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Gemini Man - Scorpio Woman Compatibility: A Match Not For The Fainthearted! (5 Interesting Facts)

Picture mysterious Scorpion; hiding away in her dark cave. She watches the world, privately, quietly observing and taking notes. Then along with bounds inquisitive Gemini; playful, loud and curious. Something interesting catches his eye in the dark cave. He sticks his finger in to explore.

The Scorpion immediately lashes out and stings him. ‘Ouch!’ cries Gemini. ‘Why would you do that?’ he simpers. ‘You invaded my space,’ the Scorpion tells him. ‘Didn’t your parents warn you about dark caves?’ 

‘No, they read me fairy-tales.’ ‘Well not all fairy-tales have a happy ending,’ warns the Scorpion and retreats back inside. Meanwhile, Gemini has already gone. He’s seen a crab in a rock pool that has a weird color and he’s trying to catch it.  

If Gemini and Scorpio ever meet, and it’s unlikely that their paths will cross naturally, their first impressions of each other won’t be good. Scorpio has ‘Question Everything’ tattooed across her heart. She’s naturally suspicious about everything and everyone.  

Then, in flies Gemini man. He also has ‘Question Everything’ tattooed but it’s not on his heart, it’s on his head. He wants to know everything and everyone. He’s prone to talking too much. He doesn’t care that everyone can hear what he’s saying. 

To the intensely private Scorpio, this is a red warning flag. Doesn’t he realize that some things are private? Scorpio makes a mental note never to trust him with any of her confidences. 

Then Gemini man starts to tell a story of a lost civilization 3000 years ago complete with its own language. This civilization had plumbing and schools and art and jewelry. Scorpio starts to have a good time. She leans forward ever so slightly to catch the end of the story. 

But the tale is a mystery. No one has ever managed to decipher the language he says. All that remains are a few small statues and carvings. He gets up to leave but Scorpio is hooked. 

Who is this mysterious man? Even though she’s wary she wants to know more. And we all know that Scorpios love a good mystery. 

But Are Gemini And Scorpio A Good Match? 

Let’s look at them in a little more detail.


  • Air sign
  • Ruled by Mercury
  • Symbol – The Twins
  • Mutable sign


  • Water sign
  • Ruled by Pluto
  • Symbol – The Scorpion
  • Fixed sign

Gemini Characteristics

Gemini Characteristics

It’s no wonder the naturally suspicious Scorpio was so taken with Gemini. They have this magnetic charm that enables them to schmooze their way in or out of any situation. Remember, Gemini has Mercury to back him up if ever he’s lost for words. 

Mercury is the messenger of the Gods. The very definition of communication. When Mercury is in retrograde you can bet that you miss phone calls, important emails end up in the spam folder, and deliveries don’t arrive. 

Gemini has the gift of the gab. They are carefree in nature, quick-witted, playful people. But they can get bored easily. Geminis are great at starting new projects and they do manage to get most of the way through them. But finishing is a whole different matter.

They are the Twins remember so they have two faces. One is always looking in a different direction. As such, Gemini is always easily distracted. 

They don’t care much for commitment either. Unless it’s the promise of a trip around the world. You see Gemini has this urge to explore. Remember the ruling planet of Mercury? This messenger has winged feet. That’s exactly how Gemini feels.

Gemini is curious, fascinated with the world and they’re also impatient. They have a childlike innocence at times which can appeal to certain star signs. 

Although they don’t really have a bad bone in their body they can turn their back on one relationship to start another one with no regrets. Gemini may not intend to cause harm or hurt but their unpredictable and unreliable nature doesn’t help.

Now let’s look at Scorpio

Scorpio Characteristics

The first thing you can say about Scorpio is that there’s nothing childlike or innocent about them. Scorpio are intensely private people. In fact, they are pretty intense about everything. You would never use words such as carefree or playful to describe Scorpio. 

More suitable words would be reserved, loyal, cool, passionate, domineering, and vengeful. Now can you see how these two are unlikely to meet one another? 

It’s easier to understand this pair if we view Gemini as the infant and Scorpio as the wise parent. Scorpio has seen it all and done it all before. She knows the pitfalls before Gemini has even suggested the plan of action. 

Gemini sees this as a killjoy, spoiling his fun. Why not just try it this once he thinks? It doesn’t always have to work out the same way every time. 

Scorpio is wondering ‘What’s the point’. I’ve seen it a thousand times. It always ends the same way’. 

