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How to Become a Great Wingwoman for Your Friends (9 Fab Ways)

July 6, 2024

If you are wondering how to become a great wingwoman, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will go over how to be a good wingwoman for your friends. You may be wondering what that even is. It’s basically a female friend who goes out with you to meet men

She is hoping that she will meet the right guy at the bars or clubs you join. Hopefully, if she is helpful, you’ll do more than dating. You will have serious relationships with the right guys. Maybe you will be able to narrow down your date and meet Mr. Right and get married to him!

Let’s continue talking about this subject and learn some tricks so that you can become a helpful wingwoman to the friends you are hanging out with.

How to Become a Great Wingwoman for Your Friends (9 Fab Ways)

1. Be very supportive.

It’s important that you are flexible and caring. Understand that your girl may leave you in the dust if she meets the right date. If she starts talking to a guy, you better think about how you will get home because she might be your ride! Be very understanding about this, and know that she means nothing but love. She’s just trying to find Mr. Right!

Remember what it was like when you were in her shoes? Be empathetic; that means that you should try to feel her feelings and understand her emotions to the best of your ability. She might be lonely or sad right now, so you may have to reflect on a time when you felt that way to understand where she is coming from. 

2. Listen to what your friend is saying.

There’s a good chance that the right guy won’t come along on the first night. You may spend quite a bit of time with your friend. You should try to have fun and dance with some gentlemen if you get the chance. You might also want to practice being a good listener! Your friend is probably going to talk your ear off before the night is over!

A good friend listens with an honest heart. You might want to pay close attention when she talks because you’ll need to respond appropriately. If she’s been talking about her job, you should ask follow-up questions relating to her career and what her hopes and dreams in the future are. What does she want out of life? Be a good friend! Let her talk!

3. Know what your friend is looking for.

As a wingwoman, it’s your job to know what your friend is looking for in a guy. What qualities does she find most appealing? What does she hate the most? What will she tolerate, and what does she need help with the most? It’s important to understand these things if you are going to bring a guy into her life that will hopefully last a long time!

4. Be open-minded.

be open minded

Remember that the two of you have different tastes in men. She may like nerds or guys who are wealthy, while you prefer the muscular type who doesn’t think much. Likewise, she might want someone who doesn’t talk much, while you enjoy a guy who speaks his mind. Learn what she’s looking for so that you can best match her!

5. Know what you are going to say.

Your friend is going to need you to say positive things about her. If you are unaware of what her good qualities are, how will you talk her up to guys? It might be a good idea to get to know her well before you try to set her up with someone. Learn what she does well. What are her talents? What are her passions? Where does she find joy?

6. Downplay your strengths.

You don’t have to hit the clubs in your pajamas and hair undone. However, you don’t have to look your best, playing on your strengths if you are trying to match her with a guy. Maybe instead of wearing that sexy little red dress you own, wear a purple one. Red tends to attract men easily! You're not the one trying to win hearts tonight. Remember?

7. Make time for your girl.

You’ll need to be patient if you have a girl that needs a date. The best guys don’t just grow on trees outside, unfortunately. Instead, you’ll just need to make time for her. Don’t look at your phone all night, wondering what all you could be doing if you weren’t being her right-hand woman. Don’t dwell on missed opportunities. 

If something better comes along, don’t ditch your friend. It’s not right to ditch her because some better plans came along. How would you like it if she did that to you? You probably wouldn’t consider her to be much of a friend if that happened. Treat her the same way you would like to be treated if the roles were reversed.

8. Be a shoulder to cry on, if needed.

be a shoulder to cry on if needed

Remember that not all prospects are going to work out. She may have a rough night and need some tender loving care and nurturing from you. If that’s the case, be a good friend and show her love. If things don’t work out the way she had hoped, be someone that she can lean on for support and love. 

9. Don’t hit on prospects!

This is probably the most important rule for wingwomen. You don’t want to steal the fish in the sea! The only time this would be appropriate would be if she has thrown a guy back or decided that he isn’t the right person for her. If she does that, then he is fair game, and you can have at him. 

Just don’t leave her alone in the club or wherever. The exception to this would be if she says it’s okay for you to have a certain guy and leave. If that happens, it’s okay to ditch her because you aren’t really ditching her since she’s decided to go at it alone. You just don’t want her to feel left out or that you did not care about her feelings!


Is there such a thing as a Wingwoman?

A wingwoman is just the female version of a wingman! There is definitely such a thing as one! We need these women to help us land guys at the bar or wherever we hang out to fetch a fella. Girls need the help of each other in a crowd because dating can be overwhelming!

How can a girl be a Wingwoman?

If girls support one another, they can easily be this! A wingwoman would help introduce a man to her friend and hopefully lead them to relationships that will last a long time! Maybe the couple will do more than date, too! They could marry one day!

What is a professional Wingwoman?

This would be someone that was hired to be a friend to help you land dates at a bar or social club. The mission is to lang the right guy at a fun establishment. It’s like a wingman, but it’s a woman, not a man. This can be very helpful!

What does a Wingwoman mean?

A wingwoman will point you in the right direction so that you can land the man of your dreams - if all goes according to plan! She will introduce you to the right guys and support you as you fail or win at the dating game!

What is the wing girl method?

Basically, a lady is not necessarily always attracted to a guy’s looks or money. Instead, a girl is after his personality. Does he shine in the middle of the room? Is he able to bring the house down with his great jokes and sense of humor? These things are attractive!

To Sum It All Up

What is a good wingwoman, in your opinion? Do you go out with your best girlfriend to meet guys? What does your female friend do to make herself a good wingwoman in your book? We’d love to hear all about it! Leave us a comment, and share this article!

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