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Signs A Player Is Falling For You (33 Not-So-Obvious Signs)

Everyone loves a perfect relationship, except if you’re a sadist or someone who’s comfortable with the world being an imperfect place. A typical description of the kind of guy some ladies would love is a guy with the best values including his physical appearance. A lady would say she wants a guy who’s charming, sweet, loving, smart, and has the ability to sweep her off her feet.

This is not impossible, but the sad reality is that most of these perfect guys are players. This means that they’re perfect because they’re into other women and they know the things women fall for. They do exactly what they know a lady would fall for. They observe and learn the things girls love to say and practice them until they master the art.

Maybe you’ve come across guys like this, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you just met one who seems to have the characteristics of a player with some elements of emotions. You may not know this, but players do show emotions to get a girl. They pretend to do this with the girls they’re sexually attracted to. 

After all is said, do players actually fall in love? Yes, they do, but under special circumstances. This means something very extraordinary has to happen before they. But, how do you know, or how can you tell when they do? Keep reading to learn 33 signs of a player when he’s falling for you.

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33 Signs A Player Is Falling For You

1. He would be emotionally available

It’s already a known thing that players are emotionally unavailable. They don’t care about anything that doesn’t contribute to their selfish desires. They could pretend to be in love just to satisfy their list. One thing about a player falling in love is, that they become emotionally available.

How would you know this? They genuinely start saying lovely things to you from their heart. A player who’s falling for you would be unable to hide his true feelings. It will be written all over him. His entire body language would show much he loves. That’s a very good sign of a player falling for you.

2. When a player falls for you, he’ll give you a listening ear

A player would always ask you for the summary of anything you say to him or ask for the conclusion immediately to start talking. The funny thing is, that some players have time to listen to everything you have to say, which makes everything complicated. They make you feel like they’re there.

But, a true player won’t do this often. When he begins to fall in love with you, it would be a routine for him. He won’t even wait for you to start venting, he’ll ask questions and try to confirm how you handled the previous issue. That’s one way you can know when a player is falling in love.

3. He reaches out if you don’t call him

Players always reach out when they want to have sex or do anything intimate with you. Or, when they get disappointed by any of the girls they’re playing with. They would text or call until they get what they truly want. When they get what they want, they reduce drastically or stop reaching out until they need you again.

When a player starts falling in love, he will reach out even when he doesn’t need anything from you. He’ll call, text, or come visit to check up on you. And he would do this not minding if you reciprocate or not. This is how you know he’s falling in love.

4. Your approval is a big deal to him

Of course, you know a player doesn’t care about your opinion in his personal life. His aim is just to go on a few dates with you and possibly start a fake relationship just to have sex with you. A player could indirectly shut you up if you try to suggest anything or contribute to his growth. 

If he insists on getting your opinion on anything he’s doing, whether you feel like it or not, it means he has strong feelings for you. It’s even more sure if it’s an important thing to him. It's a good sign to know when a player is in love with you.

5. He’s not in a rush to dismiss you

Whether you’re there with him physically or on the phone, a man who wants only a physical relationship with you would want to dismiss you quickly, so he can spend time with other women. You’d notice he’s always in a rush, especially if he wanted just sex for that particular appointment.

A player who’s ready for a committed relationship would spend as much time as he can with you. He would go as far as suggesting fun activities for you both to try out. You’ll notice that he hasn’t lost interest in being with you even after sex. This is a big sign he’s falling for you.

6. You’d observe him compliment your character not looks

Don’t get this wrong, a few players are good in their game. Some of them focus on what they know the good guys would take time to notice, and this includes your character. They know they’ll get through to your heart when they keep talking about your good character and not looks. The only thing is, he’ll get tired of following up.

A player who’s ready for a real relationship would spend more time getting to know you on a deeper level. He would unconsciously know details about you that no other person does. That’s a great sign a player is falling in love with you.

7. He’ll cut down communication with other women

he'll cut down communication with other women

A player could cut down his communication with other women, especially at the early stages when you both meet. He’ll reduce the way he talks to the other women he’s tired of just to concentrate on and get what he wants from you. Sometimes, he could openly disrespect them in front of you just to prove a point.

When he begins to fall for you, he would send those women off respectfully. He could unconsciously get tired of them. Whether you’re there or not, he’ll do his best to stay away from other women and he will end all his open relationships to be with you.

8. When a player falls for you, he'll try to run away from it

Dating players has never been an easy thing, especially when you know who they truly are. A player would face you wholeheartedly and do whatever he pleases, knowing that he can control the situation or any kind of relationship you both have.

