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How To Fall Out Of Love (21 Ways To Stop Loving Someone)

Falling out of love is usually not as simple and smooth-going as falling in love. While the latter can be perceived as the ‘’strangest and most wonderful’’ thing any human being can experience, the former is mainly characterized by confusion, mixed feelings, and hurt. 

It is one of the most painful processes to endure. This is simply because letting go of something you once loved and cherished is usually not easy

In this article, I would be addressing the key issues regarding how to fall out of love. However, it would be nice to shed some light on why people fall out of love in the first place. 

Why Do People Fall Out Of Love? 

1. Absence Of Respect In The Relationship

absence of respect in the relationship

Everybody yearns to be loved, trusted, and respected in a relationship. As a matter of fact, the fundamental principles of society revolve around human respect for one another; hence, respect for human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of worship, and more.

In a relationship, once the social contract of respect is broken, things will go south. A man who is continuously disrespected by his woman may fall out of love with her as time elapses. TheThethe same with the woman because nobody likes to be disrespected. 

2. True Test Of Love

One of the reasons why couples fall out of love with each other is that their relationship has been subjected to the true test of love and it didn’t make it through. These kinds of tests might include but are not limited to financial trials, the test of time, family pressure, or peer pressure. 

Once the relationship fails to make it past these tests, falling out of love is inevitable.

3. Feeling Of Betrayal

As it should be, any good relationship is built on the foundation of love and trust. When one person betrays the love and confidence of the other person either by cheating or lying, this can subsequently lead to a breakdown in the relationship and the couples start falling out of love. 

4. Falling In Love With Another Person

This is not very uncommon among couples of today. Some of the reasons people fall out in love are because they have fallen for another person and are always thinking about them. This type of entanglement makes it very difficult to stay in love with your partner. 

How To Fall Out Of Love

1. Be Sure This Is What You Want

Most of the time, relationships run into hard brick walls, and this makes it tough and unbearable for everyone. These brick walls may include, financial distress, family pressures, drinking habits, reconnecting with exes, and more. You must take out time to evaluate your decision before taking it. 

As a lady, ask yourself the following, is this something you can handle? Will he eventually change? For how long can you take this? Furthermore, be certain that falling out of love with him is the best option for you at this point. 

2. Cut Off Communication Links

If you want to fall out of love with somebody, frequent communication with him should be limited or closed, as the case may be. This process may include but isn’t limited to, avoiding his calls, blocking him if you have to, and reducing physical contact.

Emotions can easily be re-kindled when there is a communication flow. Furthermore, it is essential to note that you can cut communication without being rude or impolite.Endeavor to discuss this with him so he can understand the reason for your actions. 

3. Distract Yourself

distract yourself

One way to easily fall out of love with a guy is getting distracted, ‘’out of sight, out of mind’’. This is a survival tip for anyone that wants to get over their ex, or in this case, fall out of love. You may want to consider going on a long trip where you won’t be easily accessible. 

My suggestion is a place where there’s not much internet coverage; this way, your partner cannot reach you. It will help you keep off social media platforms as well, just to clear your head. 

Social media platforms have a way of always bringing pictures of good old days to your attention. While trying to distract yourself, don’t go snooping around for those pictures, it will only spur up feelings. 

4. Leave The Dream Behind

It is imperative that as a woman, you know when to say, ‘’enough is enough’’. Maybe you’ve been giving out too much for the relationship and still, he isn’t reciprocating the love and affection. 

If you hope to fall out of love with him, you need to leave behind those dreams and fantasies you have in your mind. There is an Indian proverb that says, ‘’if your horse is dead, dismount’’. 

5. Take Care Of Yourself

As a matter of fact, there is no better time to focus on yourself than when you are trying to fall out of love with a person. As supposed, you must have been too busy loving and taking care of your partner, and probably forgot how important you were in the equation. 

This is the time to look inwardly, take care of yourself, go on holidays, learn new hobbies, shop, and reconnect with friends.

6. Do Regular Exercises

‘’Physical Exercise’’ has been identified as an effective way of dealing with emotional issues. This activity helps in relieving stress, as well as negative thoughts coming through your mind. 

So if you are trying to fall out of love with someone, my best advice is to visit the gym regularly, register for a fitness class, yoga, or swimming lessons. It helps to keep your mind sane while going through an unpleasant process. 

7. Make A List Of Your Reasons

As one of the steps of falling out of love with someone, it is important that you make up a list of things that you didn’t like about the relationship, as well as a list of why you want to end this. This will serve as a constant reminder in case you develop the nostalgic syndrome and want to change your mind. 

8. Differentiate Between Love, Lust, And Infatuation

Does this person make you feel loved, or do you just have strong feelings you can’t understand? It would be helpful to ascertain the difference between love and what your partner is giving. This way, you have an actual reason for backing out of the relationship. 

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Additionally, before you fall out of love, ask yourself this; “was it really love? Or just infatuation and lust? When these have been adequately distinguished, it would be easy for you to make up your mind on the issue. At least, you will come to the reality of things and figure out if it was actually love, lust, or infatuation. 

