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"Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend" Quiz (Truth Revealed)

Every relationship has its struggles.

Most men and women go through a phase of conflict. Perhaps you’ve already had a big fight or there’s a constant disagreement that you can’t seem to settle. Indeed, it’s common for couples to endure lengthy periods where neither party is particularly happy.

It’s always suggested long-term relationships need work to stay afloat. We’re told about the importance of good communication, compromise and sacrifices.

However, we’re rarely given advice regarding the right time to give up on our partner altogether. When is a relationship dead on its feet? When is there no hope remaining?

It’s important to know this!

After all, we only have a limited time on this planet - and no-one should want to waste it being miserable with an unsuitable partner.

What’s more, if you’re a woman with hopes of starting a happy family, you’re making it harder for yourself if you spend too long with “Mr Wrong”. The sad truth is: a woman’s ability to give birth decreases as she ages, sometimes starting from as early as 30 years old. There really is no time to waste.

At the same time, we’re sure you don’t want to accidentally throw away “Mr Right” because of some tiny imperfection. The pain of tossing away the man who could have made all your dreams come true is arguably even more painful than staying in a shoddy relationship.

We’re here to help with this dilemma as best we can!

The quiz below has been designed to get to the bottom of how you really feel about staying in a long-term relationship with this guy. Once you’ve answered these 10 multiple-choice questions, it should become a lot clearer whether you see a bright future with him.

Even so, we’ll provide our own conclusions and advice once you’ve finished.


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