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11 Amazing Aries Men Turn Ons That You Should Know About

June 28, 2024

Are you wondering what an Aries man loves in bed?  

Are you looking for tips to turn him on or make him lust after you even more? 

If so, this is the guide for you. It contains a comprehensive list of what a typical Aries man loves in the bedroom. 

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If you’re chasing an Aries man, my guide to what they love in the bedroom will help too!

1: Let Him Be in Charge

For some star signs, a woman that takes charge and leads the bedroom antics is a turn on – but this isn’t the case for your Aries man. Instead, you’ve got to make sure that he thinks he’s leading the party in seducing you. So, while you may be instigating sex by wearing his favorite dress or most revealing lingerie, you must still make sure that he thinks it was all his idea.

To really get his juices flowing, why not instigate a game? Here you could both be sitting watching a show on the television, just start by gently rubbing your foot on his leg, but take it away when he puts his hand on you. You could even tickle him a little or run your hands down his ear or neck. All that touching – and the stopping of your touch – will really make him want to jump on you there and then.

2: Be Prepared to Be Adventurous

2: Be Prepared to Be Adventurous

An Aries man is known for his need for adventure and trying new things, and this is something he will want to enjoy in the bedroom just as much. This means, if you want your Aries to commit to you entirely, you’re going to need to be prepared to be experimental. So, if that scares you a little, you might find that your Aries just isn’t compatible with yourself. As, if you don’t want to try some of the things he’s intrigued to try, you’ll soon find that he starts looking elsewhere.

As well as being adventurous, you’ll also find that your Aries man will have a very high sex drive. Indeed, you might have just finished and he wants to start all over again. Which means you’ll need to be prepared to keep him happy. It will be worth it though, as your Aries man is just as interested in making sure that you have as good a time as he is.

3: Be Tactile – Especially with His Hair

An Aries man loves to be touched, and this is a major turnon for him. So, if you want to get your Aries man in the mood for love, sit and run your hands over him. You’ll soon have his mind racing and thinking about carrying you off to the bedroom.

To really turn him on, Aries love having their hair touched. Which means, when he goes in to kiss you, run your hands through his hair – you could also tug a little. He might have been about to go out with his friends, but because he started playing with his hair, he would much rather stay home and take care of you instead.

Even better, you might not know it but running your hands through an Aries man’s hair is also a very loving motion that will help him bond with you even more.

4: They Love Sex in Public Places!

We already know how adventurous an Aries man can be, so it makes sense that he also really likes to have sex in public places. As, that danger of someone finding you and getting into trouble, is one of his biggest turn ons in his relationship with a woman.

This means, if you want your Aries man to be totally obsessed with you, you should try initiating some public sex. Think something like sex on a beach at night, the restroom at a restaurant or even joining the mile-high club. Whatever you choose, your Aries man will adore a woman who is happy to experiment and be a little crazy to keep him interested.

5: Let Him Be on Top – Some of the Time!

5: Let Him Be on Top – Some of the Time!

We all know that the person on top during sex is the one in control, so it also makes sense that an Aries man will like this. After all, this is sign who will want to take the lead and run the show in the bedroom. This means, if you’re a woman looking to keep your Aries man happy, you should let him be on top the most. It will help keep his ego high and make him want to have sex with you more.

That doesn’t mean that he should be on top all the time, as an Aries man also loves when a woman will take control and wants to be on top too. So, every now and then, pin him to the bed and whisper naughty things in his ear. This occasional dominance will drive him crazy and makes sure that you’ll be on his mind all day.

6: Intelligence Will Keep Him Hot

When it comes to an Aries man, he’s interested in a woman that will make sure he’s happy and interested. This means, rather than focusing on looks alone, your Aries man is looking for a woman who is extremely intelligent and can hold a conversation with you.

Indeed, an Aries man loves intelligence so much that it can actually turn him on. So, rather than focusing on how you look, instead, ask him things about current affairs and philosophy. By keeping his brain engaged, you’ll have him wanting to pick you up and take you off to the bedroom too!

