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17 Tips For Dating A Comedian

Dating a comedian sounds like a dream come true. The guy is obviously confident if he can get on stage to be a stand-up comic. He’s also bound to make you laugh, which is always a bonus. There are plenty of great things about having a boyfriend that’s also a comedian. 

There are also a few bad things that you will need to keep in mind. For example, his comedian friends might drive you crazy. If things end badly, you might wind up as the punch line in his next big routine. It’s important to keep both the good and bad things in mind when you decide if pursuing a relationship with a comedian is right for you. 

Making Your Relationship Last With A Comedian

If you’re interested in a comedian, there are a few ways to make it work. You can also take some of these tips and use them to give him a fair chance. Once the initial attraction wears off, you’ll start to notice there are a few things that you aren’t a fan of, just like with any other relationship.

1. Don’t go to the comedy club at the beginning

While your future boyfriend might look charismatic up on stage, this isn’t going to be the first date of your dreams. You might be the punchline in a joke or two as his way of flirting with you. If you don’t have the same sense of humor, it can be a huge turn-off. 

When he’s on stage and you’re in the crowd, you’ll find that you don’t spend a lot of time with him one on one. You might wind up getting to know the rest of the people at the table, like his comedian friends, better than you get to know him. 

First dates are about getting to know one another. It’s best to pick a location or date idea that lets you do that. Consider dinner at a comedy club that he isn’t known at or his favorite restaurant so the two of you can talk.

2. Most comedians have an immature side

It’s there. I’m not a huge fan of stereotyping comedians, but this one usually fits. Think about it. If you’re going to be able to make a joke out of anything, you’re not going to be mature all the time. 

This means that he might laugh when someone falls out of a chair instead of offering to help them up. He’ll still offer to help them up, but it’ll be after he’s done laughing.

3. Comedians make a joke out of everything

Don’t expect this guy to be serious. Or have serious conversations. Comedians are known for being able to find a reason to laugh in almost every situation, and your relationship is not going to be much different. 

If you feel very strongly about someone making a joke out of things, you’ll need to consider whether you want to make this work. You’ll also need to have a conversation with him to make sure you’re on the same page. 

Now that you know that might be a possibility, you’ll also need to know that this doesn’t apply to all men in the comedy field. Some are immature. Others can’t be serious. Then, there are others that have a serious side, but they simply don’t show it on stage.

4. The silliness can drive you crazy

It seems like an awesome thing to always have someone by your side to make you smile. Relationships thrive when they have silly moments, too. 

Too much of anything can be a bad thing. Keep this in mind if you’re dating a stand-up comedian. Your life can start to seem like non-stop comedy. As the months go one, the very thing that attracted you to them might start to tear you apart.

5. Find a hobby

find a hobby

Having your own hobbies and interests is great for any relationship. It’s healthy to have a life outside of your partner. You should both have your own interests and friends. 

This is essential if your guy is a professional comic. When the non-stop comedy drives you crazy, you can go focus on other things. It’ll also help you fill your time when he’s sucked into writing up a new comedy act.

6. You’re going to need a sense of humor

While every woman wants a guy that can make her laugh or smile, you have to take a moment to consider that every comic wants a girl that doesn’t roll her eyes at his “that’s what she said” jokes. Is that you?

7. Set boundaries for off-limit jokes

When you date a comedian, you quickly realize that they can make jokes out of anything. Their ability to make us laugh is one of the things we love about these men!

Sometimes, there are going to be things that you don’t want to turn into a joke at comedy clubs. For example, you don’t want him mentioning your sex life. Or maybe you’d rather he not include other sensitive subjects in his nightly routine. 

You’ll need to be able to discuss this, and have an open conversation so that you can reach a compromise. He might take jokes a bit further than he means to regarding those sensitive subjects if you don’t.

8. Consider the financial aspect

Unless he’s Kevin Hart, it’s highly unlikely that the guy you are considering to date is making a full-time living off of his sense of humor. How much comedians make can depend on a few different factors. The fact is, your man might make a decent amount but he more than likely won’t. 

You’ll need to consider this if finances are something you consider when deciding if a man is marriage material. The longer you’re dating, the more you’ll find out about his financial situation.

9. Comedians don’t always emote properly

When you make a joke out of everything, it can quickly become a coping mechanism. When you’re sad or there was a death in the family, this is the guy cracking jokes and trying to make everyone smile. It can be really nice when you’re feeling down. 

When you look at this from the girlfriend’s perspective, it also means that serious conversations usually don’t happen. You might not even be able to tell when they’re happy or sad because they don’t seem to express anything aside from making jokes. 

