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Signs He Is Uncomfortable Around You (29 Ways To Know)

It can be difficult to know at times how a person really feels towards you. However, sometimes we get the impression that a person is uncomfortable around us, but we are unsure as to exactly what it is that makes us feel like this. Here, we list 29 ways to know that a guy is out of his comfort zone around you. 

The problem with knowing that a guy is uncomfortable around you however is that there can be a couple of reasons as to why. For, it could be that he is uncomfortable around you because he is attracted to you and he is so nervous as he wants to date you. 

Or, it could be that he simply does not like to be around you. It is usually the first, but in all the ways that we mention below, we make it clear what it is a sign of. 

29 Ways To Know He Is Out Of His Comfort Zone

1. Tapping his foot

A sign of nerves that could mean that a guy is uncomfortable around you is if he is tapping his foot. People do this as it is a good way of channeling their nervous energy somewhere in their body so that they might concentrate on other things. This may be a sign that he may like you, but also might be because he wants to walk away from talking with you. 

2. Looking elsewhere

When a person is looking elsewhere, it can mean either that they are attracted to you but are too nervous to look at you, or it can mean that they want the conversation with you to be over. Either way, if they are looking elsewhere when you are talking, you can see it as a given that they are uncomfortable and may seem exceptionally nervous near you. 

3. Talking very quickly

A good sign that a guy might want to take things further with you in a romantic sense is if he is talking very quickly when he is around you. Talking quickly is a sign of nerves that someone else who simply doesn’t want to be near you is not likely to display. 

4. His feet are pointed away

A bad sign in a person’s body language that they might not want to get to know you much more is if their feet are pointed away from you when you are talking. 

Take a look at the guy’s feet that you want to know whether you make him feel uncomfortable - if they are pointed in your direction, it is a good sign that he likes you. If they are pointed away, it could be that he wants to get away from the conversation with you as soon as possible. 

5. Not making eye contact

not making eye contact

Not making eye contact with someone is one of the best body language signs that a person is uncomfortable around you. If you feel that someone is consistently looking you in the eye, it could be because they are nervous around you as they might be attracted to you. However, it could be because they don’t like to be in your company. 

6. He lets you do the talking

Signs that a guy is uncomfortable around you because he might be interested in new romantically is if he lets you do the majority of the talking. When someone wants the other person to control the conversation it is often down to nerves.

7. He is acting awkward

One of the best signs that a person is uncomfortable around you is if you feel like they are acting awkwardly in your company. This might be because they want to make a good impression on you because they are attracted to you. If you think that this is likely with the guy in question, he might want to think about a way to put him at ease.

8. You have to repeat yourself

If you are worried that a person is uncomfortable around you because they don’t like you, one of the signs to keep an eye out for is if you have to repeat yourself a lot. 

If you find that you are the one having to make conversation and he is constantly asking you the same question that you have answered before, he is not listening to you, and therefore it is his way of making it known that he is not looking at you as someone he can date.

9. He always asks friends to join you

When people feel uncomfortable around someone, one of the most common ways that they feel more confident is by asking a friend to join them. 

If you feel like a man you think might be uncomfortable around you is often waiting to get a friend to join you both, it can mean that you make him uncomfortable because he likes you or it could be that this is one of the signs he is not interested in you romantically.

10. He doesn’t talk about himself

he doesn't talk about himself

A way that people show that they do not like the situation that they are in with another person, and are uncomfortable, is if they don’t talk about themselves at all. This could be their way of showing discomfort as well as their way of shortening the conversation between you as quickly as possible.

11. He keeps playing with things on the table

You may find that when someone is uncomfortable around you, their body language is a key way that you might understand their discomfort. This may manifest itself as fiddling with anything on the table in front of them, or the bar that you are standing out. Playing with objects in front of you is a method to look away from someone that makes you feel uncomfortable. 

12. He doesn’t try to make conversation

If you are uncertain if someone is uncomfortable near you, look back at the times that you have been together to see if they like you or not. If he doesn’t try to make conversation, the likelihood is that he may not want to be in your company for very long. 

13. He doesn’t sit still

Nerves take hold of people in different ways. It may be that those nerves caused by the discomfort of being near someone that you like make you fidget in your seat. Look out for this signal with the guy you are trying to figure out if he is uncomfortable near you or not. 

Or look back at the times that you may have got together in the past. If you remember that he fidgeted a lot, it could be that you make him uncomfortable. 

14. His voice is quiet

his voice is quiet

A much-overlooked signal that a person might be uncomfortable around another as if their voice is quiet. This is often due to not feeling very confident near them and it may be up to you to get their confidence up when they are near you so that you can make the conversation more easily. Think of ways that you can put them at ease, therefore. 

15. He doesn’t go to touch you

When a person is uncomfortable near someone else, they will rarely make any effort to touch them. If you find that this is the case with the guy you are trying to date or simply ascertain how they feel towards you, it could be that they are disinterested in you or it may be that they are so nervous around you, they are too afraid to take any opportunity to touch you. 

16. He seems different in person to on the phone

Often, people may be very different in person than they are on the phone. If this is the case with the guy you have in mind, it could be that your physical presence makes them uncomfortable and nervous. 

