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Dating a Trucker Driver: Pros, Cons, and What to Expect

Every relationship has its ups and downs. However, when dating a trucker, relationship issues are a different ball game. If you're new to this territory, you will realize that you could really use some good advice on dating a truck driver. 

Being in a relationship with a trucker is like being in a long-distance and a proximate relationship all at the same time. Things can go from whirlwind romance to endurance tester in just a few weeks. 

Not everyone can handle a relationship like this and that is very understandable. Relationships require stability so you've got to put a little more work into your life with a trucker if you want things to work. Here are a few tips to help you survive the turbulent life of dating a trucker. 

The Challenges and Realities of Dating a Truck Driver

It's not impossible to build a healthy life and relationship with a truck driver, in fact, some people register on dating sites for truck drivers just to meet these men. However, it's important to understand the realities and challenges that come with these relationships. 

Every relationship has its challenges regardless of your profession, however, dating a trucker comes with very unique issues. 

When you're involved with a trucker, you’ve got to realize that you're going to have to relate with this person from a distance at some point in your relationship. So, if you suffer from separation anxiety, perhaps you need to reconsider. 

Being in a relationship with a person who isn’t always around can come with various concerns like worrying about their health, safety and fidelity. 

There's also the issue of planning. If you're a planner and you love planning ahead for everything, dating a trucker may be a real challenge for you. Working for a trucking company can be pretty uncertain, so when it comes to assigning shifts, your boyfriend may not know if he will be in or out of town the next week.

The Benefits of Dating a Truck Driver

1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Getting involved with a trucker is very similar to being in a long-distance relationship. Depending on the radius he's meant to cover, he may be on the road most times which means that you may only get to see him a few times a month. As difficult as that may sound, it is not the worst thing that could happen in a relationship. 

Think of it this way, the more space you have between you two, the more you get to miss each other. The more you miss each other, the more passion you can build between you two. You may have less fights than most couples, your communication skills may be more sharpened since most of the relating you do is through remote communication. 

The cherry on the top is that your sex life is likely to be better than most couples since the passion buildsup when you're away from each other. You won't be stuck in boring routines like most other couples, you will be able to keep things fresh. So dating a truck driver may not be the worst thing that could happen to you, you never know until you try. 

2. You could travel with him from time to time

you could travel with him from time to time

Dating a truck driver could present you with the chance to visit different places and enjoy some fun road trips with your partner. The great thing about your partner’s job is that he will have lots of free time to talk and bond with you while he's driving so going on road trips with him is not a bad idea at all. 

If you love traveling and seeing new places, dating a truck driver could feel like an adventure. Even if you aren’t crazy about road trips, traveling with a loved one just feels different. Truck drivers are usually painted as grumpy stone cold monsters of the road, mostly because their trucks look quite intimidating too. 

However, they’re regular everyday people just like everyone else. Your truck driver boyfriend has his own personality and it's probably the reason you chose to be with him. If you have a full time, onsite job, traveling nation-wide with your trucker partner may not be part of your everyday life, it may be a luxury you can only enjoy during special periods. 

The trucking industry runs all year round, so if your boyfriend chooses to work through the holidays, you two can turn one of his shifts into a nice holiday trip.

3. Communication won’t be a problem

Having enough physical contact with your partner may be a concern for most trucker relationships, however, you shouldn’t expect to have problems with communication in this case. The fact that truck drivers sit behind the wheel through their workday in complete silence (if they don't turn the radio on), gives them a chance to speak to you over the phone while they work. 

Video-calling a truck driver isn’t advisable for obvious safety reasons, but you can call your trucker boyfriend anytime during his long haul drive and discuss life for as long as you need to.

Most long-distance relationships suffer because the couples have limited communication time; with their different work schedules, sleep times and moods, they may have almost no time to communicate. The trucking lifestyle will give your truck driver partner more time to talk to you. 

4. You will be dating a man with good work ethics

The dating scene these days can be very daunting; people pretend to have certain qualities just so they can seem more desirable to a potential partner. Finding men who understand the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle and the value of hard and honest work is a bit hard. So when you do find a man like this, you shouldn’t take him for granted. 

Although the trucking lifestyle isn’t fancy or extravagant, it is a good source of income for a man. 

For example, if you’re looking to date someone who doesn’t eat junk food and has a perfect diet and exercise routine, perhaps you need to look elsewhere. A trucker's schedule may not allow him to live like that, but he will be disciplined in the things that count. A trucking job requires consistency and discipline, so most truck drivers possess these qualities. 