But, when he notices he can’t play games anymore because of the feelings he has for you, he doesn't want to stop being a player, and he feels he has a soft spot for you, he’ll find a way to escape it. This is one of the ways to know when a player is falling for you.

9. He’ll do his best not to be pushy about sex

A man’s subconscious already knows what he wants when he sees a lady. This doesn’t only apply to his romantic life, but his entire life. This is the logic that applies to players. They know what they want when they see a woman, so the first thing they imagine is how attractive and good she’ll be in bed.

This means that no matter what happens, they just want to have sex. But, when they are in love, they take their time. Even when you finally accept to be intimate with them, they ask questions to know exactly how ready you are. This is a sign a player is in love.

10. You won’t stress to please him

If you happen to be in a relationship with a player, you’ll put in so much effort to get his attention. You’ll want to do what other women do to attract him. This will include your general physical appearance, your tone when you’re talking to him, and every other thing you think you need to keep him.

When a player falls for you, you won’t stress so much to unlock his very natural male instinct. You won’t need to put in so much effort to get his compliments or praises. He will understand and appreciate your core values.

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11. He’ll introduce you to his close circle

One thing about a player is, that you never get to meet their close circle of friends or loved ones in general. They try as much as possible to avoid you meeting them. That’s because they’re not ready for those people to accept you when they only want to have fun with you.

When a player decides to be in a committed relationship with you, he would be open for you to meet his close circles of friends and family members. He would be the first to suggest and encourage you to both hang out with them. This is a sign a player may be falling for you.

12. Your feelings would be his major concern

If a guy you know to be a player ever sounds like he cares about your feelings or someone else you know, he’s only pretending he wants to make you comfortable enough with him to let him have his way. So, he would say and do anything to prove to you that he cares about your feelings when he doesn’t in reality.

But, you know he genuinely cares for you when he's concerned about your feelings. You’ll feel it in your guts. He’ll treat you like a queen. If you both had already started a relationship, he’ll tilt towards treating you right. This is how you can tell when a player is in love.

13. He’ll gradually open up to you

You may never know about a player’s personal well-being except he lets you in. even when he does, he would only talk about the parts he’s comfortable with you knowing. Or, he could talk about the aspects he knows you may possibly find out about him. This changes when he’s in love.

Whenever you ask him questions about himself, he would simply answer them without hesitation. And if there are secrets he can’t tell you yet, he’ll respectfully tell you he can’t spill them at the moment. As minor as this may sound, this is one of the signs you can tell when a player is in love.

14. You’ll know about his future plans

you'll know about his future plans

Some players don’t have future plans. Some of them just feel it’s nice to make money, dress well, and chase after girls. Some are not even conscious of their status as players. A player won’t let you know his plans because you’re not part of them.

If he starts talking about his future plans, it means he has a focus, which is a good thing. When a player loves you, he won't mind talking about his life goals and most details of those goals for a start. He’ll do his best to keep you in the loop of the things going on in his life.

15. He’ll be anxious to meet your close friends and family

When you observe a guy getting angry because you told your family members and close friends about him, he may be a player. Some won’t get angry but try their best to avoid any visit or hangout you organize for them to meet with your loved ones. This is typical behavior of a player.

But, when they start having feelings for you, they would be open to doing anything that would make the relationship work, which includes meeting your friends, family members, your loved ones in general, or anybody you’re comfortable with. If you forget, they could remind you.

16. You won’t get mixed signals from him

Some time ago, a girl was complaining about a guy she had met. She didn’t know if he was in love with her or just a player. When she complained to someone else, he told her that if a guy loves her she would know, but if he doesn’t she would have mixed feelings. This is how you feel when you’re in a relationship with a player.

You get a mixture of hot and cool. One minute he’s there, and the other, he’s absent. When he begins to love you, he won’t send out mixed signals, you would know how much he loves you. This is one way you can know if a player is in love with you.

17. He’s concerned about your aspirations

Nothing about your aspirations or future plans concerns a player. That may hurt, but it’s the reality. The only thing he wants is physical. It may not only be sex but financial support or anything else he knows he would benefit from being in a relationship with you.

Any good guy who has your back, whether he’s a player or not, has true feelings for you. That means he doesn’t only care about your physical looks anymore, even if that was the main attraction, initially. He also cares about your dreams, goals, aspirations, and how you hope to achieve them.

