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Good Tinder Openers (31 Good Tinder Openers He Can’t Resist)

July 6, 2024

Finding love is a bit more complicated than it was back in the day. Sure, technology has made it so easy to swipe and click, but the little things like starting a simple conversation can be frustrating. Picture this, you finally caved into downloading Tinder after much pressure from friends. 

You’ve uploaded the perfect profile picture, got an interesting bio going, and are now on the lookout for good matches. There’s just one problem, you don’t know how best to start the convo. The truth is, the first messages you and a potential match exchange may chart the course of the entire conversation

That’s why the opening messages are important. Dating apps don’t give so much luxury when it comes to first impressions. A dull opener could make a potential match change his mind about you. 

Here’s another crucial truth; using random, cliche lines may not yield any results either. The reason is simple, this guy has probably read many cheesy messages, and may be looking for something authentic. 

Have a guy you’re interested in already? To increase the success rate of making a genuine connection, here are 31 good tinder openers that should get his attention. 

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31 Best Tinder Openers

1. Yoga, hiking, or Netflix and chill?

The best Tinder openers aren’t always far-fetched. Simply start with a good icebreaker, especially if it relates to something he included in his bio. For example, if his bio says, “I love adventure, trying new things, and chilling at home,” asking this will be very helpful. 

It may be something he hasn’t thought about, which would be a great way to move the conversation forward. 

2. Hey fellow vegan!

Opening messages like this can go both ways and the reason is simple. Say the person is actually vegan, you can ask about their best recipes or recommendable restaurants as a start. 

On the flip side, if he’s not vegan it could turn out to be one of those funny Tinder openers that gets the other person hooked. 

3. Oh, you’ve been to Germany? Well, that’s interesting!

Checking out your match’s Tinder profile is very crucial when thinking of the best opener. It doesn’t have to be identical to the ones suggested here. By reading through their bio, you’ll probably come up with your own openers. 

However, this is a pretty good example, especially if the other party includes their adventures and experiences. Find something you have in common and comment on that. 

4. Hey, can you remember when…

With a tinder opener like this one, you’ll be creating curiosity, suspense, and even amusement. Here’s a perfect stranger having to figure out what you want him to remember! If he replies with “um, remember what?” There are numerous messages you can send right back. Something like, “oh yeah can you remember when Tinder matched us? Like *insert time* minutes ago?”

5. So, *insert name* I noticed some really interesting things about your profile picture. 

Tinder openers like this will also pique the other parties’ interests. It doesn’t matter if he’s new on the app, people in general love to know what people think about them. This is especially true when you’re on a dating app. The chances are, if one person thinks your profile picture is dorky, many others will too. 

However, this is not a Tinder opener meant to demean his looks. When he asks what, ensure you either reply with something witty or complimentary. 

6. Say his name.

Sam. Yes, just a name can serve as an excellent opener for a convo. Yes, he’s probably expecting more, but that’s the mystery of just typing his name. If he replies with your name as well, you can mention that you were just trying the name out. Also, add that it sounds good. A compliment will reel him in, and before you know it, you’re talking about other things you like. 

7. ‘Knock knock’

knock knock

Maybe it’s time to revise your knock-knock jokes, just so you don’t go out with a bang. See what I did there? Anyway, back to the serious stuff. Some of the best openers are quite simple and jovial. That’s why ‘knock-knock could be the opening text that gets his attention. 

When he replies with ‘who’s there?’ You can get cheesy and say, “you're a new girlfriend, according to Tinder”. 

8. Woof!

Okay, so this sounds very unconventional, but don't rule it out until you try it. The success rate of unconventional openers may actually surpass conventional ones. That’s because people love witty, unique, and creative people. The usual ‘hey’, may just be boring, so send something different. Maybe he’ll reply with a purr, a meow, or a neigh, who knows? 

9. Hey handsome stranger.

Tinder matches you with a really fine guy, what’s the point in concealing that fact? Let him know that you think he’s fine, hopefully, he thinks you’re pretty too. Plus, it doesn’t all have to be about his looks. You can decide to steer the convo away from his physical attributes by your third reply. 

10. So, in the future, when our friends ask how we met, do we still say Tinder?

Openers like this certainly get guys' attention. It’s witty, suggestive, and quite daring. But that’s okay. Men also like ladies who know what they want. So, if you’re suggesting that things could get serious between you two, he’ll certainly be on board. Plus, you can both take turns trading ideas on alternative places to mention instead. 

11. I’m going to cut to the chase, what’s your favorite food and restaurant?

People bond on things like sports, style, trends, tech, but most of all, food. Yes, it’s not the ideal subject to start with, but that’s why it’s unique. He may be taken aback, but if he replies, then give him another shocker. If you have the resources, offer to take him there for the first date. 

