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Good Morning Sex: Why And How You Should Have It (29 Tips)

Good morning sex is amazing sex. It’s great for your relationship. No one can deny the health benefits or even career benefits of receiving a proper wake-up call. If you’re new to the world of morning sex, this article is for you. There are a ton of benefits, and there are a few things that you need to know in order to make it hotter than ever. 

Benefits Of Morning Sex

Having sex before getting your day started might seem like a careless quickie, but there are quite a few wonderful benefits that both you and your partner are going to enjoy. You’ll instantly start to notice these improvements.

1. You’ll instantly start having more sex

Relationships thrive when you have a great time in bed. In fact, when you don’t it can spill over into other areas of your home life, resulting in a breakdown of communication. You’ll feel like there is a gap between the two of you when you’re not having fun in the bedroom.

2. Less stress

Sex in the morning might be an unhealthy coping skill for some, but I’ll take it. There is nothing to help you feel less stressed than getting nasty in the morning.

3. Improved mood

Sex is an instant mood booster. You’ll find that you’re always in a great mood when you guys have sex in the morning. It’ll make you smile more at work. Even your co-workers will notice a little extra bounce in your step when you walk into the office in the morning.

4. Better health

It’s a well-known fact that stress contributes to disease. People that are more stressed are often sicker than those that are not. Stress alone can make you feel fatigued, even if nothing seems to be wrong. 

Sex any time of the day can help your body produce more antibodies to fight off illnesses too. All of that oral sex is actually great for your immune system!

5. Lasting mood improvement

Not only will you feel better right after the two of you get done with your quickie, but those feelings will also last all day. This is because sex releases feel-good chemicals in the brain. It’s also called the cuddle hormone. That single feel-good hormone can help you have better health, and it’ll keep you in a good mood.

6. You’re already in bed

Having morning sex is just convenient! You’re both already in bed. There’s no need to feel sexy at five in the morning. Instead, you just roll over and have some fun. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

7. Sex gives you more energy than coffee (and it lasts longer)

A nice quickie in the morning is the perfect thing to wake you up. Not only is it more energizing than waking up to a pot of coffee, but it’s also better at keeping you energized throughout the day. Once again, that’s the feel-good hormones running through your body.

8. A better sex life means a better home life

a better sex life means a better home life

Couples that have sex more have improved communication and a closer relationship and it’s easier for them to solve a conflict. 

When oxytocin, which is also called the cuddle hormone, is released it helps you form a bond and attachment. Having a bond with your partner is critical to having a healthy partnership. Having regular morning sex can help you keep that going even through busy work weeks.

9. Morning sex is more intimate

Evening sex is usually planned. There’s lingerie and makeup. He’s fresh out of the shower and looking sexy with just a towel around his waist. It’s simply perfect. 

The imperfections of morning sex are what make it so intimate. Your hair is the definition of bedhead. There’s no makeup. No planned sexy moments or outfits. Instead, it’s a perfectly imperfect passion.

10. You’re not too tired first thing in the morning

There are almost no excuses to get out of morning sex. You aren’t too tired. No one has had a bad day at work. Instead, it’s just the two of you having some morning fun. 

When your love life is taking a back seat to your career or kids, this is a great way to get it back on track. Make it your mission to have morning sex at least a few times a week to feel more connected with your partner, and to get out of hearing I’m too tired.

11. Morning sex is perfect after a sexy dream

If you wake up in bed all hot and bothered from a steamy dream, there’s nothing that will make you feel better like a quickie. If not, you’re bound to be sexually frustrated all day.

12. Improved cognitive function

According to this study, sex can help improve your brainpower. That means saying goodbye to not being able to think while you’re at work or missing deadlines. Instead, you’ll start off the day on the right foot without the brain fog.

13. Having sex lowers cortisol levels

Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone. High levels of cortisol can make you gain weight, increase your risk of heart disease, and quite a few other conditions. You can read more about the dangers of high cortisol levels here. 