18. You both will have deep conversations

No player has the time to have deep conversations no with you, except they know the conversation will end in something that benefits them more. All they want is to get what they want and move to the next woman in line, and not to have some deep-level bond with you.

Your conversations will not sound cliche or meaningless anymore. At this point, you’ll know it's getting to a deeper level and not only about satisfying his selfish desires. You both will grow to spend quality time talking together. This is how you know a player is in love with you.

19. With time, you get used to each other

When you first meet a player, there’ll always be that void you need to feel. It will be like he’s there, yet unavailable. You’ll still yearn for more or feel there’s something big missing. That’s because your instinct knows he’s not in love with you. But, when he does, it changes.

A player could become that one best friend you have when he’s in love. He would unconsciously get used to spending time with you with or without other people in his life. You would both know each other’s next move and how to handle each other’s issues with or without a defined relationship. That’s how to know when a player is in love.

20. He always wants to be with you

A player always has women to be with no matter the circumstance. Players do anything they can to make it possible. Some of them don’t need to try, the skill comes to them naturally. A player always has a number to call for a booty call, but it turns around when he is stuck with one who could be you.

Unconsciously, he’ll start getting attracted to spend more time with you. He could organize more dates or come up with unnecessary fun activities just to spend more time discussing and laughing with you. This is a sign you could observe when a player is in love with you.

21. You’ll meet his family

you'll meet his family

In most cultures, when a man’s family sees the man with a girl, she becomes that woman the family can call his girlfriend. They start having a certain level of respect for her. For this and many other reasons, players would rather keep any girl they’re playing games with away from their family.

But, when a player falls in love with you and is ready for a relationship, he would want you to meet his family members. He could invite you to spend the festive period with them or organize a hangout where his loved ones will attend. This is how you know a player is in love.

22. It will reflect in his tone and gestures

Players only watch their tone and gestures initially when they meet you. Because they want to have sex with you, they bring out the best in them, but that only happens for a short while. And that stops when they know they may not succeed in having their way with you. The opposite happens when a player is in love.

You’ll hear that tone of respect and softness, not in a flirty way or a way to please you, but in a genuinely nice way. If you go out with him, he won’t do it for a random person, but pay special attention to you. He will be a gentleman to you. This is how a player behaves when he’s in love.

23. He’ll be careful with his choice of words with you

When a player talks to you, he would sound highly flirtatious all the way. Even when he seems to sound different or nice, if you listen carefully to his words, you know they’re not as decent as they seem. This doesn’t happen when a player is in love with you. He’s careful with the things he says.

He could even ask if he said something to hurt you. He would observe your facial expression whenever you both have a conversation, so he knows what makes you happy and what pisses you off. He becomes uncomfortable when you frown at what he says. This is what happens when a player falls in love with you.

24. You’ll both have an emotional bond

Initially, you may be the first to have feelings for a player if you don’t know he’s one. He could either take advantage of those emotions or try to stop you from having them, depending on his personality. But, if something extraordinary happens and makes him start having feelings for you, you both would have a strong bond. 

He will appreciate and make good use of your emotions while reciprocating them in a good way. When he starts reciprocating, a combination of your love and his emotions will result in a good and healthy relationship. This is what happens when a player falls in love.

25. He’ll remember details about you

Of course, a player remembers details about you even when he’s not in love. It’s just that he would only remember the things he knows he would need to lure you more into his trap. Additionally, some of them have retentive memories. This means they won’t only remember you, but many others.

The difference between that and when he’s in love with you is, that he’ll remember when you least expect it. He may not even remind you of what you said, but act towards respecting, helping you achieve, or shaping his life to fit into it. When a player is in love, he acts more than he talks. This is one of the signs you should look out for.

26. You’ll be comfortable hanging out with him

You could be mistaken to be a player’s bodyguard if you go to an event or on a date with him if there are people that know him there. Or, he could treat you right, but you’ll notice everything he says is from a more neutral point and not a romantic one. It’s all different when he’s in love. He makes you comfortable enough to stay with him.

He would treat you like his queen. If you meet any other women he may have been with in the past, he would try not to let you two have a clash. This means he’ll protect you from suffering from his past mistakes. This is one way you can know when a play is in love.

27. When you do something with another man, it could hurt him

Players don't care when they know you’re being intimate with another man. They feel it’s normal and if you tell them, they simply tell you to have fun. That’s because they’re also having that same fun they’re encouraging you to have. So, even if they see you with a million men, they don’t lift a finger.

