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How Does A Virgo Man Test You? (11 Sneaky Ways)

June 30, 2024

Love is a beautiful thing, that’s a fact. But, falling in love with the right person, who happens to be the perfect man of your dreams is the sweetest nectar of ecstasy. It’s incomparable to anything you’ve ever tasted from this wild, untamed, yet magnificent garden called life. Knowing your man feels the same way, crowns it all. If he is a Virgo man, best believe that he will throw some tests out there.

You are a passionate lover, kindhearted, and intensely sensual; however, you're also intelligent, smart enough to understand that love doesn't have to be blind to be blissful. Experience has taught you that much. Understanding, after all, is the key to love.  For you to keep your relationship strong, healthy, and exciting, you need to understand your man’s spiritual, emotional, and logical thought process. 

Answering the question, 'how does a Virgo man test you?' will give you deep insights about his personality, communication pattern, and of course, his love language. This article will highlight the various areas and ways your man may try to understand you. You are about to discover a power that will help you navigate confusing moments and sustain a fulfilling relationship with your man in every way.

11 Ways A Virgo Man Tests You

1. Compatibility

The importance of compatibility in a relationship cannot be overestimated. You want your other half to also share similar values, interests, and lifestyles. The more areas of life in which you share similar perspectives, the closer the both of you tend to get. This attraction is incomplete if there isn’t an intense willingness from both sides to start and sustain the relationship. Brianna Wiest beautifully puts it in this article.

Early on in the relationship, it is likely a Virgo man will want to figure out if you’re both fit for each other. Known for practicality, he will examine this area by explicitly sharing his core ideals and expectations with you. He may never ask about yours directly, but make no mistake, your response and reaction will give him all the answers he needs. 

2. Communication


Communication goes beyond just talking; it is the epitome of self-expression. Relationship-wise, the Virgo man isn't necessarily concerned about your phrasing or your vocabulary skills. It’s more about your ability and capacity to say what you mean, and mean what you say. To do this, Virgo men will ask you some hypothetical questions.

Your body language and the tone of your response reveals more about you to him than what you say. Again, honesty is essential here. If you keep it real with him, though he may not agree with everything you say, you will certainly earn his respect.

3. Commitment

For a relationship to grow progressively, it takes a surmountable amount of effort from both sides. For this effort to be directed effectively and efficiently, roles and responsibilities must be defined. Here a Virgo man will often suggest duties that are well out of your comfort zone. He uses this opportunity to see how much the other person means to you, and how much you are willing to put into it. 

This may seem challenging and unsettling at first, as it should be. To handle this, you need to figure out the true nature of his intentions before following through on it. If his intentions are good and noble, visualize the probable outcome and decide if it is worth it. 

4. Consistency

You will agree with me that one of the most important traits we all tend to look for in our partners is reliability. Lots of relationships have crashed in their infancy due to one, or both partners being inconsistent in words, character, and actions. They are not dependable, therefore, can’t be trusted.

A mature Virgo man will weigh the situation by bringing up past conversations, seeking more details. It's his subtle way of figuring out if your words can be trusted. If he thinks you're unpredictable, drifting away emotionally may be another way he tries to see if your affection for him is genuine.  

If you’re faced with these situations, it is always best to keep calm and go with the flow. Never give in to desperation and go overboard just to draw him back. As long as you have been real with him from the get-go, he will come to see you for who you are. At that point, he will either accept you or walk. Whatever the case may be, you will be proud you stood your ground. 

5. Resourcefulness

Self-reliance will always be an attractive trait across both genders. A Virgo man will give you a crucial role in a project, or by simply asking you to do him a favor. For this favor, he probably is well aware will require you to think outside the box. 

6. Loyalty

Ah, loyalty, the most misunderstood term in relationships. Most people assume that loyalty is the ability and capacity to tolerate negative behaviors and experiences. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Loyalty simply means trustworthiness. 

