How to Know When a Gemini Man Is In Love With You (3 Undeniable Signs)

How to Know When a Gemini Man Is In Love With You (3 Signs)

If you're attracted to a Gemini man then you'll be definitely having some moments when you aren't sure if they are in love with you or if you are just one of the women in their lives they enjoy being with. After all, this character never seems short on people to hang out with.

The Gemini is a zodiac sign ruled by mercury and just like a flock of birds, the Gemini in man has a real buzz of energy and passion for life about him that you are probably enthralled by.

There is a real nervous energy to them and dizziness but an extroversion. He won't be quiet but will absolutely be logical and clear headed in many things. If you have a Gemini partner you will know that they have to be moving, and they love to try new things, which means they can change their minds a lot and change their life direction a lot because they almost have too many ideas and too many things going on!

How can you be sure that he is in love with you and read behind what you already know?

These are the signs that matter the most.

How to Know When a Gemini Man Is in Love with You

1.  He is even more fun and himself around you.

It sounds silly, of course, being in any relationship is fun, isn't it? That's true but when you think about Geminis, you have to think about them as if they're just a big kid. Okay, if he is in love with you he will start getting really silly when he's around you in almost every single moment. And with this big kid mentality and his lust for life you will start to see that he'll do anything to make you laugh, anything to put a smile on your face, and he's going to do the same thing every day!

Geminis tend to be smile, someone who, likes to keep things light, they don't like things to get too serious and too heavy. So, If the Gemini is kind of directing that that attention towards you, they're enjoying laughing with you and talking with you that's a good sign that they like you. Now this is a  little trickier than other signs because they're going to direct this energy to towards everybody, so don't take that too seriously.

This is easy for him as Geminis in general tend to have an extroverted personality. He's going to be very entertaining, just lots of laughs just tonnes of fun time. This can include him, like cracking jokes, anything to show you how silly he can be, singing songs. He really is a big kid in love so just think about if he were a child, how would he play and show you that love and you have your answer!

2. He's going deep in his connection

If they are willing to go deeper and willing to have a conversation with you where they're opening up, and they're admitting that they're having feelings for you that's obviously a very clear sign that they're interested in you Geminis are all about communication and if they want to have experiences with you, and talk with you about their experiences, and share experiences with you, that are personal that is a good sign that they like you and they want to spend more time with you.

They are an air element and usually, when you think about emotions, and things like that, that's usually reserved for water signs, even fire signs and those two out of all the elements, just generally speaking, are more emotional. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule that depends on a particular sign and the planetary movements, but just generally speaking, the first thing that comes to mind when you think emotions is a water sign or fire sign. So, when it comes to Geminis, they are an Air. This doesn't s means they aren't the emotional type, but it's not their natural stare. They process things from a logical point of view so when it comes to him, and him showing he loves you and relates with you, and wants a romantic relationship with you

It'll take him a moment to open up because logically, does it make sense to open up too soon in the beginning? No.

Because again, he doesn't operate off of the emotions, he's operating off of the mental decisions he thinks through, you have to look at it from their point of view and keep this in mind. However,  if you're looking for a long-term relationship with a Gemini man, he will come around!

3.   He's very keen to be with you – day in and day out!

If they are choosing you as their partner in crime for his life and in adventures, count yourself lucky because they have lots of people that they could count as partners in crime with an him making you his company is a sign that you are able to offer plenty to him. A Gemini is not just after the looks of a woman or a pretty face and no personality, he really wants someone who he can laugh and joke with and if you are already seeing him for plenty of days on the go, you can be sure that you have got his attention in a very serious way and he is almost certainly in love with you or at least moving that way!

So, look out for signs that they've chosen you and that they really like simply being with you, and that they're interested in enjoying more time with you. Instead of words or big grand gifts, this is how a Gemini man will be showing you that you are really special. They will focus that over the place multitasking attention they are famed for and use it just on you, they will rein it in a little bit. And they'll apply a little bit of commitment to  you to make you feel loved and special. This is the best way a Gemini knows to make that real connection with you so don't overlook it by waiting for the fancy gifts or the meals out as with the Gemini, it might be a long wait!

When he does spend even more time with you, know that he's not just doing this, just to do this. He's doing this because he, really cares about you this point, He will probably call and see how you are, he will want to know about your day, he is checking up.

In fact, don't think there is anything averse around him checking in a few times a day!

A Gemini will text you long, long texts, or they will keep in touch with you and be sad when they can't reach you. They really need communication from their partner and they need that kind of contact. That's what they're good at.

If a Gemini does this, this is such a huge sign. He's not emotional, so any real care he shows is coming from a logical process he has considered.

It's not going to be a statement he makes just for the thrill or the fun of it. He is very genuine and it might come to a bit of a shock to them as well as to you if they're a typical Gemini, that usually is kind of uncommitted type. Geminis will sort of bounce from a relationship to relationship, flings, or they won't go deep with anyone at all! That means if they are going deeper with you, that's a good sign. They really like you and they most probably love you as well.

Is your Gemini  man ready to commit to you? 

It's hard to find out if the Gemini in your life is really in love with you, but the main takeaways are looking for those signs that he is really wanting you around and is able to both be his own light hearted and fun Gemini self, but also that he is capable of opening up and bringing that emotional deepness that he will know that you crave!

Ideally you will be getting all the benefits of the Gemini in full flow of his appreciation for you, with those long text s and phone calls that last all night, as well as the real fun and adventure that he brings in the day that make him everyone's friend!

We hope that this article gave you some of the answers that you need to work out if you are on the right path with your Gemini man. Please do share this with people in your inner circle who might be struggling with a Gemini or unsure if the signs are looking good for them, after all, knowledge is really power!

Please leave a comment and tell all about the man in your life and maybe we can help each other out!

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