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Why Won’t He Kiss Me (11 Possible Reasons)

Kissing in a relationship could be the sweetest and most desirable thing to do. However, it could cause problems for the individuals involved, if stopped or not done at all.

You’re probably into someone or already in a relationship and you feel something is not right or better still, he no longer expresses his emotions the way he used to. He doesn’t kiss you on your forehead, cheeks, or lips anymore. It’s enough to cause suspicion on your part.

The truth is; sometimes, your guy could be going through something strong enough to affect your relationship. On the other hand, he may not be feeling the chemistry you both shared before. And in a few cases, if you’re not together, he might feel like kissing you for certain reasons. 

But how do you really know why he won’t kiss you? Keep reading to know 11 reasons. 

11 Reasons Why He Won’t Kiss You

1. He may not be that into you

he may not be that into you

If you’ve been friends for a while and you like him a lot but he doesn’t kiss you, he may not be that into you. Or, he might not see you in that light. This guy might just want to know you without the intention of being in a relationship. 

So be sure you’re not reading the wrong signals. Observe the chemistry between both of you and listen to what he talks about when you hang out together. Also, try not to keep your expectations high when you’re hanging out with him to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. 

2. It’s not the right time or moment

Imagine being with a guy or going on a date with him in a crowded place, a busy restaurant, or maybe a drink or a walk at the park. He may not be comfortable enough to kiss you there, especially if he’s not a people person or does not react so well to large groups of people.

Sometimes, guys can tell if you won’t reciprocate, especially if it's the beginning of your relationship and you’ve not yet had your first kiss. Or, this guy might make it very special for you so he’d rather be patient for the right time to make the move.

3. It’s not his sexuality

Most guys deal with denial when it comes to sexuality. It may be a result of their environment, friends, or societal pressure. So a guy in this situation might like you but can’t just see himself being in a relationship with a girl; which may be his reason for not initiating the kiss.

Odd as it may sound, some guys who battle a lot with their sexuality are rarely interested in relationships, especially when it’s not really in their power to make things right. So, they’d rather keep things the way they are to avoid future complications with the girl.

4. There could be another girl

He may be into someone else. This is why it’s advisable to have a talk with the man you intend to date or your partner as the case may be. Because he may be having feelings for another girl but spends more time with you since you’re nice enough to be there for him.

Sometimes, when a guy refuses to kiss you, it may be that he likes someone else. The case might also be that she doesn’t like him back. So he’s trying to distract himself from it by hanging out with you. Also, he might be trying to move to you gradually as a second option.

5. He’s not entirely sure what he wants

Uncertainty could be another reason why he’s not kissing you. He may not be sure of what he wants, whether it’s a relationship or a platonic friendship. Many people wake up each day to battle spontaneity. One moment they think they’re ready for a relationship and the next moment they can’t even stand the thought of it. 

He could be one of those guys and if he is, it may not really be a good place for you to be, especially if you’re looking for something serious in the long run. You should also communicate your feelings to him to know if to stay put or not.

6. It could be trauma from a bad kissing experience

it could be trauma from a bad kissing experience

Bad kisses may sound like a minor excuse but it’s not a pleasant thing to experience. There have been a few cases of sloppy kisses or kisses that just didn’t go right—which sort of scare a lot of people away from kissing. A few people happen to go through this but can’t bring themselves to tell you about their fear.

In a scenario like this, the signs may be clear; like him feeling so free to talk to you about things and clearly letting you know how much he wants to be with you—with the right approach. If this is the problem and you’re considering dating him, then you could gradually talk him into it.

7. He doesn’t want to lead you on

A man can sometimes perceive when a girl likes him. They can feel the love and affection when you buy them gifts or treat them in a nice way. So, he may think kissing or doing anything that has to do with intimacy would lead you on.

If that’s the case with both of you, then he doesn’t want you to get hurt and it’s a good thing. Sometimes, when a man doesn’t kiss you, it may not necessarily be a bad thing. It may be to protect your own interest for the better.

8. He may want you to make the first move

There's always a slight difference when it comes to men. Just as women like them to make the first move most times when it comes to dating, some of them also love women making the first move as well. 

So, he may be into you but doesn’t want to make the kissing move. If you’re observant, you may see some signs from him urging you to do so. Or, he may just respect your space and wait for you to ask him first. 

9. He still has feelings for his ex

Lots of men love to compare women they’ve dated with the ones they want to be with. There’s a difference between missing his ex and missing another girl out there, especially if she dumped him and he’s trying to continue his life with you without stress.

Some of them shove it off and have fun with their girl but some don’t. Look for a sign. Does he constantly ask to do things a certain way to make him happy? If yes, that could be another reason why he’s not kissing you. 

10. You may be misinterpreting his feelings

Women often misinterpret signs from a man. It’s a natural instinct for a woman to fall for a man after a few kind gestures from him. But sometimes, it’s best to be sure exactly what he wants from you before assuming he’s refusing to kiss you. 

Be sure of the kind of relationship you have with him first then you’d get to understand why he wouldn’t kiss you or reciprocate your kiss. Because if both of you are not thinking the same thing, then there’s an issue. You should both be sure of why you’re together before questioning the kissing aspect. 

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11. Check your hygiene routine

check your hygiene routine

You should always check your hygiene because it could make intimacy between you and a man hard to achieve. Good hygiene begins from your mouth to other parts of the body. Sometimes, you may be sick inside, unaware, which could affect your breath or general physical appearance. 

It’s not really about chewing gum or using fragrances temporarily. It’s also about getting professional help, eating healthy, and working consciously towards improving yourself. So, check your hygiene again in order to be sure the problem is not from you. Because a guy may not have an idea on how to tell you this.


What does it mean if a guy won’t kiss you?

He may simply not be ready for a kiss yet. Sometimes, guys feel they should have good chemistry with a girl first before making any move to kiss her. But you could ask him a few questions to confirm the reasons for his actions.

Can a relationship work without kissing?

Of course, nothing is impossible. A relationship can work without kissing. If you and your partner are in love and agree that you can stay without kissing, then you’re good to go. The problem comes when one partner loves kissing and the other doesn’t, then you have to find a way to make it work.

What do you do if your boyfriend doesn’t want to kiss you?

If your boyfriend doesn't kiss you, it’s definitely something you should worry about. You could try checking your behavior or better still, go straight to the point and discuss it with him to know if it’s something you can sort out or not.

How do you make a guy really want to kiss you?

You could try a few romantic gestures to send him signals that you’re ready to kiss. For instance, look at lips, lean in closer to him, look into his eyes, or ask him subtly if you can kiss him in order to be clear that you’re not overstepping boundaries.

How do you tell he loves you by his kiss?

If a guy kisses you passionately on your lips, it means he loves you and would love to see you in his future. Also, his kiss would come with a mixture of affection, love, and respect which means he may ask occasionally if you’re comfortable with it and if you’re not, he’d stop.

In Summary

There are a lot of reasons why a guy won’t kiss you. You just need to observe and ask questions where necessary. Remember to use the 11 ways I’ve mentioned here and see how well things go. And if you liked this article, please drop a comment and share it with your friends.

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