That will really surprise him and get both of you talking along the lines of gender roles, stereotypes, and the likes. 

12. *insert name* Has anyone ever mentioned that you have good taste?

Tinder openers like this can either take the guy back or make him feel good about himself. But first of all, it will stir up curiosity. He’ll want to know what you’re talking about. So, if you notice anything spectacular about his style, experiences, or any other thing, let him know. 

13. I don’t wanna sound too direct, but who’s your favorite rapper?

People in general love music. However, not many people lead with that. So this will be out of the blue and very intriguing. Plus, it also suggests that you have a few rappers you listen to. If you both love music, it’s an excellent way to compare the distinct or maybe even shared tastes in genres and rap artists.

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14. Say something about their personality. 

say something about their personality

Yes, it’s Tinder, so you may not be able to deduce much from this guy’s bio. However, if you’re to use this, it’s important to read through his bio. What kind of person does he seem like? Extrovert, introvert? Chatty, flirty? Bold or shy? 

Type something like, “I’m no psychic, but you seem like a pretty down-to-earth guy who loves to party but still cherishes alone time. If you’re accurate, he’ll be very intrigued. 

15. So, you're a Lakers fan? I used to watch them a lot as a kid. 

This Tinder opener can be creatively customized depending on what his interests are. If he includes any team or sport in his Tinder bio, capitalize on that. Guys are passionate about their sports, so leading with that will certainly get their attention. 

16. No, I won't kiss you on the first date.

Yes, it seems unprecedented, like a comet falling from the sky. Okay, maybe less dangerous. But yeah, you’ll certainly get his attention, and before you know it, you’ll both be setting relationship boundaries without meeting face-to-face. 

17. The cute furry puppy beside you, what’s his name?

When looking for the best Tinder openers, scout for any information to bond on. Did he mention pets in his bio? Ask about that. If his profile picture includes a pet, then start with that. His pet is someone he’s probably very passionate about, so that should get him talking. 

18. Wow, I see you love hiking, when was the last time you toured the great outdoors?

Again, it’s important to read through their bio and find out what interests are listed. If hiking, biking, painting, or the likes are listed, start the convo with a question on that. Tinder openers have to be thoughtful; this person should feel like you’re interested in what they love to do. 

19. How many matches so far?

This is a unique opener that will either make him feel insecure, or extra confident. However, what will chart the course of the convo is your follow-up line. Something like, “If we get talking and probably connect, I don’t mind deleting the others.” Let’s see where this goes right? 

20. Burgers or pizzas?

Some of the best Tinder openers are food-related. Want to know why? Well, food is tasty, and it’s something everyone can relate to. Plus, you can learn one or two things simply from knowing what food this person prefers. 

21. Want to know which movie character you remind me of?

want to know which movie character you remind me of

When people talk about their favorite movie characters, they hardly ever expect someone to compare them to one of them. Now, you may not know his favorite celebrities, but choosing a cool one that matches his personality will do. 

22. Truth or dare?

The online dating game, ‘Truth or dare’ is one Tinder opener that almost always works. People like a good dating game, but even more, they love a good challenge. It’s an excellent way to suck someone in simply because it's daring and fun. This guy will probably be thinking, wow, what a Tinder opener’. 

However, so he doesn’t seem like a coward, he’ll have to take the challenge. If he chooses truth, ask him something you’re itching to know. But if he chooses the dare, there are many to choose from. Ask for a personal picture, tell him to post a funny meme sent from you, or dare him to ask you out on a date. 

23. You kind of struck me as the kind of guy that would message first. *wink*

Openers like this could either attract a lengthy reply, a gif, or a simple LOL. Regardless of the reply, it’s a great way to break the ice. He’ll probably be thinking of the best reply, or text back something charming. Stay on track and ask him why he hesitated, then maybe add a quirky joke like not into dark-haired beauties? 

Of course, if you’re blonde or a red-head, put that in. This way, he knows you’re confident, jovial, and playful. So remember to keep things light by using funny memes so he doesn’t think you’re serious. 

24. I won’t lie, your glasses made me send this message. 

People always put their best picture when uploading their Tinder pictures. They don’t want to look too awkward, dorky, or even perverted. Some guys take off their glasses so they look less dorky. However, if this guy still has his on, the message above would be an excellent opener. 

If he replies with an “oh, why”, be sure to text back something like “I don’t know, guys with glasses have always seemed pretty cool and down-to-earth to me. 

25. I see you're also an ice cream lover, I know this really cool place that serves the best ones. 

The best tinder openers to use are always the ones that sound more observant. It’s not okay to simply check out his profile picture then send a cheesy tinder opener. Read his bio, find out what he likes, then talk about that. If his profile reveals he likes ice cream, then you can lead with this. 

