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Do Guys Like Tomboys? (7 Reasons Why Some Guys Find Tomboys Attractive)

Are you the kind of girl who loves to be different from other girls in terms of the way you dress, or the things you like doing? Do you act like a girl but observe that you have more male friends than you do girlfriends?

Even if you never fully classified yourself as one, you might indeed be a tomboy girl. Many tomboys, especially those just realizing their personal identity, tend to become self-conscious because they aren’t sure which part of their identity is acceptable.

As such, they doubt that they are feminine women just because they dress in the stereotypical way that is mostly associated with guys. What has been your topmost fear as a tomboy? Is it the fear that guys only want to hang out with you but do not want to date you?

Are you afraid your boyfriend will find other girly girls in heels more attractive than you in jeans and flat sneakers? The reality is that guys like what they like; a girl who fascinates them not only because of the way she dresses but the other things that make her unique.

Besides the specific things that could make men like tomboys, here are 7 interesting reasons guys find tomboys attractive. 

7 Reasons Why Some Guys Find Tomboys Attractive

1. You’re comfortable in your skin

When other women find comfort in slapping on layers of makeup or staying on their feet for hours in killing high heels, you don’t find it weird putting on some flat shoes, sneakers, or combat boots. You definitely don’t mind going barefaced with only lip gloss as your hint of makeup.

Guys like it when their women look good but they also don’t like having to lick funny-tasting lipstick while kissing. Being comfortable in your skin also means you can wear a t-shirt and jeans, and wear your hair anyhow you want it while exuding so much confidence.

You act like you without feeling the need to display or defend your femininity and men love that in a girl.

2. You dress up faster

If there is anything boys appreciate, it’s a girl who can get ready quickly. Most tomboys don’t need to wear fancy things or fuss over the right accessories to go with what clothes. The beauty of being a tomboy is that you can match different outfits with accessories and still look amazing. 

This doesn’t mean you should be a slob in your fashion sense but, you can still be stylish as a tomboy; the perk to your stylishness is that it will take you little time to get dressed. Guys love it when you can be ready to go out on short notice and still look good within that short timeframe.

3. You focus on a guy per time

you focus on a guy per time

Many guys tend to engage in a staring contest with other guys who admire or leer at their girl but being a tomboy usually gives a guy peace of mind because he knows you only have eyes for him. While it is true that anyone can get tempted to cheat, tomboys tend to have more male friends than girlfriends and so, they are not easily impressed by just any guy.

For a tomboy to fall for or have sex with another guy she’s not dating, it means she never liked the other guy. So, if you are worried no guy will like to date you, think about how attractive guys will find your faithfulness

4. You aren’t scared to eat well

Some men feel like gluttons when they eat with some girls because such women are so obsessed with their bodies and want not to get ‘fat’. To avoid embarrassment and starvation, most guys go for a woman confident enough to eat well, especially in public, without the constant fear of ‘blowing up’ after eating a completely healthy meal.

So, if you are a tomboy who appreciates eating good meals just as much as she does a good workout session, your guy is out there somewhere looking for you. As long as you stay confident in your choice of lifestyle, you will be the kind of woman guys want to be with. 

5. You’re cool to hang out with

Of all the reasons men love tomboys, their ability to be chill and cool to hang out with has to be the number one reason. Boys love to spend time with their male friends but they love to hang out with girls they aren’t having sex with too.

However, not all girls are fun to play with because most of them want to do only girly things. If you are a tomboy who loves sports, feels comfortable in jeans, doesn’t mind playing games that will dirty you up a bit, or likes playing sports games, then you won’t lack the affection of the male folk. 

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t worry when your hair gets wet or your makeup gets ruined, men will like you. Instead of worrying if the male folk like tomboys revel in your ability to make them laugh, have great fun and amazing conversations with them.

6. You don’t mince words

you dont mince words

Another thing that attracts the male folk to a tomboy is her ability to say what is on her mind without mincing words. They like it when you don’t engage in the shenanigans commonly associated with the regular woman and would rather spend time with you than they would their girlfriends.

While it’s true that some people might find your bold truth and bluntness a bit intimidating, there is always someone who finds that the most attractive thing about you. By staying true to yourself instead of stifling your bold character, you will be the man who will love you for it. 

7. You don’t have the ‘girl drama’

The ‘girl drama’ refers to actions that many women display for different reasons; throwing tantrums punctuated by flipping the hair because they want attention. Some women would rather play the guessing game than tell their partners what they need and this attitude can drive a man up the wall than anything else.

Tomboys don’t have the time or need for drama, so you get pissed and display your displeasure instead of throwing tantrums. A man loves it when his woman lets loose her anger without acting childish about it. 

Therefore, if you are the kind of woman a man likes, he will appreciate your mannerisms without missing the girl-drama of the ‘regular girlfriend’.


Is it okay to be a tomboy?

It is okay to choose any personality or lifestyle you want as long as it doesn’t interfere with another person’s choice or upset nature’s balance in a negative way.

What does a girly girl mean?

A ‘girly-girl’ is someone who is completely feminine and doesn’t embrace her masculine part in any way. A girly-girl wears only clothes that announce her as a woman and all her mannerisms make it clear she is a woman. She could also be so girly that it annoys other girls or men.

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Do guys find tomboys attractive?

Yes, some men find them attractive because they are like a breath of fresh air after dealing with all the girly girls they’re used to dating. They love how interesting and laidback they are without losing their femininity.

Do men like short girls?

Yes, some of them like short girls. While some mostly like them for their stature alone, the major point of attraction to a short girl might be other aspects of her. Therefore, whether she is short or not, a man can like a woman. 

Do guys like tall girls?

Yes, some guys like tall girls, especially if they are very tall themselves. A guy wants to be able to kiss or hug his woman without having to bend too much or scoop her up every time. It also doesn’t hurt that they would look like the perfect couple while walking down the street.

In Conclusion 

While most guys don’t mind dating girls who love things like; fussing over their physical looks or if they are late for their hair appointment, they also want a woman they can have both fun and real conversations with. If a man can find a woman with the combined attributes of a no-nonsense tomboy or a very hot girly woman, he considers himself lucky.

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