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How To Tell If A Woman Is Interested In Your Husband (23 Undeniable Signs)

June 1, 2024

Is your intuition telling you that one of your husband’s co-workers is into him? Perhaps you’re bored of one of your husband’s friends always hanging around him and acting a little too friendly towards him? Or maybe you’re actually worried that one of your besties is taking an interest in your man? 

No matter the specific situation, it can make you feel incredibly uncomfortable and act protective when you think another woman is interested in your husband. But how do you really know if a woman is trying to steal your man, or if you’re just overthinking? 

There are specific signs that you need to look out for, and in this article, we’ve got your back! So, let’s dive in and give you all of the information you need to know if you’re trying to figure out if a woman is interested in your husband or not.

1. She Seems To Always Be Around

You’ll notice that this specific woman will constantly be around your husband. It doesn’t matter whether she’s a co-worker or a best friend, you will notice that pretty much wherever your husband goes, she will follow. She might even spend more time with your husband than you do!

2. She’s always complimenting your man

she's always complimenting your man

Complimenting someone can be platonically done and people don’t always have to have ulterior motives when they say something nice to another person! However, you’ll find that this woman is constantly complimenting your husband, and not just about how much of a great job he’s doing at work or that he has a nice house and family. 

She will be complimenting him on his looks, his personality, and his charm - these are dangerous waters when complimenting a married man.

3. She takes your man away from you

Whether your man has to attend a work event with her when you really wanted a weekend on the sofa with him, or you’re at a party and she physically takes your man away from your side, you will notice that she is always stealing him away whenever she gets the chance - maybe it’s because she wants to steal him away forever!

4. She bad mouths you

You might hear it from your friends, or if your husband tells you everything, you might hear it from him - this woman has been bad-mouthing you behind your back. She might be talking about you to your husband in an attempt to draw a wedge between the two of you, or she might be bad-mouthing you to others in an attempt to get at you.

5. She makes you look stupid in front of your man

When you’re with this woman, you’ll notice that she constantly tries to make you look stupid, in any way she possibly can. Whether she’s laughing and telling others about something silly you did or said or she’s downright speaking about a subject that you know nothing about to make you look like an idiot, she will be trying to make your husband see her as more intelligent than you.

6. She always makes an effort with her appearance

You’ll notice that this woman is constantly dressed up to the nines, and even though this might just be her style, you’ll be able to tell she’s doing it for your man if she speaks about how she looks around him or fishes for compliments on her outfit and looks from him.

7. She tries to make you feel jealous

This woman will try and make you jealous constantly, whether she’s touching your man in front of you or she’s talking about the times that she’s made memories with him. She wants to let you know in a subtle way that you should be worried because she’s spending so much time with your man, and quite honestly that she’s coming for your man.

8. She touches him frequently

she touches him frequently

As mentioned above, this woman will constantly touch your man and try to get close to him. She’ll be doing this not only because she actually wants to touch him, but also because she wants to make him feel attracted to her. She’s essentially teasing him and giving him a taste of her touch. 

You might notice that she brushes his arm, touches his lower back, or taps his leg, even though she really doesn’t need to! After all, it’s pretty inappropriate to touch a married man!

9. She laughs at everything he says

Men like to be appreciated, especially by members of the opposite sex! This woman will know this, so every time your man says something even remotely funny, she will make a big deal of how funny he is and laugh her head off! This will make your man feel appreciated, even if this is a subconscious feeling.

10. She asks him for advice

As well as needing to feel appreciated, men also need to be needed. Of course, every woman knows this, and therefore, she will use this to her advantage and constantly ask your man for advice. Even if she knows the answer herself, she may go out of her way to act stupid just so she can ask your man for advice. 

Even if she doesn’t actually listen to what he’s saying or take his advice, she’ll have made him feel needed, making him feel good about himself and therefore associating this feeling with her - very clever and devious. 

11. She confides in him about her failed relationships

This woman will choose to confide in your man about her failed relationships and terrible dates! She’ll be doing this to not only confirm the fact that she’s single to him, but she’ll do it so that he has to think about her on dates and in intimate relationships. 

If this woman knows that your man has always thought of her platonically, forcing him to think about her in a relationship could change how he views her.

12. She tries to get him alone regularly

In the hopes that spending time alone with your husband might allow something romantic or intimate to flourish between them, this woman will try to spend time alone with him regularly. 

Whether she asks him to help her move house or help her out with a task when you’re not around, or she takes him off to the side privately whilst you’re all together, she’s trying to get him alone to move things forward.

13. She acts like a classic damsel in distress

As mentioned above, all women know that men need to feel needed, and playing with the hero complex of a man is one of the best ways to ensure a guy feels needed! To activate the hero complex in your guy, this woman will act like a damsel in distress at every opportunity. 

She’ll constantly ask for his help, even when she doesn’t need it, and she’ll act extremely feminine and helpless, triggering his hero complex and making him have no choice but to help her.

14. She sends him text messages late at night

she sends him text messages late at night

Unless this woman is your man’s best friend or a family member, there’s absolutely no reason for her to be texting him late at night. However, this woman will send your man texts at night time, to not only develop a closer relationship with him but to make sure she’s on his mind in the evening. 