But, the opposite happens when they start having feelings for you. They may still be players but would hurt to know you’re also playing them. Sometimes, they could try to sort it the wrong way when they notice you’re not on the same page with them. This is how you know when a player is having feelings for you.

28. He suddenly wants to know about your past

he suddenly wants to know about your past

Any guy who doesn’t want to hear about your past could be trying not to get hurt or could be a player. In most cases, the latter is the case because they just want to have their way and move to the next woman. So, it doesn’t matter whether they know what happened in your past or not, their aim is to have sex and move on.

This means that when he starts asking a few questions about your past, and how you lived and survived certain things, he may be in love with you. Of course, he won’t bombard you with those questions but wants to have an idea of the life of the person he’s dating. This is how you know a player is falling in love with you.

29. You both won’t just have sex, but make love

Not every guy is good at understanding sex, attraction, and people’s feelings. A player may understand the first two, but be unable to merge them with people’s feelings, especially when they know they know they want something purely physical with a woman.

When he begins to fall for you, he calms down to understand how to respect people’s feelings during sex. He’ll meet in the middle with you. This means you both will come to an understanding of what you really want during sex and not because one person wants to fulfill his selfish desires. This is one sign a player is in love with you.

30. He’ll do his best to protect you

While women want a man who will protect them, players don’t do this. They could do it at the honeymoon phase when they’re just beginning their game playing with you. But, they can only do it until they meet another woman who falls prey to their games. This changes for the better when a player falls in love.

He won’t watch something or someone else harm you. He would do everything he can to protect you from any mishap. Relationships that evolve like this are some of the best out there. That’s because the player’s emotions grow warmer for his prey. This is when you know he’s in love.

31. When a player falls in love, he will be there for you

No player wants to spend his time and temporary emotions when he has other women to go after. He knows that spending so much time with you will mean him being committed to a serious relationship, which is the least thing he wants to do with his status. This changes when he falls for you.

He’ll do his best to be there whenever you need someone around. He’ll be there emotionally, financially, physically, and otherwise. His love for you could make him go overboard, positively. This is how you know when a player is in love with you and it’s what makes a healthy relationship.

32. He’ll be as transparent as he can

A player and dishonesty are one of the best friendships you’ll experience out there. They literally lie to get what they want. They would do everything in their power to convince any girl they’re physically attracted to and want to have sex with. But, they do this in the most technical way.

All the dishonesty switches to transparency when a player begins to have feelings for you. He would tell you everything you need to know. Even when you ask a few personal questions, he would not hesitate to say it as it is. This is one of the signs of a player falling for you.

33. He would be truly sorry when he hurts you

Players only apologize when they know they still need to have a lustful relationship with you. They would do anything to make you stay and feel safe with them, especially when it’s still at the early stages of you both being together. When you prove to be too tough, they lose interest.

But, the opposite happens when a player is in love with you and shows interest in being with you in the long term. He’ll do his best to maintain your relationship together. He’ll apologize to you and mean it. This means his body language will show it all.


How do you tell if a player is falling for you?

When a player is falling for you, he will stop playing games. He won’t be so comfortable doing certain things around you, especially when he knows his actions would hurt you. He’ll start opening up to you about himself and will try his best to be there whenever you need him. 

Can a player fall for you?

Players are humans, which means they have a heart and blood flowing through their veins. It’s very possible for a player to fall for you even though it may take a special circumstance to make that happen. But, with the right moves, a player can fall in love with you.

How do you tell if he's genuine or a player?

A player would avoid going out with you most times during the day and to hang out in common places. He'll play an in-between role when there are other women present. You never get to know the content of his phone and you’d notice how much he’ll avoid pronouncing you as his girlfriend in public. When a guy is genuine, you’ll feel it.

What are the signs of a player?

He’ll claim to respect women and how well he’ll sweep you off your feet. A player is more of a talker, his way with words will make you fall in love in no time. He’ll always be flirty. You won’t meet his close circle of friends and if you do, he won’t introduce you to them. You’ll observe that his needs will always come first.

How do you outsmart a player?

Send out mixed signals, which means you should give him so much attention for a couple of days, and disappear after that. Make him feel like you’re both emotionally connected then openly friend zone him. Have the most fun you can and never be predictable to him. Don’t be jealous when he talks about other girls, instead name your options.


It takes some time to be sure if a player is truly in love with you. If you follow some or all the 33 signs I’ve mentioned, you’ll observe him exhibiting them. Also, follow your instincts. Don’t forget, mixed feelings mean he may still be a player. I hope you liked this article. If you did, please drop a comment and share it with your friends.

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