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21 Signs He’s Getting Attached

As you and the guy that’s crushing on you start to develop an emotional connection, he’s bound to get attached. In fact, we all get attached to people that we’re in constant contact with. The more positive memories you guys make, the more attached you’ll get. This type of attachment is necessary for the two of you to have a deep, relationship. 

How Do You Know If He’s Hooked?

When men like you, they act a certain way. They call you more. Men will accidentally touch you more. This doesn’t mean that they are attached to you, though. Being attached to you means that he’s emotionally invested in you and a possible future relationship. 

You’ll notice he does quite a few things when he’s getting attached to you. Look for these signs to determine whether it’s a crush or emotional attachment.

1. He wants to spend more time with you

Guys will do this when they are crushing on you, but he’ll do it more when you’re the lucky girl. He doesn’t want a day to go by without some form of contact. Deep down, he just wants to be next to you, even if the two of you are doing separate things. If he’s cool hanging out and playing his video game while you read a book, the man is emotionally attached to you.

2. Spending quality time is also important

During the early stages of liking you, many guys will come up with date ideas like bowling or the movies. As this transforms into emotional attachment, he’ll want to make sure that the two of you are spending time together that is quality time. 

Those random days when you’re both busy but next to each other will still be okay. However, he’ll also come up with date ideas that give the two of you a chance to emotionally connect. 

For example, a picnic with just the two of you talking to each other. A walk in the park is another idea you might hear. It’s not about impressing you or getting to know your favorite foods. It’s about developing a romantic relationship.

3. He goes the extra mile

This isn’t because he’s trying to impress you. It’s because he’s attached to you and wants something deeper with you. When a guy goes above and beyond, it’s a clear sign that he’s starting to feel attached.

4. He’s not seeing anyone else

If you’re not sure about this one, consider asking mutual friends if another girl is in the picture. When a guy is starting to become emotionally invested in a deep and meaningful relationship, he won’t take a chance on messing it up. That means he won’t entertain other women while he’s talking to you.

5. You hear about him being a good guy

He’s told you that he’s a nice guy. When a man is emotionally attached, he’ll try to portray the image of being a great guy. Most girls assume that this is because he’s fake or he’s hiding things. In a way, he is. He’s trying to present the best image of himself. That’s because he doesn’t want to risk losing you before he even has you.

6. He actively listens

he actively listens

When a guy is interested in you, he finds everything that you say fascinating. The more attached he gets, the more he listens. If you notice that he’s actively listening, it’s one of the signs he’s emotionally attached. 

To determine whether he is using his active listening skills, you can check out his body language. When people are listening to you, they are focused on what you’re saying. 

Most people will maintain eye contact and not look at their phones. They are more likely to lean forward, and it’s common for their feet to be pointed towards you. Some people mirror your body language when they are listening to you. 

Another sign that they are listening to what you’re saying is that they offer positive reinforcement. They will respond to what you say. Smiling at what you speak about is another great example of positive reinforcement.

7. He’ll fix anything you have a problem with

This is because he wants to put his best foot forward. He doesn’t want you to dislike anything that he has going on. Instead, he’ll make small changes on things that he’s willing to compromise on.

8. He wants to be closer to you

You’ll see this when a man likes you and when a guy is emotionally attached to you. When the two of you are spending time together, he just wants to be close to you. Expect him to want to hold hands, cuddle and just be as close as he can to you physically. It’s his way of expressing the emotional connection that he feels with you. 

At the beginning of him being around you, he’ll find excuses to be close to you. This is because he’s attracted to you. He might accidentally touch your arm. When the two of you are in a room, it’s as if he slowly moves closer to you. This is a crush, though. It’s not an emotional attachment. The two of you haven’t grown close enough to be emotionally attached to each other yet. 

As you grow closer, he’ll be more physical about wanting to be close to you. When it’s time for you to leave, he’ll hug you longer. He doesn’t want to sit on a separate couch in the living room. He’ll touch you all the time. In the car, you’ll find the two of you holding hands. He wants your leg draped over him when you guys are watching television. He is the definition of up your butt. 

Sometimes, it can be suffocating. When the two of you aren’t together, he’ll want to know when he can see you and be close to you again. Consider it a good indicator that he is growing closer to you. It’s a good thing!

9. He asks for your opinion

When a man starts to form an emotional connection with you, he’ll care about your opinion. (That’s why he changes certain things that you don’t like.) You’ll notice him asking for your opinion on things like what to wear or how something looks. 

He’ll ask you what you think about certain things. Men usually don’t do this until they are well on their way to forming an emotional attachment with you.

10. Leaning on you

When a man has an emotional attachment to you, he starts to look to you for comfort. When he’s sad, he wants to cuddle with you. A guy will start to talk to you about his disappointments and the not-so-good things that happen during the day in addition to the other things. 

This is the beginning of him truly letting you into his life. It happens during the stage before a healthy relationship. When a boy starts to do this, it’s because he needs your support. Be there for him.

11. A guy will finally be himself

It’s hard to form an emotional attachment with someone if you can’t be yourself. That’s why this is one of the big signs that he’s starting to feel emotionally connected to you. 

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As he forms a deeper emotional connection, he’ll be himself. That means watching what he wants on television and wanting to eat his favorite foods. It can also mean bodily functions like farting. If he does something gross, remember that it’s because he likes you.