But she understands that Gemini must learn life’s lessons. She turns around to agree, but it’s too late. He’s already gone, off on another hare-brained plan. 

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There’s another problem with compatibility between Gemini and Scorpio. Scorpions hate to lose. They also hate others to see them lose. 

This is one zodiac sign that values pride over any other emotion. Damage their pride and you’ll feel the sting of their tail whip you before you even know you’ve upset them. 

Geminis really aren’t that bothered whether they win, lose, come second or fall at the first hurdle. So long as they take part and experience something new they’re fine. 

Scorpio can’t understand this carefree attitude of Gemini.  Why bother entering a race or competition if you don’t want to win at all costs? This will bother the intensely competitive Scorpion. 

And there’s that word intense again. And right alongside it is that other word carefree. Two opposites if ever I saw them.  

So, now we know more about Gemini man and Scorpio woman, do they have any hope of being compatible? 

Gemini Man And Scorpio Woman Compatibility 

1. Common Interests

Even though Gemini men and Scorpio women love a good mystery, they love them for different reasons. The problem is that Scorpio needs to solve the puzzle. Scorpios have to get to the ending. 

By contrast. Gemini men prefer the journey. For him, guessing all the possible outcomes is much more exciting than knowing what actually happened. 

2. Communication

This is where the relationship will struggle as both Geminis and Scorpios communicate in very different ways. We know Gemini is the great communicator, but we are dealing with Scorpio here. She’s a closed book. 

Scorpio doesn’t trust anyone with her deepest secrets or desires until they’ve proved their loyalty. 

Now loyalty, to a Gemini, is like a four-letter word. For Geminis, you can substitute loyalty for commitment, trap, or prison. But Scorpio has already seen the way Gemini men run their mouths off in public. She’s not about to tell him how she feels without some sort of guarantee. 

The problem is, Geminis don’t do guarantees. 

3. Emotions

Of course, both Gemini and Scorpio have emotions, but there are a couple of important differences. Gemini has two sets of emotions; don’t care and really don’t care. Scorpio on the other hand is the polar opposite. Scorpio cares about everything. 

For Gemini, a personal slight is a water off a duck’s back. For Scorpio, you’d better watch your back. Scorpio never forgets. The phrase ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’ was invented for and probably by a Scorpio. 

Scorpios feel intense emotion. Anger, betrayal, pain, hurt, sorrow, jealousy, and passion are just a few. Geminis are charming, funny, boyish, magnetic, playful, but rather shallow when it comes to emotional maturity

4. Intimacy

Of all the signs in the zodiac, Scorpions know that to make a relationship work you need sex. Physical intimacy is the only way to truly understand your partner. To Scorpio, sex is passion, it’s gazing into your lover’s soul. It’s forging a long-lasting and deeper bond that can never be broken. 

Whoa! Hang on a second’ says Gemini. Sex is fun! Why be so serious about it? Scorpio can’t believe what she’s hearing. Didn’t this guy understand her when she agreed to be his lover? 

Sex isn’t that important to Gemini. Despite his magnetic character and charm. He’d rather have a love affair than a serious relationship. 

5. Long term prospects

Long term prospects

The compatibility of Scorpio and Gemini is not good. Imagine a butterfly fluttering around a granite monolith. The butterfly is delicate and pretty and as light as a feather. It is free to go wherever it pleases. Now consider the monolith. It is brooding, impenetrable, dark, and fixed to the spot. 

This is the problem with Scorpio woman and Gemini man. They are simply polar opposites. 


Can a Gemini woman love a Scorpio man?

At first, she is likely to be attracted to his air of mystery. However, his dark and brooding nature may eventually bore her. This woman loves fun and excitement. His resistance to change is also a factor. 

Why are Scorpios so attracted to Aries?

Scorpios are one of the most physical and passionate Zodiac signs. As such, they are instantly drawn to the raw sexuality of Aries men and women. 

Which month is Scorpio?

The zodiac sign of Scorpio falls from October 23 to November 22. 

What month is Gemini?

The zodiac sign of Gemini falls from May 21 and June 20. 

How do you tell if you're in love?

Does your heart beat faster when you see or think of the person? Do you get butterflies whenever they text or call you? Can you not wait to see them? Do you care about their feelings so much it hurts? Then it probably loves. 

To Conclude

Are you in a Gemini man Scorpio woman relationship? Does your relationship work? I’d love to hear your comments. If you liked my article please feel free to share it.  

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