7: An Aries Man Will Like It Rough

7: An Aries Man Will Like It Rough

Would you like to drive your Aries man wild? Well, adding a little roughness to your sex life could well be the answer. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to go full-on bondage if things like that don’t interest you. All you need to take care of your Aries man’s interests are adding a little kink to your usual bedroom antics.

To do this, all a woman needs to do is add a little biting, licking and gentle slapping – things like this will drive your Aries man crazy. You don’t need to do this all the time, but by being the woman in charge from time to time, your man will like you even more than you could ever have dreamed of.

8: Ask Him What He Wants

For an Aries man, nothing will get him going more than a woman who is confident enough to ask her Aries what he would like. So, while he’s watching TV, sit beside him and start to gently stroke his face and ask him about his fantasies and things he would like to try in the bedroom. Think of this like a type of foreplay for you both, as you both explore your inner workings.

Plus, not only will this excite your Aries man as he tells you about his desires, you can also take notes of these fantasies for future reference. That way, for a special occasion in the future, you will know exactly what your man would like, how you can please him and how you can make him crazy.

If you do find a fantasy that you both want to enjoy, the likelihood is, your Aries man will adore you for it. Just think, if you can keep your man happy in the bedroom, he’s very unlikely to want to look at or think about another woman again.

9: Enjoy Sex Together as Often as You Can

An Aries man will have a sex drive. In fact, your Aries will happily take as much sex as he can get. So, to keep your man happy, you’ll need to try and match his sex drive. Now, this can be quite daunting to some woman – but sex doesn’t have to mean intercourse. You can just as easily please your man by indulging in some foreplay together.

Even something as simple as sending a suggestive photograph to his email address or sending a naughty text can really get him going. The thing about an Aries man is that, at heart, he just wants to enjoy life to the very fullest. If you happen to be that woman that he wants to enjoy life with, you’re incredibly lucky as you’ll never have to worry about being one of those couples who never have sex. Instead, you’ll be that fun couple that your friends want to be!

10: Research and Try Out New Positions

10: Research and Try Out New Positions

For some couples, sex is all about those 2 or 3 tried and tested positions that you both have enjoyed in the past. If you want to make your Aries hot under the collar though, you should think about researching and trying new positions. That’s because, when it comes to an Aries, these men can easily become bored and can even find their eyes wondering if they’re not feeling satisfied.

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This is easily prevented though, as an Aries man will become obsessed with a woman who suggests new positions to try out in the bedroom. Even better, you can look for positions and things to try that you think will really work for you – as your Aries man is just as keen to ensure you’re enjoying sex as much as he is.

So, get yourself on the internet and start looking for fun things to try. The more you both communicate and learn about what turns each on, you’ll soon find that not only are you feeling satisfied in the bedroom, but you’re both feeling closer and more loving towards each other too.

11: Try Out Quickies

As nice as it can be to have a long sexual session in the bedroom, where you both light some candles and really set the atmosphere – sometimes you would just like a quickie. This is especially true of an Aries, who with his sex drive, would absolutely adore a hot and heavy session that only lasts a few minutes.

Plus, the wonderful thing about a quickie is the fact that you can fit them into an otherwise busy schedule. Just think, if you know he’s going out with his friends to a local bar, show up at his apartment and indulge in a quickie before he leaves. Not only will you both enjoy this immensely, but you’ll also ensure that he’s only going to be thinking of you and how much of an attractive woman you are. He might even want to come home early so he can meet you for an encore!



Overall, an Aries has an extremely high sex drive and these men can be notoriously hard to get into a committed and monogamous relationship. If you really want to have your Aries obsessed with you, though, these tricks for turning him on will soon have him totally in love with you. After all, where else could he go to find a better sex goddess than yourself?

Plus, you might just find that by taking the time to explore his sexuality and likes, you also find out a lot about your own desires too. As, as much as an Aries wants to enjoy himself, he is just as satisfied by making sure that his partner is enjoying herself too.

So, pick one of our tips and give it ago, you might be surprised at just how well it works! Once you’ve tried it out, let us know how you got on in the comments below. Even better, if you have your own trick for getting your Aries going, let us know about it too.

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