Plus, you're also suggesting that both of you meet outside Tinder and bond over ice cream. 

26. You look like a guy that has really nice hoodies. 

It’s witty, it’s fun, and it’s also an interesting conversation opener. Guys already know how ladies love to covet their hoodies. So the mere suggestion of that will make any guy laugh. Except, of course, he has no good hoodies and is more of a vest jacket guy. Either way, if he has a sense of humor, this remains a good tinder opener that should spark an interesting convo. 

27. I promise I didn't just message you because of your looks. 

Tinder openers like this are sure to make the other party laugh. Even more, they’ll be intrigued. It’s a flirty and kind of witty opener that should kick start a good conversation. The truth is, with online dating, people consider looks probably more than they think about personal interests. 

So, while this person may hope someone sees beyond his banging body, he won’t mind getting complimented about it either. 

28. Green looks really nice on you. 

green looks really nice on you

What color is he wearing in his profile picture? Give a compliment about it! Some of the best Tinder openers are compliments and the reason is simple. People like to hear nice things about themselves. However, since you don’t want to sound too desperate or needy, giving subtle compliments is the best. 

If he replies with a simple ‘thank you,’ then go on and ask if that’s his favorite color. A whole conversation should follow. 

29. Are you really vegan or were you just trying to get my attention?

Here’s an opener for someone who included this fact in their Tinder profile. If you’re not sure about what to talk about, taking the safe lane is okay. Plus, when you start an opener with a question, the other party feels obliged to reply. However, as online dating goes, you’ll need a whole conversation planned so things don’t get too boring. 

30. I almost gave up on Tinder, until I stumbled on your profile of course. 

Yes, it’s cheesy, and maybe even a little bit cliche, but I promise that it works. Maybe you have many matches, but there’s this eye-catching fellow you feel would make a great connection. Sending an opener like this will certainly get his attention. Plus, he’ll also put more effort in because he feels you’re a bit more serious. 

Think about it, it takes a lot for many ladies to admit they fancy a guy. So an opener like this won’t just be a compliment, it could improve the success rate of the entire conversation. 

31. So what’s your typical weekend like?

Tinder pick-up lines don’t always have to be cheesy. Especially since most guys may find it daunting when a lady texts the opener. So, stick with something subtle yet still suggestive. Plus, asking this question is also a great way to learn about the other party. Apart from what’s written in his bio, knowing his work ethic or how he lets out steam can tell a lot about a person. 


What's a good first message on tinder?

It’s important to choose a tinder opener that suits your unique personality. And the best tinder openers to use should be flirty, funny, light-hearted, or witty. However, choose the ones that resonate best with your personality. If you are naturally witty or sarcastic, stick with an opening line that relays that. However, if you are more forward and flirty, don’t try to mask that either. However, you also have to consider the bio or personality of the other person. A good opener should appeal to the other party, and still stay true to who you are. 

How do I write a good tinder opener?

It’s essential to check out the person’s Tinder profile before sending an opening message. What stood out to you? Your first message should include that. Say hello, mention how great it is to be matched, and point out something you appreciate about their profile picture or bio. 

What should I open on tinder with?

When using dating apps like Tinder, it’s important to remember that this person has other good matches. This means that you have to lead with an interesting and captivating opener. To get this person’s attention, you can’t simply send a message saying “Hey” or “Hi”. get creative and use funny gifs or animations to get their attention. A good opener either states a fact, asks a question, or gives a compliment. For example, if his profile photo shows how fit he is, ask about his fitness routine. A simple, “I hope this isn’t cheesy, but how many protein shakes does it take to get that buff? Will get his attention. 

Should a girl say hi first on tinder?

On most dating apps, anyone can send an opener once they get a match. However, as a lady, you may seem desperate sending the first message. Of course, if you’re the one swiping and you match with someone, typing the first message is only normal. Besides, what matters most is the content of those first few opening lines. 

How do you flirt on tinder?

Having a tinder conversation doesn’t have to be that complicated. Just put your best foot forward. Are you a witty person? Use opening lines that reflect that humor. If you’re quirky and a bit sarcastic, don’t hold back either. Remember, your opener may start an interesting convo. But what you need is a genuine connection. That’s why it’s important to stay true to yourself from the beginning.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy reading through this list? I sure hope you did. Remember, the main purpose of chatting on Tinder is to make genuine connections. That’s why it’s important to choose the lines that resonate best with your personality. If this Tinder conversation goes on and births something magical, you’ll both want to know that you stayed true to yourselves. Have any openers to add? Please leave a comment below and feel free to ask any questions. Also, please don’t forget to share this article. Cheers and good luck. 

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