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Vacation Hookups (11 Rules To Pay Attention To)

Everyone deserves a break now and then. This is a time to step away from our daily routines and relax. When taking a break, sleeping in until 11 am is not an abomination, and eating breakfast at lunchtime is just as satisfying. 

So whether you are trying to explore new places, ticking an experience off your bucket list, or just in need of a break from your job, a vacation is always a good choice. 

However, when that vacation requires hooking up with a guy, it can be exciting and scary at the same time. Perhaps, it's the weather, the vibe, or just the pleasing sight of seeing a collection of hot guys sprawled on the beach. 

Combining a hot guy and a beautiful location can be enchanting enough to make us lose our wits and forget all our problems. It is, for this reason, that I have compiled 11 rules for vacation hookups. 

So, if you do not want to be that woman with a suitcase of regrets sitting in a plane biting her lower lip at the end of your trip, then these rules are for you because they will ensure you stay on track regardless of how many 'feel good' moments you encounter. 

11 Vacation Hookup Rules

1. Prepare for the end

I know what you are thinking; you are probably wondering why I am asking you to prepare for the end of a vacation that has barely begun, well, hear me out. When you are away from home on vacation, it is easy to get caught up with your environment. 

You want to live in the moment, and while that's alright, you should also remember that this vacation will come to an end just like every good thing. So if you fail to plan wisely, you would have wasted a significant time in your life.

Furthermore, you will also have to plan on how you intend to end your vacation rendezvous. That way, you can make decisions that will not leave strings untied or end a relationship on a sour note.

2. Permit yourself to be free

If you are uptight and rigid with the unwillingness to let yourself relax, then a vacation hookup is not for you. To fully have fun and enjoy the experience, you will have to let go and take each day as it comes. I am not saying you should lose your common sense or act like a different person. Instead, I am suggesting that you open up to being that mystery woman who does not care about anyone's opinion. 

The difference here is that, back at home, you are less likely to take chances or engage in certain behaviors for fear of what people will say. But when on vacation, it doesn't matter who is watching. You can choose to be whoever you want to be and get down with whoever you want, even if he is a younger man.

3. Choose wisely

It's one thing to go on a vacation hoping for some holiday romance, and it is another thing to make romance the sole reason for your trip. When you are on holiday, make sure that you enjoy every moment of it and if love comes along, then great. However, trying to center your vacation around finding a romantic partner will only drain you and make you look desperate. 

Remember, desperation is an ugly look that repels men, and it usually leads people towards making poor choices. In essence, keep an open mind. Mingle with the locals or other travelers, visit places, and don't make unnecessary efforts to lower your standards when choosing a hookup partner.

4. Be honest about your intentions

be honest about your intentions

People travel for different reasons that may or may not be related to your reason for taking a break. With that in mind, it is deceitful and downright wrong to lead a person on without stating your true intentions. So, before getting down and dirty with anyone, you must be honest with them about your plans. 

They need to understand that this is a travel fling that may never develop into anything more. When you are honest, it makes everything else easier. Anyone who is not on the same page will turn back, and those who stay will have little relationship expectations from you.

5. Don't go in expecting love

Sure, there is always the possibility of finding love while on vacation. But more often than not, this is not always the case, especially during the summer. Like I said earlier, it must be something about the warm and beautiful weather that makes people want to be less serious and live in the moment.

A holiday is temporary, and everyone knows this. So the chances of finding love in a hookup partner at the beach are slim. Many people do not even want to be in a relationship; therefore, you falling in love with such a person with the expectation that they love you back is disastrous. Keep your expectations on love low while mingling with other travelers.

6. Choose vibrant vacation destinations

So you have decided to travel with the prospect of hooking up, now you will need to choose the right destination. Different countries give different vibes, and the same principle applies to cities. For instance, some countries are more vibrant and less conservative than others. 

Destinations like these make great hookup spots. The population of young people is more, and there are more hangout spots than in conservative countries.

Places like Miami or Vegas have bustling nightlife, and travelers who visit such cities for a holiday are more receptive to hookups. As such, you stand a higher chance of meeting single hot guys who want to have a good time with no strings attached.