When you have regular sex it naturally lowers your levels of cortisol. Those lower levels of cortisol mean that you won’t have a ravenous appetite throughout the day that is caused by high levels. That means morning sex can help you both beat disease and lose weight.

14. Morning sex requires little effort

Morning sex might be the answer to a bad patch in your sex life. Guys wake up with morning wood, so there is almost no effort required to get him hard. Girls are also more sensitive in the early hours of the day, which can lead to amazing orgasms. In fact, everything is primed and ready to go with little effort when you get nasty right after waking up.

15. You don’t have to put thought into it

When you’re half asleep, the part of your brain that’s focused on your stretch marks is also half asleep. Instead of putting thought into how you look or feeding into your insecurities, you’ll find that you simply don’t think as much during those sexy mornings. Overall, it can lead to a better experience and better orgasms.

16. It keeps your relationship interesting

it keeps your relationship interesting

Variety in a relationship is important. There’s nothing that is going to spice up your love life like a sexy surprise in bed! As a bonus, your energy levels are higher in the morning than they are at night, so you can make sure to go all out. Keeping things interesting in a relationship is always a good idea. 

How To Have A Great Morning Sex

Now that you’re sold on the idea, it’s important to make sure that you’re having amazing morning sex. By nature, morning sex is already amazing. There are a few things you can do to make it even more amazing, though.

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17. Get rid of morning breath

There is something more intimate about morning sex because you don’t always prepare for it. However, there are certain things you just need to do. One of them is making sure that you don’t have morning breath. If you do, head to the bathroom to brush and rinse before waking up your partner. Keeping breath mints on your nightstand is another great idea.

18. Sleep naked

Sleeping naked and morning sex goes hand in hand. If your partner wants to give you a sexy good morning, you’re right there. When you wake up in the mood, you don’t have to worry about waking them up while you get undressed or putting on something sexy. You’re already naked and sexy.

19. Sleep in a nightie or satin nightgown

If you’re a fan of lingerie or are feeling a bit too self-conscious to sleep naked, you’re not out of luck. Ditch the frumpy pajama pants and pick up some satin nightgowns or see-through nighties. These are amazingly comfortable to sleep in. Your partner will love them. You’ll wake up and be good to go just like you would be if you had slept naked.

20. Forget about last night

If you had an argument last night, it can be hard to wake up and feel sexy in the morning. There’s bound to be a part of you that does not feel like giving your partner a sexy surprise. Don’t do that. Whatever happened between the two of you was last night. Instead, forget about it, and don’t let it interfere with you giving your partner a sexy good morning.

21. Give them a proper wake-up call

Having morning sex is awesome, but you need to make sure that you initiate it properly. Shaking him until he rolls over and telling him good morning is not a great start to morning sex. If he’s not a morning person, it’s going to make him mad and kill the mood. 

Instead, kiss him in his favorite places. Start the morning romp in the bedroom off with some head. If he doesn’t like that, massage and kiss him. Do whatever his favorite move is in the bedroom.

22. Take a shower if you need to

Okay, part of the joy of a sexy good morning is that you’re already in bed. You just woke up and your brain isn’t thinking yet. However, if you need to take a shower do so. 

If you sweat a lot at night and your partner doesn’t think it’s sexy, pull your hair up in a bun and take a quick one. Shave parts of your body if you need to, but try not to take too long. You don’t want him to wake up while you’re in the shower and ruin the surprise. When possible, take showers at night.

23. Make sure that your partner is okay with it

There are some people that don’t like a morning quickie. Others don’t want to be woken up by someone about to have sex with them. This is common in people with previous trauma, but it’s also just some people’s preference. Before you roll over and grope your partner first thing in the morning or bust out the role-play gear while they’re asleep, make sure it’s okay. 

To do this, have a talk about it beforehand. Don’t have this talk first thing in the morning right before sex, either. Instead, talk about it at night before the morning. You can simply ask your partner how they feel about it to make sure that they won’t mind. 

If your partner isn’t okay with it, ask them if they would be okay with morning sex as long as they are fully awake first. Consent is very important. Besides, you want to make sure that you’re both on the same page during your relationship.

