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How To Ruin Your Boyfriend's Reputation (7 Sneaky Ways)

They say the best revenge is letting go and living a good life. However, what happens if the betrayal hurts too deep and you want to get a draw of blood before saying goodbye

Well, the good news is, there are many other ways to get satisfying revenge - like playing the role of karma and hurting your partner the same way he broke you. 

You see, unlike ladies, many guys are egoistic and, as such, care about their reputations. They will go to great lengths to maintain a good reputation in front of their friends, coworkers, and families, which is why discovering ways to ruin this reputation is a great tactic to make them pay for whatever hurt they caused you. 

Perhaps, they were disrespectful, led a double life, lied to you, cheated on you with your best friends, or undermined your pain by laughing at the things you took seriously. However, you are not ready for a break-up just yet, at least not before you get your revenge. 

So, if you're as totally psyched as I am about revenge, here are seven tricks on how to ruin your boyfriend's reputation. These tips on how to ruin your boyfriend's reputation are better than anything you will get in teen movies.

7 Ways To Ruin Your Boyfriend's Reputation

1. Stalk him.

If Sherlock Holmes were to ever look for a female equal, you should aim to be the ideal candidate, but this time, the female Sherlock Holmes from hell. My point is if you want to know how to ruin your boyfriend's reputation, get snooping immediately. 

Stalk his social media pages, doubt his intentions, snoop through his phone, steal his female contacts and interrogate them about his relationship with them. You can also question his male friends and coworkers about his whereabouts whenever he isn't home. 

Lastly, surprise him by showing up with lovely makeup and a sexy outfit at his favorite hangouts unannounced.

I know you're likely thinking, 'Won't this ruin my reputation and make me the crazy girlfriend?' The answer is not entirely depending on how you present the situation. So, ensure that you present yourself as the victim and let his friends and coworkers know you are questioning them because he constantly cheats on you. They may not outrightly cut him out, but it will earn you their sympathy and make him look questionable in their eyes.

2. Write a tell-all.

These days of social media, everyone has a platform to tell their story. So, even if you can’t write a tell-all book or song about your experiences, write a compelling and heart-wrenching story on social media chronicling your relationship. If he is an arsonist, an abuser, or a sex offender, tell your truth and don't hold back.

If possible, include photos, text messages, or voice recordings as proof. This will make anyone reading feel sorry for you, label him a villain, and things will turn in your favor as you might earn from it. 

3. Send a raunchy email to all his coworkers.

send a raunchy email to all his coworkers

There is no better way to ruin a man's reputation than when you bring his private life into the workspace. That's because, in the office, everyone likes to keep a professional front and avoid discussing their domestic matters or what they do in their private time. So, if you want to know how to ruin your boyfriend's reputation, find ways to reveal the nasty parts of his personal life to his colleagues.

For instance, if he is having an affair with your coworker, hack into his official email and use it in sending a raunchy email to his lover and copy everyone else. This will reveal his nasty secret and perhaps, get him in some trouble.

4. Be obnoxiously opinionated.

Opinions are great, and some guys will say they like a girl who has a mind of her own, but the truth is, no guy wants a girl who never shuts up and seems to have an opinion about everything. If you want to know how to ruin your boyfriend's reputation, quit being the flexible girl who allowed him to win some arguments or chose your wars. Now is the time to give your two cents about everything, especially in public. 

You see, guys like to be seen as leaders in the public. So, even when they are doing something wrong, they expect their girl to back them up and stand up for them or at the very least stay quiet. But not you and certainly not this time. Now is the time to talk and argue with him openly. This will make him look weak and stupid in front of people.

5. Whine to everyone about him.

Whine to everyone who will listen about your deadbeat partner, from his mother to his coworkers and friends. Now I'm not asking you to lie; instead, amplify the bad things he does and make him look evil and manipulative. 

Indeed, no one will believe you if you have not built trust with his close circle, so at the start, ensure that your intentions are not predictable and build a bond with his circle. That way, your story will be more believable and his character questionable

For instance, if he suggested you both have salads for dinner, tell his friends he thinks you are fat and unattractive and force you to have salads. By taking this angle, you refer to his thoughts and not his words. So, there is no way he can prove he never had those thoughts.

6. Leave him with your debt.

leave him with your debt

Now that you have managed to ruin his professional and personal life, it's time to take things further and ruin his financial life. You're probably wondering how to ruin your boyfriend's reputation financially; well, here's the juice. For starters, I'm totally psyched about this because it is easy and will surprise him. 

You see, in relationships, many people stick to verbal agreements and see no need to document things. These include taking out loans or leases in a partner's name and relying on nothing more than a promise to pay it off. So, assuming he took out a car loan or contract for you, take the car and leave him with the debt in his name.

7. Flirt with people he knows.

For some guys, watching their girlfriend flirt with other guys, let alone their friends, is like a hard slap on the face, which is why I implore you to use this tactic and ruin his reputation.

Pick a few of his gullible friends or coworkers and tell them how much fun they are compared to your partner. Tell them that your partner is terrible in bed and you wish you had someone to treat you right, and if you are really out for blood, get a bruise makeup done on your eye and tell them your partner is abusive, but you would prefer they keep it a secret. 


How do you damage your ex's reputation?

The end of a relationship can often leave a bitter taste in your mouth, and all you want is revenge. In that case, consider telling the people close to him, like his friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family, about all his dirty secrets, including the ones he confided in you to keep. 

What happens when reputation is ruined?

When a person's reputation is ruined, their character is questionable, and people no longer trust them. This could affect their chances of getting a job, making friends, and having a normal or wholesome life. 

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How do you deal with people trying to ruin your reputation?

If you notice and identify the people trying to ruin your reputation, you have already won half the battle because their actions will be predictable. Take this as a sign and keep such people at arm's length, limit the information you share with them, and if possible, cut them off. 

What can destroy life?

While many things could ruin a person's life, from health issues to accidents and financial woes, however, nothing beats having your reputation damaged, which is why our elders are quick to remind us that a good name is better than silver or gold. So always guard your name and reputation.

How do I get over a bad reputation?

Unfortunately, we are in an era of the cancel culture, where people with bad reputations are not given an opportunity to explain or redeem themselves. If you are in this situation, the best thing would be to offer an apology or address the problem, then stay away from questionable things to avoid passing a wrong sign or message to people.

In Conclusion

While ruining your boyfriend's reputation can seem like a bad idea to the morally upright folks, sometimes it is the best way to ensure your partner pays for hurting you and make things turn to your advantage. I hope you had fun reading this article and found the tips helpful. If yes, don't forget to share the fun and leave comments about your funny experiences behind. 

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Whether you're married or just started dating someone, infidelity rates have risen by over 40% in the past 20 years, so your concerns are justified.

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