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Do Guys Like Girls With Tattoos? (11 Reasons Why Tattooed Girls Stand Out)

What is it about tattoos that make people seem ten times more attractive? Why do women with tattoos seem to drive guys crazy? Does the hype and appeal of tattoos extend to girls, or does the tattoo appeal dynamics solely apply to men? 

Tattoos and body art have been around as far back as you can imagine, but the concept of inking your skin is just beginning to gain acceptance in most places. More so, the idea of tattoos on women (which was even less common) is gradually becoming the norm. 

While many will argue that tattoos or not a woman will be attractive to the right guy, many researchers have established that many guys find girls with ink on their bodies more alluring than girls with zero tattoos. 

What are the reasons for this heightened sexual or romantic pull when it comes to girls and body art? Why do some guys go to the extent of thinking it is a deal-breaker if their girl doesn’t have tattoos or isn’t willing to get any? Why do most men associate tattoos with the personality of a woman? 

In this article, you will get all the answers along with 11 possible reasons why men find girls who have tattoos appealing.

11 Possible Reasons Why Guys Find Girls With Tattoos Attractive

1. Guys think tattooed women are approachable

One of the impressions confident men has when they first see a woman with ink is that she is a cool person who will easily give them attention. This feeling stems from the assumption that any woman who could get her skin linked will be open to different experiences normal girls don’t find interesting. 

While this assumption might hold some water, it is not always true. If you have a tattoo or considering getting one, ask yourself why you have or want to have tattoos. Is it because of the aesthetics of body art or does the design hold an unforgettable memory for you? 

The meaning behind a tattoo usually determines how someone, especially a woman, feels about it. Your tattoo might mean one thing while your attitude is something else. As such, put it in mind that a guy might conclude that because you have a cool tattoo, you’ll be receptive to his attempts to woo you.

2. Women with tattoos are perceived as more confident

A beautiful woman who is aware of her appeal is usually adept at sifting through guys who like her for her beauty, and the ones who see through her external appearance. 

Similarly, women with tattoos usually understand when a guy is attracted to the perceived confidence they exude versus the attraction based on the external bravado. Only confident girls would indeed get a tattoo and show it off without self-consciousness and this trait is what most guys love.

However, some girls use tattoos to cover up flaws they don’t like, and that’s all right. What is not alright is when guys equate tattoos to self-confidence even though a tattooed woman could also be shy.

3. Women with tattoos appear sexier than girls with no tattoos

When girls go for tattoos, they tend to have them done in places that enhance their femininity. Places like the belly button, hipbone, and back of the neck/shoulders project a woman’s feminine appeal. And so, tattoos placed in these areas increase the sexual appearance of a woman.

Back tattoos are also sexy, especially when the woman gets to display them with a backless dress. Many men will find such women with tattoos irresistible and sexier than girls with no tattoos. Of course, this notion that girls who have tattoos are sexier is a product of what a man finds sexy rather than the reality of every woman, including the ones without any tattoos.

4. Guys find women with tattoos more attractive

guys find women with tattoos more attractive

Like sexiness, many guys think women with tattoos are more attractive than other girls with none. The attractiveness of women with tattoos to men could range from surface level to a deeper one, depending on the kind of tattoos and their placement.

Most men prefer women with subtle tattoos placed out of sight, while others don’t mind if a woman has a full sleeve tattoo. If you’re hoping to get a tattoo to appear more attractive to a man, you might want to know the type he would like. 

However, it is advisable to get tattoos because you want them, not because you want to please a man. Getting meaningful tattoos for yourself reduces the level of regret you might feel if you end up not liking what you get.

5. Some guys think women with tattoos are easy lays

Of all the assumptions about girls who have tattoos, this is the most ridiculous. Saying a girl with tattoos is an easy lay is just like saying she is a drug addict who will do anything to get her next fix.