Keep in mind that this doesn’t apply to every comedian. Some of them have found the perfect balance between serious and funny. Others have turned a will to make everything funny into a career. If this does apply, check out some resources to help them if you’re in a long-term relationship.

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10. Know where the humor comes from

 know where the humor comes from

Guys on stage at comedy clubs are often asked out regularly. They’re funny. Comedians are always smiling. 

However, there’s another side that most people don’t like to think of right off the bat. Humor comes from various places. It could come from their depression or childhood trauma. Keep this in mind, and make sure that you know where the humor is coming from.

11. Don’t commit to being their number one fan

If the comedy club scene, including the drinking and wet basement floors, isn’t for you then don’t try to make it your thing. Don’t commit to going to every one of their shows. Instead, do your own thing. Go to one every once in a while. If you try to force it, you’ll make yourself miserable.

12. Show support 

If he’s struggling, he needs support just like you would. When you’re dating a comedian, that support comes in the form of laughter. At least try to crack a smile every once in a while at one of his puns. 

After so long, you’ll get to the point that you want to tell him to shut up. Try to resist that urge.

13. Be prepared for the work hours

A stand-up comedian isn’t going to work a routine 9-5 job. In fact, they might not have consistent hours at all. If they do, they will be at night. 

Most men in this profession don’t mind the work hours. However, their potential girlfriends might.

14. Girlfriends tend to either clique up or be non-existent

When you get a group of men in this profession together, the girlfriends tend to stick together. They occasionally form a type of clique, much like military wives. 

In the other scenario, there are no other girlfriends. In this situation, you would probably be treated as one of the guys. If you’re not okay with that, it’s best to probably skip the late-night comedy routines.

15. Gig workers don’t get benefits

gig workers dont get benefits

If this is important to you, or you don’t want to be responsible for carrying medical insurance, during a long-term relationship you need to be aware that gig workers don’t qualify for benefits. No one is going to offer them medical insurance. They won’t get unemployment when work dries up, either. You are going to be the backup plan. 

Keep in mind that there’s a difference between him not having medical insurance and being lazy. If your man is suddenly being lazy, check out these tips to help get him off the couch.

16. Everyone will ask if the stereotypes are true

There are a plethora of stereotypes about what it’s like to date someone that does stand-up comedy for a living. Once your friends and family members find out, they’ll want to know if it’s true. Expect questions about the lifestyle, too.

17. Give him a fair chance

I think it’s important to know what you need to keep an eye out for. It’s also critical that you understand what your life would be like dating someone in the comedy profession. However, the most vital thing that you need to know is that he deserves a fair chance. 

Every profession has stereotypes. Ever hear that a therapist is the worst person to date? I went to school to be a therapist, and I can assure you the stereotypes are not true. 

It’s said that writers are even worse than therapists. One of the pros that most people say about dating a writer is that they’ll spend most of the time distracted. Another is that they’ll send you paragraphs full of beautiful, romantic words, and expect the same from you. Or how about the one that they’ll write about you after you break up

I can assure you none of them apply. Keep that in mind when you consider the stereotypes that people have about professional comedians. 


How do I date a comedian?

Laugh at his jokes. Make sure that you have a great sense of humor, and don’t mind a little bit of immaturity at times. Respect his work hours. Set boundaries to make sure you’re not a punch line in his next routine. Don’t pre-commit to going to all of his shows. 

What is a funny guy?

A funny guy is not the same as a comedian. A comedian often tells a humorous story or plays a character. They usually tell the story from this character’s point of view. A funny guy uses laughter and a joke to avoid their emotions. They typically have a fear of intimacy. 

Is laughter a sign of attraction?

Yes, it is. Most guys that are comedians report that they get a lot more dates after their routine than they did before picking up the profession. Laughter also signals that one person is attracted to another one. Keep in mind that if something’s funny, people are going to laugh. It doesn’t always mean there is romantic attraction. 

How do you know you're dating a good guy?

He’s respectful and honest. A good guy will think of you and want to make things work. He’ll view the two of you as a team, and as equals. You’ll notice that he makes you feel better, from the way you glow to how you smile more since the two of you started dating. To know if he’s good for you, look at how you feel. 

How do you know if he really cares?

If he really cares about you, he’ll care about your needs too. He’ll make plans with you in mind instead of doing only what he wants. A man that truly cares will strive to do things that are important to you. He’ll want to work through problems in the relationship with you because he doesn’t want you to be unhappy or hurt. 

To Summarize

When you choose to date a comedian, there are certain things that you need to know. You’ll want to use these tips to make sure that you’re compatible and to help the relationship last longer. What would you add to the list?

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