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Capricorn Man - Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Using a person’s star sign, alongside yours, can be a great way to find out whether you are truly compatible with them or not. Here, we look at whether an Aquarius and Capricorn match is a good pairing and answer whether it is possible for this relationship to work in the long term. 

To do so, we look at the qualities and flaws of each sign to see whether a Capricorn man can make an Aquarius woman happy and vice versa. If the qualities in a person are some of their strongest traits and outweigh their flaws, this relationship has a good chance of going the distance. 

However, if the flaws in the Capricorn and Aquarius pairing in question are stronger than the good points, it is a dynamic that may struggle. That being said, if this pair can talk to one another effectively, then they stand a good chance of making each other happy and falling in love. 

Advantages To Capricorn Man And Aquarius Woman Dynamics

These are the advantages of a Capricorn and Aquarius couple. If these qualities are strong in either of them, then the relationship can be loving and content. It is important therefore to try to emphasize these qualities and remember them when times are tough between the two. 

1. Realistic 

The Capricorn man is usually a very realistic person. This can help in a couple as it means that both people tend to know where they stand with each other. Additionally, it keeps both the Capricorn and Aquarius with their feet on the floor. 

Neither gets carried away nor swept up too much in the romance of the relationship - instead, the Capricorn man manages to get the practicalities of the relationship work right so that these two can make it. 

2. Disciplined 

Something that helps the Capricorn man to be so realistic is his dedication to a cause that is underlined by his disciplined nature. This has huge benefits for any relationship that he is in. 

His disciplined nature makes him very unlikely to cheat so that the Aquarius woman he is with can have confidence and trust in her relationship. It also means he often gives over and above what he needs to do for the person that he is in love with. 

3. Sensitive 


Another reason that an Aquarius and Capricorn are a good match is down to the Capricorn man’s sensitive ways. The Aquarius woman sometimes finds it difficult to tell the one that she is in love with how she is truly feeling. The sensitive ways of the Capricorn mean that he is more in tune with how she is feeling already and will react accordingly. 

4. Relaxed 

Thanks to the Aquarius’s usually relaxed ways, life for this pair can be a very happy one where the two can remain in love with each other for a very long time. The relaxed way of the Aquarius appeals to the Capricorn’s nature - particularly if they have very strong practical and realistic streaks in them. It helps calm them down to have a partner who is happy to go with the flow. 

5. Kind 

Perhaps one of the most eternally attractive traits of an Aquarius woman is the fact that she is so kind. This makes life not only easier for the Capricorn man but it can help him fall in love with her naturally caring ways where she often puts others first before herself. 

This is an admirable quality that appeals to the Capricorn and his sensitive nature. Plus, as she is kind, she too is often in tune with what her partner will want which can help this pairing go from strength to strength. 

Disadvantages To Capricorn Man And Aquarius Woman Dynamics

Sadly, everyone has their flaws and they can really get in the way of a relationship being successful. Here, we highlight some of the flaws of both the Capricorn and the Aquarius star signs that can make life difficult in the long term for this pair. 

It is important to remember, however, that if a couple can communicate and therefore resolve issues that their flaws promote, they can still stay in love and be happy together for a long time. 

1. Ambitious 

The Capricorn man tends to be a very ambitious person which can sometimes manifest itself in him being a workaholic. This can rub the Aquarius woman up the wrong way - particularly when she is so relaxed. 

She will understand the need to be professional and do well in a career, but she won’t always understand the degree to which the Capricorn will go after everything he wants to achieve. 

2. Uptight  

One of the reasons that a Capricorn man is so driven is that he can be very uptight too. While his discipline and dedication to anything he sets his mind to in his life are admirable, it means that he is not always flexible in his approach. 

This can be hard for the Aquarius, particularly given how kind she often is. She is a people pleaser so won’t always understand that a Capricorn won’t bend his attitudes or ideas to make another person happy. 

3. Assertive 


While the Aquarius woman is a very kind and relaxed person, she is also conversely very assertive. This can cause tension for this pairing as she will speak up when the Capricorn’s uptight and ambitious ways hurt her feelings. 

Given that those two traits can be quite strong in a Capricorn, the result is that these two can end up arguing a lot - even if they are very much in love. If they cannot argue constructively, this can make issues far bigger than they should be.  

4. Detached 

A trait that can be quite strong in an Aquarius that can make a Capricorn unhappy at times is how independent and therefore detached an Aquarius can be. Given how driven a Capricorn is, they won’t understand the Aquarian’s ability to withdraw from time to time from the partnership. 

A Capricorn will be more of the mindset that if they are in a couple, then they should spend as much time together focusing on their partnership as possible. Some Aquarius women won’t have a very strong independent streak in them, but they will still need some time on their own on occasion which the Capricorn can sometimes see as an affront. 

5. Anxious 

An Aquarius has a predisposition to be quite anxious at times. This is down to their want to please people and never put a foot wrong as a consequence. This can make them overly anxious as a result and cause them to worry more than they should. The Capricorn simply won’t be able to understand this given how practical and realistic they are. They tend to call things as they are and can’t comprehend why someone would worry if there is no real reason to. 


Why are Capricorns attracted to Aquarius?

Capricorns are attracted to Aquarius because they like their independent and easy-going natures. While some star signs will find an Aquarius too laid back and distant as a result, this appeals to a Capricorn’s sensibilities and this pairing will often have a solid friendship to base a relationship on. 

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What does Capricorn man like about an Aquarius woman?

A Capricorn man likes that an Aquarius woman will often be a very eccentric type of person who does not worry about what others think of her. This means that she is driven to follow her own dreams, she also is very understanding of other people’s quirks too. 

Can Aquarius and Capricorn be together?

Aquarius woman Capricorn man matches can make a great pairing as long as their better qualities are stronger within each individual person and their flaws do not outweigh the good in the relationship. Additionally, if they both talk through issues calmly, this can be a successful relationship. 

Who do Capricorns usually marry?

It is often seen that Capricorns are very compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio. However, an Aquarius and Capricorn dynamic can work well and these two can get along even though they are not always automatically paired by astrologers. 

Are Capricorns good in bed?

Capricorn men and women can be fantastic in bed. This is down to the sensitive and practical ways. The two traits mean that they are natural people pleasers who manage to address their lover’s needs quickly and directly. This is often done by asking them what they like in bed. 

Capricorn Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility - Key Takeaways

While this match is not a partnership that astrologers advocate as the strongest pairing, there is no denying that there are some great attributes to it that can really make it work. 

Depending on whether the good qualities in each individual are strong and whether both people are able to talk to each other in a constructive way when issues do arise, will have a strong bearing on the overall success of this partnership. 

Even when times are tough due to their flaws, if they are able to resolve issues through open and honest communication, then they should stand a fantastic chance of being happy with each other. No one is perfect, but through talking to each other, couples always have a better chance of lasting. 

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