7. Drink responsibly

No one is asking you to stop drinking altogether; however, you will need to pay attention to what you are consuming and how many shots you have taken. If you ever feel like getting drunk, ensure that you do not intend to leave the bar with anyone but if that happens, make sure that you have a clear-headed girlfriend with you. 

Avoid the risk of taking too many drinks and hooking up with people you don’t know. It puts you at the risk of getting raped, drugged, or worse, killed. So aim to be in the right state of mind at all times when you are out having fun.

8. Take safety precautions

take safety precautions

Solo holidays are great, but traveling with a group of friends can be fun and safer, especially if you intend to hook up with strangers. If you are with your girls, make sure they always know where you are or whose hotel room you will be spending the evening. 

Asking your hook-up partner for his full name or driver's license may seem a bit too much, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Remember, creeps travel for vacations too.

Furthermore, when choosing a spot for your rendezvous, try not to stray too far from where you live or go to unknown areas. It can be risky, and you are likely to get lost, especially if you cannot communicate with the locals.

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9. Always use a condom

Notice how I did not generalize and say you should practice safe sex? Well, that's because safe sex could mean any contraceptive and it is not enough to protect yourself from pregnancy alone. You will also have to take steps to ensure that you do not contract STDs and your best bet is with a condom. 

I understand that sometimes things get heated up fast, and getting a condom in the middle of sex can be a killjoy but do not compromise. You do not know the sexual history of your partner or what strange diseases they may be carrying. So, it is best to wrap it up before you get busy. Besides, you do not want to be that girl who gets knocked up by a stranger while on vacation.

10. Stick to your original plan as much as possible

Take time to relax and try new things. If you already have a schedule in place for how you intend to spend your time, do not go about changing it to suit your vacation romance. 

Extending your stay, canceling your travel schedule, and engaging in things you have no interest all in a bid to spend more time with your new book may seem like a good idea right now, but once reality sets in and you are back home, you may regret it.

11. Be Mysterious

If you are anything like me, engaging in a travel fling allows you to be free and explore other sides of yourself. I will advise that you stay mysterious through it all by not revealing too many details about yourself. 

Stick to just your first name and give a vague answer when asked what you do or where you live. This allows you to maintain anonymity throughout your holiday and ensures that what happens during the holiday remains right there.


How many hookups become relationships? 

While a good number of people hook up hoping that it turns into a relationship, sadly, they don't always turn out this way. Only a few percentages of people who started as friends with benefits end up in a relationship. In many cases, it usually ends with one partner having feelings for the other one who does not want to take things further.

What's the difference between a fling and a hookup?

There isn't much of a difference between the two terms. However, a hook-up could mean a sexual encounter with a person, usually a one-time affair, while a fling means a brief, casual relationship that does not necessarily involve sex. Both terms are interchangeable in cases like when you hook up with a person more than once. 

Is it awkward to hook up?

Like having sex with a new partner for the first time, it is normal to feel anxious and awkward about a hookup. However, on the positive side, the awkwardness is experienced by both parties. To make it less awkward, you can talk briefly about the rules of the hookup. How secretive do you want it to be? What are your intentions? Does it matter if you stay in touch after the hook-up? 

Is tinder still just for hookups?

When tinder first came into view, many people struggled with taking it seriously. The idea of meeting someone online with hopes of building a relationship felt absurd and still feels that way to some people. However, it is now more than just an app for hookups. People who met on tinder have gone on to establish great relationships that end in marriage.

Should you text a guy after a hookup?

Frankly, there is no set-in-stone rule on if you can text a guy after, and that's because people treat hookups differently. Some people may choose not to communicate with each other, while others do not mind texting every other day. So, it will depend on the agreement you have with your partner and if you are comfortable with texting each other.

In Conclusion

Vacation hookups can be exciting but amid all that excitement, be careful not to let the sun get into your head. Practice safe sex, take safety precautions and let go of expectations. I hope you enjoyed reading this list. If yes, don't forget to leave a comment behind and share it with your friends who may be looking to travel soon. 


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