She might even text your man before bed, to try and ensure that she is the last thing he thinks of before going to sleep!

15. She’s all over his social media

Have you noticed that this woman constantly comments on your partner’s photos? Perhaps he says that she’s always sending him funny memes? A woman that’s trying to steal your man away from you will want to exist in every aspect of his life, and this includes being present on his social media profiles. 

She’ll like all of his posts, comment on them, send him funny messages, and react to every story he posts. She’ll hope that by engaging with your husband’s posts, he will engage with hers!

16. She asks him for help with strenuous activities

Constantly acting like a damsel in distress and pretending to be a weak kind of woman, this woman will constantly ask your husband for help with any strenuous tasks that she can’t do by herself. 

Whether it be asking your man to carry something heavy to her car for her, or asking him to do some DIY for her, this woman wants to make him feel needed, and it’s a bonus if she can see some muscle whilst he works!

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17. She talks about sex

In an attempt to get your partner to think about her differently, and to potentially turn him on, this woman will talk about sex and her sex life with your man. She won’t hold back on the steamy details, and she’ll prove that she’s adventurous and exciting within the bedroom by just talking! 

This is a bold move, and it certainly means that this woman is trying to get into your man’s pants! 

18. She’s always doing him favors

This woman will not only want to spend as much time with your partner as possible, but she’ll want to help him out and show him just how amazing she is. So, you’ll find that this woman is always doing favors for your man. Whenever your man asks for help, she’ll be the first to run to him and volunteer, regardless of the favor he’s asking.

19. She acts fake around you

Every time you are with this woman, you will sense the fact that she’s being fake. This woman will most likely be fake towards you in one of two ways. She will either be incredibly nice to you and then bad mouth you behind your back, or she’ll act horribly towards you when you’re alone, but friendly to you when you’re with other people (especially around your husband). 

This woman has absolutely no time for you and simply wants to make sure you’re out of the way so she can get to your man.

19. She jokes about being with him

This is obviously one of the clearest signs that a woman is into your man. If she jokes about being with your man, to him, or to you, it’s a clear sign that she has thought about it and that she wants to be in that situation. She might try and joke about being intimate with him, or joke about the potential of her stealing your man away - these aren’t jokes, these are her hopes!

20. She’s always there for him

she's always there for him

Every time your partner is feeling upset or stressed, this woman will always try and be there for him, even if he doesn’t want her there. Rather than simply offering a kind word to your husband when he’s in a bad mood or going through a tough time, she will make it her duty to be there for him, in an over the top fashion. 

She’ll check up on him, try and get him to laugh, go out of her way to treat him and cheer him up, just as if she were his wife, not you.

21. She makes plans to be around him

At every opportunity possible, this woman will want to be around your man, just like you are. Therefore, she will always create plans that involve spending time with him. 

Whether she works with your husband and volunteers to go on a work trip with him, or she’s your friend and she invites your man to help with her DIY, she’s always going to find a way to create plans that involve him.

23. You have a gut feeling

Perhaps you just have a feeling in the pit of your stomach that this woman is trying to steal your man, or maybe you’re certain that she is from the way that she acts around him - you should trust your instincts! Of course, don’t go confronting her due to a gut feeling, but trust how you feel.

If you don’t feel good about the situation, monitor her behavior, and see if she’s shown any of the signs in this article. If she’s showing even a couple of the signs in this article and you have a gut feeling that something’s wrong, it’s because it probably is.


How do you know if your husband is interested in another woman?

If your husband is interested in another woman, he will show a few specific signs every time he is around this specific woman. He will change his personality, he’ll want to distance himself from you, he’ll show off in front of her and he’ll put a lot of effort into his appearance. Every time you bring up this woman, he’ll act shady!

What if a girl flirts with your husband?

If another woman is flirting with your husband, it’s completely up to you how you want to react. Most of the time, if someone else flirts with your husband in front of you, it’s probably pretty harmless and you might want to laugh it off with your partner. However, if a woman you know is flirting with your partner, you should speak to him about it and discuss your concerns.

How can you tell if a girl is trying to steal your man?

If you’re trying to figure out if someone is trying to steal your partner, you should look out for the 23 signs in this article. For example, if a woman is contacting your man at night regularly, spending a lot of time with him, complimenting him, interacting with him a lot on social media, bad-mouthing you to him, and asking for his help, she’s most likely attempting to steal your man!

How do you tell if your husband is attracted to you?

You will be able to know if your husband is attracted to you because he’ll still want to be intimate with you, compliment you, look at you when you’re not looking, and show positive body language signs such as always sitting facing towards you and making eye contact with you.

What are the signs of a guilty husband?

If your husband is guilty of something, his behavior might have suddenly changed and he might be showing any, or all, of these signs - he might spend more time on his phone, he might hide his phone from you, he might be overly nice to you, he might be defensive and shady, he might avoid seeing you and your sex life may slow down or stop.

To Conclude

Hopefully, after reading this article you’re all clued up on how to tell if a woman is interested in your partner. Just remember, if you are concerned, the best thing to do is speak to your husband, let him know how you feel, and discuss the situation at length before you let her know that you have a problem with the way she’s acting.

Did you like this article and find it useful? Let us know in the comments, feel free to share the article, and let us know if you have any further advice for women like you that are also in this situation. 

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