12. Celebrations are mutual

celebrations are mutual

Not only will he lean on you during the bad times, but you’ll also find that he’s ready to celebrate during the good times with you. You’re the first to hear about his new promotion. If he finally finishes a project, he happily sends you pictures. Men that work in construction will show you what they accomplished. As soon as he does something he is proud of, you’ll hear about it. 

When a man is emotionally attached to you, he wants to share everything with you. It’s because he wants you to be a part of everything in his life. Men usually only want people that are close to them to share in life’s big moments.

13. There are signs he wants things to be more serious

When a guy is emotionally attached, he won’t want to be just friends. Friends with benefits won’t be his first choice either. Instead, a guy will want something long-term and serious with a girl that he shares a strong emotional connection with. However, he might not come right out and state that. 

Instead, you may notice signs that he wants things to be serious. Men that are emotionally invested might give you a key to their place or mention moving in together. 

Talking about long-term goals, such as adopting a pet together or taking a vacation next year, is another sign things are getting serious. Men don’t entertain these thoughts unless there is an emotional attachment.

14. Phone calls and texts when you’re gone

When a man feels emotionally connected to you, you’re on his mind all the time. He won’t just be right next to you at the house. When you’re gone, expect a phone call or text because he’s thinking of you. If the two of you aren’t living together, he may call you real quick to hear your voice or ask how your day was.

15. Your feelings are always taken into consideration

When a guy is emotionally attached, he cares about your emotions. He won’t do things without thinking about you. If you say something that bothers you, he’s going to care about the fact that he might have hurt your feelings. He’ll put a little bit of extra thought into both his words and actions when you’re around to make sure that he doesn’t offend you.

16. Friends have already heard about you

Most guys are not going to talk to anyone about you if they aren’t genuinely interested. Emotionally attached men, on the other hand, will want everyone to know about you. They’ll tell your friends all about you, and show them pictures of how beautiful you are. When a guy takes it a step further to tell his family about you, it’s one of the most obvious signs that a guy is emotionally attached.

17. He’s protective over you

Another sure-fire sign that he’s hooked is when he gets protective. He won’t want you to do anything dangerous. True gentlemen will not let you walk on the side of the street toward cars. You’ll notice him putting his hand on your back to guide you across the street. The more the two of you spend time together, the more you’ll pick up on those little protective gestures.

18. You learn his secrets

you learn his secrets

When a man feels emotionally close to you, you’ll learn his secrets. You might learn about hidden sexual fantasies. Perhaps he’ll tell you his most embarrassing moments as a child. Then, he’ll tell you about how he’s never told other people those things before. 

It’s because he feels comfortable and emotionally close to you. The more he opens up, the more likely it is that the guy is emotionally attached.

19. Hearing about his family

When a man starts to talk to you about his family, you can trust that he’s attached to you. If he doesn’t see a future with you, he won’t speak about his mom. You won’t hear stories about his siblings or his children. Instead, he’ll keep you in the dark. There’s no point in telling you about his family if you’re never going to meet them. 

A man that is really attached to you might ask you if you want to spend time with his family. He could drop small hints in the beginning. For example, he’ll say that every Sunday his family gets together for dinner. Then, he might ask what you do on Sundays to determine if you’re free or not.

20. There’s no pressure for sex

He might make a comment about sex. A man may have a conversation with you here and there to make sure that you’re sexually compatible. However, when you say that you’re not ready to do the deed yet, he’ll respect that. A guy that isn’t just in it for sex will be okay with waiting for it. 

However, keep in mind that guys will still want sex. Even attached men will still want to get some. He’ll just be respectful about it and wait until you’re ready.

21. He tells you he is

There are plenty of things you can look for as an indicator that he’s emotionally attached to you. The one way to definitely tell is to ask him. Tell him you were reading an article about how men act when they are emotionally attached, noticed he does several of the things on the list, and ask him if he is. If he’s hooked on you, he’ll tell you. 

Sometimes, men will go beyond that and tell you their feelings about you. They’ll share what they love about you outside of your body. He’ll describe every single thing that he loves about you. 


How do you know if a man is emotionally connected to you?

When a man is emotionally connected to you, you’ll notice that he wants to spend more time with you. He will call and text when the two of you aren’t together. He shares details about his life with you, such as what’s happening at work or with family and friends. When he’s sad, he’ll lean on you. 

What makes a man emotionally attached?

If you’re wondering how long it takes a man to get emotionally attached, you need to consider a few things. Chemistry will make a man get attached to you quickly. Opening up emotionally can encourage him to do the same thing. Spending time together will also make you both become attached quicker. 

Do guys get attached quickly?

Yes, they do. Men tend to get attached quicker than women while women tend to be more cautious in relationships. This is because women are biologically designed to be pickier when choosing a partner. Women look for different things in a man than men do. In short, men have lower standards when compared to women. 

When you feel a connection with someone, do they feel it too?

Yes! The connection that you feel with someone else is also called chemistry. When you feel that little spark, there’s a very good chance that they feel it as well. It’s highly unlikely that you’re the only one with chemistry. It’s much more likely that they aren’t acting on their feelings or are trying to hide them. 

What makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman?

There are quite a few things that make a man fall deeply in love with a woman. Empathy, sharing emotions, trust, and sexual compatibility all help. Physical attraction also plays a role in whether or not a man falls in love with a woman. All of these things combined are what contribute to love. 


When a guy is getting emotionally attached to you, you’ll notice all of these things. It’s as though things are suddenly more intense than they ever were before. It’s because his feelings are more intense. How do you tell when a guy is getting attached to you?

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