17. His laugh seems forced

Nervous laughter is a clear signal that a person is out of their comfort zone when they are around you. It is a manifestation of body language and can be a signal that they like you in a romantic sense. Take the time to try to put their nerves at ease if you like them back - romantically or not. 

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18. He stammers

Stammering is another clear signal that a guy is uncomfortable around you because he has a crush on you. If you like him back, take things slowly with him and try to build his confidence up around you so that you can strengthen the bond that you have. 

19. He always leaves the room

Sadly, if you are trying to figure out if a guy you like returns your feelings or not, a signal that you make him so uncomfortable that he doesn’t like to be around you is if he leaves the room when you are in it. While some guys who are nervous around a person they have a crush on may also do this, the chances are that much lower. 

20. He relaxes when he drinks alcohol

he relaxes when he drinks alcohol

You may notice that a person’s body language and demeanor completely changes once they have had an alcoholic beverage. If they seem so much more relaxed around you and much more comfortable as a result, once they have had a drink, you may be confident in thinking that you make them uncomfortable the rest of the time. 

21. He has his arms folded

Key body language to look out for if a person doesn’t like you and you make them uncomfortable is if they fold their arms in front of their body when talking to you. This is an unconscious reaction that human beings perform as a way of physically blocking someone else from getting near them. We all do it far more when are near someone who puts us on edge. 

22. He seems nervous

You may know the guy well enough to know what he is like in other people’s company. You may know what he is like when he is relaxed, therefore, so you may notice when he is acting far more nervously around you - either through his body language or speech for example. 

Keep an eye out for these actions and, if you like him (romantically or not) think of ways you can make them feel at ease near you. 

23. He’s sweating

Sweating is another signal of body language that a person is nervous near you and uncomfortable as a result. If you notice that the guy you're conversing with is perspiring more than he would ordinarily do, you can take it as a clear indication of his romantic feelings towards you. 

If he was uncomfortable near you because he simply doesn’t want to be near you, he would not be seating at all. 

24. He repeats himself

Another manner in which nerves manifest themselves is by repeating yourself a lot. If you notice that the man you are dating is repeating himself every so often, you may want to think of ways that your body language towards him can change so that you put his mind at rest a little more. That way, you’ll be able to get so much more out of the date you are on. 

25. He looks like he wants to control the situation

he looks like he wants to control the situation

Sometimes people channel their nervous energy in different ways, and as a result, it is actually pretty common to see guys who are uncomfortable around a person they have a crush on, try to control the situation they are in. This is a way of projecting the confidence that they feel they should have on you and all around you, to help a date go better. 

26. He always steps back from you

If you find that he is always stepping back from you, you may be right in thinking that he is uncomfortable around you. In fact, that discomfort could be because he does not want to be near you and as a result, his body language is a reflection of his true feelings towards you. 

Think about times that you have been near each other, is his body language often recoiling from you? If so, he is likely not to enjoy your company. 

27. His voice cracks

Nervousness can also manifest itself in our voices and as a result, a nervous person will often find that their voice cracks when speaking. It's very common for this to be a reaction the body feels when in close contact with a person that they are attracted to. Try not to point it out at all - not even by blinking - so that their confidence can grow when near you. 

28. He loses his way in stories

In addition to a voice cracking, a person is likely to lose their way in a story they are telling when around a person that makes them nervous and uncomfortable. It will come from wanting to make a good impression but get overcome with the pressure of the situation. 

29. They look to the door

Lastly, if you are not sure if a person is uncomfortable around you or not, look at where they are looking. Again this is a clear indicator from someone’s body language that they are not into you and they do not enjoy your company. 


How do you tell if someone is comfortable around you?

Someone is comfortable around you if they are happy to go with the flow and their overall body language seems relaxed. If they maintain eye contact with you, laugh naturally, and are okay for there sometimes to be silent, they are likely to be comfortable in your company. 

How do you know if a guy is confused about his feelings?

Knowing if a guy is confused about his feelings is hard as it usually depends on the person involved. However, if he is blowing hot and cold with you, it may be that he does not know what he wants at that moment in time - particularly if he has not been in an exclusive relationship for a while. 

How do you know if a guy finds you beautiful?

If a guy finds you beautiful he is likely to display a few common tells with his body language. Firstly, his eyes will dilate when seeing you and he also won’t be able to stop looking at you. Secondly, he will try to touch you as much as possible. Thirdly - he’s simply likely to tell you. 

How do you tell if he is intimidated by you?

Guys do get intimidated by others more easily than they are often given credit for. Often this will be displayed with body language such as folding his arms in front of you or making his stance as wide as possible. He may also try to take one or two steps back from you when you talk. 

Why is he so nervous around me?

You may want to know why a guy seems so nervous around you so that you might be able to make him feel more at ease. Usually talking to someone about themselves can help make them feel at ease and help them open up to you. It will also help strengthen your bond too. 

Signs He Is Uncomfortable Around Me - Key Takeaways

Being able to read someone’s body language and figure out how they truly feel towards you (or anyone else) can be a handy tool to have. Knowing if they like you by reading how they are talking to you or how their gestures let on their true intentions is a helpful way of knowing if a date or a relationship is going to actually go anywhere. 

Knowing whether you make a person uncomfortable through their body language and speech is also handy as it means you can temper your own reactions and actions towards them. You can either try to help build their confidence or you can know when it is best to walk away from a situation altogether. 

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