9. Talk To Your Friends About It

A problem shared is a problem half solved. It would be a great idea to share your experience with your trusted friends; at least you won’t be losing your mind alone. This is important because friends always have ways of encouraging you and supporting you through the healing process. More so, talking about it helps to relieve you of the burden. 

10. Take It Easy On Yourself

It is important that you go easy on yourself at this phase of life. Things like this happen and we must learn to handle them in ways that would not make us become toxic or perceive the opposite sex like that. 

It would be very helpful if you start seeing things from a positive perspective, as well as wish the other person well regardless of what might have transpired between you two. 

11. Allow Yourself Room To Grieve

It is very much expected that this experience will be quite traumatic and unpleasant. However, it would be helpful if you accept the bad situation and allow yourself to grieve so you can grow from it subsequently. 

12. Start Meeting New People

start meeting new people

Getting over someone or falling out of love, as the case may be, cannot be complete if you do not open up to the opportunities before you. This is the time to start meeting new people, go on dates, make new friends, and gradually. Don’t feel like you’re disrespecting this other person, he is probably thinking about doing the same thing.

13. Get Rid Of Memories From The Relationship

When falling out of love with someone, it isn’t just enough to cut communications, distract yourself, or meet new people. You need to get rid of all pictures, gift items, and anything that would probably remind you of him. 

If something you have carries sentimental values, and you feel you can handle the memories, you can consider keeping it, but it’s best to get rid of everything. 

14. Give Yourself Some Time To Enjoy Singlehood

Remember that you have been in this relationship for about several months or even years. It may just be the right time to appreciate being single for a while, reply to those pending DMs, and go out to meet some friends. 

15. Feel Free To Get Into A New Relationship When You Are Ready 

While falling out of love with someone, it is important to go through the traumatic process with the mind-set that someday, you will eventually get over it, and be in a new relationship. Therefore, endeavor to proceed to the next relationship once you think you are ready. 

16. Do Not Be Rude Or Aggressive

As inconveniencing as this process might be for you, you should endeavor to be polite, nice, and empathetic. Keep in mind that the guy might still be very much in love with you regardless of what transpired between you two. 

17. Consider Counseling 

Sometimes, you can’t always do it on your own; professional assistance might be very helpful. Consider speaking to a therapist or counselor to help you go over the healing process. 

18. Do Not Blame Yourself For The Bad Relationship

In the midst of this struggle, it is very important that you do not go so hard on yourself. Always give yourself the benefit of the doubt. It might not have entirely been your fault. Most times, women blame themselves so much for the failure of a relationship that they cannot even appreciate the effort they put in to make it work. 

19. Understand This May Take A While

Some people can accomplish this task quite easily than others. This doesn’t mean they loved less than you did. People just have a different adjustment period. As a matter of fact, your ex might be moving on with his life sooner than you imagined. You should understand that this might take a while for you, and that’s ok. Eventually, you will get over it. 

20. Do Not Get Frustrated

do not get frustrated

Falling out of love with someone might be very inconveniencing and sad sometimes, you need to be very careful not to allow frustration to come in. This is because the harder you try, the more helpless you become, and you’ll end up stuck with him. This kind of experience can be very frustrating. 

21. Be Optimistic About The Future

Above all, it is paramount that you hope for the best in the future. Do not let the past relationship hinder you from finding something better in the future. It may not have worked out with this guy, but someone else will come along, and hopefully, things will be better.


Can you actually fall out of love?

It is very possible to stop loving someone you once loved and cared for. It usually happens when you have committed your time, energy, and effort into a relationship only to be rewarded with lies or infidelity. A situation like that can push you into making efforts to end things with the person in question. 

How long does it take to fall out of love with someone? 

According to ‘’Dr. Wyatt Fisher’’ the withdrawal symptoms are expected to last for not more than six months. Therefore, falling out of love with your ex may take up to six months for a full recovery. However, some cases last more than that, and this may be attributed to something you are doing or not doing. 

What does it feel like to fall out of love with someone? 

Falling out of love with some is usually not a very exciting feeling. Amongst others, it is mainly characterized by the feeling of disgust, anger, pain, and emotional discomfort each time you think about the person.

How do you know if you have fallen out of love with someone?

You’ll know when you have fallen out of love when you begin to find happiness with someone else; you ignore your partner, you start enjoying your life without him, and you do not enjoy seeing him around. 

What is the 3-month rule?

The 3-month rule is a post-break-up rule fashioned out by a society that couples should wait at least three months before dating again. This is, however, not imposed on anybody, but hopefully, it may give them some time to breathe, adjust, and probably forgive each other.

In Conclusion

Falling out of love is usually never as simple and smooth-going as falling in love. However, once the situation warrants this action, you must be sure to apply the above-discussed approaches for a smooth process. 

If you found this article helpful, please feel free to comment below and share it with family and friends. 

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