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Being Sneaky In A Relationship (13 Ways To Handle A Sneaky Partner)

Having a sneaky partner can make you feel so unfortunate, afraid, and anxious. That’s because when a man is being sneaky in a relationship he can be so manipulative and unpredictable. He acts differently from what he says, he affirms you when you are alone and makes you feel less of yourself in public, then puts the blame on you. 

If your partner acts like this then this is a red flag and a sign you are in an unhealthy relationship. Plus, because you don’t know what he’s going to do or say next, it makes life a bit more uncomfortable than necessary.

When someone is being sneaky in a relationship this shows a great sign of their immaturity and lack of respect and love for you. When a man is being sneaky in a relationship, he is always very manipulative, which makes you believe your opinion doesn't matter, and no one has the right to do that, this is something you must keep in mind. 

So if you feel the need to tip the balances and manage the situation appropriately, here are a few tips that should help.

13 Ways To Handle A Sneaky Partner

1. Act Ignorant

Ignoring a sneaky person is a good strategy. Don’t act on whatever they say or do because they will say or do things to trigger your emotions so they can use you. 

Sometimes, the only thing you should do is nod and accept what they say to you but go ahead and do your own thing. Don’t struggle to correct him. When he is being sneaky in a relationship you must use it to your advantage and not his.

2. Demand Straight Answers When You Ask Questions And Don’t Involve Pity

A sneaky partner will give misleading answers to you. He can go to any length whining to you and joking around just to avoid coming out straight and clear. So asking questions that need either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as an answer would be a strategic thing to do.

This way, he will answer straight and can’t play the mind games with you. Don’t be fooled by any mask of selflessness he is wearing because when he gets your pity, he makes you feel like you are judging him wrongly.

3. Play His Game

play his game

Being in a sneaky relationship with someone could either make you strategic or make you his pawn. In most cases, your partner will play you and try to take advantage of your weaknesses and vulnerability. 

He may even become close to your friends just to turn them against you. Don’t allow him to make your life miserable. Get close to people that are equally strategic and street smart so they can help you beat him at his game and put him in his place. People like this think mostly of themselves. So persuading them to change maybe prove a little futile.

4. Be Responsible For Yourself

Be wise, stop letting a sneaky partner walk all over you. When you plant yourself wholly in his care and he becomes fully responsible for you, he can manipulate you not even caring how it makes you feel. This is something that naturally happens when you are with a man that is being sneaky in a relationship.

Be responsible for yourself, be bold enough to walk out of negativity, and say no to people who treat you badly. Love isn't an excuse for anyone to take advantage of someone they love.

5. Know Yourself And Be Strong

You are a strong woman, you have your judgments and decisions so believe in them. Don’t put yourself in a position where you become someone else. When your partner is being sneaky in a relationship, this can make you lose your strength and values, and when you start seeking validation from him. Something in him just tells him he is winning. 

However, if you stand your ground, belittling you is something that will get harder for him by the day. When you know who you are, it helps set boundaries against sneaky relationships.

6. Allow Him To Expose Himself

allow him to expose himself

If a man is being sneaky in a relationship, he will lie compulsively. To keep his game and control you, he needs to maintain his constructed mental prowess. He is bound to tell lies to aid his scope and intentions. The truth can be retold because it’s factual, but it is difficult to keep track of fake stories. 

So when you don’t go with his flow, he will keep contradicting himself. At this point watch his body language, someone who loves you will always be straightforward

7. You Don’t Have To Fit In

You do not have to fit into someone's idea or belief for you. Do what is best for you and keep working on yourself. If there is one thing you must do is to constantly become a better version of yourself. 

A man that is being sneaky in a relationship will need you to be consistent with his ideas so his creepy agenda can move forward. He can keep you in a box when he knows you will constantly accept his ideas. That’s why I said you do not have to fit in, that way, he’ll have no control over you.

8. Do Not Empower A Sneaky Partner

You can easily empower a sneaky partner when you have no purpose or have no insight for yourself. If you show weakness to a man that is being sneaky in a relationship, he will take on those weaknesses and control your life. 

He will peddle unnecessary contents your way, it’s not like you have anything to offer yourself anyway. If you are not going to empower a sneaky man, you have to be purpose-driven.

9. Be Outstanding

When I say you should be outstanding, I mean that you shouldn't fit in with his kind of life and also rebel against it. This is something that makes sneaky people feel vulnerable. 

One way to effectively deal with a man being sneaky in a relationship is to actively go against every idea, schedule, or trap that he has set for you. Rebelling against his ideas doesn’t mean you should become toxic and aggressive, just don’t go with his flow.

10. Display A High Sense Of Purpose

You are a great woman, you have your purpose here on earth. You have your world to own and lead. You have aspirations and goals and you have relationships to build with your family and friends. So show it! Know your purpose and run with it. 

When you don’t know your purpose or have goals for yourself, and you have a man that is being sneaky in a relationship, it can make you lose that purpose. Plus, that’s probably the very thing this guy is banking on.

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11. Do Not Compromise Anymore

do not compromise anymore

Sometimes, you may feel guilty and want to dance to his tune. But no girl, don’t do that. Forget that guilt, it is a senseless emotion. Guilt is a strong weapon sneaky guy’s use. 

When a man is being sneaky in a relationship, he gets to bring things that can impute guilt on you. That way, you become less confident and move with the flow. So, consciously choose not to compromise anymore.

12. Don’t Ask For Permission

Most often, we look out to others for validation and permission—in this case, it’s your partner. Don’t ask for permission. He must not feel so comfortable around you and always seeking permission from him makes him think he is superior and has an edge over you. He may want to take advantage of that. So instead, freely take action and do what you want without asking permission.

13. Cancel Doubt

When a partner is being sneaky in a relationship, it can easily instill self-doubt in you. He will make you doubt yourself, and he gains power when you are in that state of uncertainty. 

When you are in doubt about yourself or uncertain about the things in your life, you may start to compromise on your morals, worth, wants, values, and goals. He is a manipulator. He needs you in that phase so he can express his attributes. Any form of self-doubt is something you must cancel to overcome his sneaky behavior.


How do you know if your boyfriend is sneaky? 

They intentionally hurt you and pretend like they don't mean it, he would lie, scheme, and have secret agenda’s you can’t really put your finger on. Plus, his body language will be off when he’s almost caught in the act of either lying or scheming.

What do you do when you don't trust your partner? 

Talk to your partner, ask him for affirmations. Ensure he constantly gives you reasons why you should trust him and when he isn't doing so, don't hesitate to talk to him about how you feel. One thing you mustn't do is to assume and jump to conclusions. Also, make sure you communicate effectively in your relationship.

How do you deal with a sneaky manipulative person? 

No one wants to be in a relationship where they are being manipulated. When you are in such a position, the best thing to do is to ignore them and walk away.

How do you tell if someone is lying about cheating on you? 

When your partner acts very defensive, they always try to put the blame on you when you have such conversations. Plus, if he lies or acts uncomfortable when discussing sensitive matters, these may also be clear signs. 

How can you tell if someone is trustworthy?

When he is very honest to you, tells you how grateful he is to be with you, respects you a lot, and keeps to his word.

In Conclusion

Hope you found this article helpful? It is important to give space if a man is being sneaky in a relationship. Trying to resolve the problem between you and your partner might even be the best way out for your partner. However, you must observe him closely and know how to deal with his sneaky nature. 

Let me know what you think and please don't forget to share this article with others.

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