A woman’s appearance shouldn’t lead to an assumption that she is an easy lay unless she exhibits habits that confirm she is one. Moreover, men don’t blink twice when adding up their body count, and they don’t call themselves easy lays because they enjoy casual sex. As such, tattoos or not, no woman should be called an easy lay if she enjoys having casual sex too.

6. Guys like women with tattoos because of their good music choices

When women give off a badass or gothic vibe because of their tattoos, piercing, or other forms of body art, men tend to think their taste in music will be just as interesting. Sometimes, this assumption is true because girls with good music choices or a love for art usually express themselves through body art.

If you fall into this category of women, you might find guys flocking around you more than before you got your tats done.

7. Women with tattoos are usually seen as ‘one of the guys'

Guys think girls with tattoos are laidback and so chill they aren’t shy to be one of the boys once in a while. The more your tattoos, the more some men will tag you as a tomboy who doesn’t mind hanging out with the boys for beer or having no strings attached sex and still get back to being cool with them.

Of course, this might not be you at all. So, you will need to let such men know that having multiple tattoos doesn’t detract from your femininity.

8. Guys think most women with tattoos are outgoing

guys think most women with tattoos are outgoing

When some men think of ‘the life of the party’, the pictures of their tattooed female friends usually pop up in their minds because they believe girls with skin work or ink are outgoing. 

This is a wrong first impression that many men come up with due to their past experiences with tattooed girls. If you have tattoos but aren’t the party type, such men might feel disappointed when they get to know you. That’s not on you, it’s on them for assuming all women with tattoos are the same.

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9. A girl with tattoos seems special

Tattoos on women are no longer a phenomenon in most parts of the world. But ladies with tattoos still easily stand out among other ladies. This distinctiveness is enhanced because only about two out of five women have dared to get a tattoo. So, the attractiveness of the brave ones seems to amplify in the eyes of men, thus making them appear special.

However, the reality is that when a guy gets close to one of such tattooed girls, he might discover the attraction is at a surface level and nothing special is going on underneath.

10. Girls who have tattoos have an air of mystery around them

People with tattoos give the appearance of mystery, especially men with impressive tattoos projected by the numerous tattoos they spot. As such, women with tattoos appear to have even more layers that most guys can’t help but want to unveil. 

A man wants to know what is the meaning of the dragonfly on her inner arm. Does the tattoo. point to something in her past, or is it purely for an aesthetic purpose?

11. Tattooed women appear more adventurous than girls with no tattoos

If you’ve had a tattoo done before, you can tell by firsthand experience that the pleasure of getting tattooed doesn’t come from getting the tattoo. There is mostly pain and discomfort involved and so, men see a girl differently the moment she has a tattoo. 

They think, “if she can be so adventurous as to get a tattoo that involves pain, she will be down for almost anything". While some men like their women soft and safety-conscious, some want their women to have an edge that appeals to their adventurous side.


Do tattoos make guys more attractive?

One or two out of three girls will agree that they find a tattooed guy more attractive than a guy with no tattoo. 

Are tattoos a sign of insecurity?

Yes, getting a tattoo can be a sign of insecurity if you’re doing it to please someone else. But it’s not if you’re getting the tattoos because you want to.

Do females find tattoos attractive?

Most people attach wildness and bravery to tattoos and so, girls drawn to the ‘bad boy’ persona will easily fall for a guy with intricate tattoo designs.

Do girls like tall guys?

Most girls who are particular about physical compatibility prefer tall guys because a tall guy can complement either a short or tall girl on the physical compatibility scale. 

Are people with tattoos happier?

There’s no guarantee that you’ll be happier if you get tattoos, and tattoos do not indicate whether someone is happy or not. Your core self is what determines how you feel at any given time. 

To Conclude 

Tattoos, when done properly by the right artists, are beautiful and they speak different meanings to different people. Trying to make a guy like you by getting tattoos might not be the best thing, especially if he doesn’t love and respect you at a deep level already. As such, get a tattoo because it pleases you, not anyone else.

Which part of this post did you relate with most? Please leave a comment below and share the post with someone else. 

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