In a relationship, it refers to the support couples give each regardless of eminent circumstances or situation. Loyalty is a sacred, invisible bond that cleaves a man to his woman and vice versa. How a Virgo man tests your loyalty could be compiled into an endless list.

7. Emotional intelligence

Your ability to analyze and control your own emotions to produce positive outcomes is referred to as emotional intelligence. In this area, the Virgo man does not necessarily gauge you; instead, he observes with keen attention to how you handle challenging circumstances. It could be anything from stress to disappointment, and even failure. 

It is in situations like these that the Virgo man proves his loyalty to you, by becoming a point of support and inspiration. If there’s anything he’ll look for in this area; it will be you about your appreciation of his efforts.

8. Values

Our values are what define our character as humans. Similar to the point on compatibility, a Virgo man tends to observe you in this area to figure the shared values you both share. He may suggest opinions that conflict with your values to see if you're well-grounded in your beliefs. 

His intention may range from trying to serve as a psychological mirror through which you can view your ideals holistically, to merely trying to help you reaffirm your beliefs.

9. Strength

The Virgo man is naturally reserved and focused. As a perfectionist, he operates systematically to produce significant results most efficiently. Being involved with him means he considers you, at the very least, near-perfect and even so, expects you to be a perfectionist like him. A mature Virgo man will tend to explore your boundaries, yet taking care not to go overboard. 

He can gauge your strength in various ways in different aspects of life, such as the capacity of faith you have in yourself and him. He does this by stepping back, ever so often, from the leading role and allowing you to take charge. 

10. Weakness


In the area of weakness, the Virgo man may not make you jump through many hurdles. However, he will categorically point out any character flaw he may observe about you. Because of their tendencies for directness, they may seem come off rather crude. As earlier mentioned, his intention may be to serve a mirror, to show you things as they are.

Regardless of his intentions, you must make him aware of how his form of criticism affects you. A mature Virgo man will listen, and next time will discern a more respectable way to convey his criticism.

11. Vision

Vision, in this case, refers to your ability to conceptualize and visualize a pending outcome or situation. If you’re in love with a Virgo man, you need to know what a Virgo man likes. They are quite into planning ahead and visualizing the future. If you’re too short-sighted, then you may not be a match. Best believe he will throw some questions out there, to gauge the level of your vision.

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How can you identify a Virgo man?

A Virgo man typically comes off as shy at first glance. They are quite reserved and highly focused, which has helped them garner the reputation for ambition and perfection. They tend always to need to fix things. And equally remain restless until the goal they’ve set their mind upon has been accomplished.

Will a Virgo man miss you?

Yes. When a Virgo man commits to you, he sees you as one of the best decisions he’s ever made because of their perfectionist nature. However, if things don't work out and you part ways, thoughts of you may still linger in his mind for a while. He just won't reveal it, and he certainly won't come back.

Do Virgo men fall easily?

You stand a higher chance of getting a Virgo man into your bedroom than winning his heart. The Virgo men have no rush when it comes to getting hitched. They want to make sure that their potential interest is thoroughly vetted to determine if they are the right fit for each other.

How do you know if a Virgo man is interested?

The common telltale sign that a Virgo man has a crush on you is his fervent pursuit. Once he has made up his mind about wanting you, A Virgo man lets you know subtly by giving you lots of his time and attention. And when you’re together, he is more relaxed and in his elements. Most importantly, he will go above and beyond to show you how special you are to him.

What will a Virgo man do if he likes you?

He gets romantic, which is a rare trait with the Virgo man. The phone calls become more consistent and more prolonged as he wishes to hear your voice more often. Virgo men want to explore your mind by engaging you in lots of imaginative scenarios and witty banter.


Falling in love with Virgo men can seem like a rollercoaster of emotions with high and low moments. But with these beautiful insights on this exciting character, you have to navigate your way when faced by these tricky situations. I  hope you enjoyed this article and have gotten great value from it. Be sure to comment and share your experience in the comment section below. 

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