to the club, Sue told me Tuesday she was moving back with her girlfriend. She thanked me for helping her get through her issues.
      We got to the club us guys weren't sure, if we we're going in. It was a gay club.
      We decided we got this far let's finish it.
      They took our picture. Put it on a jar. The money put in the jar was the vote.
      Guys asked us to dance. It was something I never done before.
      I was the first to say yes.
      The next fifteen minutes each of the guys danced with a guy.
      I won first place and one of the guys won third.
      Three months late I moved away. I found a girl we decided to get married.
      It's been over five years now. The guys still dress. Once a week their out with their wives. Every other month their out at the club with their wives.
      Just getting them to try it. They went from no way to way out.

    2. My Gosh! You are so rare and simply wonderful! There should be women more open to feminizing their men! This prospect make me at least very excited and very hard!

    1. They will be more kind and emotionally connected with their feelings. without masculinity holding them back from a false macho front upheld by his fellow society og men.

      1. Mia I believe is absolutely correct! Given the opportunity, most men would experience a new feeling within them. Especially if his wife or girlfriend is supportive and complimentary

  7. your lucky men that your woman wants you to wear a dress
    maybe some day it will be ok to wear dresses out in public
    Im HOPING FOR THAT DAY to come soon !!!

  8. Is this a serious article? If so then why do you want your man to wear a dress? Are there a lot more women out there like you? Are there a lot of men who like to wear dresses, not just those who identify as cross dressers? I have thought about creating a line for men that actually fits them.

  9. I would love to find a woman who wanted me to wear dresses for her, I would let her femininze me totally, I would love to wear makeup, lingerie, heels everything and I'd love her to make teach me to suck her strap on. I totally want to be feminized by a beautiful lady

  10. Yes this is common. Lots of guy would wear them if they were in their size and found in the men's department. Most men are not going to go shopping in the women's department and looking into convert a size to see what size they were in women's. Only men that are into full on crossdressing would do that. Otherwise they would just buy from the racks that they currently understand and are used to.

  11. Many many many years ago. I got my boyfriend to wear. By getting him all worked up, then backing off. I did this for about 3 weeks. I kept using the excuse. That I was just not ready. Well when he was at his house. I was out shopping at the local lingerie store. Then on a Saturday night. We were hot & heavy. I've told him I'm ready. But only if you were these and then I handed the box of lingerie. He said sure what ever it takes and put everthing on.

    30 years latter I wonder if he is still wearing

  12. My ex wife asked me if she could dress me up as a girl, I said yes & when she was done, she couldn't even believe how much I looked like a real woman. She went to work & told all of her friends about it, the next thing I knew I had four women giving me a makeover. When they were done, I couldn't believe my eyes, they plucked my eyebrows really thin with a high arch in them, they pierced my ears & colored my hair. They put acrylic nails on me & shaved my entire body. My wife made me go over to my parents house wearing a mini skirt, panties, bra, pantyhose, open toed high heels with polished toe nails, a complete makeover, wearing perfume & carrying a purse. My own mother hardly recognized me, my mom asked me if I was going to have a sex change, I told her I was still thinking about it.

  13. When I'm alone with my husband I like to dress my husband with my girls old school clothes with a whig, and I put make up on him and as he's smaller and thiner than me he manages to wear my old tartan school skirts with butoned suspenders with a beret and a tie and long wollen socks now I've got a crush on him in my girl's clothes,and every week end I take my husband in the forest,and make love with him ,but I'm the one giving orders and being on top of him!Since then I'm just crazy about him and thinking of going further Like making him wear a coutil corset with suspenders and stockings with a long bib apron with suspenders and a plastic cap !But I would allways be in charge and be on top of him;But I admit that it's not all that easy because because when freinds reconize meI I like to scamp off ,because after all he's my creation and all the Ideas comme from me and I do tend after him a lot What do you think girls Because sure I like it but so does he !

  14. I love to see girls with sexy clothes, after 10 year of married one night playing in bed with wife I try her panties It feel so sexy in the next I tried her dress I let me hair grow started wearing earrings 8 years later I still wearing women clothes almost every at home, my wife supports me, I enjoy that, U wear panties, earrings my nails painted at work of course on males clothes but as soon I get home I change my clothes to a nice dress.

  15. Sonya--

    The intuitive beauty of your femininity is amazing!

    And your personal touch is the expression of your love


  16. My sister caught me wearing her clothes on a number of occasions, after catching me the last time, she said she was going to give me a full makeover. The next day, after our mom left for work, my sister took me to her room & had me wait there, the next thing I knew, she returned with her two friends who went to beauty school. They gave me the works, polished toenails, acrylic fingernails, shaved body, pierced ears, plucked eyebrows(really thin & arched), they cut, styled & curled my hair into a woman's look, complete makeup using semi permanent, water proof makeup, then dressed in panties, matching bra, taupe pantyhose, mini skirt, top & heels. They made me carry a purse & took me to payless with them & had me trying on heels. When we got back home our mother was there, my sister began laughing, she had planned this the whole time.

  17. Panties are the first step, and the last for me! Panties only...wearing black nylon Vanity Fair right now!! LOL

  18. Many guys are wearing ladies stuff. Panties are the first step...Once you start you may never stop. No dress could fit my shoulders LOL

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