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Cringe Couples (21 Cringy Things Couples Do)

There are different types of couples globally, and chances are we've met our fair share of them all. There are those we regard as perfect and those we know shouldn't be together because they don't seem compatible, but yet somehow, they make it work, even to the point of marrying. 

Then there's the last couple, the very special duo. These people are so loved up, and it makes us all want to throw up and take a huge rest from the dating scene. We've all met them. We all know them. They're the cringe-worthy couple.

There are many responses to awkward couples and this article today takes a look at some signs that a cringey couple exists. We tackle everything from public displays of affection (PDA) to wearing the same colors and designs. Everything that might make you feel sick in your stomach will be on this list, and if you think you and your boyfriend might be this icky, it's time for you guys to find out!

21 Cringy Things Couples Do

1. The almighty PDA

It is best to hold off on PDA when out with friends, as it might be a huge turn-off for them. Yes, there are indeed some displays of love that will have people blushing, making them whisper little awws to each other and whatnot, but there are others that can have your pals screaming their heads off, looking for the least chance to run away. 

PDA is great, but it has its time and is a preferred place like everything else. You might want to hold off on your light kisses at events like funerals and church services while doing so as you stroll along the coast or at a wedding reception will look normal and be even appreciated. 

A typical cringe-worthy couple is very easy to identify with PDA. They're the ones who can make out anywhere, with the worst part being that their make-out sessions can evolve into something more that should typically be reserved for the bedroom.

2. They can't go out separately

Technically, they can, but they don't. Let's admit it; we're very familiar with this duo. They are found in every friend group, but it doesn't make them half annoying. These two cannot go out separately. They never spend time apart. This can get frustrating when trying to plan an all-girls night out, and Trevor is staring at you from across the table because his girlfriend was invited. 

As much as you love him, you can't stand having him around while you and the girls catch up on your rom-coms in your pajamas with a face mask. His lady, however, is oblivious and head over heels in love with the fact that he's around. You're just hoping something happens, and they get into a quick fight, which hardly occurs anyway, so you give up.

3. They match outfits

This is cool as a one-off, but every day? Every holiday? This couple comes with boyfriend-matching jumpers and might even have their names or faces printed on them. They'll smile broadly like there's nothing strange about it at all while your teeth are set on edge and your eyes tear up in frustration. 

4. They are always happy

they are always happy

You might think of this point as weird but, hear me out. In their right frame of mind, who is happy all the time? Even the funniest comedy show comes with some seconds of sadness or downtime. Even a dog sees its owner on some days and gets ticked off. Even Romeo and Juliet, who loved each other so much, ended up dying. 

A couple who always claims to be happy might be annoying or cringy because it doesn't sound realistic. It makes you think they are putting up a front while they hate each other when they are all alone. It makes you hope that their honeymoon phase will come to an end soon, and they'll be met with a bunch of realities that will show them just how silly they were, thinking life was all about joy. 

5. They keep tabs on each other

Stalker much? Well, these two are undeniably a match made in heaven, considering how James Bond they go on each other every day. Stalking your partner is a huge red flag, and it doesn't signify a healthy union. 

Your friends don't care, though; they are obsessed with one another and always need to be in the know of what they do, where they go, and who they meet up with. It's evident there's little to no trust between them, and this is slowly rubbing off on some of your friends. 

6. They're always a 'we'

We love this. We think that. We want this. Every sentence starts with a 'we' and never an 'I'. These people have lost all forms of individuality, that they can't talk without including the other person. This might be typical for married folks, but this can be pretty uncomfortable for your friends if you haven't tied the knot yet. These couples can get tiring to listen to. Do you think of anything Stacy hasn't, Jeff? 

7. They fight in public

Sometimes, your couple friends aren't always happy all the time, or maybe they are, but you have another group of friends who are in a relationship but can't seem to stop fighting all the time. This is a huge contrast from those who are always so happy; it gets nauseating, and frankly, if you had to choose, you'll pick the happy squad all day.

Their anger is always written on their faces, and you never know when either one is about to explode. You can recount all the bars and restaurants you've been sacked out of because of their actions, and whenever you try to remind them, they gang up and then try to fight you. 

This duo stresses out their friendships because they're looking for you to pick a side every time they talk, even when you prefer not to. The scary part? Any couple can become this kind of couple once you know each other very well. 

