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13 Real Signs You May Be Suffering From Ugly Duckling Syndrome

It’s true that many girls have ugly duckling syndrome, a real condition that comes from growing up not quite as attractive as you are today. Maybe you had glasses, braces and were a bit awkward when you were younger, but you have now blossomed into a gorgeous beauty queen!

According to one source, ugly duckling syndrome may be seen a little differently. The person may be trying to portray themselves as one way in front of other people while suffering from exhaustion or being overwhelmed underneath the surface. A college student, for example, may have trouble keeping up with life yet seems to be perfectly put together.

The analogy of a duck is because a duck seems to be calm on the surface, but its little feet are paddling as fast as they can underneath in the water.

Do you feel that maybe this describes you? What signs make you feel that way? How do you think you should best deal with the fact that you had ugly duckling syndrome? Luckily, today, we will cover this topic completely, and we’ll answer all of those questions, so you have no need to worry any longer!

What Is Ugly Duckling Syndrome?

The Urban Dictionary explains that people who have ugly duckling syndrome were once not so hot but were super sweet. Today, they are hot but are still super nice because that’s just their personality. It makes complete sense, right? You value what’s going on the inside more than what’s happening on the outside because you were once judged harshly! You understand!

If you are trying to be seen as completely put together, yet underneath it all, you are a mess; you may be a beautiful swan suffering from this syndrome. Let’s look at some of the signs you may have if you have this going on in your life.

What Are The Signs Of An Ugly Duckling?

1. You feel self-conscious and insecure about your looks

you feel self-conscious and insecure about your looks

Maybe you don’t think you are very pretty; you wish you were, but you just don’t see it when you look in the mirror. Maybe you are used to people making fun of you, not wanting to be around you because you are gorgeous! Maybe you wished their lives would be ruined because they were so mean to you! Now, they are chasing you?

It’s overwhelming, I know. Have faith in yourself, though. Ask your friends for compliments to help build your self-esteem! You will get through this transition!

2. You can’t take a compliment

Maybe when people say nice things, you just don’t believe them! Maybe you think they are joking or talking to someone else. Could they really be talking to you? You have to look around the room to see if it’s true, or maybe you are too scared of rejection to even do that. What should you do if they repeat themselves?

3. You think it’s a joke when guys ask you out

Maybe you don’t take it seriously when they ask you out on dates. You think they are joking, making fun of you, or something like that. Perhaps, you just don’t see the truth behind their words to understand that they really just want to date you!

4. You don’t think guys like you back

So, you have a crush on someone? Yeah, you never, in a million years, would have thought they like you also. Your insecurities tell you that you’d never be in a relationship with a man like that! What if he was interested in you, though? What would that be like? How could you best handle that situation? Think it over to prepare for it!

5. You don’t really understand how to fix yourself up

you don't really understand how to fix yourself up

Makeup and hair just really confuse you. Why do women have to put all this stuff on anyway? You may be thinking something like that. Perhaps you have always wanted to know how to fix yourself up but don’t know how. Maybe your friends have offered to do your makeup for you, but it makes you feel uncomfortable. How does all this work?

6. You don’t know what other people are staring at

Do you have toilet paper on your shoes again? Did you smudge your lipstick or have something hanging out of your dress? How embarrassing would that be? You don’t realize that they are looking at you because you are just simply sizzling hot! You would never have guessed that is the reason they are checking you out!

7. You think personalities are more important than looks

You think that inner beauty is much more important than what’s on the outside. To you, it’s all about one’s personality traits and what they have to say rather than what they look like. Maybe you judge men on how they act and what they say rather than on how hot they are. Maybe brains really are most important to you!

8. You feel uncomfortable when guys check you out

So, you walk by a group of men, and they just so happen to look at you from top to bottom. How uncomfortable is that? It’s awkward, and you want to run, right? This is normal; these guys can’t help but look at how beautiful you are! Take it as a good sign, and enjoy these moments as they come to you. Just have fun!

9. You get nervous around guys

you get nervous around guys

Being around boys is weird, right? You never know what they are really thinking when you are around them. This is a normal part of life. We often don’t know how to act around each other. Don’t let it get to you. You can be confident in front of the opposite sex.

10. You think most guys just want to be friends

You don’t really think men want to date you because you are used to them wanting to be friends first. You haven’t had a lot of relationships, so you aren’t sure what to expect when you hang out with the opposite sex. 

11. You have to be asked out several times before you get it

When guys are attracted to you, you don’t realize it at first. Sometimes, your friends have to explain that a guy likes you before you get it! You just couldn’t believe that the hottie was really after you. I mean, you are full of intelligence, but you never thought you’d be in a relationship with a cute guy like that, right? Believe in yourself!

12. You feel awkward when people say you look hot

What do you say to that? It’s weird when people say that to you, right? Do they expect you to strip down and jump on them? It’s an uncomfortable situation to be in when you are unsure of yourself. All you really have to say is, “Thank you!” Then, you can walk away! It can be uncomfortable, especially if they go on and on about how you look.

I have had guys just stare into my eyes when they tell me how pretty they think I am, and I’ve found it to be very awkward. What are they looking at anyway? I guess I am used to the way I look, so I don’t see myself through their eyes. Sometimes, you just have to realize that other people aren’t around you the way you are. 

Enjoy the attention because as you get older, your looks will fade! You will have to rely on your inner beauty to get by!

13. You never think you look as beautiful as other girls

you never think you look as beautiful as other girls

You get jealous when you are around pretty girls, thinking that you don’t even compare. Maybe you think that you just don’t hold a candle to how pretty they are. Really, you should be happy with how you look. You are probably much more beautiful than you give yourself credit for. Do you think maybe they are jealous of you?

What Should You Do If You Are an Ugly Duckling?

Work on your self-esteem. Practice being confident and realizing you are a beautiful person who is full of intelligence. You may have looked different as a teenager, but you have now blossomed into a gorgeous adult, someone who doesn’t need to worry about peer pressure or mean people anymore. Tell yourself these things every single day, and you will start to feel better.


What's the ugly duckling syndrome?

You may just not realize your potential if you are suffering from this syndrome. If you think you are one way in person, but you are actually another way underneath the surface, you may have the ugly duckling syndrome. Watch for the signs listed in this article to learn more!

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How did an ugly duckling feel?

If you were previously not so hot, you might think you don’t deserve to date hot guys or that you aren’t worth your true value. Your self-esteem or self-worth may have been damaged by this syndrome or what you think of yourself. How do you really feel? Learn more today!

What does the ugly duckling teach us?

It teaches us that there is more to a person than what you see on the outside. Ducklings may have all sorts of problems or issues going on inside. For example, a girl with hot looks may actually be very self-conscious because she didn’t use to be so hot!

What makes a woman attractive physically?

Men like women who have long hair, pretty makeup applied the right way, and a well-put-together outfit. If you walk around wearing dumpy clothing with your hair pulled back in a bun, it’s okay; you just may not be seen as beautiful to guys.

Do others see you as more attractive?

Sometimes, people see women as more attractive than they are on the inside. Maybe their personalities are really sour or mean. They could be complete bullies, but, of course, you wouldn’t know this unless you got to know them in order to see their personalities shine through.


Did you used to be unattractive in high school but are now a beautiful swan? Did you have bullies in high school who damaged your self-image? What differences and standards do you see in yourself today? We’d love to hear about it! Please comment, and share!

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