24. Keep bottled water on your nightstand

keep bottled water on your nightstand

Everyone wakes up a little dehydrated. That means you simply don’t perform as well. Grabbing something to drink is going to be on your mind more than your partner's, which kills the mood for both people. Instead, keep some bottled water on your nightstand so that you can focus on your partner for a sexy good morning surprise. 

If you don’t like water, pick up your favorite drink. Gatorade and other sports drinks are other great options.

25. Don’t try new things without consent

Trying new things in the bedroom is a great idea, but, once again, get consent from your partner first. This isn’t the time to try out role play if they’ve never done it before. If you want to, talk about it before the act to make sure that your partner is on board.

26. Consider their schedule

It doesn’t matter whether your partner is in the mood or not, if they have to be off to take the kids to school in the morning or a meeting they cannot be late for, that’s going to be in the back of their mind. Instead, save the sexy good morning for a day when the two of you have some time. Lazy Sunday mornings are usually perfect for a sexy surprise.

27. Don’t completely discount quickies

On those lazy Sunday mornings when the kids won’t be up for a few hours, there’s nothing wrong with spending plenty of quality time under the covers. However, if you don’t have hours to play with each other that doesn’t mean that hot sex is out of the question. 

Instead, stop thinking that those hour-long sessions are the only way to go. If you’ve got ten minutes until your alarm is going off, you’ve got a couple of minutes to get yourself excited and a few more to have a quickie. You get the same benefits from quickie sex that you do from passionate sessions that last all evening.

28. Pick up some lube

There’s one slight problem with quickies in the morning for some of us. Even if we feel excited, it can take some ladies a little longer to get that natural lubricant going than other people. It can be disappointing if you woke up in the nick of time. That’s where lube comes in. A few squirts before you play with each other and you’re good to go until your vagina is awake enough to do its thing.

29. Don’t check your phone

I’m guilty of this, as are a lot of us. As soon as I roll over, I check my phone. I don’t always scroll through all of my emails, but I do check my text messages and Facebook messenger. This is less than ideal if you want to enjoy morning sex. 

First, it helps you wake up. You’re missing out on the fun of sleepy sex. Second, you’re not fully in the moment. Your brain is already thinking, and it’s thinking about that work email that you just saw or what your best friend was going through when they sent a text in the middle of the night. 

I think it’s important to note that this can be a problem in relationships in general. When you spend time with your partner, put your phone down so that it can be quality time. This will instantly create more intimate moments outside of the bed too. 

In the bedroom, consider not keeping your phone right next to the bed. Instead, put it across the room, such as on a dresser. You might not think to check it right away if it’s not within easy reach. 


How do you say good morning in sex?

Oral sex is a great way to say good morning in sex without using words. You can mumble good morning in between kisses. Tell your partner that you had a sexy dream about them. Kisses, touches, and massages are all great ways to say good morning. 

How do you say a flirty good morning?

Add a cute nickname at the end. Saying “good morning, sexy” is flirtier than a simple “good morning.” Include a kiss or butt squeeze with the good morning if it’s someone that you’re in a relationship with. Tell them that they must be having a great morning because they look so good.

What is the sweetest thing to say to a guy in the morning?

Compliments on his appearance will always be well received. Tell him that you love the color of his shirt on him or that he makes two hours of sleep look amazing. Let him know that you always love seeing him in the morning, and it makes your entire day amazing. 

What to text a guy in the morning to make him smile?

Good morning handsome. Tell him you had a dream about him. If you have a date planned let him know that you can’t wait to see him later. Inform him that he means the world to you. Send him a paragraph detailing all of the things that you love about him. 

What's the best good morning text?

The best good morning text is one that is nice, happy, and full of compliments. If he’s busy, keep it short and sweet. If your man doesn’t have any morning plans, consider a lengthy paragraph that will stroke his ego to make him instantly smile. 

To Conclude

Good morning sex is packed with benefits for relationships and your health. There’s a certain way to go about that, though. What tips would you give someone about having awesome morning sex?

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