8. They are control freaks

You never seem to understand why Ana thinks her controlling boyfriend is the ideal better health for her. The man doesn't always have to control a relationship, nor do women. It is very common to observe relationships where one partner is more opinionated. It only becomes an issue when it's always one-sided. 

You might have such a couple in your circle, and the truth is told, they can be one of the most overbearing duos ever. They take you back to your childhood as they bicker on like parents trying to find the right way to raise their kids. 

9. They say too much

Have you ever heard of TMI? This couple is the definition of the phrase 'too much information.’ Sometimes listening to them makes you understand why the phrase was coined in the first place. They might be young and naive or older, but I don't see anything wrong with letting you know about their body hairs and bowel movements. 

You love them as your friends, and you're glad they see you as someone they can confide in, but most times, all you want to do is shake their young brains back into focus and tell them to shut up because you don't want to keep thinking of Jeff's junk whenever he smiles at you. 

10. They should have broken up a long time ago

they should have broken up a long time ago

You've come across many loved-up people in your life. Those who make you believe in soulmates and have you yearning for the day you can finally call someone yours. Then there's this couple. The duo you keep racking your brain about, asking why they are still together.

They're both so unhappy, always grumpy, always talking about breaking up but never actually having the gall to go ahead with it. They're always asking you for advice on their relationship, which is what gets you all cringey. You're tempted to tell them the answer is simple; break up. But you're not the one to tell them what to do. Chances are, they won't even listen

11. They are stuck with each other

Shontelle said there was 'nothing we could do about it in her song, but does that mean you guys have to be everywhere, together, ALL the time? Whew. These two go everywhere, from washrooms, where one partner waits outside while the other does their business, to lingerie shops where he waits on the visitor's couch, simply because. It can be fun initially but can get tiring as a friend.

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12. They act like they are already married

These two are so adorable; it's cringey! Besides your constant nausea whenever they're around, they have everything you admit you wish you had, and then some. They're always smiling with each other, they're kind to themselves, they don't show too much PDA, and you never hear a word about anyone's briefs. They act like a happily wedded couple, drunk in love and ready to take on the world together. It's lovely, it's sweet, and it's lovingly sickening. 

You cringe anytime they're around because they just met, yet they are already planning to get a dog, move in, and get married. Besides their new dog Kora, you can't understand why they haven't come out of the honeymoon phase, why they aren't angry with one another and how there's no hint of heartbreak even after their honeymoon phase has ended. 

13. They look alike

Have you ever met a couple and second-guessed if they were related? How else will you explain a duo that is both brunettes, has matching birthmarks, and comes from the same place being in a relationship? They look like family!

We've all come across such people. They might have a similar grin or look like they're from the same family. It is cringey because a single look at them gets you thinking about whether or not they are related, whether or not you should ask them to get their DNA tested, and whether or not their dog has realized the resemblance too. 

Well, it's said that humans tend to look like their pets the longer they live together. If your friend and his dog can look alike, how much more is his girlfriend who moved in over five years ago? Twins, I tell you, twins. 

14. They baby-voice each other

they baby voice each other

Baby cooing voices done to babies or pets is cute. But between two grown adults, simply because they're in love? That's just wrong on so many levels. Sit down with this couple at a party for a few seconds, and you'll hear it; the screechy baby voice that they use. It always makes your stomach turn, and you want to flee from the scene, but hey, friends stick together through thick and thin.

15. Their parents set them up

This couple is super incompatible; they have little to nothing in common, no interest they'll admit to sharing, and yet they have decided to be the best couple in the world because their parents set them up. 

It's probably because they both find it more critical to please their parents than find their happiness, but the sadness in their eyes is so easy to identify. It makes your nights out awkward, and it is a tad bit cringe-worthy. 

16. They bad-mouth each other

You might choose this couple over all the other nauseating duos we've listed earlier because they're more normal than the others, from our viewpoint. This is a couple that prides themselves in living separate lives, not wanting to be attached like Siamese twins all the time. 

They don't let you in on all their stuff, and you won't find them throwing glasses or daggers at each other every night. They do, however, still manage to get you cringing whenever they're around. Why? They're always nagging and complaining about the other person. We all complain about our partners once in a while, but these people have reached a point where nothing they say about their partners is positive. They can't seem to find one good thing about them. 

17. They're an online couple

How can you head over heels in love with a man you've never met in person? Well, that's what Sophie says about Adam, her Tinder bae. Online dating has become very common in recent times, with thousands of couples finding their love online. Never mind that you don't know his real hair color, whether he gets drunk after a bottle of beer or is forever the clingy person. 