You can almost be sure that the attitude he has towards his life is the same attitude he will have towards other aspects of his life (his relationships included). You don’t want to be involved with a man who runs at the first sight of responsibility, you need a goal-oriented man who takes his affairs seriously and isn’t afraid of a little challenge. 

5. You can spend quality time with him when he gets back from his trips

Your boyfriend’s trucker job may keep him on the road for days and even weeks, but at least you can look forward to spending time with him when he gets back. 

After missing each other for a while, spending time together will feel even more special. You won’t have to make too much of an effort to create special moments together and being apart for that long will give you time to plan these moments.

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You also won’t have to try too hard to value your down time together, since most of your relationship time is spent apart. Even if you decide to play games together for two hours, it can feel like a honeymoon because of how much you missed him. The time you spend in each other’s company will become the most important thing to you. 

Also, consider the fact that not all truckers take long-haul rides, some are local drivers and get to sleep at home every night. In this case, you would not have to deal with missing him for long periods of time and you could still spend lots of time with him depending on your work hours. 

The trucking industry is quite large and can also accommodate both long-haul truckers and local truckers. It also needs drivers who can switch between the two. This means your partner doesn’t have to go on long trips all the time, you can have a few months where he only makes trips within the state and others where he goes out of state. 

The time he spends close by will become really special and help you value your relationship even more.

Tips for Dating a Truck Driver

1. Spend quality time together

spend quality time together

When you're in a relationship with a truck driver, you will need to be more intentional about the amount and quality of time you spend with him. No matter what you and your partner do professionally, the amount of time you spend together could make or break your relationship. 

In your relationship with your trucker partner, you may have to put a little more effort into the time you spend with him, especially if he takes interstate trips often.

As the partner of a truck driver, you may sometimes feel lonely when your partner is on the road for weeks. The good news is that there are multiple ways to make the best of the time when your spouse is around - this way, the lonely days will be a bit more tolerable. 

You need to start planning your down time while he's away, the more intentional you are, the better. This doesn't mean that spontaneity should be lost completely, you definitely should have some unplanned moments too, it keeps things exciting. 

Don't forget that alone time is very important - emphasis on ALONE. It's true that you aren't the only one in his life and he will also need to spend time with his family and friends, however, that one-on-one time can't be replaced. 

Experts have discovered that happy couples need to spend an average of two hours each day together and 15 hours each week. So, try to keep your alone time within this range. 

2. Practice stress management

Truck drivers go through a lot of stress on their job. Most of them organically develop a muscle for stress and are able to manage it in their everyday life. If he's a healthy individual, he will be able to handle things just as carefully in your relationship. 

It's truly great to have a man who is temporal in stressful situations, however, you need to work on your own stress management abilities too. Both parties in a trucker relationship need to be able to handle stressful situations properly. 

Every adult is faced with a certain amount of stress in their everyday life, so everyone is required to have a certain amount of tolerance for stressful situations. However, for a truck driver and his partner, there are certain levels of stress they may experience that aren't normal for others. 

For example, the issue of long periods of absence, long work hours, missed birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, etc. In addition to this, your lives are very different no matter how compatible you both are. You may be empathic but there are aspects of his life and job that you may never be able to understand or relate to – that alone is a huge challenge. 

Sometimes when he gets back from a road trip, these issues may come up. Both of you believe your problems are a bit more pressing and want the other person to hear you. The partner who is left at home is usually the one burdened with more routine, mundane tasks while the trucker faces more direct and aggressive challenges on the job.

If you don't have patience and equanimity when you're discussing your issues, you may end up creating a dent in your relationship. 

3. Be honest and open about everything

Communication is one of the only ways you and your trucker partner can stay connected, so you should take it very seriously. Unlike other regular relationships, yours may not be able to withstand secrets, passive-aggressive attitudes or unexpressed feelings.

In a relationship like yours, it's common for you and your spouse to experience feelings of loneliness and not being appreciated. 

This is normal considering the fact that you both have to face your days alone, including the unpleasant ones. You aren't there to support him when he's going through a tough day and he may not be there to support you when you're facing your own bad days. It's on days like these that you may feel the negative effects of your somewhat long-distance relationship. 

Ironically, when you’re having these upsetting feelings you don't feel like sharing them with your partner. However, you've got to make a habit of sharing if you want to have a healthy relationship with a trucker. No feeling is too big or too small to share and it's okay to vent sometimes. 