You don't know why she's so head over heels in love with this person she's not met, and you can't stand how she can't stop talking about him and how wonderful he is. Just gag me with a spoon, Sophie. 

18. They say weird stuff

they say weird stuff

Forget finishing each other's sentences, using we and PDA. Think of popping each other's pimples, helping them shave, and all the other gross stuff you can imagine. This couple tops the list with their grossness. They claim it's because they're so close. Maybe a bit too close for the comfort of their friends. 

19. They have a song

It might be their song, or their place, or their thing. Either way, it's theirs and theirs alone. You watch from across the table as your friends tear up at the sound of a particular song, reminiscing about their first kiss and the day they became official. You might want to gag, but you remember that you set them up two years ago. 

20. Their social media is full of mushy comments

They comment on each other's photos with long, mushy statements. They could go on and on with 'I love you's’ for decades under a single photo. Everyone knows they do this, and they roll their eyes when they come across those comments. They're in love, and it's great to see, but you'll like a break sometime. 

21. They really shouldn't be together

Do you know that couple that always manages to rub it in that being a good person doesn't always mean you'll find great love? Well, they're your friends, and you'll have to find a way to fight to pull them apart. You can stand the way your girl barks orders at her boyfriend. From your perspective, he deserves better. You're not saying he deserves you per se, but you're more of a better candidate than she is, you know that for sure. 


What is a cringe relationship?

If your boyfriend says that you both have a cringe relationship, it might come off as worse feedback from someone you love. Before going off the deep end to find everything wrong with his statement, let's take a minute to understand what he means when he says this.
This relationship is any union in which one partner does things that make the other person uncomfortable. Some of these things might be mental or physical, and their effect could be anything from mild to intense nausea. If you've ever been referred to as a cringe couple, it simply means that you both have your fair share of weird stuff you do while dating each other that makes others uncomfortable.

Why do I cringe when I see a couple?

Finding other couples cringey or cringing when you come across people in relationships happens to many people, contrary to popular belief. There are several reasons to find couples irritating or think of romance as the worst.

Many people react to all things romantic, and many of them cringe at things like movie love scenes, public displays of affection, healthily sharing their feelings, and many more. You might feel this easy because deep down, you believe that being emotionally restrained or independent is the best way to achieve happiness.

How do I stop being a cringy couple?

The first step to stop being a cringy couple is to discuss it. If you've both been told about just how cringy you can get, you might have to speak to each other to find out whether you both find the other cringy. Next, you can stop talking your way out of plans with friends and family and spend time with others. Dial back a bit on the 'we' factor and avoid documenting every detail of your relationship.

If you have fellow cringey awkward couples around you, you might have to reduce the value you place on them. Lastly, if you can help it, you can lay off public touching or reduce how much you show extreme affection while in public. Besides, everyone around you knows you're together; you have nothing more to prove to them.

Is it normal to cringe at your boyfriend?

The ick comes up for varying reasons, but the one thing we know is that it is highly common and typical in relationships. The ick can happen when your partner displays negative attitudes, such as telling off the serving staff during your date or when he does something involuntary like showing the side of his cheek.

Depending on the act, you might want to dial back, reduce judgment, and hope things get better after discussions. In other cases, the only solution to your ick might be a break from each other.

Why do people cringe at love?

The good thing is, romance is meant to evoke an emotional response. Thus, whether negative or positive, your response to it is valid. People tend to cringe at love because they sometimes work so hard at expressing their emotions.

They might have had some bad experiences with romance and being vulnerable with others that everything related to that is uncomfortable for them. It might also be because they've never really experienced love in their past and, as such, have no clue how to process what they see.

To Conclude

Being a part of the awkward couples list can be exhilarating and irritating, depending on who you are and where you are in the dating scene; if any of the signs mentioned apply to you and your partner, congratulations! You're officially the best cringe couple, as voted by all your friends. 

Being in a cringe relationship doesn't have to be bad, but it can be managed to have a healthy relationship between yourself and your friends. There's nothing wrong with finding some middle ground concerning your emotions and friendships, which is why we love those who came on this journey with us. 

We hope this article was worth the read. If it was, make another friend smile by sharing it with them. Or leave us a comment about what cringe relationships mean to you. We love that you stopped by.

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