The way you lend a listening ear to him is the same way you should expect him to lend you one. He may not always be available to talk, but try your best to let him know about your troubling feelings as soon as you can. 

Don't let negative feelings linger on your mind for long, if it's something that concerns him, let him know. Also, you need to encourage him to be open with you too. 

Don't just tell him verbally that you'd like him to be open with you, create an atmosphere that will make him comfortable telling you things. This way you both won't have pent up feelings and you will always be able to sort out tough issues together. 

4. Put your relationship at the top of your priority list 

put your relationship at the top of your priority list

If your relationship is important to you, you've got to keep it at the top of your priority list. As an adult, there are countless other concerns and responsibilities that need your attention but it's important to prioritize your partner. 

This has to be a two-way street, you can't make him the most important person in your life and end up being not as important to him yourself. Make an agreement that you will both take your relationship seriously and put each other first no matter how busy work and life get. 

This is very important because some truck drivers love their trucks so much they almost seem to be married to them. There's nothing wrong with him being passionate about his job, it might become a problem if he frequently places his job above you. Be very clear about this before things get serious between you two. 

Let him know that you would like to prioritize him as long as he does the same. When you decide to start dating someone, you automatically agree to commit to that person in many ways. The best way to prioritize your significant other is to ensure there's always time on your schedule to be with them. 

5. Maintain contact on a daily basis

As the partner of a trucker, you definitely will not have the luxury of seeing your boyfriend everyday, however, it's important to keep in touch with him on a daily basis. Some people prefer video calls and some are more comfortable with just a voice call, pick your preferred means, but try your best to talk to him at least once a day. 

Maintaining contact with your partner everyday will give both of you a well needed sense of security. Your phone discussions don't always have to be perfect and they also don't have to be positive. If one of you has problems expressing themselves during your daily communication, that is perfectly fine - with time and consistency, it will get better.

Some men can be a bit more closed off than women are when it comes to verbal communication, in most instances, so you may have to do a little convincing or prying sometimes. 

If you happen to understand the importance of good and open communication better and he doesn't understand why you capitalize on expressing yourselves, don't get frustrated. Keep telling him why it's so vital. Let him know that you find it helpful when he's completely honest and open with you.

The great thing about your partner’s trucking job is that he can talk to you over the phone for his entire trip if you both have the time. 

You don’t always have to schedule your calls, just try to know and understand his work schedule. Find out what time he will be loading things into the truck, when he will be driving and when he will be at his destination. That way you can give him surprise calls at convenient times. 

6. Build trust

build trust

Lots of women are afraid to date truckers because they are perceived to be unfaithful. Since truck drivers are always on the road, they are open to more temptations than the regular man. 

Anyone who is dating a trucker will worry about their man's fidelity at least once or twice. This is why trust is important, do not start seeing a trucker if you do not trust him to a certain degree or if you have trust issues.

Trust can be built and it can be broken, while you're dating this man, your aim should be to build this trust. You can't fake trust, you either trust your partner or you don't. Since you're the partner who remains at home, find interesting and productive things to do while your boyfriend is away. 

If you trusted him enough to date him, don't sit at home stressing about the women your partner is meeting on his trip. If you have concerns about this, be open about them, tell him how you feel and tell him why you're concerned, perhaps he can help put your mind at ease. 

If we're being realistic, we can all agree that sometimes even trusted spouses can let you down. So, just because you trust each other doesn't mean mistakes and slip-ups are inevitable. However, sitting at home worrying about this all day will get you nowhere. Every relationship is a risk, so pick a partner you think you can trust and choose to trust him until he proves otherwise.


Who are truck drivers most likely to marry?

Truck drivers are most likely to marry secretaries, administrative assistants, cashiers, school teachers or nurses. This information was retrieved from the US census 2014 survey. It is unclear whether these women end up with them because they are within the same income bracket or they just have a higher chance of meeting truck drivers because of their professions.

How do you love a truck driver?

The first thing to know about loving a trucker is that you will have to trust him. Truck drivers are on the road on most days of the year so that could give you something to be concerned about. If he isn't someone you can trust, don't date him.

What is the personality of a truck driver?

Truck drivers are usually realistic extroverts. They understand what the world is like and love to be out there tackling things head on. They love hands-on projects and aren't really cut out for intellectual, office roles. Their job also creates certain qualities in them like discipline and endurance.

In Conclusion

I hope you found this article helpful. Remember, the best way to make your relationship with a trucker work is through trust and good communication. Please let me know what you think about this topic in the comment section below and be sure to share the article.

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